Preliminary Specification for the ECO-Mega Bat Detector/Recorder

This is a new bat detector/recorder especially design for time expansion analysis.

Brief Outline Specification

01. Weight 600 gms with batteries.
02. Size 170x110x40mm.

03. Batteries 4xC cells.

04. Very large memory size, 2 megabyte for basic  detector.  Progressively up to 10 megabytes for top of the range model.
Corresponding record times of 5.12 seconds up to 20.48 seconds. Memory can be retrospectively upgraded in 2 megabyte (5.12 secs.) increments.
05. Memory rotate facility.  For continuous loop  playback of recorded sounds.
06. Inbuilt solid state recorder. No external tape recorder required but can be used if required.
07. Sampling aquisition rate 409.6kHz.

08. Arm/Hold facility for enabling a recording.

09. ÷ 10 ÷32 and  ÷ 64 playback.

10. Inbuilt commentary microphone.
11. Recordings can be time expansion, frequency division, and mic. commentary

12. Dehumidity heater for sensor.

13. Bat peak power call frequency measurement facility.

14. Low battery power indicator.

15. Three segment digital display for frequency indication.  In addition the decimal point for each segment is used for
indicating the following 
a) Bat present  b) Recording a signal  c) Playing back a signal.

16. Four output sockets for :   
HD.     Headphone insertion breaks speaker connection.

HET.   Superheterodyne mono headphone output.

REC.   Tape Recorder output.

USF.    Ultrasonic frequency output.

Availability : 2001

Provisional Price  :-  
Basic 2 Megabyte memory £990.00
4 Megabyte memory £1300.00.

6 Megabyte memory £1600.00
8 Megabyte memory £1850.00.
10 Megabyte memory £1950.00.
(+  Registerd post & packaging).

Final price to be advised.

Eco-Mega prototype machine
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