Allotment 'Mini Plots'
Peter Hordern is well involved in allotments which are of great benefit to members who were able to manage them. However the size of plots which could be hired was larger than many could manage, particularly those who were new to growing vegetables and soft fruit. Peter therefore arranged for the Society to take several half allotments and divide them into smaller 'Mini Plots' for members to hire from the Society. These can be permanent or temporary but are controlled by the Society. Users have to agree to obey the Parish Council allotment rules and also additional ones imposed by the Society. These include ensuring that the mini plots are well maintained and giving them up if a full allotment is subsequently rented. Help and advice are available. One or more of the plots are modified for disabled gardeners. Peter Hordern looks after the management, keys and liaison with the authority. The Society is paying the cost of hiring - currently £17 for a half plot - and each mini plot user is asked to pay £5 plus the cost of a key. Peter often has 1 or more mini plots available - any member interested in taking one over or requiring more information should contact Peter Hordern.

Gardens of the Rose at Chiswell Green

The Royal National Rose Society called in the Administrators last May and all their activities including  the Gardens of the Rose at Chiswell Green have ceased.

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