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This page shows all the Symbol and Arrow graphics that have been used on my homepage. The majority of these images came from the WebSpice Collection which is a part of the Serif © Deluxe Graphics Pack. A few minor alterations where made to them to reduce the size both physically on the page and in file size. Unless otherwise indicated, these images are used with kind permission from the Serif Licence. Any other images were created by myself for the purposes of entertainment only.

To use any of these images for your own webpage, simply right click on the image and select 'Save As' (if you are using IE). Apple Mac uses should 'Long Click'. The Images are arranged into the Normal Images, and then the Images used for the MouseOver effects.

Normal Arrow Images

backarr.gif backarrow.gif uparrow.gif forwardarrow.gif forwardarr.gif

Highlighted Arrow Images

backarron.gif backarrowon.gif uparrowon.gif forwardarrowon.gif forwardarron.gif

Normal VCR Style Arrows

frev.gif rev.gif revplay.gif eject.gif forplay.gif for.gif ffor.gif

Highlighted VCR Style Arrows

frevon.gif revon.gif revplayon.gif ejecton.gif forplayon.gif foron.gif fforon.gif

Normal Symbols

coffee.gif email.gif lightbulb.gif phone.gif

Highlighted Symbols

coffeeon.gif emailon.gif lightbulbon.gif phoneon.gif

Logo Images

Created by Dave
Created by Dave
Created by Dave
Created by Dave
Created by Dave
Created by Dave
Created by Dave

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