An Unending Day of Struggle

The Armoured Commando and Crater's 2nd Dayside Campaign

By D Hebditch


Thanks to Bryn Monnery for vehicle design and general commentary, to Kenji Schwarz for Manchurian fact checking and to Etranger for ideas and encouragement.


This article covers the Armoured Commando, a specialist Combat Walker equipped unit of the Crater Defence Force, and its role in the 2nd Dayside Campaign. A six month long struggle to destroy the remaining Kafer troops on Crater's inhospitable Dayside. A place where the sun never sets, temperatures can rise to 90 Celsius and water is nearly impossible to come by. They also face an experienced and deadly enemy in the Kafers, who have been forced to live on their wits so long their every day intelligence matches that of their human opponents.

The article is in two parts. The first covers the Armoured Commando: it's structure, equipment, training and leaders. The second covers what it is like to fight on the Dayside, scenario ideas for the Campaign, heavy vehicles and slang used by the Commandos.

The Armoured Commando


The 2nd Dayside Campaign