Orders of Battle

Military Articles

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Military Articles

Aspects of 2300AD military operations
Situational Awareness in Air Combat- by Peter Grining
Artillery in 2300AD - by Peter Grining
British Military Snipers - by Peter Grining
Combat Walkers in 2300AD- by D Hebditch and David Gillon
British RAVC Experimental Combat Unit- by David Gillon

Manchurian Han Shan Corps - by D Hebditch

Royal Wellon Joint Staff Institute Lectures

The First Interstellar War: RWJSI Lecture- by Jonathan Pearson
Militarism in the Modern World: RWJSI Lecture - by D Hebditch
Sturmtaktiken: Breakthrough or Dead End?: RWJSI Lecture-by D Hebditch

Campaign Backgrounds

Crater's 2nd Dayside Campaign and the Armoured Commando- by D Hebditch
The Mineman Saga - by Scott Ash
The Kafer War: Lessons Learned Pt.1- by Michael Bolda
The Kafer War: Lessons Learned Pt.2- by Michael Bolda
Op HERKULES v2.5- Sourcebook - - by Laurent Esmiol, Ian Stead and D Hebditch
Britain: 2300AD - Sourcebook - - by D Hebditch
Mahoney's - Media Operation in New Africa - - by David Gillon

Detailed sub-unit articles

Romeo Three Zero: A SAS Troop in the Kafer War- by D Hebditch
Two Platoon: A British light role infantry platoon - by D Hebditch
B Squadron: A British Medium Tank squadron - by D Hebditch


Britain in 2300AD - Britain in Canon- by D Hebditch
Geography of the French Arm-
by D Hebditch
Millennium's End Engine Rules for 2300AD-
by Chris Parke
Lone Wolf Convoy Times - by Chris Parke
Lone Wolf Colony Arrival Times- by Chris Parke
Like a Soldier: A 2300 Military Short Story - by D Hebditch