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Orders of Battle

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Africa in 2300AD is a relatively stable region dominated by four main powers; the French Empire, Azania, Nigeria and the United Arab Republic. The influence of the French and the location of the beanstalk in Libreville have brought increasing wealth to the continent.

French Africa

French West African Army- by D Hebditch
French Central African Army - by D Hebditch


Exército Moçambiques- by James Boschma


Asia has been the scene of the recent Central Asian War, the closest humanity has been to World War IV in three hundred years. Manchuria and Russia dominate the Asian land mass, whilst France and Japan have a strong peripheral influence on affairs in the region. A fragmented Indian Subcontinent is the scene of near constant warfare between Balkanised and belligerent states.

Central Asian Republic

Central Asian Republic Army - by James Boschma

Indian States

2 Company, 11th Gorkha Rifles- by David Gillon


Japanese Ground Forces - by Edward Lipsett and D Hebditch


Manchurian Han Shan Corps - by D Hebditch
Manchurian Space Forces 2300 - by Rob Montgomery
Manchurian Space Forces 2304 - by Rob Montgomery


Europe remains central to world events being home to three major powers; France, Germany and Britain, as well as a host of lesser players. The long running peace and stability of the continent under French hegemony was shattered with the Reunification of Germany and the resulting war between France and Germany. Today an armed peace reigns in the region whilst the key European powers have been forced to defend their colonies from the alien threat of the Kafers.


British Army, 2303
Alician Regiments - by D Hebditch
The Corps of Royal Alician Marines - by D Hebditch
British Colonial Armies, 2303 - by D Hebditch
The Royal Air Force - by D Hebditch
The Royal German Legion - by D Hebditch and Bryn Monnery
The Zeebrugge Group - Royal Marines
Bowman Combat Walkers - by D Hebditch
Royal Naval Brigade - by D Hebditch
The Brigade of Gurkhas - by D Hebditch
'Red' Royal Marines Commandos - by D Hebditch
The Royal New African Air Force- by D Hebditch
Corps of Royal Artillery - by D Hebditch, Bryn Monnery and Peter Grining
Royal Navy Subfighter Division- by D Hebditch


Exèrcit de Catalunya - by James Boschma


French Army, 2300
French Army, 2303
French Foreign Legion Paratroopers - by D Hebditch
2e Régiment Étranger de Cavalerie - by Chris Downes-Ward
Escadre d'Interface - by Jonathan Pearson
Armée de Libération - by D Hebditch
Armée d'Aurore - by DHebditch and James Boschma
French Special Forces- by D Hebditch
Légion Étrangère- by D Hebditch
French Troupes Coloniale- by D Hebditch
French Troupes de Marines - by D Hebditch
Armee Territoriale de Tirane- by D Hebditch
Armee Metropolitaine de Nouvelle Provence - by D Hebditch


German Army- by Jason R Weiser
German Army - by D Hebditch
German Luftwaffe  - by Sean Nolan


Hellenic Army- by Demetrios Rammos
Greek Territorial Army- by Demetrios Rammos


Hungarian Army- by James Boschma


Koninklijke Landmacht(Royal Dutch Army) - by D Hebditch
Dutch 11th Air Assault Brigade - by Kaye
Dutch B Sqn, 101st Armoured Reconaissance Battalion, Regiment Huzaren van Boreel- by Kaye
Royal Netherlands Marine Corps - by Kaye
Dutch Army- by Kaye


Polish Army- by James Boschma


Portuguese Army- by James Boschma

Scandinavian Union

Scandinavian Army- by Kari Korpi

Middle East

The Middle East is a region where international tension is always bubbling below the surface. France has notable influence in Syria and Iraq, while Japan has close ties to Arabia. Iran, UAR, Turkey and Palestine are strongly independent voices in the region who oppose any outside hegemony whilst maintaining their own rivalries.


Iranian Army- by Jason Weiser and James Boschma


Confederation Defense Forces- by James Boschma


Turkish Army- by Demetrios Rammos


North America

North America has been a likely flash point since the end of World War 3 and the Mexican annexation of southern regions of the United States. Today a fiercely independent Texas stands between a reduced America who has neither forgiven or forgotten and a Mexico who controls all of central America. While confrontation and tension is high in the south in the north Canada has made her own way in the world.


United States Army - by Jason R Weiser
US Marine Corps Raiders - by D Hebditch
US Military Special Operations Forces - by Jason R Weiser
US 3rd Armoured Cavalry Regiment (Airborne)- by James Boschma
United States Space Force 2305 - by Rob Montgomery


Canadian Land Forces- by Peter Skanes and D Hebditch


Mexican Army and Marines- by Greg Hunter


The Republic of Texas Army- by Jason Weiser, James Boschma, Bryn Monnery and D Hebditch


Australia stands as a leader in Oceania despite the succession of Tasmania and North Queensland and plays an influential role in global affairs through her diplomacy, her partnership with America and her colonial holdings off-world.


Australian Defence Force - by A. Gubler, Scott Ash and D Hebditch

New Zealand

Royal New Zealand Defence Force - by Bryn Monnery, Adam Smith and D Hebditch

South America

South America has been recognised as the most belligerent of Earth's continents for over a century. The rivalry between Argentina and Brazil has erupted into three major wars that have involved the whole continent. It has also resulted in the creation of the highly unstable Incan Republic from the former states of Ecuador, Peru and Columbia. Popular opinion is that a fourth Rio Plato War is only a matter of time.


Argentine Army and Marines - by Jason R Weiser
Ejército Argentino- by D Hebditch
Argentina Infantería de Marina
- by D Hebditch


Ejercito de Bolivia- by James Boschma


Brazilian Army and Marines - by Jason R Weiser
Brazilian Infantaria da Aeronautica - by James Boschma
Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais do Brasil
- by James Boschma


Ejército de Chile- by James Boschma

Incan Republic

Ejército Nacional de República Inca - by James Boschma


Ejército Venezolano - by James Boschma
Fuerza Aerea Venezolano- by David Gillon

Independent Colonies

In a century and a half of off-world colonisation humanity has established no fewer than 55 colonies on 29 worlds. The vast majority of these are still governed by their mother country but an increasing number are gaining their independence. Tiny Tanstaafl led the way almost 50 years ago breaking free from corporate governance and is now embroiled in a struggle for survival against the Kafers. Elysia fought a long battle for independence from the French on remote Joi and is still a state in turmoil. The War of German Reunification saw two former Bavarian colonies, Heidelsheimat and potentially mighty Freihafen strike out on their own. On Tirane Wellon peacefully separated from Britain following decades of Home Rule. All these states are developing their own military forces.


Elysian Defence Forces - by D Hebditch


Heidelsheimat Defence Command - by James Boschma


Tanstaafl Free Legion and Militia - by D Hebditch


Wellon Defence Force
The Lion of the Cape Regiment - by D Hebditch
The Mountain Regiment - by D Hebditch
6th Wellon Armoured Regiment - by D Hebditch
Desert Reconnaissance Force - by D Hebditch
The Royal Doorn Regiment - by D Hebditch
The Royal Victoria Rifles - by D Hebditch
The Royal Arctic Rifles of Wellon - by D Hebditch
The Chindits of Wellon - by D Hebditch
Point Sterling Police Support Unit - by D Hebditch


Whilst 2300AD has no overreaching system of multinational alliance like the 20th Century's NATO, international cooperation is war from unknown.

Commonwealth Expeditionary Forces- by D Hebditch
The Joint Vogelheim Brigade
- by D Hebditch, Bryn Monnery and Scott Ash
Armée d'Aurore - by D Hebditch and James Boschma