The Mineman Saga

By Scott D Ash

Copyright 1998, 2002 Scott Ash - All Rights Reserved


"One can't emphasize enough the role of America's Minemen in winning the Kafer War. From holding a defensive line at Kie-Yuma while living under siege to offensive operations in the Gamma Serpenti system, while concurrently clearing the jump points of liberated systems of enemy mines, America's Minemen were in the forefront of space operations from the start. During the war they were found mostly aboard ASF and allied second-line and reserve ships, in cramped conditions, yet performed magnificently. As most were reservists mobilized to meet the alien threat, their can-do spirit and technical competence were all the more impressive to the theater commanders. 

In fact, it can be said that the men and women of the American Space Force Mobile Mine Assembly and Deployment Group truly lived up to their unit motto, 'Anytime, Anywhere.' For throughout the Kafer War that's exactly where Minemen could be found."    

Extract from "Where We've Been, No Fleet Goes: Mine Warfare in the Kafer War," by Rear Admiral (ret.) Kathleen Hoffmann ASF, 2317

Author's Note

'The Mineman Saga' offers a look at an alternative campaign setting for those who want a military adventure, yet not be in direct combat with the enemy. Also highlighted is the story of a long journey home for demobilized reservists, and the stops along the way.

(More information on one of the stops, the American territory of Tirania, can be found at

As such, I am pleased and grateful it has found a new home on Etranger.

Thank you,
Scott Ash
30 June 2002

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