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Welcome to Tirane- Bienvenue a la Tirane!

Tirane (Alpha Centauri A I) is humanity's first step beyond the cradle of the Sol system. As such, she has seen many nations and peoples carve out their unique niches in the planet's history. Uniquely alien, yet comfortably familiar to settlers and colonists, Tirane offered a new frontier to explore and exploit, one many took advantage of. Explorers came and made new discoveries, met new challenges, and continue to detail the breadth and depth of Tirane's unique biology and geology. Immigrants came to build new lives, achieve their dreams, and create societies as unique and diverse as Earth itself.

However, as humanity's first colony world, Tirane has seen more than her share of human conflict, ignorance, and despair. Requiring armed conflict to open the world to all of humanity, Tirane also represents the inability of Earth's nations to leave their problems at home. In the heady, rugged, chaotic years of the first exploration and colonizing efforts mistakes were made, lives were lost, dreams dashed to dust. Even when plenty was available conflict did arise over undetermined borders and untapped resources.

Still, eight nations eventually succeeded in creating viable colonies, accepting immigrants from all corners of the Earth. As a result of this success, other nations built settlements within the various colonies. Some of these eventually integrated with the host colony, while others remain distinctly unique subdivisions. Two of these settlements, however, became separate enclaves beyond the control of the major players. The colonies continued to grow far beyond the expectations of the mother countries, until Tirane became, in many ways, a second Earth.

As such, Tirane offers a wealth of opportunities to the 2300AD milieu, the promise of an alien world with the familiar comforts, and challenges, associated with living in the Core. Many Tiraneans are quick to correct those who see their home as merely a copy of Earth, and despite the similarites, they are correct. Indeed, it only takes a look upward to the unfamiliar night sky to know that, yes, Tirane is a unique world.

The Tirane Sourcebook is not the vision of one man alone. What is presented here comes from the ideas, brainstorming, constructive criticism, and considerable heated debate of several people, all of which believe that Tirane offers 2300AD gamers a unique setting for campaigns and adventures. As such this will remain a work in progress. New thoughts, ideas, and inspiration will continue to breathe life into Tirane, and we encourage referees and players to come and make their own marks on humanity's first colony world.

To paraphrase Buddha, "With our thoughts we create a world." On behalf of my fellow Tiranistas, let me welcome you to Tirane.

Scott D. Ash 15 May 2002

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20th May, 2002

The return of the Tirane Sourcebook to the web, with articles covering New Canberra, Provincia do Brasil, Tirania, Tunghu and Wellon. In addition there are numerous maps in the Cartography section.

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