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Triania is the American colony on Tirane. After decades of corporate shortsightedness followed by the benign neglect of a distant colonial parent, the people of Tirania have begun a thus-far nonviolent struggle for independence. Oddly enough, the American government is beginning to listen though perhaps only to avoid violence in the future. Impatience on either side, however, can push the tension to a breaking point and bring civil war to Tirane. Still, Tirania offers a lot to a visitor, much of which is unmatched anywhere in Human Space.

As a result of its history Tirania doesn't match the overall levels of development of either Freihafen or Wellon, with most of the investment in the major cities and towns. The benefit of this is unspoiled natural beauty throughout the territory, available to those hardy souls willing to brave the trek. In particular, the New Cascadia Territorial Park is comprised of a majority of the northwestern corner, and preserves for future generations over twenty percent of the Tiranian land claim. Other wild spaces include much of the Lefthook Peninsula along the Rocard Straits, Boreal County in the polar region, and the peaceful serenity of the Washington Sea. With its available open wilderness, it is easy to lose yourself in Tirania.

In direct contrast, the cities of Tirania offer all the amenities of similar locations throughout Tirane and Earth. In addition to economic viability, internal infrastructure was a major factor in urban planning and investment, making Tirania's cities easy to get around and communicate in. Yet outside of the Free Haven-Tirania City Metroplex there's little of the sprawl found with other cities, giving Chinook, Emerald Bay, Liberty Point, Mendonovo, New Anchorage, New Racine, and St. Claire the feeling of being outposts on the edge of the unknown. Each of these cities offer unique attractions to visitors and new settlers alike, and despite the seeming remoteness are easy to reach by a variety of transportation means.

The people of Tirania have been compared to Texans for their forthright views, pragmatism, and pride in their homeland, yet do so with a modesty their counterparts have yet to achieve (or desire). In fact, when the average Tiranian does express an opinion it's usually wrapped in self-depreciating humor and subtle satire, accompanied by a wink to see if the listener has caught on. It's not that Tiranians don't grasp the gravity of the situations they're faced with, they just won't let those situations get the better of them.

Perhaps that's why the independence struggle for them has been mostly peaceful. At least both sides are willing to talk. But if the talk drags on too long, if Tiranians feel they're being placated by offers of autonomy with no timetable for implementation, if the old-guard federal civil service refuses to relinquish control when it is most appropriate, then the Tiranians will act. Nobody's sure yet whether they'll act peacefully or not. "The Shot Heard 'Round Tirane" has yet to be fired, but the available weapons are locked and loaded.

Tirania is a nation in transition, preparing for its day in the sun. After decades of neglect, the people of Tirania are ready to take their destiny into their own hands. Through evolution or revolution remains to be seen.


Tirania: A New Direction - by Scott Ash

1. Overview
2. History
3. Government and Law Enforcement
4. Military Presence
5. Foreign Relations
6. Economy
7. Demographics
8. Cities
9. Wildlife
10. Personalities

Saint Tyraine: Caribe's Corner of Tirane - by Scott Ash

For many outsiders Saint Tyraine is simply a remote group of storm wracked islands off the coast of Tirania's Lefthook County. However it is home to a small piece of the Caribbean on Tirane, governed by Caribe while remaining a de facto protectorate of Tirania. The islands are a sleepy backwater, subsisting on fishing and farming, while spurning the outside investment that might bring prosperity but would also threaten its independence.