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Tunghu is a storefront. Specifically, Manchuria's storefront. In the early days of colonization, Manchurian isolationist dreams sought more distant worlds where they could pursue their projects without undue exposure to the generally better funded programs of other nations. Beijing's officials understood that a Manchurian colony on Tirane, if forced to compete with the others, would become visibly second rate. Perhaps, they thought, this is good enough for Azania, but it did not accommodate Manchurian pride.

But, Tirane was too important to be bypassed. It needed a presence, if only to allow Manchuria access to the economies of a planet that would inevitably be second only to Earth and incomparably advanced over any other colony. Tunghu was all that was needed. A small area, politically harmless, could be developed to the point where it could be on the cutting edge of Tiranian society. So, With just over 300 square kilometers of property, Tunghu is Manchuria's front desk, advertising kiosk, and cultural/economic/social interface point. It tries, but fails to be all of Manchuria rolled into one city. It succeeds at being a place of uncommon openness for a society far more closed than most.

Tunghu - by Ben Levy