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The Commonwealth of Wellon is one of the major nations of Tirane and the largest independent state on that world. Wellon was a British colony for much of its existence and even today its head of state is the Queen of the British Isles. However Wellon has enjoyed home rule since 2241 and gained complete autonomy in 2277, although links with Britain remain close. Wellon is a stable, economically powerful state with an increasing sense of its own cultural identity both on Tirane and in wider terms.

However not all is rosy, social divisions between rich and poor remain manifest, whilst the southern part of this vast nation is tainted by corruption and criminal syndicates. Political divisions also exist with republicans and Tiranistas demanding an acceleration of the process of breaking links with the mother country. Also Wellon now has a substantial military force, the Wellon Expeditionary Force, fighting against the Kafers on the French Arm and an increasing number of dead and wounded soldiers as well as politicised veterans are returning home to Alpha Centauri.

Wellon's population has not just been drawn from the British Isles but from throughout the Commonwealth of Nations and from other allied states. Consequently Wellon has a population of great cultural diversity and depth, yet with the exception of the Lion Cape area has largely escaped large scale racial prejudice. Wellon's population and economic strength has already exceeded that of Britain, and has earned itself the tag of 'the New America' in some quarters. As Wellon approaches its first 150 years of existence it remains to be seen what niche this powerful young state will carve for itself in human affairs.


The Commonwealth of Wellon


This article was collated by D Hebditch and is mostly based on and includes work from Dave Wilkinson's original Wellon article as well as original work by D Hebditch. Additional ideas have come from Bryn Monnery, Scott Ash, David Gillon as well as the other members of the Tirane list. Mapping is by Dave Malesevich. The Wellon flag is by Andy Goddard.



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Regions of Wellon

The Southlands - by D Hebditch

The Southlands are a vast region of plains and savannah in the heart of New Albion, populated by individualistic and self reliant people who live by herding and farming. The Southlands are remote from the centres of Wellonese power and sometimes beyond the reach of Wellonese justice. It is a hash region where weather conditions can sometimes prove deadly, with massive grassfires especially dangerous.

The Wellon Arctic Territories - by D Hebditch

The Territories are the most northerly and remote part of Wellon. It is still home to some 3 million people and has become a point of contention between Wellon and Tirania.

The Livingstone Peninsular - by D Hebditch

Livingstone Peninsular and the City of Livingstone are in the south-west of Wellon and is home to five million people. One of the more advanced parts of the south it has a laid back outlook on life as well as being known as a holiday destination and for its LTA industry.


Cities of Wellon

New Camelot - A Brief Guide - by D Hebditch

New Camelot is the capital city of Wellon. It is home to over ten million people and many of the main institutions of the Commonwealth.

Victoria - Wellon's Commercial Capital - by D Hebditch

Victoria is one of the cities that vie for the title of Wellon's Second City. Victoria's claim is aided by its domination of the Commonwealth's banking, legal and commercial sectors. Like many other thriving, wealthy cities, Victoria also has a dark underbelly.

Masira - The Islamic Heart of Wellon - by D Hebditch

Masira is one of Wellon's more unusual cities. Founded by the exiled Omani Sultan it has become home to a substantial population of southern Arabians. It is a place where religious and secular institutions mix and has its own unique culture.


Miscellaneous Articles

The Foundation for Practical Knowledge - by D Hebditch

The FPK is one of the most prestigious Anglophone foundations, known both for its academic rigour and the key role it has played in the development of Wellon. Although it has it has outposts across human space it remains strongly rooted in its Tiranean birthplace.

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