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The Dark Side



No place is perfect. Tirane is no exception.

Welcome to the Dark Side of Tirane. Here are illustrated the various sewers of scum and villainy, listed by colony/nation. Even then, there are so many shades of gray referees and players may decide that some of these individuals and organizations actually serve a noble purpose. After all, an enemy is never a villain in his own mind. Smart players can use this to their advantage.

Another feature of the Dark Side we present are the "alternate Tirane" visions, intended to offer referees other options for any Tirane-based campaign. In all honesty, the published material for 2300AD give conflicting visions of Humanity's second core world. Do Tirania and New Canberra exist, or are they merely dreams of America and Australia respectively? Was the Argentine Santa Maria colony actually absorbed by New Canberra, or does INAP still hold a legitimate presence on Tirane? In order to present players and referees choices that can enhance their own visions of the 2300AD universe, the Dark Side proudly hosts these alternate visions.

After all, no place is perfect. If Tirane were, what would be the point of a campaign there?