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The Dark Side



Combine the Latino "maņana" relaxation with the Australian "she'll be right" optimism and part of New Canberra's soul will be found. But, like a lot of other stereotypes, much of the truth will be missed.

New Canberra, Australia's slice of Tirane, contains the bulk of Australia's overall population, national wealth, military strength, and economic vibrancy. As a result New Canberra sets the political tone for the rest of the nation, a fact not lost on either NovoCanos (as New Canberrans call themselves) or their fellow Australians on Earth or the Rimward ("American") Arm. But Yeats may have been correct by saying, "the center cannot hold," and could have easily been talking about New Canberra were he alive on Tirane now. Centrifugal forces are now becoming apparent, with minority concerns becoming felt within New Canberra itself and a growing cultural gap between the colony and Australia proper.

NovoCanos are a diverse lot, with little to unite them but pride in their homeland and optimism in its future. From Australia's Boomerang Coast and the Pampas of Argentina, the lush tropical archipelago of Indonesia and the vibrant lands of Nigeria their ancestors came, along with others from the fractured Indian States, the Scandinavian Union, Thailand, and Tirania, all seeking new lives on the southern half of Tirane's Araki continent. It is perhaps appropriate that Australia's largest colony be named for Canberra, the first capital of that nation, which itself took its name from an Aborignal word meaning, "a meeting place." But the meeting hasn't always been cordial.

For the average visitor, though, New Canberra offers rich, vibrant, diverse cultures, spectacular natural beauty, and great opportunity for excitement and adventure, from Duffer's Strip south to the Costa Desolada (Sp: Desolate Coast), the Nuevas Malvinas across to Pulau Timor Bahru and the mainland in between. Australia should be justifiably proud of what it created in New Canberra, and what the NovoCanos created on top of that.

New Canberra - Australia's Interstellar Heart - Scott Ash

1. Introduction
2. Tiragraphy
3. History
4. Demographics
5. Government and Law Enforcement
5a. Military Presence
6. Spaceport Facilities
7. External Relations
8. Economy
9. Culture and Sport
10. Major Cities
11. Flora and Fauna

Las Nuevas Malvinas - Scott Ash

The Nuevas Malvinas is the most troubled region of New Canberra. The local population is divided almost to the point of civil war over both politics and religion whilst the region is one of the most impoverished on Tirane.