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The French colony of Nouvelle Provence occupies the largest part of the continent of Arcadie, sharing the continent with newly independent Freihafen and Azania's Tundukubwa. Nouvelle Provence is the most populous and prosperous part of Tirane, with a population that mirrors the diversity of the French Empire on Earth. Nouvelle Provence is officially a part of Metropolitan France in the same way as European France, Algeria and Zaire are, and plays the same role on Tirane and France does on Earth. First amongst equals.

Nouvelle Provence is home to many astounding sights. The capital of Mirambeau is the undisputed cultural centre of the new world, and is home to the prestigious Université de Tirane. Arcadie is the only continent to be home to Tirane's sauropods and the majestic Fon, which draw tourists and scientists in equal measure. Whilst high above Nouvelle Provence are the starship yards that produce the merchants and warships that maintain the French Empire's power across human space and buttress humanity against the Kafer threat.

Whilst Nouvelle Provence is a loyalist heartland proud of its place in the French Empire there are some secessionists at work in the colony. The fall of the 12th Republic effected Tirane as well as Earth and the military government introduced several heavy handed measures in Nouvelle Provence which caused serious resentment. The Nouvelle Provençal people voted en-masse for Ruffin and the Empire and his reforms have relieved much of the pressure, yet a small and dedicated band of secessionists remain. Nouvelle Provence as a whole is a bastion of resistance to the Tiranista cause across Tirane and looks on with concern at events in Freihafen, Wellon and Tirania.


Nouvelle Provence: Flora and Fauna - by Christopher Lee

Les Vins de la Nouvelle Provence - by Christopher Lee

Nouvelle Provence is renowned for its wines. This article covers them all and the history of viticulture in the colony.

Cities of Nouvelle Provence

Mirambeau, Le Coeur de la Nouvelle Provence - by Christopher Lee

Mirambeau is the capital city of Nouvelle Provence and the unofficial capital of Tirane herself - home to 22 million people and many of the world's most important cultural institutions. The city is a microcosm of the Empire; reflecting all that is good and bad in the French Imperium. (Note: This article is still under construction.)