United States Space Force

Situation Report – June 2303




The United States Space Force has spent four years embroiled in escalating combat with the Kafers, and is well on its way to being transformed from a middle sized space navy with an oversized reserve to a truly first class force. The USSF contains three major organisations, the regular USSF, the USSF Reserve, and the US Reserve Defence Fleet ( US government contract merchants). In addition, the ships of the American Exploration and Colonisation Agency can and have been mobilised into the USSF.






History – Overview


Order of Battle


Fleets – Squadrons – Divisions


Ships of the Line


Columbia class Battlecruiser


 Providence class Cruiser – Kennedy class Cruiser


Fort Knox class Destroyer – Bunker Hill class Destroyer


Light Ships


Cayuga class Frigate – Aconit class Frigate – Hancock class Frigate – Killiecrankie class Frigate


Hampton class Corvette – Concord class Corvette


Fighter Craft




Auxiliary Ships


Iwo Jima class Assault Landing Ship – Conestoga class Troop Transport – Cargomax class Transport


LC-20 class Landing Ship – CIT-III class Assault Lander


Retief class Courier – Ryder class Courier






Presently details of the Columbia and Cayuga are available from Kevin Clark’s website: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arcade/2303