Title: Scata Logbook


Description: Anaesthetic logbook




They have now updated this to include the ability to export the details to other databases via text based data. A worthwhile update.

This is SCATA's version of a logbook for the Series 5. This is very similar to the Series 3a/c version and there is not a great deal of use of Series 5 functionality. Nevertheless it appears to do its job well allowing easy entry of operation and procedure details. There is some user definable lists to enter. There is a brief summary and report function. I am not sure how easy it is to transfer your database to the PC and I could see no way to produce any form of printout.

Incidentally set-up is slightly unusual for a Psion program the download is a self-extracting zip and then transfer takes place from there. The application is started as an opo and not started as most other from the extras bar.

Therefore in summary this is a reasonable app but more could be done to improve functionality. It should be compared to Anaelog which is shareware not freeware as this program is.



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Price: Freeware