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Welcome to my Home Pages at Leigh-On-Sea in Essex, UK

Please have a look around and enjoy the calming effect of the sea as you take a few minutes to cruise around my personal web site.

I am developing a Mental Health site here, together with Internet resources, travel and other interests.

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Picture of Andrew and Cathy by the sea

Runwell Hospital

Mental Health

Psychiatry as a Profession

Mental Health Links

Internet For Psychiatrists

Free Web Space Providers

Quick Relaxation Exercise!

Schizophrenia Research

Other Interests


Foreign Travel

Personal Interests

Weather Links

General Internet Resources

Picture of Home

Natal Horoscope

Astronomy and Astrology

Horoscopes Online - Calculate your own chart!

Sun Sign Research - An article for the sceptics

The Sky at Night - Astronomy - Updated Monthly

Geocentiric Ephemeris for 2009- Daily positions

Astrology in the Age of Aquarius - The Full Monty!

Sir Douglas Black 1913 - 2002

Site Map

Webmaster Resources

Current Medical News

WordStone Game Tips

Cathy Online and our other websites

Curriculum Vitae

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