Unit One: Coastal Erosion and Management At Reculver In Kent [U.K.]

S.E. Eng map
The small section of coast used in this Virtual Fieldwork Unit lies to the east of London in the county of Kent. It stretches from Herne Bay in the west of the county to the Wantsum Channel in the east. The majority of the area studied lies within the Reculver Country Park, a small area of protected countryside. The area is a useful one to study since natural rates of erosion are high and much has been done to try and manage this section of coast with varying degrees of success.

The digital photos for this website were collected in March and July 1999. The Virtual Fieldwork project has been generously supported by a grant from the Royal Geographical Society - IBG and HSBC Holdings.

This Virtual Fieldwork Unit allows you to 'walk' around the area either as a casual visitor or as a student learning the Geography of the area. You can: You can at any time back-track or repeat sections of information to follow-up items of interest or reinforce what you have learnt. You can now:

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