Aspidistra lutea

Accepted name Aspidistra lutea Tillich. Feddes Repert. 116(5-6): 320 (-321, 335-336, 338; figs. 1k, 3c). (2005).
Distribution Vietnam (Son La)
Description Rhizome: creeping, epigeous, diameter 4 - 5 mm.

Leaves: solitary [?] to ca. 20 cm; cataphylls brown, up to 6.5 cm long; petiole 5 cm; lamina ovate, distally attenuate, basally rounded, relatively thick, 15 cm long x 6 - 7 cm wide, densely dark-green/mid-green marmorate, mid-vein sunken on upper surface, sharply keeled on lower surface, side veins 4 on either side.

Peduncle: flowers subsessile; flowers solitary, held horizontally.

Perianth [Perigone]: tubular, 16 -17 mm; tube pale yellow outside and glossy red-purple inside, 10 mm long x 6 - 7 mm diameter, embraced by 3 - 4 greenish, red spotted cataphylls; lobes 6, patent, (greenish-) yellow, biseriate, widely ovate, 5 mm long x 4 - 5 mm wide, adaxially flat, tips rounded, thickened.

Stamens: 6, inserted at middle of tube, anthers sessile, narrow lineate, 5 mm long, distally reaching stigma level.

Pistil: [shape]; 8 mm long, style cylindrical, purple, stigma dilated, with three bifid arms nearly closing the tube opening, surface white with reddish margins; ovary inconspicuous.

Fruit: undescribed.

Phenology: flowering April - June.

2n = ?

Based on Tillich 2005.


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