Aspidistra punctata

Accepted name Aspidistra punctata Lindl. Bot. Reg. 12. t. 977. (1826).
Distribution China (Guandong, Hong Kong)
Description Rhizome: creeping, epigeous, terete.

Leaves: solitary to ca. 80 cm; cataphylls undescribed; petiole 7.5 - 50 cm, rigid; lamina lanceolate, 25 - 30 cm long x 4.5 - 5.5 cm wide.

Peduncle: rather short, green with ca. 5 scarious bracts, speckled with purplish brown; flowers solitary, nodding.

Perianth [Perigone]: campanulate-infundibuliform, fleshy; tube pale green speckled with purplish brown outside, dark purple inside; lobes 8, ovate, recurved, with 2 fleshy keels adaxially, abaxially pale green speckled with purplish brown, adaxially whitish with purple speckles at tips shading to dark purple basally, densely and minutely papillose.

Stamens: 8, inserted at middle of perianth tube, positioned lower than stigma, subsessile; anthers oblong.

Pistil: [shape ?]; style [?], stigma white, orbicular, adaxially with 4 radial channels [ridges?] with bifurcated tips, [ca. 20 small lobes around margin suggestive of abaxial radial ridges cf. A. patentiloba, A. luodianensis, A. longipetala, A. marginella], prominent in mouth of perigone tube; ovary with deeply coloured speckles, ovoid, angled.

Fruit: undescribed.

Phenology: flowers March.

2n =?

based on FoC, Bot. Reg. t. 977 & Tilich 2005

Comments Aspidistra punctata 'Come Here Spot' is in fact Aspidistra saxicola.

Aspidistra punctata Lindl. Bot. Reg. 12. t. 977. (1826) is at http://www.botanicus.org/page/132637  
"A. punctata albo-maculata" (= Aspidistra elatior) of W J Hooker CBM t 5386 is at http://www.botanicus.org/page/439018    

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