Hedychium flavum W. Roxburgh, Hortus bengalensis: 1 (1814) (nomen) and Flora indica 1: 81 (1820). 

Accepted name

Hedychium flavum W. Roxburgh, Flora indica. 1: 81 (1820). 

Comments I do not believe that any nursery whether in the UK or USA is currently offering Hedychium flavum.  The name is easy to find in catalogues and on the web but none of the plants offered to date are Hedychium flavum.  I should be very happy to be corrected on this point since I'd like to grow the plant myself.

There is a plant called Hedychium flavum which was first named by Roxburgh in Hortus bengalensis (at http://www.wmcarey.edu/carey/hortus/1.jpg) before being described in Flora indica (at http://www.botanicus.org/page/787358).  In addition, the painting (drawing) of Hedychium flavum commissioned by Roxburgh and which is the type of the species is at http://www.kew.org/floraIndica/home.do; type the name Hedychium in the box and click "go".

I have bought what was supposed to be Hedychium flavum from a number of nurseries and usually received Hedychium flavescens.  One source of mislabelled plants is the Dutch wholesaler Hoog & Dix labelled who sold (sell?) Hedychium flavescens labelled as Hedychium flavum.  Hoog & Dix "guarantee" that the plants they sell are correctly named - with the name provided by their supplier, which, when you think about it, is no guarantee at all.  However, judging from images on the web they are plenty of other "Hedychium flavum" out there.

Images - see http://www.kew.org/floraIndica/home.do

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last updated 01/10/2008