Iochroma cyaneum images

Six cultivars of Iochroma cyaneum.

'Royal Blue', 'Sky King' and 'Indigo' are US cultivars recognised by the USDA in 2004 (Meerow et al 2004) although they are said to have been grown as unnamed collections at Kartuz Greenhouses since before 1993.  'John Miers', 'Karl Hartweg' and 'Trebah' are UK cultivars named by Julian Shaw in 1998 (Shaw 1998) although the plants had been in cultivation for many years previous.  Julian Shaw's names have been tentatively accepted in the RHS Horticultural Database.

'Royal Blue' and 'Indigo' images are from the USDA; 'Sky King' is from Arghya Gardens and used with permission.
The 'John Miers', 'Karl Hartweg' and 'Trebah' images are my own.

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last updated 05/09/2008