Iochroma cyaneum

Accepted name Iochroma cyaneum (J. Lindley) M. L. Green, Standard-species of nomina conservanda : 54, 63 (1926) [non Dunalia cyanea P. G. de Rouville ex M. F. Dunal (1852)].
Description Habit: shrub to 2 m or more in cultivation.

Leaves: elliptic, 10 - 23 cm x 5 - 10 cm with a 2 - 9 cm petiole.  Adaxial surface pale green, slightly hairy but more so on midrib; abaxial surface pale green with dense light brown hairs when young becoming sparse with age.

Flowers: most commonly blue from dark blue to light purplish blue but pale pink, apricot and white flowered forms are known from cultivation.  Ca. 60 flowers in primary inflorescence; ca. 10 flowers in secondary inflorescence.

Calyx: usually somewhat inflated, green (rarely dark blue), sometimes tinged blue-purple.

Corolla: tube 25 - 40 mm long x ca. 8 - 10 mm wide at mouth at anthesis, petals 5.

Gynoecium: stamens 5, ± exerted, anthers, 3 - 3,5 mm long, yellowish usually tinged blue-ish before anthesis.

Fruit: ca. 2 cm long x 1.5 cm wide, conical, partly enclosed in calyx, pale greenish yellow to purplish when ripe.

See Shaw 1998 for complete description
References Shaw 1998 : 164 - 171
Comments Iochroma cyaneum is the most variable species in cultivation with about 11 forms having been given cultivar names in the UK, USA and Australia.

Iochroma cyaneum ‘Album’
Iochroma cyaneum ‘Apricot Belle’
Iochroma cyaneum dark
Iochroma cyaneum ‘Indigo’
Iochroma cyaneum ‘John Miers’
Iochroma cyaneum ‘Karl Hartweg’
Iochroma cyaneum large
Iochroma cyaneum pale blue
Iochroma cyaneum purple-flowered
Iochroma cyaneum 'Purple Queen'
Iochroma cyaneum ‘Royal Blue’
Iochroma cyaneum 'Royal Queen'
Iochroma cyaneum ‘Sky King’
Iochroma cyaneum ‘Trebah’
Iochroma cyaneum ‘Woodcote White’

There are images of Iochroma cyaneum in the wild at http://www.tropicos.org/Image/33904 and http://www.tropicos.org/Image/33905. For other images see link below.


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