Musa abaca

Musa abaca G. (G. G.) S. Perrottet, Mem. Soc. Linn. Par. 3: 130 (1825).

Accepted name none - species ignota.
Authorities The authority for the name being rejected as species ignota is Cheesman 1949l.

The World Checklist of Monocotyledons lists Musa abaca Perr., Mém. Soc. Linn. Paris 3: 130 (1825) as a synonym of Musa textilis Née, Anales Ci. Nat. 4: 123 (1801) which is given as the accepted name.

Distribution Philippines
References Champion 1967 : 38, Cheesman 1949l : 271, Hotta 1989 : 74.
Comments In some older literature the name Musa abaca is used instead of M. textilis.

Musa abaca is sometimes given as a synonym of Musa textilis L. Née but it was too poorly described by Samuel Perrottet for a positive identification to be made. According to Cheesman it was "most probably either M. textilis, M. balbisiana or a hybrid [between the two] and whichever it was the binomial can have no nomenclatural significance". 

Abaca is a trivial name for Musa textilis but hybrids of M. textilis and M. balbisiana also exist in the Philippines. 

See Musa textilis.

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