Musa acuminata var. flava

Musa acuminata L. A. Colla var. flava (H. N. Ridley) R. E. Nasution, Memoirs of Tokyo University of Agriculture. 32: 1 - 122 (1991). not seen

Accepted name Musa acuminata subsp. malaccensis (H. N. Ridley) N. W. Simmonds, Kew Bulletin 11 (3): 463 - 489. (1956).
Synonyms Musa flava H. N. Ridley, Trans. Linn. Soc. Ser. 2. 3: 385 (1893).
Authorities Simmonds 1956 but see comments below.
Section Eumusa (Musa) 1
References Nasution 1991 (not seen), Pollefys et al 2004, Simmonds 1956 : 466.
Comments I have not seen Nasution (1991) but I am assuming that his var. flava is derived from Ridley's M. flava which according to Simmonds is merely a yellow-bracted mutant of M. acuminata subsp. malaccensis.  However, Pollefys et al 2004 confusingly state that Nasution's M. acuminata var. flava is the "same as" his M. acuminata var. microcarpa From Pollefys et al 2004 I am similarly unsure whether Nasution treats this as a subspecies or varietas.

see Musa flava.

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