Musa brieyi

Musa brieyi E. A. J. De Wildeman, Mission De Briey Mayumbé, 329 (1920).

Accepted name Musa (AAA group) East African Highland banana


Musa acuminata L. A. Colla, Memoria sul genere Musa e monografia del Medesimo : 66 (1820) and E. E. Cheesman, Kew Bulletin 3 (1): 22 (1948).

Authorities Identification by Gerda Rossel (see also Ploetz et al 2007).

The World Checklist of Monocotyledons gives Musa brieyi De Wild., Miss. de Briey Mayumbe: 355 (1920) as a synonym of Ensete ventricosum (Welw.) Cheesman, Kew Bull. 2: 101 (1947 publ. 1948) which is given as an accepted name.

Distribution Belgian Congo.
References Champion 1967 : 39, De Wildeman 1920, Index Kewensis, Ploetz et al 2007, Rossel 1998 (Appendix D : 11).
Comments Gerda Rossel identified this as an East African Highland banana in the Musa (AAA group). Since this is derived exclusively from Musa acuminata it is appropriate to give that as the accepted name although less useful than Musa (AAA group) East African Highland banana.

Champion (and Index Kewensis) lists this as a cultivar of "plantain" (AAB group) from the Congo which would make it Musa x paradisiaca In this context Musa x brieyi ("x" to indicate hybridity) would probably be synonymous with Musa x paradisiaca L.  Cheesman identified Musa x paradisiaca L. as Musa (AAB group) 'French' plantain (Cheesman 1948).

Pavis and Lemaire 1996 (InfoMusa 5 (2): 5) cite a 1927 reference for Musa brieyi which suggests it is not very attractive to the banana weevil (Cosmopolites sordidus).

Gerda Rossel's and, although different, Champion's identification cannot be reconciled with The World Checklist of Monocotyledons.

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