Musa x cinerea

Musa x cinerea Hort. ex Gentil., Pl. Cult. Serres Bot. Brux. 125 (1907).

Accepted name none - an undetermined cultivated banana


Musa x paradisiaca L., Species Plantarum : 1043 (1753).

Synonyms Musa x sapientum L.
Authorities The synonym is from Index Kewensis.
References Index Kewensis, IPNI
Comments Published as Musa cinerea the "x" is added to indicate its presumed hybridity.  In this context Musa x paradisiaca is effectively the same as "an undetermined cultivated banana".  This should not be read as implying that Musa x cinerea is Musa (AAB group) 'French' plantain, Cheesman's identification of Musa x paradisiaca L. (Cheesman 1948).

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