Musa x dacca

Musa x dacca Hort. Berol. ex P. F. Horaninow, Prodromus Monographiae Scitaminarum: 41 (1862).

Accepted name not known - an undetermined cultivated banana


Musa x paradisiaca L., Species Plantarum : 1043 (1753).


The World Checklist of Monocotyledons lists Musa dacca Horan., Prodr. Monogr. Scitam.: 41 (1862), Musa sapientum var. dacca (Horan.) Baker, Ann. Bot. (Oxford) 7: 213 (1893), Musa paradisiaca var. dacca (Horan.) K.Schum. in H.G.A.Engler (ed.), Pflanzenr., IV, 45: 20 (1900) as synonyms of Musa paradisiaca L., Sp. Pl.: 1043 (1753) which is given as the accepted name.

Description RHS 1956 gives the following description for 'Dacca' which is said to "belong" to M. x paradisiaca sapientum; flowers green at base and tip, about 4 in (10 cm) long, leaves pale green, leaf-stalk edged red.
References Baker 1893: 213, GRIN, Kurz,  1877 : 162, RHS 1956
Comments Published as Musa dacca the "x" is added to indicate its presumed hybridity.  In this context Musa x paradisiaca is effectively the same as "an undetermined cultivated banana".  This should not be read as implying that Musa x dacca is Musa (AAB group) 'French' plantain, Cheesman's identification of Musa x paradisiaca L. (Cheesman 1948).

According to Kurz, Horaninow uses M. dacca to apply to a banana "much cultivated in European hothouses" (Hort. Berol. implies Berlin) but that little was known about it.

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