Musa x martabanica

x martabanica Hort. ex J. G. Baker, Ann. Bot. 7 : 213 (1893).

Accepted name none - an undetermined cultivated banana
Synonyms 1. Musa x sapientum
2. Musa x paradisiaca subsp. sapientum
Authorities Synonyms:
1. ex Baker 1893
2. ex RHS 1956
Description From RHS 1965: Leaf mid-rib green, petiole edged red.
References Anon 1906 : 22, Baker 1893 : 213, RHS 1956.
Comments Published as Musa martbanica the "x" is added to indicate its presumed hybridity.

Quoted in RHS 1956 as a ‘variety’ of Musa paradisiaca subsp. sapientum that had previously been described as a species.

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