Musa microcarpa

Musa microcarpa
O. Beccari, Nelle Foreste di Borneo, 623 (1902).

Accepted name Musa acuminata L. A. Colla subsp. microcarpa (O. Beccari) N. W. Simmonds, Kew Bulletin 11 (3): 463 - 489 (1956).
Synonyms Musa truncata H. N. Ridley, J. Fed. Malay States Mus. 4 : 80 (1909).
Authorities Accepted name according to Simmonds 1956 who also gives Musa truncata as a synonym although this is now considered as a separate subspecies, go here.

The World Checklist of Monocotyledons gives Musa microcarpa Becc., Nelle Forest. Borneo: 623 (1902) as a synonym of Musa acuminata subsp. microcarpa (Becc.) N.W.Simmonds, Kew Bull. 11: 467 (1956 publ. 1957) which is listed as an accepted name.

References Hotta 1989, Simmonds 1956 : 467, Wong et al 2001

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