Musella splendida

Musella splendida R. V. Valmayor & L. D. Danh, Philipp. Agric. Sci. 85 (2): 204 - 209 (2002) & Philipp. Agric. Sci. 87(1): 118. (2004).

Accepted name Musella lasiocarpa (A. R. Franchet) C. Y. Wu ex H.-W. Li, Acta Phytotax. Sinica 16 (3): 56-57 (1978).
Authorities none - my opinion, see below
References Constantine 2004, Mabberley 2008, Valmayor & Danh 2002, Valmayor & Danh 2004.
Comments The initial publication of Musella splendida was invalid because Valmayor & Danh did not designate a type specimen.  The name Musella splendida was validated by Valmayor & Danh 2004.

It would be fascinating if there were a new Musella in Vietnam but the evidence presented by Valmayor & Danh seems to me to be dubious. Judge for yourself.

Originally published in The Philippine Agricultural Scientist, Valmayor & Danh's paper is reprinted on pages 24 - 27 of InfoMusa 11 (2) which is available at:

My response to Valmayor & Danh is on pages 43 - 44 of InfoMusa 13 (1) is available at:  go to "Taxonomical debate" page 42.

The published response was considerably edited down so here is my response as originally intended.

There are images of Musella splendida in Valmayor and Danh's paper.

In the most recent edition of The Plant Book, Mabberely (2008) lists just one species, Musella lasiocarpa and gives the distribution as Yunnan & Vietnam.


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