Publications by Dr Danny Allen

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General Practice Papers

Asthma care by the practice nurse.
Update (1988). May '88, 2283.

Setting up a nurse-run asthma clinic.
Horizons (1990). 4(6), 332-335.

Psychiatric Papers

A case of self-inflicted penile ulceration.
Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal (1989). 104(iv), 105-106.

The uptake of social security benefits among psychiatric day hospital patients.
(With Renate West). Psychiatric Bulletin (1989). 13, 626-627.

An arts co-ordinator in a psychiatric hospital.
(With Sarah Hosking). West of England Medical Journal (1990). 105(iv), 116.

The use of section 5(4) of the Mental Health Act, 1983.
(With Androulla Johnstone). British Journal of Clinical & Social Psychiatry (1992), 8(3), 72-76.

General medical care of long-stay psychiatric patients: a pilot study.
(With Sally Pugh-Williams). Psychiatric Bulletin (1992). 16, 332-334.

The relationship between hospital hostels and the general practitioners who look after them.
Psychiatric Bulletin (1992) 16, 687-688.

Co-existence of panic disorder and sleep paralysis.
(With David Nutt). Journal of Psychopharmacology (1993) 7(3), 293-294.

Audit - A guide for the trainee.
Psychiatric Bulletin (1993) 17, 534-536.

Antidepressants and mania: To stop or not to stop?
(With David Nutt and Rob Horvath). Human Psychopharmacology (1993) 8, 357-360

Mental health nurses' views of doctors.
Nursing Standard. (1994) 8(21), 38-39

Do patients who have been on 'sections' get refused visas?
(With Karen Allen) Psychiatric Bulletin. (1994) 18, 216-217

Back to the asylum.
Psychiatric Bulletin. (1994) 18, 551-552

Why do we call our patients names?
(With Alan Kellas and Sue Edgley). British Journal of Clinical & Social Psychiatry (1995) 9(3), 17-20.

Are alcoholic women more likely to drink premenstrually?
Alcohol and Alcoholism (1996) 31, 2, 145-147

The feasibility of abrupt methadone-buprenorphine transfer in British opiate addicts in an outpatient setting.
(With Fergus Law, Jayne Bailey, Jan Melichar, Judy Myles, John Lewis and David Nutt) Addiction Biology (1997) 2, 191-200

Reducing the time you and your patients wait.
(with Kadiyali M. Srivatsa) Psychiatric Bulletin (1999) 23, 156-159

Does having been on a 'section' reduce your chances of getting a job?
(With John Fenton and Dee O'Hanlon) Psychiatric Bulletin (2003) 27, 177-178

Community care law for psychiatrists.
Psychiatric Bulletin (2009) 33, 34-36. doi: 10.1192/pb.bp.107.018812

Appropriate referral to assertive outreach teams.
(With Lucy Toynbee) Mental Health Practice (2009)12(5), 26-27

Local implementation of the crisis model - The Buckinghamshire Community Acute Service.
(With Wendy Blaylock and Stefan Mieczkowski) Psychiatric Bulletin (2009) 33, 252-254. doi: 10.1192/pb.bp.107.018499

Understanding community care law in England and Wales.
Advances in Psychiatric Treatment (2009) 15, 428-433. doi:10.1192/apt.bp.108.006056

Community services versus crisis resolution teams.
Mental Health Practice (2010) 14 (1) 26-28

A case of acute suicidality following excessive caffeine intake.
(With Aleksandra Szpak) Journal of Psychopharmacology (2012) 26(11), 1502�1510 doi: 10.1177/0269881112442788

The ethical dilemmas associated with working in an Immigration Removal Centre.
Medico-Legal Journal (2013) 81 (2), 90-94 doi: 10.1177/0025817213485205

Depression, excessive alcohol consumption and nalmefene.
Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry (September/October 2014) 1-2

Appropriate tests and evidence for alcohol misuse in family court cases.
The Expert & Dispute Resolver Vol 20 No 1 (Spring 2015) 12-14

Psychiatry in NHS OH and wellbeing service. A liaison, assessment and treatment service that evolved into a'one-stop shop'.
(with Kathryn Campion) Occupational Health at Work (2016) 12(6), 18-20

Online Module

Going into private or medico-legal practice.
Royal College of Psychiatrists (2014)


We Need It By Next Thursday - The Joys of Writing Psychiatric Reports
Second Edition Kindle Direct Publishing (2014)

Do You Know A Good Expert? - Lawyers Tell Psychiatrists What They Want
(Editor) Second Edition Kindle Direct Publishing (2014)

It's a Shrinking Business! - How to Run a Psychiatric Practice
Kindle Direct Publishing (2014)

Business for Medics - How to Set Up and Run a Medical Practice
Kindle Direct Publishing (2014)

A Medical Life - A Sort of Autobiography
Kindle Direct Publishing (2016)

Book Chapter

Rix's Expert Psychiatric Evidence - Second Edition
Cambridge University Press (2021) Chapter 4 - Business Matters (with Keith Rix)


An examination of how the care programme approach affects the community care of working-age adults with mental ill health in England.
Dissertation for LLM in mental health law (2005) Northumbria University

Monographs & Articles

Methadone-buprenorphine transfer in British opiate addicts.
(with F D Law, J E Bailey, J Myles, J W Lewis and D J Nutt) NIDA Research Monograph (1996) 162, 247

Working in psychiatry & addictions in immigration detention.
Registrar: The PTC Newsletter, 24th April 2012


Section 5(4) of the Mental Health Act 1983
Psychiatric Bulletin (1993) 17, 371

Auditing postgraduate meetings
Psychiatric Bulletin (1994) 18, 177

Schizophreniform psychosis after stage hypnosis.
British Journal of Psychiatry (1995) 166, 680

Olanzapine in the treatment of acute mania in the community
Psychiatric Bulletin (1998) 22, 189-19

Non-engagement and the assertive outreach team
(with Lucy Toynbee) Psychiatric Bulletin (2008) 32, 474. doi: 10.1192/pb.32.12.474