December 1998

Matty is a friend of Edges Magazine. He will be spending this Christmas in Prison. Please keep him in your thoughts.
Edges Magazine gives prisoners an opportunity to speak out. Paul at the moment is serving time in Preston.

Freedom is a luxury to someone like me
A blast of fresh air for a world I can see
To walk and roam through days and nights
And pick out the wonders and beautiful sights

For the world that I see at this moment in time
Is of concrete and steel and a world full of crime
The day to day rota, the same one as before
Of work in the daytime, then locked behind the door

Soon I will see the outside world again
Relieved of the pressure of heartache and pain
To see this freedom, that for Time I did lose
And walk where I want and do as I chose

But straight and honest, this I must be
If I want to stay in the world that I see
For so easy it is to lose what you've got
And returned to the place to wither and rot

Paul from HMP Preston

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