Sept 2002

I started taking drugs at 17
John aged 21 is in our Drug Rehab Programme

I started using drugs at the age of seventeen. It took me into thieving and pinching out of stores. I ended up with community service and probation but it went worse from there. I went to prison for a couple of months.

When I went to prison I thought it would be bad but I got on with everybody, got some qualifications and sorted some of my life out. When I got out I had a bad couple of weeks. I ended up turning back to drugs. I thought it was time then that I did something decent about it so I brought myself to the T.H.O.M.A.S. Project. I wanted to get myself off drugs completely and get my life back together.

During my school life I had many problems at home. I couldn’t settle into my school work. I ended up getting booted out of one school and then went onto another. I ended up getting booted out of that for bad behaviour. I then went to another school which I completed. I then went on to do college courses and then got a job. I was working and going out at weekends. From there I went onto the serious drugs from the minor drugs.

What I want to do with my life is get my own place, get back into work, do some college courses and just steer myself away from drugs completely. It’s done nothing but wreck my life.

I’ve had a bad life since the age of twelve, maybe even earlier. My dad was violent towards my mum. He was also violent towards me and my sister. Things progressed from there. I just couldn’t find the time to settle down. This is why I’ve brought myself to the T.H.O.M.A.S. Project, to help myself settle down and get myself back into the life I want.

Over the last few days I’ve discovered that I don’t need drugs to carry on living a life. Drugs just messed it up. I have discovered determination of all kinds – working in groups, therapy sessions, talking out my problems, getting things off my chest instead of putting a wall in front of me.

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