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Issue No 30 INDEX
Sept 2002


Pam is our Mentoring Co-Ordinator; she is based in HMP Preston and Lancaster and provides support for people on release from prison. Each client is offered the opportunity of having a mentor.
EDITORIAL COMMENT Father Jim McCartney, the editor, introduces issue 30 of Edges Magazine
T.H.O.M.A.S can help you change your life David My name is David Hine and I'm an ex client of THOMAS
THOMAS can help change your life - Joel My name is Joel Busby, I went to the THOMAS project in May 2001
THOMAS can help change your life - Ian My name is Ian Howarth, I left Darwen in April of last year to join the THOMAS project.
Gangland An American perspective of street gangs
Drug Problem within the Asian community Ali, from an Asian background, has lived in Blackburn for past 30 years
I started taking drugs at 17 John aged 21 is in our Drug Rehab Programme
Heroin screws up your like Paul Cullen is an ex-addict who now works with THOMAS
Elaine was instrumental in the development of our Drop-in-centre.
Matty was one of our first clients. He came to us eight years ago. Soon he will be a father. his wife is undergoing therapy for her addiction. Matty will soon join her.

We wish them well.
I've tried to come off heroin 4 times Peter aged 27 shares his views
Better Dead Than Gay Father John Michael Hanvey, part of the THOMAS team, recently facilitated a seminar for Quest, an organisation set up by gay catholics to help integrate sexuality with living the gospel life within the church.
Sick & Tired Does the NHS care for the drug user? - an article by Philip Topham who is part of the THOMAS team
Watching my daughter struggle with her addiction John shares his thoughts
On the Streets of Central London Edges interviews people on the streets
People can make a difference An article by Elain Kennedy who is part of the Thomas team
SPIRIT Lets keep the world cup spirit alive - by Father McCartney

We thank the volunteers from the UK Ghanaian exchange who painted our Drop-in-centre.
Police Complaints Authority Sir Alistair Graham, Chairman of the Independent Police Complaints Authority, speaks to Edges.
Cannabis lead me to heroin Lee recently entered our Drug Rehab Programme
Youth Disaffection An article by Father McCartney
Just Released from Prison A plea for help
A collection of poems An ex-client's poetic thoughts
About to be a Dad Matty shares his thoughts with us
Rural Homelessness Centre point share their findings

After Joel, Ian and David completed our Drug Rehab; they went on to Plater College Oxford for one year to study a foundation course for university. We have provided them with a Rent Deposit Scheme in Oxford as they look for Jobs during the summer months. Congratulations on staying Drug Free.

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