The Way Of The Hawk
Knack I - The Way Of The Hawk:
One who has been trained in the Way of the Hawk knows how to make their skin as hard as steel whilst striking an opponent. They may keep an additional die when rolling damage when fighting unarmed.

Knack II - The Unencumbered Strike Swiftly:
The Hawk warrior may at this rank bring forward one Action per Round. This Action may not be used for parrying or Held, and it must be brought into a Phase where you already have an Action.

Knack III - Within Your Reach:
A trained Hawk warrior can get inside their opponents guard and make it harder for them to be reached. Once the Warrior has made an attack, their most recent opponent must make two raises to hit them. This knack is not effective against opponents who are also fighting unarmed or using knives.

Knack IV - Weapon Grab:
At this level, a Hawk Warrior has learned a good way to disarm an opponent. By rolling their Agility+Weapon Grab against a TN of 5*(Opponents relevant Attack knack), they can grab an opponents weapon. If the part they have grabbed is wooden (e.g. a spear or an axe shaft) then it can be broken with a Strength+Weapon Grab against a TN of 10. If the grabbed part is metal (e.g. a sword or dagger blade), then the TN to break is 20. Also, for a metal part, 1k1 of damage is inflicted to the Warrior grabbing. If the weapon is not broken, then it cannot be used until the opponent has freed it with a Contested Roll of their Strength+Attack against your Strength+Weapon Grab. Power-wrought weapons cannot be broken.

Knack V - Skin Of Stone:
The initial training has reached completion, and the Hawk warrior can now make their skin like stone when they are being attacked. They may roll one additional kept die and one unkept one when making Wound Checks. Also, when attacked by an archer, if the attacker rolls any ones (even if they are not kept), the arrow bounces off and no damage is caused.