Getting a helicopter licence is quite a commitment, so why would you want to do it? Here are a few unique experiences that make it more than worthwhile:

  • Have fun! Fly yourself, family and  friends to a growing list of hotels, pubs and restaurants that provide helicopter landing pads

  • If you're in business, a helicopter is an ideal way of getting around the country and avoiding the traffic

  • Take a trip through London along the Heli-Lanes (after getting checked out with an instructor). As helicopter pilots we can fly along the Thames over all the key landmarks such as the Millennium Wheel, the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge

  • Island hop around the west coast of Scotland--a helicopter is the only flying machine that can reach some of them

  • Upgrade to larger helicopters, get a night qualification, become an instructor or commercial pilot etc etc.

What sort of things can you get up to once you've got your  PPL(H)?

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