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Cultural Marxism's "Long March Through The Institutions" of Western Civilisation

"I saw the revolutionary destruction of Society as the one and only solution.
A worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries"
[George Lukacs, The Frankfurt School]

"We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks" [Willi Munzenberg, The Frankfurt School]

The Frankfurt School recommended: "an unreliable legal system with a bias against victims of crime" [source]

The UK: A Police State
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"We fought two World wars and countless other wars to keep these islands free from tyranny
only to find that by stealth and deceit our very own government has become the greatest tyrant of them all"
[comment at source].

"The British state already tells you what you can and can't say.
It informs you who must be respected and who hated.  It lets you know, in no uncertain terms, how you are to address people.
It wags its finger at you if you step ever so slightly from a straight line it has painted ahead of you"

Tommy Robinson's Banned Speech:
The British Police State


Repeal the New Surveillance Laws (Investigatory Powers Act)

(23 November 2017)


The UK Government

Upset an MP on Social Media? Prepare to Lose Your Voting Rights  (23 December 2017)
"Having learned nothing from the past three years of populist insurgency, rather than facing up to their shortcomings and accepting the validity of justified criticism (and the inevitability of unjustified criticism) the political class is instead preparing to further insulate itself from public accountability ... if [this new report] is enforced with the same arbitrary capriciousness as all other UK speech laws [it] would inevitably see many people unjustly stripped of their basic civil rights while other, worse 'offenders' who happen to hold officially sanctioned opinions go unmolested..."

That Knock on the Door in the Middle of the Night  (28 May 2014)
"One of the most frightening and characteristic features of a police state is the terrible occurrence of being woken in the middle of the night by state security forces. Whether it was Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, or Mao's China, this was an ever-present reality and fear for many millions of ordinary citizens. ... millions of people were rounded up in such totalitarian societies, and millions were killed. ... the almost unthinkable is now happening: the once free world is well on its way to becoming another police state..."

London 2012 Olympics: The Staging Ground for the Coming Police State?  (29 July 2012)
"'As London prepares to throw the world a $14 billion party, it seems fair to ask the question: What does it get out of the bargain?' ... what is London showing the world? ... if the security for the 2012 Olympics is anything to go by, it would seem that London is ... showing the world how easy it is to make the move to a police state without much opposition from the populace. It's what the Romans used to refer to as 'bread and circuses'..."

Courage is the Best Defence Against Charges of Racism  (12 June 2012)
"The British liberal elite relies on fear to drive the enforcement of their totalitarian doctrine of political correctness, of which multiculturalism and 'anti-racism' for the central part. The political elite - backed and aided by their auxiliaries in the mainstream media, public service, academia and the the ethnic minorities themselves, with big business tagging along provided the globalist and laissez faire tune is played by the politicians - create and feed on that fear in various ways..."

The New Dark Age  (21 April 2012)
"I know, whenever anyone mentions 'police state', the drones scoff. Police state? You're mad. Your tinfoil hat is too tight. There's no police state and it's not going to happen. Well, let's see now ... What's coming is worse than a police state. Worse than Mao's China of blue overalls ... What's coming is a new Dark Age, and future historians will wonder what happened to the human race in the 21st century because it will look very much as if nobody did anything at all, even though the records of the time are complete for every single person's life in 15-minute increments. You know the worst part?..."


The UK Police Forces

YOUTUBE:  Britain's Hate Speech Police  (30 November 2017)
"UK police have been politicised by Common Purpose cultural Marxism..."

London is Falling: UK Capital Now More Dangerous than NYC...  (21 October 2017)
"The revelation flies in the face of claims by London's Muslim mayor, Sidiq Khan, that 'London is the safest global city in the world' ... in London police now claim that investigating shoplifters, vandals, and other perpetrators of 'low level' crime is now 'not practical' ... Meanwhile, British police forces pursue the posters of 'offensive' comments online, with a reported 3,395 arrests for social media use in one year ... [and] reach out to minority communities with stunts like vinyl-wrapping police patrol cars in LGBT flags and working with discredited groups like Tell MAMA..."

YOUTUBE:  UK: Rise of the Police State  (01 September 2016)
"Around the western world, freedom, that has for centuries been fought for and paid in the blood and lives of those whose ancestors are native to the West, is collapsing - no, not collapsing; imploding. Freedom of thought, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, are all under serious assault. And if you thought things couldn't get much worse, you'd be wrong. Governments at every level work with the courts and media while using the police as enforcers of approved state opinion, and are running roughshod over the corpse of what was once the free and democratic West..."

More 5 Year Demo Bans Handed Out Today  (15 January 2013)
"The lads that were jailed today in Leeds have also been given 5 year demo bans. These have only ever been given to EDL members. Police say they have introduced them to stop people from hijacking peaceful protests. How come then not one left wing rioter has ever been given one?..."

Whatever Happened to Free Speech?  (27 October 2012)
"Readers will remember the appalling way the EDL were treated while exercising our democratic freedom to meet and protest in Walthamstow last month. Today was set as the return to Walthamstow..."

EDL Walthamstow: Police Allow Violence from Cameron backed UAF  (04 September 2012)
"New video evidence shows the sheer scale of violence and intimidation used by the far-left organised counter demonstration. The Metropolitan police can be seen losing control of the situation and then giving in to the perpetrators..."

The Failure of the Metropolitan Police in Walthamstow  (02 September 2012)
"The above photo - a screen shot from a video - shows EDL leader Tommy Robinson speaking to his supporters from the window of a police van in Walthamstow yesterday afternoon. 'But Baron,' you say, 'why was Tommy sitting in a police van? Why wasn't he standing on the platform speaking to the crowd at the demo? Was he arrested? Did he break the law?'  Those are all good questions, and none of the answers reflect well on the Metropolitan Police or the British civil authorities..."



PETITION:  Repeal the New Surveillance Laws (Investigatory Powers Act)  (23 November 2017)
"A bill allowing UK intelligence agencies and police unprecedented levels of power regarding the surveillance of UK citizens [sic] has recently passed ... With this bill, they will be able to hack, read and store any information from any citizen's [sic] computer or phone, without even the requirement of proof that the citizen [sic] is up to no good. This essentially entitles them to free [rein] of your files, whether you're a law-abiding citizen [sic] or not..."

UK Government Snooping Bill Signed Into Law  (29 November 2016)
"The U.K. government says a contentious internet surveillance bill that creates databases of Britons' online activity has become law. ... Civil liberties groups have condemned the bill, which requires telecoms companies to keep for a year records of the websites users visited and the apps and messaging services they used, though not the individual pages they looked at or the messages sent..."

YOUTUBE:  The Surveillance Society: What It Means to YOU  (10 June 2016)
"So, this man has you willingly tell even the most minute details of your life, packages that information up, sells it to advertisers and makes billions of dollars for himself, and lands on the cover of Time magazine as the 'Person of the Year'. While this man, contracted by the US government, uncovers systematic and unprecedented abuses of rights by shadowy government organizations and programs, goes public to warn the world and then proceeds to live life on the run, and is called a 'traitor' by the President of the United States..."

Those Sneaky Council Spy Cars Fleece Drivers of £32million a Year..."  (05 April 2014)
"Local authorities' use of high-tech 'spy-cars' to surreptitiously snoop on motorists has now reached an unprecedented level..."

Your Mobile Phone is Watching You  (12 January 2014)
"British security services using American technology to spy on our personal details; German leader Angela Merkel's phone bugged; 60 million Spanish phone calls monitored by the US National Security Agency in just one month. When this super-sized snooping operation is challenged, its defenders claim that the information collected is harmless..."

'Your' Car Won't be Beginning in 2015  (19 April 2012)
"After a certain point it's not paranoia ... Event Data Recorders (EDRs) ... are the 'black boxes' you may have read about that store data about how you drive ... the government, insurance companies - will be able to track your every move, noting (and recording) where you've been and when. This will create a surveillance net beyond anything that ever existed previously ... Our cars were once a tangible expression of the freedom ideal. They are fast becoming mobile cages..."

1984 Was Supposed To Be A Warning, Not A Handbook  (05 April 2012)
"The Home Office felt the need to drop a Big Brother sized bomb on Sunday morning in the form of the Communication Capabilities Development Programme (CCDP). The proposals would introduce an unprecedented level of surveillance in a democratic society that would put the UK on a par with China and Iran..."

Cameron and Clegg Betray Nation's Trust on Civil Liberties  (03 April 2012)
"It is being widely trailed throughout the MSM that the Government intends to announce in the Queen's Speech their plans to resurrect Labour's authoritarian data-gathering programme; that the Cameron/Clegg coalition intends to oblige internet service providers and telephone companies to monitor and store the contents of every website you visit and every email, text phone conversation you make. ... This is a profoundly concerning development..."

Huge Price of Plan to Let State Spy on Websites, Emails and Texts  (02 April 2012)
"Britain's snooping watchdog has grave doubts about the mass surveillance project. ... The Office of Information Commissioner said the case had 'not been made' to justify the sweeping expansion in the power of the police and other public bodies to trawl through private communications, including visits to Facebook and eBay. ... Internal ICO papers ... say the Orwellian plan could lead to the innocent being wrongly identified as criminals or terrorists..."

Look Who's Watching: It's Not the FBI, It's Facebook  (25 February 2012)
"While full-body scanners and CCTV cameras often evoke Big Brother fears, the growing trend in Surveillance is much closer to home. Social media has become the latest way governments, police and corporations spy on their citizens, most of whom have no idea they are being watched..."

Secret CCTV Cameras Fitted Inside People's Homes to Spy on Neighbours Outside  (19 November 2009)
"Each device is linked to a laptop computer and [is] accessible online by police and council officials 24 hours a day. But the trial inside two homes by Croydon council in south London has sparked new fears about invasion of privacy and Britain's 'surveillance society'..."

UK Government to Install Surveillance Cameras in Private Homes  (03 August 2009)
"No you aren't reading a passage from George Orwell's 1984 or Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, this is Britain in 2009, a country which already has more surveillance camera watching its population that the whole of Europe put together..."

Every Phone Call, Email or Website 'To Be Monitored'  (24 April 2009)
"The proposals will give police and security services the power to snoop on every single communication made by the public with the data then likely to be stored in an enormous national database. The precise content of calls and other communications would not be accessible but even text messages and visits to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter would be tracked..."

Emails Are Less Secure Than Postcards  (26 March 2009)
"Emails are 'horrifyingly' insecure and it is safer for people to communicate by postcard, the Government's own security minister warned..."


Controlling the Internet

Conservative 'Extremism' Plan to Crack Down in Free Speech Both On and Offline  (20 May 2017)
"[C]oncerns have been raised that the definition of extremism is so vague, it may be used as a fig leaf to persecute those with unfashionable opinions. Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said 'The word "extremist" has been robbed of all meaning by activists who use it against anyone who disagrees with them. We've already seen a series of witch-hunts against people with traditional views'..."


Political Arrests

Anne Marie Waters

UKIP Necessary for Brexit and Britain  (31 May 2017)
"Anne Marie Waters was held at a police station yesterday, with no charge, against her will. We are glad that she was eventually released and made it safely home. We don't yet know the details as to the reason, if any, why Anne Marie was held..."

Tommy Robinson

PETITION:  Save Tommy Robinson
"We demand that the Bedfordshire Police stop harassing Tommy Robinson..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson's Banned Speech: The British Police State  (10 May 2017)
"The speech I'm about to give today is a speech I've tried to give five times. All five times it's been cancelled at different universities - one time I was even put in prison to stop me giving this speech. The most recent time was York University. I was invited to give a speech - on 'Free Speech', ironically. It was cancelled. Because it was cancelled I was invited here today by citizens of York who still want to give me an opportunity to have my free speech. So today I'll give the discussion they tried to stop. And, to the people who tried to stop it, rather than going to 250 students in York University, this will now be played to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. You've failed."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson - A Message to the Police  (13 May 2017)
"'Your tactics won't work anymore...'  "On the morning of the Justice for Chelsey event, the police arrested an organiser of the event [Billy Charlton] who was also set to do a speech at the event. This is a tactic used time and time again by the police to silence people's genuine concerns about what is happening in our communities. The police tactic will not work this time. Tommy Robinson will now speak at the event. 13th May 2017."

YOUTUBE:  Police Try to Sabotage Justice for Chelsey March in Sunderland  (13 May 2017)
"Billy Charlton is a local man, who took up the campaign to get Justice for [Chelsey]. I've been informed this morning that he's been arrested. Shock horror. Shock horror. ... I've watched these tactics for years. The day before a demonstration, the night before a demonstration, to disrupt the demonstration, the Police will make an arrest. I've no idea what they've arrested Billy on ... This sort of tactic, it won't stop [the demonstration]. I don't know why you do it ... because of modern technology everyone sees what you're doing..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson in Sunderland ... Justice for Chelsey  (13 May 2017)
[NB: Some bad language at 0.26]
"I've had a message that Billy Charlton ... has been arrested. ... Billy Charlton, the organiser, the speaker, the main person for today's demonstration ... he's in custody, which I expect is to prevent him organising or talking at today's demonstration. Now, all that does ... if you have arrested him, I'll become the speaker ... it doesn't really stop anything..."

YOUTUBE:  The Political Arrest of Journalist Tommy Robinson  (13 May 2017)
"What can we tell you about the state of modern Britain, following the recent arrest of Tommy Robinson? Tommy was filming, innocently, outside Canterbury Crown Court, with the Rebel Media group, covering the trial of yet another Muslim gang rape, and as a result was hauled from his bed and arrested in front of his wife and terrified children at 4.30 in the morning. An action like this is redolent of the practices of the Secret Police in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia, but, sadly, if you go against the Politically Correct ideology of the British state today, it's now become a tool of the British Police themselves. And make no mistake about it: this is a fully-fledged totalitarian state in operation, and it's one which would be viewed with horror and dismay by the men and women who fought so hard against totalitarianism in the 20th century..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson is a British Hero  (12 May 2017)
"George Orwell said, 'In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.'  So, on that note, let's talk about Tommy Robinson. Tommy Robinson of Rebel Media was arrested this week for, basically, doing actual journalism; the journalism the mainstream media won't do. That's where the UK is now; any excuse to put wrong-thinkers and seekers of truth behind bars. From the Rebel's own website..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson: On Bail For 'Attempted Journalism'  (12 May 2017)
"Ezra Levant of spoke with UK contributor Tommy Robinson who was arrested in a 4am raid. His crime? Reporting on an alleged Muslim rape gang in Bedfordshire, England: 'It's so clear to me that they're trying to shut you up as the path of least resistance, because it's easier for the cops to handle one Tommy Robinson rather than thousands - or hundreds of thousands - of radical Islamic folks in the UK..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson's Arrest Will Fuel His Support  (11 May 2017)
"One name I keep hearing a lot of these days is Tommy Robinson. And the ways in which I keep hearing about him are mainly through the common or everyday media sources - either calling him a far-right white supremacist or relating him to them in some way. So I've had a look at him and done some research, and I'd just like to say a coupe of things regarding him, because I feel that he is a key player in modern political debate - or, rather, the lack of it..."

YOUTUBE:  Justice for Tommy Robinson. Justice for Chelsey Wright. Justice for All  (11 May 2017)
"Well, we're talking about Tommy Robinson again, who has been arrested for the umpteenth time on trumped-up charges. ... the claims he makes: that the UK is a Police State, seem perfectly reasonable to me. ... In the course of this video we're going to be talking about the reasons why he was arrested, whether you can call him 'far-right' or not, ... and we're going to be looking at this in the context of Muslim grooming gangs in the UK..."

YOUTUBE:  UK: The Police State Has Arrived #Free Tommy  (11 May 2017)
"Not eight months ago I made a video outlining the intimidation and police harassment of Tommy Robinson, and here we are again. The honest truth is that the government of the UK is terrified of him and what he represents, and this is why, yet again, they've come for him, and this time arriving in the dead of night to drag him out of his home while his children and wife, yet again, have to look on. And what was the crime to warrant this type of treatment?..."

YOUTUBE:  Update on Tommy Robinson Arrest (with Lucy from Rebel Media)  (10 May 2017)
"Britain is a Police State, without any concept of free speech. A reporter for the alternative news outlet, the Rebel Media, has been arrested for commenting on British police officers' failure to charge Islamic rape gangs that target British women, especially children. The reporter, Tommy Robinson, has been arrested at his home at 4.30 this morning, because he reported for the Rebel on a court case in Canterbury ... I'm joined now by Lucy Brown, who helps the Rebel Media outlet collecting background footage for the movie clips that feature Tommy Robinson. Hi Lucy, how are you?..."

YOUTUBE:  Man in Jail for Exposing Pedophiles, Tommy Robinson and Media Slander  (10 May 2017)
[NB. Some very bad language in the extract shown at the beginning of this video]
"Tommy Robinson is currently in jail. Why? For exposing pedophiles. But to be honest, if you had asked me three weeks ago, a year ago, I would have told you Tommy Robinson was a racist and belonged in jail. But that's simply not the case. I have been a victim - we've all been a victim - of the media's propaganda. What I'm going to do in this video is show you what some of this propaganda looks like, and try to expose his ideas for what they really are..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Arrested 4.30 This Morning  (10 May 2017)
"The ugly face of the British police state [raises its] ugly head up once again..."

YOUTUBE:  Save Tommy Robinson: Arrested for Reporting the News  (10 May 2017)
"So it's 4am; your wife and your kids are asleep upstairs. The police barge into your house. What could you possibly have done wrong? Have you committed terrorism? Violent theft? Robbery? How about filming outside a Court House? Because that's exactly what Tommy Robinson did yesterday. He was filming a court case about a Muslim rape gang who had dragged a young girl into one of their shops and violently raped her. Tommy has been making the police feel uncomfortable for the past few months because he has been reporting on stories that the mainstream media refuse to cover. And he's been using petitions, and using our audience to demand justice..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Arrested For Exposing Muslim Child Rapists  (09 May 2017)
"04.32, and the police are at my house. And I'm being arrested for going to a court case in Canterbury, and trying to video the Muslim paedophiles..."

Tommy Robinson vs. Quilliam Shows How the Establishment's Grip on Political Narratives is Slipping  (07 May 2017)
"I first interviewed former EDL leader founder Tommy Robinson ... in September 2015. The interview was panned by leftists and lauded by rightists. No surprises there. But the left was upset I did not interrupt Tommy at every possible juncture to throw baseless accusations at him. The difference between me and them was, I had studied Tommy in depth and had understood the EDL, its rise, its decline, and how Tommy had got in trouble all along the way. I didn't need to deploy whattaboutery to get a good interview. I just needed to let him talk. No one else ever had. Fast forward to 2017, and Tommy is again being set up as a hate figure..."

Tommy Knockers  (07 May 2017)
"Fake news in the Guardian? Curiously, despite the BBC's rabid interest in exposing 'fake news' it seems not to be so concerned here... though Robinson is given a voice, he is essentially shouted down and dismissed by the other three... including [Andrew] Neil at the end. Tommy Robinson was accused of being a white supremacist by the Quilliam Foundation in the Guardian. ... Quilliam of course denies this and claims the article was 'clumsily worded'... it is not... the narrative was maintained throughout the article not just a bit of sloppy wording on one paragraph... the intent was clearly to demonise anyone who criticises Islam..."

YOUTUBE:  I Was Wrong About Tommy Robinson  (03 May 2017)
"Now that Tommy Robinson has joined The Rebel Media full time, and is gaining quite a large audience on-line of people who may not have known him from before, who are being introduced to him for the first time, I felt the need to talk a little about my personal feelings about Tommy Robinson: what I used to think of him, and what I think of him now, because I, and I'm sure many people in my audience who I bet are probably going to relate to what I am going to say here, got it drastically wrong about Tommy Robinson when he burst on the scene a few years ago. I want to explain why I got it wrong and what made me change my mind..."

UK: Two Systems of Justice  (26 November 2016)
"It is now seven years ago that a young British man from Luton going by the name of Tommy Robinson formed the English Defence League (EDL). He did so after he and other residents of the town of Luton were appalled by a group of radical Muslims who protested a home-coming parade for British troops. There is some interesting symmetry here in that the Islamists present in Luton that day were members of Anjem Choudary's group, al-Muhajiroun. Robinson and other residents of Luton were not only taken aback by the behaviour of the radicals but by the behaviour of the police who protected the radicals from the increasingly angry local residents..."

YOUTUBE:  The Persecution of Tommy Robinson  (14 September 2016)
"Tommy Robinson is a man who should be knighted but instead is castigated by Britain. 'What would you have done, on your soldiers' home-coming? What would you have done, witnessing the things you have, growing up? What would you have done, when you see your culture eroded, identity disappearing, you see Sharia patrols, neighbours being forced out of their homes? What would you have done? As a young lad from Luton I made the decision. I've done what I did. I've done it, and I want you to know, it was borne out of passion for what was right'..."

Assault Case May Be Reopened  (04 May 2016)
"None of us thought the totalitarian British state was done with Tommy Robinson yet, and now it's been confirmed: The Crown Prosecution Service is considering retrying Tommy for the 'assault' in prison..."

Britain's Dirty Secret: Class Trumps Everything, Even Honor  (25 April 2016)
"Rebel Media has put up a hilarious exposé of the ongoing beat-down of Tommy Robinson by the toffs in Britain. Sure, Muslim criminals are in charge of the beatings and attempted murders, but it is the media class and their treasonous political-class allies who have permitted and encouraged this persecution of one man to continue for six long years. It's utterly shameful..."

Be Jubilant, My Feet!  (21 April 2016)
"A week ago today the battery charge against Tommy Robinson was dismissed by the bench (panel) of the Peterborough Magistrates' Court. Thanks to the generosity of his supporters all over the world, Tommy walked out of court that afternoon a free man..."

The Trial of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon  (16 April 2016)
"Our English correspondent Seneca III was present at the trial of Tommy Robinson last Thursday. Below is his report..."

From the Hebrides to the Antipodes: The Response to the Tommy Fund Appeal  (16 April 2016)
"Update from Team Tommy: Our heartfelt thanks once again to our generous donors. The total number of donations to date is 967, made up as follows:..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Walks FREE  (15 April 2016)
"Tommy talks to Jon Gaunt about the case against him being thrown out."

YOUTUBE:  The Biggest Problem I Face is the State  (15 April 2016)
"Yesterday evening, after the court case against him was dismissed, Tommy Robinson was interviewed at length by Trinity Channel, an American Christian broadcaster. The topic was 'The Islamisation of the United Kingdom'. Now that Tommy's legal entanglements are over (for the moment), he is able to speak out freely about the persecution he has suffered at the hands of the British state..."

Tommy Robinson Lives to Fight Another Day  (15 April 2016)
"Tommy Robinson is a free man today, as opposed to sweating it out at her Majesty's pleasure surrounded by dangerously violent men long of beard but short of human decency. Tommy maintains the real reason the British state wants him banged up is not 'rehabilitate' him via left/liberal bleeding-heart probation officers, but rather to kill him, thereby removing a perennial thorn in the side of the establishment..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson on RT: 'I'm Free Again - For How Long, Though?'  (15 April 2016)
"Tommy Robinson spoke briefly to Ruptly yesterday after the case against him was dismissed at Peterborough Magistrates' Court:..."

Tommy Robinson: Case Dismissed!  (14 April 2016)
"Tommy Robinson appeared at Peterborough Magistrate's Court this morning for his trial in the assault battery case against him. Seneca III was present in the gallery, ands sent a series of brief emails on what happened, ... Here's the sequence of events in brief..."

Tommy Robinson Walks Free From Court, Judge Slams Police Persecution  (14 April 2016)
"Tommy Robinson has had a charge of battery dismissed in court. He said the judge questioned the police's motives for pursing the case against him when they did. ... It has been claimed in the past that 'political policing' has also been used to stop Mr. Robinson attending the Oxford Union debating society and a 'Draw Mohammed' cartoon competition."

Tommy Robinson Supporters Crowdfund £24,000 for Legal Defence  (13 April 2016)
"Tommy Robinson has thanked his supporters for donating £24,000 so he can get 'one of the best legal representatives' for his up-and-coming court case. 'I had accepted the reality that I was going back to jail ... You've given me fighting chance, and to be honest, I wasn't even fighting it [before the donations].'..."

Help Tommy Robinson  (12 April 2016)
"Last week we sent out a request for help. The response has been overwhelming. Tommy has gone from near despair to elation. He just did not think he could face another prison term among Islamic violent offenders. He was sure he would be killed. Now there is a more than enough money for good legal representation - the first time Tommy has had that..."

YOUTUBE:  I've Been Gobsmacked By the Amount of Support  (10 April 2016)
"Tommy Robinson has just made this video to thank all his supporters who donated to the 'Free Tommy' legal fund. he has been able to hire a QC, and the fund has a surplus stashed away against future legal contingencies - which are all but certain to arise."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson's 'Thank You!' Video  (10 April 2016)
"In this video Tommy Robinson expresses his deep gratitude to all his supporters for helping him get a top legal team. On April 14, there is another court case against him for striking a fellow prisoner who was about to pour boiling water, mixed with sugar, on his face. A top legal team will now make the difference between life and death. We would like to extend our eternal appreciation to all of our wonderful and generous supporters who have reached out to Tommy."

Who Will Rid Me of This Turbulent Chav?  (09 April 2016)
"The historical reference is to King Henry II and the murder of Thomas à Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1170 AD. 'Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?'"

YOUTUBE:  It's Not For Getting Me Six Months, It's For Getting Me Killed  (09 April 2016)
"The following video features an audio interview with Tommy Robinson from a talk radio program. In it he discusses his upcoming court appearance, and the likelihood of his getting killed if he has to serve another six-month prison sentence. I hadn't realised it before, but part of the establishment's strategy to ensure that he gets sent back inside is that the charge against him has been reduced to battery, so that he is not entitled to a jury trial..."

Tommy Robinson is a Hero  (08 April 2016)
"Genuine heroes are very rare, Tommy is one of them. If our own side can't see fit to support a hero who has put his life on the line for his country and his children, we deserve what we get. At least in the USA, we'll go down fighting."

Tommy Robinson Legal Fund: A Progress Report  (08 April 2016)
"One of the organizers of the appeal for Tommy Robinson has just sent me this note. It seems that the response to the appeal, both here and elsewhere, has far exceeded expectations, so that competent legal counsel has now been engaged:..."

Tommy Robinson Supporters Launch Crowdfunding Page to Help Pegida Leader Fight 'Political Policing'  (07 April 2016)
"Supporters of the PEGIDA UK leader Tommy Robinson have begun a crowdfunding initiative to assist with his legal fees as he fights imprisonment and what he calls 'political policing'..."

Tommy Robinson Legal Defense Fund: An Appeal  (07 April 2016)
"I never thought I would be using these 'Free Tommy' graphics again, but here we are, five years after his first court case, appealing once again to our readers to help Tommy Robinson's legal defense. Tommy's next court appearance is on April 14. Based on what happened to him the last time he was imprisoned, if he has to do another stretch inside he may not come out alive..."

Help Tommy Robinson  (03 April 2016)
"Nelson Mandela had better conditions in prison than Tommy. In the end, Mandela had a prison garden. Tommy has been beaten unconscious in prison and had his teeth knocked out. Why? Tommy has told the truth about Islamic rape gangs targeting thousands of indigenous British girls..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson vs Islamic Supremacism  (02 April 2016)
"In Part I, Tommy discusses ... the slanders against him, the British authorities' persecution of him for being a British patriot, the vicious Islamic assault on his nation and the mass denial about it, ... In Part II, Tommy focuses on Rotting in Solitary, sharing the excruciating ordeal he has endured in the UK prison system."

Tommy Robinson Thrown in Prison Again For a Tweet  (21 October 2014)
"The news headlines reporting the ex-EDL leader's return to jail 'for a tweet' sum up the absurdity and injustice of this most recent example of the political maltreatment and intimidation of Tommy Robinson..."

Unacceptable Radical  (03 February 2013)
"[T]he EDL leader is being held as a political prisoner for committing a non-crime after a show trial..."

An Open Letter on Tommy's 30th Birthday  (27 November 2012)
"[T]he age I've always considered as the real beginning of one's majority. This is where life gets serious. it's a time for looking back and peering forward. When Tommy looks back, he sees the Aftermath, the wasteland created in his own life by those in power. The authorities broke his business, took away his computers, harassed his parents in their home, damaged his car, froze his bank account and persecuted him relentlessly. All this for daring to call attention to the things that are deeply wrong in England. All this for demanding that England not be sold off to its immigrants, that instead Englishmen be permitted to continue to live their proud heritage. The USSR has moved from Russia to take up residence in England and the rest of the United Kingdom."  /  "As many others do, I have the urge to give you something meaningful to mark the occasion, something would cheer and comfort you, something you could cherish, and above all, something that no one could take away. As it happens, I do have one small take to offer. ... I hadn't thought of it as a gift, but now I see it fits perfectly for the occasion. ... no amount of sorrow or loss can take it from you. You'll find it an excellent companion no matter where you are or who is oppressing you..."

Free Tommy Day  (26 November 2012)
"Saturday was 'Free Tommy Day' in Britain and several other Western European countries..."

Berlin: Second Vigil for Tommy Robinson  (03 November 2012
"All news about [Tommy Robinson's] prison conditions only strengthens the impression that the leader of the English Defence League is being held as a political prisoner. With his arrest, the British government apparently wants to intimidate and silence a growing wave of European Islam critics who can no longer be simply ignored..."

The Ballard of Wandsworth Gaol  (02 November 2012)
"Word has just come in from the EDL with the latest about their recently arrested leader, Tommy Robinson..."

Tommy Robinson Denied Basic Rights in Prison  (28 October 2012)
"Tommy Robinson (Stephen Lennon), leader of the anti-sharia EDL, is the UK's most high profile prisoner of conscience. ... it now appears that he is being denied his basic rights for politically motivated reasons. We have received the following information from a reliable source concerning Tommy's present circumstances:..."

'My Persecution' As Told by Tommy Robinson  (28 September 2011)
"Until I joined the EDL, I thought state persecution was something that happened in places like Russia, China or Iran, but it seems that I was wrong. It's happening right here in Britain. Here is the truth about one man's persecution..."

For more information on the sexual abuse of girls in the UK by Muslim rape gangs please see here.

For more information on the Muslim Rape Jihad please see here and here.

For more information on the Islamic Tradition of Razzia please see here.

For more information on Sexual Slavery within Islam please see the relevant sections here and here.

Melanie Shaw

VIDEO:  UK Column News Special Report: A Glimpse Into Institutionalised Child Abuse  (30 June 2015)
"Brian Gerrish interviews child abuse survivor and Nottingham Beechwood children's home whistleblower Melanie Shaw. Recently released from HMP Peterborough where she suffered nearly 6 months in solitary confinement, was denied medical treatment and was subjected to significant bullying and harassment, Melanie has also been harassed by Nottingham police..."

Melanie Shaw Convicted Following Flawed Court Proceedings  (31 October 2014)
"On Thursday 30 October 2014, at the end of a three day trial at Nottingham Crown Court, Beechwood abuse survivor and whistleblower Melanie Shaw was found guilty of arson reckless and criminal damage. The Jury's verdict stunned the public present and condemned Melanie to 6 weeks bail to await psychiatric assessments and sentence..."

#Free Melanie Shaw  (09 October 2014)
"Melanie Shaw, a vulnerable abuse victim and vital abuse whistleblower, remains in high security prison HMP Peterborough, with no substantive evidence against her, no proper NHS medication that she has taken daily over many years, no treatment for her leg ulcer, no access [to] her psychiatrist, no visits from her family, interference with her mail, bullying from prison warders, a national mainstream media blackout and a stunning silence from her MP Chris Leslie and other MPs..."

An Update on Beechwood Child Abuse Victim & Whistleblower Melanie Shaw  (11 September 2014)
"Let's deal with reality. Melanie Shaw sits in Sodexo high security prison Peterborough. She has been there on remand since her trial at Nottingham Crown Court on 25 July 2014. Members of the public who attended that first trial, report that Nottinghamshire Police and the CPS produced no substantive evidence against Melanie on charges of Arson Reckless and Criminal Damage..."

Melanie Shaw, Nottingham Police, and Beechwood Children's Home  (28 August 2014)
"Nottingham Police Chief Constable, Chris Eyre, has threatened the UK Column with legal action if the site reports on Melanie Shaw and the Beechwood Care Home child sex abuse scandal. Surely a Chief Constable would be helping an inquiry into child abuse? Not in Nottingham it seems."

Abuse Witness Melanie Shaw Remanded: No Evidence Presented  (29 July 2014)
"Following an extraordinary Crown Court hearing in which Nottingham Police and the CPS failed to present evidence, child abuse victim and key Beechwood abuse witness Melanie Shaw has been remanded in HMP Peterborough until October..."

Melanie Shaw, Beechwood Child Abuse Witness, Held in Peterborough Prison  (14 July 2014)
"The Beechwood Children's Home abuse witness is being held in Peterborough prison after unknown police action on Thursday, 10th July, and a secret court hearing on Friday, 11th July 2014. ... Despite telephone calls by the UK Column and members of the public to Nottinghamshire police over the weekend, we were unable to establish the precise whereabouts of Melanie. We remained concerned for her safety in light of civilian police staff claims that she was safe, without any supporting facts as to what had happened, or where she was being held..."

Nottinghamshire Child Abuse Witness Taken by Police, Now Missing  (11 July 2014)
"A key whistleblowing witness and victim of child abuse at Nottingham Beechwood Children's Home is effectively missing after sending a text to the UK Column starting... 'pls ring urgent, something has happened n I don't trust the police and I may be locked up tomorrow...'  Sent at 21:22 on Wednesday 9th July 2014 the UK Column has been trying to locate the witness ever since. This witness has reported to us rape, intimidation, beatings, physical and emotional threats as just some of the abuses suffered by vulnerable young children at Beechwood..."

For more information on the abuse at Beechwood children's home please see the relevant sections here and here.

Emma West

The Persecution of Emma West Continues  (22 September 2014)
"Emma West was arrested in November 2011 after she protested about immigration whilst travelling on a bus ... But those with power were not satisfied simply with her criminal conviction. Emma has now had her livelihood as a dental nurse taken away by the GMC with this preternaturally smug judgement:..."

The Oppression of Emma West: The Politically Correct End Game Plays Out  (02 July 2013)
"After playing her for nearly twenty months, the politically correct British establishment have finally landed their fish: Miss West has not only been found guilty but mentally ill. ... This is the best of all outcomes for the British elite, because not only have they avoided a contested trial, her words of resentment at what had happened to her country are now officially deemed to be the result of mental illness ... In addition to these PC goodies, Miss West has been persuaded to make a Maoist style admission of fault..."

Emma West and the State - the State Has Its Way (Sort Of)  (05 June 2013)
"Emma West has finally been worn down. ... Until she attended a bail hearing in May this year Emma west had resolutely maintained a Not Guilty plea, despite the considerable pressure applied to her by the state..."

Emma West's Trial Scheduled for the Sixth Time  (10 April 2013)
"The latest excuse given for the inordinate delay is 'legal reasons'. The only likely reasons are political ones, namely, her trial will challenge the politically correct status quo. This is because unlike virtually everyone else who has been charged with these types of offences she has made it clear she will be pleading NOT GUILTY. The authorities simply do not know what to so with her..."

Emma West Trial Scheduled for the Fifth Time  (13 March 2013)
"Justice delayed is justice denied. the delay here is unconscionable because her comments on the tram were recorded by a fellow passenger and the only points at issue are (1) whether the recording has been doctored; (2) whether what was said or happened before the recording began have relevance to the context of the remarks, for example, was there any provocation offered to Miss West; (3) whether the remarks were racist or fair comment; and (4) the condition of Miss West at the time. None of this should take such an age to determine..."

What Has Happened to Emma West?  (08 January 2013)
"It is now 14 months since Emma West was charged with racially aggravated public order offences after she got into an argument on a tram which led her to make loud complaint about the effects of mass immigration. ... Why has there been this inexcusable and increasingly absurd delay?..."

Emma West Trial Delayed for the Third Time  (08 September 2012)
"It is true that cases can be delayed several times for reasons which are entirely legitimate. ... The problem [in this case] for the CPS (and the British elite generally) is that while it may suit their politically correct purposes to have the occasional prosecution of a native white Briton for alleged racism for the purposes of intimidation of the native British population as a whole, such prosecutions carry three great dangers for the elite..."

Emma West Has Her Trial Delayed Yet Again  (27 July 2012)
"[T]he delay is extraordinary. Ms West pleaded Not Guilty on 17 February and her trial was originally scheduled for 11 June. ... The further delay suggests the authorities or her lawyers are trying to wear Emma West down by extending the wait so that she will eventually plead guilty out of fear or exhaustion..."

Emma West, Immigration and the Liberal Totalitarian State: Part 3  (04 January 2012)
"Emma West ... will stand trial on two racially aggravated public order offences, one with intent to cause fear. ... Anyone who has watched the video on YouTube will think the idea that she intended to cause fear when she was a white woman surrounded by hostile ethnic minorities laughable. The CPS are clearly playing the PC game by hitting her with most severe charges possible..."

Emma West, Immigration and the Liberal Totalitarian State: Part 2  (07 December 2011)
"Emma West has been remanded in custody until 3rd January when she will appear at Croydon Crown Court. ... By [then] she will, in effect, have served a custodial sentence of 37 days, ... It often takes burglars in England to be convicted three or even more times of burglary before they receive a custodial sentence. Miss West has also been separated from her children who may well have been taken into care and will have the great trauma of both wondering what is happening to them and whether they may be taken off her by our wondrously politically correct social services. Bizarrely, Miss West is being held in what is to all intents and purposes a category A prison ... the highest security prison ... reserved for 'prisoners ... whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public or national security'. ... suggest a deliberate policy of intimidation by the authorities designed both to undermine her resolution and send a most threatening message to every white Briton..."

Emma West, Immigration and the Liberal Totalitarian State: Part 1  (01 December 2011)
"Emma West of ... London, has been arrested and placed in 'protective custody' following the publication on YouTube of a two minute 25 second recording..."

Paul Weston

Arrested for Quoting Churchill  (28 April 2014)
"Truly the UK is doomed if you can be arrested for quoting Winston Churchill..."

UK Politician Arrested for Quoting Churchill  (28 April 2014)
"Paul Weston, co-founder and leader of the Liberty GB party and a candidate for Member of the European Parliament, was arrested Saturday, hauled off in a police van, and could face two years in prison. All for reading a passage from Winston Churchill's book, The River War, regarding Islam..."

A Racially Aggravated Crime Under Section 4 of the Public Order Act  (27 April 2014)
"That's what Paul Weston was arrested for yesterday when he quoted Winston Churchill over a megaphone in front of Winchester Guildhall..."

Another Englishman (LGB's Paul Weston) Arrested for Telling the Truth?  (27 April 2014)
"The Chairman of Liberty GB was arrested yesterday in Winchester. ... He was addressing the public with the words of Winston Churchill. ... A woman reported Mr Weston to the police..."

The Churchill Bust  (26 April 2014)
"If you're wondering what it is Churchill actually said about Islam, well, I've quoted it from time to time - for example, a decade ago in a Telegraph column about the then Home Secretary's proposed protections for Islamic sensitivities, ... See the photo ... for what happened when someone else tried it..."

Winchester: Churchill Quotation Gets Liberty GB Leader Paul Weston Arrested  (26 April 2014)
Liberty GB Press Release.

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen

YOUTUBE:  Paul and Jayda Explain Their Gestapo-Style Arrest  (13 May 2017)
"Thank you for joining us. ... On Wednesday evening, both Jayda and I were on our way to a meeting when the traffic came to a sudden halt. I expected this holdup to be a traffic light up ahead or something of that nature. In fact, it was a police van blocking the road sideways on. Then, just as suddenly, a whole group of police cars swooped on us from every direction and had us blocked in at every angle., And at that point we knew were being ambushed..."

Kevin Crehan

YOUTUBE:  Is the British Government Complicit in the Murder of Kevin Crehan?  (09 May 2017)
"If the Liberal media in Britain ignore a story for long enough, it does eventually tend to go away - if it's a story they find particularly embarrassing. The case of the death of Kevin Crehan, in HM Prison, Bristol, is just such a story in point. Avon and Somerset Police say that his death is not suspicious, but Avon Coroners' Court are saying that they still - four months later - don't have a cause of death for Kevin Crehan..."

Alex Chivers

Man Jailed After Hitting Muslim Teenager with 'Slab of Bacon'  (30 June 2017)
"Police said ... [Alex Chivers] ... made abusive Islamophobic comments before striking the teen with bacon. Detective James Payne ... called the assault 'truly shocking'. It came five days after Islamic extremists attacked people on London Bridge and at Borough Market..."



Independent Review Into the Treatment of Tommy Robinson  (No Date. Possibly August 2015)
"Tommy has once again been arrested. For whatever reason, this is clearly an illegal attempt to silence him. Tommy has strong views against militant Islam, and there is a deep concern that somebody is trying to keep him quiet. During his times in prison, Tommy has been attacked on numerous occasions. He has received an enormous amount of death threats, including threats to his wife and children - which the police have not done anything about - yet they feel the need to put him in prison to stop him from attending an event that celebrates freedom of speech. Whether you like Tommy or not, his treatment by the authorities has been disgraceful. And it appears that nothing will change. Sign this petition to show your support and hopefully make the authorities aware that we won't tolerate it."


Blogs and Websites

Tommy Robinson
"Ex leader and founder of the English Defence League. Now avid speaker of Truth without Fear or Compromise."

UK: The Police State Has Arrived
Articles, books, YouTubes, etc.


Recommended Reading

Most books recommended here (whether new or used) can be obtained through UsedBookSearch

Enemy of the State
"The explosive story of Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League. Tommy describes the brutal truths about growing up in Luton, a town plagued by Islamic extremism and violent gangs. When Tommy led a street protest of ordinary townsfolk in support of British troops, they were met by police batons and brutality. And when the EDL grew out of that conflict, the state turned all of its might against him, destroying his livelihood, disrupting his family and ultimately throwing him to the violent Muslim underworld that runs England's prison system. Arrested and held on trumped up charges, while receiving a series of death threats, he takes readers through the traumatic EDL years, his ordeal at the hands of the justice system and how he was even imprisoned to prevent him speaking to the Oxford Union. When all else failed, a shady division of Scotland Yards tried blackmailing Tommy into working for them. Saying 'no' cost him his home. If you believe in British justice and freedom of speech, you need to read this book."


Enemies of the State

The following is an extended extract from the article The Trial of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

"In fully-fledged Police States where the Law, Civil or Criminal, is whatever the ruling Junta says it is there is no right of access to fair and impartial legal processes. There is only a perverted form of 'justice' designed for and used in the public show trials of 'Enemies of the State'.

"The principle control mechanisms of such State entities really are simple and straightforward - physical brutality, including torture, arbitrary incarceration and summary execution - and the concealment thereof is generally and with deliberate intent quite minimal - universal public knowledge thereof serves to frighten and intimidate the subject population so that it submits to and obeys the diktats of the ruling entity, thus precluding protest or counter-action.

"However in embryonic, quasi-Police States, such as are now in the latter stages of their gestation all across the West - particularly within that inappropriately named behemoth, the European Union - lip service still has to be paid to the remnants of the original, idealised concept of one Rule of Law for all. Up to now this lip service, whilst being nothing more than comforting noises designed to conceal a real and different intent, has been paid quite subtly so that in general its common purpose (no pun intended) has slipped below the conceptual radar of the body politic.

"Now, fortunately, in one revealing moment this intent has, perhaps out of a hubris generated by the past successes of its implementers, stumbled into the open, its methodology glaringly exposed. In this demonstration of its reality we saw how 'Political Correctness', together with the latter's bastard spawn, 'Islamophobia' and 'Racism', rides roughshod over our ancient rights and freedoms on a deceptive tide of faux self-righteousness. Now many more of us have at last awoken to the deep and abiding threat posed by this, 'The New World Order Project', as it approaches its apogee.

"But, still, at least for the moment, the Iron Fist of the ruling elite continues to strike - mostly whilst covered with its ever-thinning velvet glove of dissimulating legality. Thus, the Junta's apparatchiks and enforcers must, at least when exposed to public scrutiny, be seen to function within the existing legal framework of the State, within the power-limiting - and to them annoying - constraints of its statutes. Those statutes oblige them to impartially and openly serve the commonality as a whole without fear or favour, rather than from behind a veil of smoke and mirrors. And they failed this day because they had tried to cross what became a bridge too far for them - a bridge that was at last properly defended.

"Hence, on the morning on the 14th of April, 2016, during the trial of Mr. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and the consequent public exposure therein of the series [of] events leading up to his prosecution (or, as his Counsel, Mr. Richard Kovalevsky, QC, so eloquently put it, 'This preposterous persecution!') we were given a short but definitive peek behind the veil and were able to cast our eyes upon the draconian future so long planned for us in the venal corridors of power.

"It was there that day that the establishment's long exercised practice of first ridiculing, then demonising, and then destroying those who would protest or resist their social re-engineering was clearly seen in all of the gruesome reality of its final phase."

The Frankfurt School

"The Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief - or even the hope of belief - that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke socialist revolution.

Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine the Judaeo-Christian legacy. To do this they called for the most negative destructive criticism possible of every sphere of life which would be designed to de-stabilize society and bring down what they saw as the 'oppressive' order. Their policies, they hoped, would spread like a virus - 'continuing the work of Western Marxists by other means' as one of their members noted.

To further the advance of their 'quiet' cultural revolution ... the [Frankfurt] School recommended (among other things):

(1) the creation of racism offences,
(2) continual change to create confusion,
(3) the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children,
(4) the undermining of schools' and teachers' authority,
(5) huge immigration to destroy identity,
(6) the promotion of excessive drinking,
(7) emptying of churches,
(8) an unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime,
(9) dependency on the state or state benefits,
(10) control and dumbing down of media,
(11) encouraging the breakdown of the family.

One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud's idea of 'pansexualism' - the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women. To further their aims they would:

(a) attack the authority of the father, deny the specific roles of father and mother, and wrest away from families their rights as primary educators of their children,
(b) abolish differences in the education of boys and girls,
(c) abolish all forms of male dominance - hence the presence of women in the armed forces,
(d) declare women to be an 'oppressed class' and men as 'oppressors'."




"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!"
(Isaiah 5:20-21)





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