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UK General Election 2015


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General Election 2015: What Your Voting Choice Says About You  (06 May 2015)
"Here is a quick reference guide to the political types voting in the general election tomorrow..."

On the UK Elections  (06 May 2015)
"I have ... written many dozens of articles about [the UK] and the great problems it is experiencing, including the general moral freefall, the jackhammer of the militant homosexualists, suffocating PC, the rise and rise of Islam, and the fall and fall of Christianity. All this makes for a frightening future, which is why Thursday's election is important indeed..."

Forget Tactical Voting: The Strategic Vote is UKIP  (06 May 2015)
"'Eve of poll' is one of the holy days in the liturgical calendar of the political class. It is a red-letter day for politicians, exhausted after weeks of cack-handed lying, evasions and insincere drivel. It signals to them that within 24 hours they will be free of the necessity even to pretend to heed the concerns and wishes of the mug punters who compose the electorate..."

Ed's Cognitive Dissonance  (05 May 2015)
"One of the worst mistakes you can make in a job interview is to dress up a strength as a weakness: 'So, Karen, what do you think is your main workplace weakness?' 'Colleagues say I work too hard'. Ed Miliband is trying to pull the same tired trick on the British public..."

Cameron Won Leaders' Discussion, Miliband Got Slaughtered, But Where Was Farage?  (30 April 2015)
"If you could stay awake during the rather surreal BBC leaders' discussion broadcast on Thursday night, it was obvious that David Cameron made the best case for leading the nation. Labour has no business even trying to be taken seriously after they wrecked the economy in such devastating fashion last time around, and come May 7 voters will probably reflect that, especially after Miliband's dreadful performance. Nick Clegg doesn't have a chance of being prime minister anyway, which really rather raises the question of why he was there and Nigel Farage, polling consistently 50-100 percent higher, was excluded..."

Let's Make This the Last Election Under First Past the Post  (27 April 2015)
"First-past-the-post used to work reasonably well. For most of the post-War era either Labour of the Tories formed majority governments, with 40 percent-plus of the electorate providing their mandate. No-one ever crossed the 50 percent threshold. But 40 percent did at least look like a convincing plurality - a sufficiently large bloc of voters to secure legitimacy..."

VIDEO: We Have a Democracy Problem  (22 April 2015)
"Well, the only certainty about the coming election in Britain is that we'll end up with the wrong government; the one we deserve, as usual, because we always vote for people who know they can break every promise and still be elected..."

UKIP Manifesto: The Guardian Can't Stop Lying  (16 April 2015)
"While most of the mainstream media is doing its beast to bury the success of UKIP's manifesto launch yesterday, no prizes for guessing who won the prize in the totally-lost-in-space-about-UKIP category. Yes, you can always rely on the Guardian..."

UKIP's Brilliant Manifesto Launch Should Worry the Tories  (15 April 2015)
"Make no mistake about it. Whatever your politics, UKIP's manifesto is truly impressive. ... As [Deputy Chair Suzanne Evans] said towards the end of her speech: 'I think I've already covered quite a lot of ground for a singly issue party' And so she had..."

UKIP Tim Aker Destroyed Biased BBC Idiot  (15 April 2015)
"You claim that yours is the only party to be tackling immigration properly and you're establishing a cap of 50,000 unskilled workers in your manifesto, but at the same time you'd set up a migration control commission to look into the whole issue. Will this commission be independent?..."

Are We Just Seeing A 'Narrative'?  (02 April 2015)
"I study what's going on, research it, think about it, and draw conclusions. And what I see going on right now in the mainstream media and from the likes of LibLabCon politicians, is a consistent 'narrative' ... What is 'narrative'? It's a 'line' that a group of vested interests want followed..."

Drugs, Brothels, al-Qaeda and the Beyonce Tax: the Green Party Plan for Britain  (05 March 2015)
"In the short term, a green administration would impose a string of new taxes, ramp up public spending to unprecedented levels and decriminalise drugs, brothels and membership of terrorist groups. In the long term, they want to fundamentally change life as we know it..."

Unite Against Fascism's (Sabby Dhalu) Marxist Analysis of UKIP  (22 February 2015)
"UKIP's primary political positions are the complete withdrawal from the EU and a halt to all International Socialist political and social experiments in mass immigration. (Unmandated experiments, need I say, on the British people.)  Predictably then, Leftists have called UKIP a 'racist party' and 'far right' (the latter being a neologism for 'fascist' or even 'Nazi'). That's not a surprise; such people call virtually all those who dare to disagree with them (or to the Right of Che Guevara/Trotsky) 'racist' or 'far right'..."

VIDEO: Vote Small, Think Big  (24 April 2010)  [This video was recorded just prior to the 2010 General Election, but it applies no less to the 2015 General Election.]
"Here in Britain we have an election coming up, where we get a chance to vote for a new government. Isn't that exciting? In a democracy, of course, you always get a choice: Do you want to be governed by the red or by the blue? It's entirely up to you. Do you want to be patronised or condescended to? By liars or by crooks? You get to choose. Would you prefer your fundamental values to be insulted or ignored? By con-men or by charlatans? In short, do you want your influence to be zero or nil? And when would you like to be listened to? Never or not at all? It's your choice. Do you want some more choice? Take it or leave it. Now, there is a real choice..."


Results / Seats / Swings / Votes / Voting System

Articles, Charts, Graphs, Tables, Maps, etc

The Colour Purple: How UKIP Conquered England and Wales  (15 May 2015)
"Despite being frozen out of all but one parliamentary seat in Britain, in reality UKIP put in a stunning performance at last week's general election in terms of pushing its vote, putting it third place nationally..."

'An Affront to Democracy'  (09 May 2015)
"A host of parties will feel shortchanged by the first past the post system, but UKIP supporters will be especially frustrated after the party polled nearly four million votes with a huge swing in their favour. ... According to the figures ... as well as an incredible 82 seat uplift under the Dhondt method of proportional representation for Ukip, the Green Party would have 24 seats, rather than their one. The Lib Dems would have been 39 seats better off under PR, with 53 instead of a derisory eight. At the other end of the scale the SNP would have been restricted to 37 [seats] rather than their current 56 after winning just 1.5 million votes..."

Number of Constituencies With the Highest Increase in Voteshare  (No Date)


Aftermath: Discussions and Analyses

What Can We Learn From the 2015 British General Election? (Part 2)  (29 May 2015)
"This was a profoundly dishonest election..."

What Can We Learn From the 2015 British General Election? (Part 1)  (28 May 2015)
"The election told us the both the Tories and Labour are devoid of principle..."

Would Britain Be Better Off Without the Greens?  (20 May 2015)
"'It's not easy being green', Kermit the frog famously sang, and - after the party won only one seat in parliament at the election despite amassing over a million votes - it's hard to disagree. But as the Greens join with Ukip and other minor parties this week to (again) demand a fairer voting system, there is a case to be made that, on present performance, it is a bunch (mostly) of muppets who do more harm to the environmental cause than good..."

The Multi-Culti Lexicon: Part 1 - 'Diversity' and 'Racism'  (19 May 2015)
"Recent public comments reflect just how obsessed the political class is with diversity. In the run-up to the general election the leader of the Green Party - Australia's worst export and desperate espouser of open-border fanaticism, Natalie Bennett - promised: ... Another apparatchik of the multi-culti oligarchy is Chuka Umunna. On 21 April revealed he: ... [Q]uisling David Cameron had this to say about the 'diverse' nature of the House of Commons:..."

What Labour Needs To Do Is Estrange Its Awful Voters  (16 May 2015)
"And so now we have to suffer the epic delusions, temper tantrums and hissy fits of the metro-left. They simply cannot believe how you scumbags could have got it so wrong last Thursday..."

Don't Get Mad, Get Even...  (13 May 2015)
"Now that the dust has to some extent settled in the wake of the general election, it is time to make a measured assessment of its consequences. The first obvious point is that the result came as a total surprise to all concerned - winners, losers, pollsters and voters alike. Anybody who claims they foresaw this outcome is being economical with the truth. This was a disastrous election result and there is no point in patriotic citizens with a fervent love of Britain and its traditions pretending last Thursday's vote was anything other than a grave disappointment..."

Labour's Loss Has Been UKIP's Gain  (11 May 2015)
"From the look of the blue-yellow complexion of the General Election map ion Friday morning, it certainly looked like a bad night for UKIP.  And from the sound of the chorused media crowing, as UKIP leader Nigel Farage grinned his way through his defeat in South Thanet, it sounded like a bad one too. At face value, of course, UKIP didn't do well. After winning the European Parliament elections last year, kipper hopes were high..."

Ed's Dead: Where the British Left Went So Horribly Wrong  (11 May 2015)
"For a party established to defend working-class interests, labour has remarkable difficulty relating to ordinary people. Of course, the primary reason is that the idea of a Labour Party is a strange anachronism in modern Britain..."

The Tories Won, Conservatives Lost  (11 May 2015)
"That today's Conservative party, as led and personified by Dave, has nothing to do with conservatism hardly needs any further proof. Yet Dave has kindly provided it..."

Multimillionaire Charlotte Church 'Devastated' by Outcome of Democratic Process  (10 May 2015)
"[S]he angrily brandished a hand-written cardboard sign reading 'I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore'. It is not yet entirely clear what plans she has to overturn the will of the people other than by employing the usual left wing tactic of speaking loudly into a microphone in front of a small but like-minded audience..."

Suicide by Socialism: When Will Labour Learn the Lesson of History...  (09 May 2015)
"[P]eople are ... naturally offended when high-minded intellectuals descend from Planet Hampstead to harangue them about how empty and miserable their lives are. Far from being obsessed with inequality, most people respect hard work and often admire those who have done well for themselves. And far from being attracted by demagogic weirdos such as Mr Miliband's court jester Russell Brand, most people regard them with total contempt. Mr Miliband, encouraged by his paymasters in the trades unions, never grasped this basic lesson..."

The LibDems Will Never Recover, Because There Are Too Many Lefties Knocking Around  (08 May 2015)
"One of the few things the opinion polls got almost right at General Election 2015 was that the LibDems were going to do badly. Most observers thought they would do better than their ratings suggested. But the combination of doing a little bit worse than predicted along with the flawed first past the post system ended up consigning them to oblivion..."

Ed Miliband Lost Because Labour Doesn't Understand Britain  (08 May 2015)
"When Ed Miliband won the Labour leadership in 2010, defeating his brother David, the party had a huge opportunity to seize the initiative and create serious problems for David Cameron and the Conservatives. He had a clean slate and a fresh start; the chance to reunite the grassroots whilst developing the kind of compelling narrative that won over the middle classes and delivered Tony Blair three thumping election victories ... But Labour got it wrong, badly wrong..."

The Lesser Evil Carries the Day  (08 May 2015)
"None of us should pretend that good has triumphed. Most people weren't so much enamoured by the Tories as horrified by the thought of a government in which Miliband's wires would be pulled by the SNP, whose principal sentiment is hatred of the English. That, alas, is what British politics has become; faced with the evil of two lessers, voters opt for the lesser of two evils. All we can do now is sit tight and wait to see which of his promises Dave will break first this time..."

Feel Their Pain: Lefty Celebrities React to Conservative Victory  (08 May 2015)
"In the wake of Labour's general election defeat Breitbart Associate Editor Milo Yiannopoulos poses an important question:..."

Groundhog Day Comes Round Again  (08 May 2015)
"Let me start by saying without equivocation that I was wrong. I am genuinely grateful to the many persons on Twitter who were quick to point this out to me this morning. I believed, in my heart, that the Tory part could never again win a Westminster majority. They have done so., You couldn't be much wronger than that..."

UK Election Results: A Conservative Surge and a Defeat for Socialism  (08 May 2015)
"Here are five takeways from the election result: (1) Labour was not trusted on the economy ... (2) Britain is at heart still a conservative country ... (3) The European Union Referendum will go ahead ... (4) Britain's nuclear deterrent is safe ... (5) Scottish nationalism is again on the rise..."


The Propaganda War

Primary School Accused of Leftie Propaganda After 'Telling Students Labour is the Only Party That Wants Us to Live'  (18 May 2015)
"[I]t was even accused of sending students home to their parents with Labour campaign literature. ... 'School pupils, especially those in the primary phase, are extremely trusting members of the teaching profession and really do believe everything their teacher tells them. This puts a very great responsibility upon teachers, especially at election time, to maintain professional standards and not seek to impose their personal political beliefs upon vulnerable, trusting young children'..."

UKIP: The First 100 Days - OFCOM Rules 'Not Misleading, Offensive or Biased' After 6,166 Complaints  (18 May 2015)
"The programmed was first sown on Monday 16th February this year. Within hours of broadcast it began to rack up complaints from the viewing public. ... Complaints made to Ofcom alleged that the broadcaster's impartiality had been compromised in the run up to the General Election by what was said to be a calculated 'hatchet job'. ... Channel 4 is yet to announce 'The Green Party: The First 100 Days' or 'Ed Miliband: The First 100 Days'"

TV Debate: Cameron Loses, Farage Wins, Thick Britain Reigns  (16 April 2015)
"The most disgraceful aspect to the BBC election debate was not that Prime Minister David Cameron didn't turn up. That was a disgrace. But far worse was the pathetic spectacle of the BBC, Sky and all the other mainstream media insiders not getting the point: there is a new politics on its way, and none among them and their crony insider friends was within a million miles of understanding that..."


South Thanet Shenanigans

CPS: No Prosecutions For Tory Electoral Overspending, Thanet Decision Delayed Until After [2017] Election  (10 May 2017)
"However, the constituency of South Thanet, which attracted particular scrutiny after Conservatives backed UKIP defector Craig Mackinlay defeated then-UKIP leader Nigel Farage in an incredibly close-run contest, remains under consideration..."

Thanet South: The Most Controversial Campaign Of All  (20 March 2017)
"As the reader may know, the Channel 4 News investigation into alleged election expenses misdemeanours by the Tory party during the 2015 General Election has identified a number of constituencies where a so-called national effort had become localised, but the money spent on it not declared in the local campaigns. Of particular and great noteworthiness is how a report on this investigation has pronounced the Thanet South election the 'most controversial campaign of all' - and as well it should..."

Tories 'Bracing Themselves' For Chargers Over South Thanet Expenses  (07 December 2016)
"The Conservative Party are 'bracing themselves' for criminal charges over the conduct of their campaign against Nigel Farage in the South Thanet seat during last year's General Election. The party is accused of spending over the legal limit to contest the seat in a desperate bid to keep Mr Farage out of Parliament..."

Judge: Farage South Thanet Loss Could Be 'Declared Void'  (02 June 2016)
"District judge Justin Barron said claims surrounding Tory expenses were on an 'unprecedented scale', could result in 'election results being declared void', and insisted there is a 'very significant public interest in the matter being fully investigated'..."

Channel 4 Reveals Tory Election 'Overspending' in South Thanet Farage Fight  (10 February 2016)
"This is the seat Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, ran for. And the Conservative Party threw the kitchen at the seat, sending busloads of activists, cabinet ministers, the Mayor of London, and even staff from Tory Central Office and the Prime Minister's office..."








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