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UK General Election 2015

Quotations and Comments

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The Parties:


"[W]e now live in a Kingdom of Lies in which almost everything is upside down or twisted, and in which most people are unhappily fooled into thinking, acting and voting against their own best interests. ... Nothing is but what is not. We must learn to live our lives backwards, sideways, every way but straightforwardly. Perhaps the next biggest absurdity is that we have a virulent New Labour government, which has the effrontery to call itself 'Conservative'. It would take a thick book to list all the ways in which this Government follows Blairite policies on everything from marriage and migration to the appeasement on terror ... But here is one absurdity that tells those with eyes to see and ears to hear all that they need to know. On the day that mass immigration reached levels not since the Blair era, the Prime Minister appeared amid a clearly staged 'raid' by immigration officials, bloviating about a 'crackdown' that will of course never take place. Why should it? The EU rules that prevent us from controlling our borders will not be lifted. And the dubious and risky boom that has fooled so many is built largely on a wave of cheap unskilled migrant labour. Mr Cameron doesn't want it to stop - and couldn't stop it if he did. I can't help you. This is what we voted for, and the only opposition is a  Labour party that can't think of anything to say because all its policies, from the NHS and comprehensive schools to wind power, same-sex marriage and foreign aid, have been adopted by David Cameron. The Heir to Blair has at last inherited his hero's estate. And we have to live there" [Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday, 24 May 2015].

"The tragedy is that David Cameron, as leader of the Conservatives, has disaffected his right (aka moral) wing by calling us loons and fruit cakes and being 'proud of introducing homosexual' so called marriage. This has hugely enhanced the UKIP vote. He has brought this crisis and chaos all upon his own party by himself. What a tragedy that the Conservatives are no longer a moral or right wing party" [comment at: source].

"This election has shown that a broad constituency for real conservatism doesn't exist in Britain, and now Dave is demonstrating that neither does a major party with a taste for it. Let's just hope that Ukip will come back with a vengeance and - this time - a coherent conservative programme. And enough firepower to affect the consensus" [source].

"Both [UKIP and the SNP], rhetorically at least, resist the ceaseless cosmopolitanism of a distant elite, and both play upon a sense of cultural imperilment. The Tories may have won the election, but the political shift is not Conservative - it's something rather more populist than that" [source].

"The threat of Ukip clearly pushed the Tories further to the right than they are naturally inclined to go, as Dave's jolly men tried to prevent a split in the right vote. This term is inaccurate, wrongly presupposing as it does that the Tories are a party of the right. In fact, Ukip couldn't split the right vote. It was the right vote, and it made its voice heard. ... We now know - and some of us knew all along - that Ukip's support mostly came from those fundamentally conservative voters who wouldn't vote Labour on pain of death and yet didn't feel their views would be represented by the Tories. Many of such disaffected individuals included intuitive Tories like me who felt betrayed by Dave's take on conservatism. They only difference between him and Blair is that Dave fights against 'the forces of conservatism' surreptitiously rather than explicitly. Such intuitive conservatives didn't get their way in some Labour constituencies because, unlike me, many of them just couldn't vote against the Tory party they had supported all their lives. Hence in such constituencies it wasn't so much the Tory vote that was split by Ukip, but vice versa" [source].


"For a party established to defend working-class interests, Labour has remarkable difficulty relating to ordinary people. Of course, the primary reason is that the idea of a Labour Party is a strange anachronism in modern Britain. There is really no place today for a party funded and effectively dictated to by the trades unions. But in seeking to reinvent itself and recapture relevance, the Left concocted a bizarre mixture of old-fashioned socialism and bleeding-edge American social justice, fomented in tired old Tory hatred and the politics of envy and grievance. In other words, because Labour doesn't have an interest group to protect any longer, it has reimagined itself as a party with a higher moral purpose. Yet the morality it aspires to appeals to few outside of the media and universities and its economic principles have not been deployed since Soviet Russia. Of course, many ordinary folk not engrossed in the Guardian's comment pages or Twitter won't articulate their frustration with Labour that way. But they do see a party that no longer speaks their language or protects their interests - and they vote Ukip instead, tired of being told that their understandable concern about gargantuan immigration is 'racist'. That's what Labour and the Left-wing press do, after all: call people names, instead of doing the hard work of rebuttal and research" [source].

"When Labour leaders look out at a country stubbornly refusing to elect them, they don't seem to recognise their failure to relate to people, or to define themselves properly, as the problem: instead, they see a country full of racist, homophobic, xenophobic bigots who would of course buy into grievance culture and identity politics if only they were sufficiently educated. That's a far more obnoxious brand of paternalism than David Cameron's Flashman-esque snootiness. And it comes with a side of staggering hypocrisy and a willingness to be friends with literally anyone who claims to hate the Tories (and/or Thatcher, obviously) but who dresses up their hatefulness in a Potemkin village of touchy-feely 'diversity' and 'inclusion'" [source].

"'A future Labour Government is committed to outlaw the scourge of Islamophobia...' you'd think they would be committed to outlaw Islam rather than the opposite. Are people really that blind???"   /   "'People die in their sleep'"   /   "What nutter would outlaw any criticism of the most barbaric, supremacist, totalitarian, pathologically and cruel ideology the world has ever seen?" [comments at: source].

"[Mr. Miliband] believed - and still believes - that Britain is crying out for old-fashioned Left-wing policies, and that fate had chosen him to lead us into a socialist, redistributive future. Yet even a cursory glance at the history books would have told him that no Labour government has won a majority on an overtly Left-wing platform for decades. ... [P]eople are simply not interested in academic lectures about moral and political philosophy. They are naturally offended when high-minded intellectuals descend from Planet Hampstead to harangue them about how empty and miserable their lives are. Far from being obsessed with inequality, most people respect hard work and often admire those who have done well for themselves. And far from being attracted by demagogic weirdos such as Mr Miliband's court jester Russell Brand, most people regard them with total contempt. Mr Miliband, encouraged by his paymasters in the trades unions, never grasped this basic lesson. Instead, he committed himself to a platform made up in equal parts of old-fashioned state intervention, naked populist bribery and seminar room jargon. ... even in his resignation speech, the Labour leader fell back on the old empty waffle about the inevitability of 'progress and social justice' and 'the issue of our unequal country'. [Mr Miliband] remains today what he has always been - the dutiful son of a Marxist intellectual, hostile to the market, indifferent to wealth creation and utterly out of touch with the basic instincts of most British people. If Labour are serious about challenging in 2020, they will need to find a very different kind of leader, who understands the anxieties and aspirations of ordinary voters, But if they turn to yet another union-backed intellectual preaching the hackneyed gospel of student union socialism, then the nightmares of 1983 and 2015 will simply be repeated" [source].

"According to Twitter and Russell Brand, Labour is supposed to be the party of the put-upon, the party that represents the downtrodden, the party that will rally the afflicted against 'Tory cuts'. And yet it seems that the left-leaning's jargonised, soundbited guff about 'social justice', sticking up for society's 'vulnerable' and tackling 'inequality', appeals far more to its self-righteous advocates and their circle of metropolitan friends than it does to actual people. Even some Labour MPs recognised that their party was embarrassingly estranged from those whom it and its media cheerleaders blithely assumed would support it. John Mann, the MP for Bassetlaw in Yorkshire, told Labour strategists that they needed to 'get out of their ivory towers and get back into the real world'" [source].


"Douglas Carswell is now MP for 3.88 million people. No pressure" [comment at: source].

"Carswell now represents 4 million people in the HoC. Has one MP ever represented so many people?" [comment at: source].

"Nigel Farage ... appears to understand that if we lose our Judeo Christian roots, we lose everything. ... He cannot undo overnight what has taken decades to produce, but the reality is that he is the only one making a move in the opposite direction. It may be too little, too late, but at least he is making the effort"   /   "UKIP is not a 'Christian Party' - such a thing does not meaningfully exist anyway - but alone of the parties in the UK has clearly set out support for Christians in the public arena" [comments at: source].

"Many older voters across the political spectrum are strongly patriotic because they were and are closest to the destruction of the Second World War. This, strangely, is also very prominent in many of the younger people in their twenties and thirties in the Labour 'strongholds' in the North of the Country. Prior to gaining their two Parliamentary seats recently, [UKIP] came second in each of the 8 by-elections they previously fought an also came within a whisker if winning the Heywood and Middleton by-election. This was despite the fact that UKIP polled only around 3% in each of the constituencies in 2010. Nearly all of these by-elections were in strongly Labour held territory. There is a great deal of Labour Militancy in these areas but in the privacy of the ballot booth, many changed their allegiance and a very large percentage of people who had not voted for years, saw in UKIP a chance to change the mould of British Politics once again. This brought UKIP from very low in the vote to being strong second place contenders. The natural patriotism of many in the North may also sway them away from voting Labour because of the threat of the SNP in coalition with Labour will be seen as detrimental to 'their' Country" [comment at: source].

"This attitude, despite the polls to the contrary, is seen in the regard that Nigel Farage is held by so many. Even if people do not entirely agree with his politics, they admire his forthrightness. He is regarded as a 'straight talker' who does not succumb to the lies and obfuscations seen in other politicians and there are many who will give UKIP a chance simply because they are a breath of fresh air in politics. Having been on the ground at some of the se by-elections, I have been asked by many whether there will be a UKIP Candidate at the next Election because up to then, they did not have the opportunity to vote for a UKIP Candidate. There is a huge groundswell of support for UKIP out there, especially in the North. Do not be surprised if many of the 'floating' vote and those that have not previously voted, come out in favour of UKIP" [comment at: source].

"UKIP ... talks in a recognisable language, and it addresses not just people's economic insecurities, with immigration to the fore, but also their cultural insecurities too. UKIP addresses the all-too-recognisable sense that society seems to be being remade in another's image, the sense that longstanding social traditions and informal rituals, from marriage to smoking in a pub, are just so much material for state-driven, EU-justified reform. Where Labour speaks at people, UKIP, with Farage to the fore, speaks to them. And in doing so, it shows how far removed the party-political establishment, and Labour in particular, is from, as Mann puts it, 'the real world'" [source].

"UKIP threw everything at Thanet South, but over two-thirds of the electorate refused to vote for Nigel Farage - a man who's given everything for his country, short of his life, and who represents, what amounts to, the majority view on the most important topics / issues of the day" [source].

"Just listened to Faisel Islam, political nonentity on Sky, sticking the knife in about Nigel [Farage] saying that he told him personally that he would stand down within 10 minutes of losing, so he 'should stand down by 10.45'. I wonder why Faisel Islam has so much hatred and animosity towards a man who has fought for the things people in this country believe in. No special dispensation or politically correct gestures, but sheer hard work. Faisel Islam - you are a disgrace to 'journalism'" [source].

"Many Tory voters in South Thanet should feel ashamed of themselves. ... They had the opportunity to send the only politician who tells the truth to the house of commons and they switched to  man who believes in nothing"   /   "[W]hen you look at some of the dross that has been elected across the country my heart sinks. [Farage] is a straight talking breath of fresh air and Westminster will be a poorer place without him. Saw the writing on the wall with the Grimsby result - how could they vote in parties that have destroyed their industry - the mind boggles"   /   "Now the Tories can pat themselves on the back that their dirty politics against a decent human being, who only had Britain's best interest at heart, got them a new job"   /   "It saddens me that the voters were not prepared to vote for a change for the better ... Was it fear of a Labour/SNP pact that made voters lose their nerve?"   /   "Never was a more courageous and deserving man so robbed of his dues. I am genuinely sorry for him personally as well as now weeping for my country"   /   "I'm afraid that we have lost the finest conviction politician we have seen for many years"   /   "Bitterly disappointing, both for [UKIP] and a man who deserved his seat probably more than anyone, ... Thank you Nigel Farage; the slime green benches may not be for you, but you've provided us with an alternative to the parties that have been killing us"   /   "Try not to feel downcast. We who have stayed true have no reason to feel shame or remorse for trying to change our country for the better. ... I raise my glass to you all!" [comments at: source].


"Sadly, many of the younger, wet behind the ears, generation have swallowed the Green Manifesto without it even touching the sides. Whilst they decry the killing of foxes and Isis decapitations, they are enthusiastic about 200,000 decapitations, mutilations and dismemberments of babies in the womb, each and every year in Britain" [comment at: source].

"[B]ecause [the Green Party is] kind to animals and opposed to littering, people think it's nice. There's nothing nicer than proclaiming you want to save the world. ... But what kind of world would the world that the Greens saved look like? A world run by Hard Left refugees from the Labour Party. A world in which there is no growth, endless energy shortages, crippling taxes, a free-for-all at the border and in which young people can escape the misery by getting high. Oh, and their official manifesto also says that they'll also scrap the navy, army and air force and turn military bases into nature reserves. The Green policy on defence is to make Britain so ... awful that no one would want to invade it" [source].


"The SNP may National in its name but in reality it's an internationalist communistic party ... 57% of the Scottish people want immigration into Scotland restricted; Sturgeon wants it to be virtually unrestricted and doesn't acknowledge that mass immigration is a problem" [comment at: source].

"[P]otentially the most dangerous aspect of this election [is] a minority government propped up by the Scottish Nationalists whose very high-profile leader is not even standing for a seat in Westminster but who is opposed to 'austerity' and will insist on massive future borrowings to plunge the economy back into the morass it was at the end of the last Parliament" [comment at: source].

"The SNP made no secret of their desire to be a coalition partner with Labour. They were confident that they could be the king makers, and help Miliband take the keys to number 10. In exchange, they salivated at the prospect of extracting billions of pounds from the London Treasury to take back to grateful voters in Scotland. The SNP have no interest in balancing the budget, cutting the deficit or anything else remotely adult and responsible. Instead, they want to grab money and take the loot back to their voters. In the event of an SNP-Labour coalition, make no mistake about it the SNP would have been anything but a junior partner. The tail would wag the dog very hard every budget, and English taxpayers would have been the ones who got the bill"   /   "That was too much for the voters to take - one and a half million Scot Nats out of 65 million deciding who was to rule the UK!" [source].

"I find it politically disturbing that a party so clearly uncomfortable with being part of the UK now sits in Westminster making decisions that will affect English people" [source].


Results / Seats / Votes / Voting System

"The UK's first-past-the-post system means that the number of votes rarely translates into an equivalent proportion of seats. And that was especially true in this election. The SNP won 56 seats from 1.45 million votes, a share of 4.8%. But by mid-morning on Friday UKIP had won only one seat for their 3.87 million votes, a 12.7% share of the total. The Greens' 1.15 million votes translated into one seat too, while the Lib Dems won eight seats despite winning nearly 2.4 million votes, a 7.8% share" [source].

Labour - 9m votes, 227 seats;  UKIP - 4m votes, 1 seat;  LD - 2.5m votes, 8 seats;  SNP - 1.5m votes, 56 seats.  How is this possible, and how is this not seen as a sham by the English public?  [source].

"[T]he Conservatives, who managed just over twice as many votes as UKIP, gained 330 seats ... It's time to begin an all part discussion on what sort of voting system we should have which more accurately reflects the people's wishes. As it happens the Conservatives have gained a majority government with, if my reasoning is correct, but one in four of us voting for them" [comment at: source].

Number of votes needed per seat won at the 2015 General Election:  SNP - 26,444;  Cons - 34,342;  Lab - 40,232;  Greens - 121,216;  Lib Dems - 289,262;  UKIP - 3,767,137  [source].

Number of constituencies with the highest increase in voteshare:  UKIP - 468;  Labour - 72;  SNP - 59;  Other - 20;  Cons - 19;  Greens - 12  [source].

UK vote share change since 2010:  UKIP - +9.5;  SNP - +3.1;  Green - +2.8;  Labour - +1.4;  Cons - +0.7;  Lib Dems - -15.1  [source].

"Add UKIP, UUP and DUP (11 seats) to the right hand column when the Tories win their last seat. Don't let the left-wing media forget that, before they yet again claim a progressive majority [comment at: source].

In General Elections UKIP votes have increased significantly:  1997 - 105,722;  2001 - 216,839;  2005 - 605,973;  2012 - 919,471;  2015 - 3,881,129  [comment at: source].



"'Our NHS' as David Cameron has insisted on calling it, since forever. This is a classic - and sadly, increasingly common - case of a conservative dressing himself in the mantle of the caring left. There are lots of things politicians of a conservative persuasion ought to be saying about the NHS - starting with the fact that it doesn't work and badly needs sorting out so that more of us don't end up dying parched and neglected on soiled bedsheets in a crowded ward. But they're not saying them because they've already decided to concede the argument to the enemy: that is, they've given up on the hard task of trying to reform a broken product in favour of papering over the cracks by simply treating it as a rebranding exercise. (See! We may be Conservatives but we CARE at least as much as Labour or the SNP do...)" [source].

"Another thing that escaped our oh so vigilant MSM was the fact that all parties condemned UKIP and especially Nigel Farage for making a true statement, for example about health tourism, but taking up UKIP's points a few days later as their own wonderful policies. This was especially striking at that infamous 'opposition leaders' debate', where Nigel Farage's remarks about immigration were greeted with a stony silence by the biased audience (no, they just about didn't hiss...) while the same point made by Ms Sturgeon a few minutes later got wild applause" [source].


The Welfare State

"A clear understanding that there is a deserving poor and an undeserving poor is crucial; people who do the right thing, but are nonetheless impoverished, and watch others who do not do the right thing thrive on benefits, dislike Labour's lazy and ignorant amalgamation of the two groups" [source].

"Take one of the more popular so-called 'issues' of this dismal election cycle: the 'Bedroom Tax'. This is a phrase that could simply never have gained traction in a culture which had not been hijacked by progressives. Because it simply isn't true, is it? It's not a tax. A tax is when the government takes money that you have earned away from you. But the 'bedrooms' to which this 'tax' refers never belonged to their occupants in the first place. They're a loan, from the state - and funded, of course, by people who do pay tax - to those who, for whatever reason, are deemed incapable of paying for their own accommodation" [source].



"Let's just start with the [Guardian's] outright lie that UKIP wants a country without immigrants. Apart from the fact that this would mean Nigel Farage deporting his own wife, this just isn't true. Nigel Farage, Suzanne Evans and the entire UKIP hierarchy have been at pains to stress that they are not against immigrants at all - it's the current immigration system they oppose - and that they want an internationalist, not narrowly European, immigration policy similar to that notorious bastion of neo-fascism, Australia! The Guardian knows full well that it's lying about UKIP and immigration, but the prejudices of their core readership demand a dishonest smear, so a dishonest smear is what they are given" [source].



"You also have to wonder how Labour managed to win Rotherham despite its cover-up of and complicity in the mass rape and criminal abuse of youngsters there for decades"   /   "It doesn't get more shocking than that"   /   "Take a look at the demographic. I suspect the majority voting bloc are from a culture that doesn't really care about the abuse of women, let alone under age white ones, and they simply supported the party that turned a blind eye"   /   "Even Dennis McShane admitted [the Labour Council] ignored it to keep Muslim voters happy. Thanks to postal voting every Muslim vote is equal to at least five indigenous ones"   /   "We need someone who is prepared to tell the truth even when there is a risk of being arrested for 'hate speech'"   /   "Indeed. ... Oh how I groaned when I saw the Rotherham result. There are some people you just cannot help. Like an abused wife or husband, they cannot break out of this abusive relationship"   /   "So, it's a verifiable fact then: 52.5% of the electorate in Rotherham are perfectly ok with it being open season on their under-age sisters, daughters, nieces, and grandchildren. Disgusting, but true" [comments at: source].


The Left / The Far Left / Metro-Leftism / Progressivism / Socialism

"One of the scariest things is the way in which conservative parties in the UK, USA and even Australia are moving leftwards, perhaps in the forlorn hope that this will make them acceptable to the left-wing media and to the brainwashed young. We are heading, subtly but inexorably, towards what will be virtually a one-arty state, in which all major parties follow 'progressive' policies whose only real progress is towards the precipice" [comment at: source].

"Cue lots of messages in the media about the left not communicating their message properly - heaven forbid that they did and the voters simply didn't like it"   /   "The left certainly communicated. Ask any UKIPPER who was assaulted and whose office suffered criminal damge, ask the Tory whose car was spray-painted. The left communicated hate and you could see it in ther faces. Who in their right mind votes for that?"   /   "Not as many [as] who voted right t beat the politics of envy"   /  

"The Labour Party under Miliband may be shrinking into itself but the Socialists are well entrenched in every publicly funded aspect of our life and will continue to thrive as it is a hydra with many, many heads"   /   "A doctrinal and slavish adherence to the shibolleths [sic] of 'Progressive Liberalism', 'Internationalism' and 'Identity politics' has done for Labour... as is the core issue that their 'solutions' for 'the workers' all revolve round an utterly failed ideology of socialism"   /   "The problem most people like the two Eds and [Rebecca] Roche ... have is caused by a simple fact: Socialism is a religion. ... Anyone who does not believe is a heretic and hence not to be engaged in any way - or even listened to. What socialism is not - a viable way of running an economy. 100 years of history shows that it has never worked anywhere. The believers are blind to this and will never learn from history"  [comments at: source].

"The actual Socialist (class driven) wing of the Labour Party wouldn't recognise the metro-lefty (identity politics driven) wing as Socialists. ... a more accurate terminology is required ... In that sense 'metro-left' is much better as it pretty much nails it, without dragging else in, and the people I know like that in London? They were all talking about voting Green. As with the Tories and UKIP - let them go rather than drag your party down. The bien pensent vote is miniscule. Even in London, most of the middle class Labour votes are coming from 'normal' people who instinctively feel the Conservatives are not on their side. Or put another way, a lot of people with middle class jobs and salaries in London have what would have been called a working class standard of living 30 years ago. Even if they eat kale" [comment at: source].

"Labour also needs to distance itself from the far left rent-a-mob thugs who turn up for uaf/student fees/anti-austerity/anti-war/save the nhs/palestine marches... or at least it should be called out by the media on its failure to condemn left wing political thuggery" [source].


Ad Hominem Attacks

"It's utterly ludicrous to ascribe character dysfunctions to a whole race simply because more of them voted for a party that you don't like than for one that you do like!"   /   "The venomous hatred nursed in secret beneath the public face of a vehement, victim-orientated egalitarianism is rarely revealed so publicly as in the wake of Labour's humiliation. The 'liberal left' as it's called may be leftist but liberal it ain't. It's poisonous with rage" [comment at: source].



"[I]t is time that the politicians that govern/hope to govern, must stop being racist against its own [indigenous] population. In the recent scandals where thousands of girls have been sexually violated by Asian Muslims, nothing was done for years even though it was known to police and Councils as to what was happening. Nothing was done because of the fear of being branded racist - Blair and Cameron's book of 'political correctness'. Had it been the opposite and Muslim girls are being violated by [the indigenous Brits], it would have taken far less time for the authorities to act. But the foolishly tolerant public does not seem to give a damn" [comment at: source].

"Most shocking of all [on Question Time tonight 14 May 2015] was that none of the panellists and not a single member of the studio audience invoked the usual lazy 'racist' insults against UKIP. Winning almost 4 million legitimate votes in the General Election seems to have focused even the minds of QT's normally rabidly socialist militants" [comment at: source].

"Why has the establishment media suddenly dropped the 'UKIP is racist' lie?"   /   "They must be as bored with it as we are? Or maybe saving it to dust off later when UKIP really gets going on the OUT campaign"   /   "Or maybe it's a tacit admission that it was a media-manufactures, cynical and dishonest accusation" [comments at: source].

"[People see a Labour Party] that no longer speaks their language or protects their interests - and they vote Ukip instead, tired of being told that their understandable concern about gargantuan immigration is 'racist'. That's what Labour and the Left-wing press do, after all: call people names, instead of doing the hard work of rebuttal and research" [source].

"UKIP's primary political positions are the complete withdrawal from the EU and a halt to all International Socialist political and social experiments in mass immigration. (Unmandated experiments ... on the British people.)  Predictably then, Leftists have called UKIP a 'racist party' and 'far right' (the latter being a neologism for 'fascist' or even 'Nazi'). That's not a surprise; such people call virtually all those who dare to disagree with them (or to the Right of Che Guevara/Trotsky) 'racist' or 'far right'" [source].

"Recently, no other insult has been used as frequently or viciously towards UKIP and its members [than 'racist']. It has to be said it is a vicious insult, and few insults carry more venom or have more potential social consequences than being accused publically of being a racist. There are essentially two reasons the left use this insult. Firstly, as they lose the argument on immigration, they must shift the debate from facts to morality. Secondly, racism is such a damaging accusation that even when untrue, it can do great harm to opponents. ... Their hope is that if people consider racism to be a serious moral failing, they will not vote for someone with it, even if they believe them to be factually right" [source].

"Let us be clear. Racism is morally wrong, which is why cheapening it through over use and unwarranted accusation is so damaging. UKIP has done more than any other party to keep racists out, and then discipline them when discovered. No force in British politics has done more than UKIP to destroy the genuinely racist BNP by giving voters concerned about immigration a non-racist vote to express their concerns. UKIP won a higher percentage of the ethnic minority vote in the 2014 European elections than the Conservative Party. Yet despite these facts, the left continue their shameful and untrue accusations against UKIP. We must stand up to them" [source].

"Reasons why Ukip will underperform in the upcoming election:  (a) the fear of being called a racist runs very deep in Britain. This is unsurprising because almost every week there are stories in the media about people, normally white Britons, being involved in a 'race row'. These incidents will frequently result in the person losing their job, and increasingly people accused of racism are being sent for criminal trial. The police also have a regular practice of investigating people for 'hate crimes' without any real intent to prosecute - the intention being to intimidate individuals and, by their example, the general population; (b) people are subjected to incessant politically correct propaganda on race and immigration. Those under the age of 35 will have had it blaring at them all their lives, including hard-core indoctrination at school. ... This propaganda produces a strange state of mind in many. They do not agree with the propaganda but they feel that opinions which go against the propaganda are somehow beyond the Pale. Fear lies at the root of it but it manifests itself not in a conscious focused fear but as a general sense that something should not be done or said; (c) Ukip send mixed immigration messages because they try to fit what they propose into a politically correct envelope" [source].


The Propaganda War:

"[V]oters deserve an electoral choice. We may not agree with each other's political priorities but we should respect their right to exist" [source].

Re:  Primary School Accused of Leftie Propaganda After 'Telling Students Labour is the Only Party That Wants Us To Live':

"This is going on in all our schools. It's why they produce so many unquestioning pro-EU, pro-immigration, pro-multiculti Labour supporting automatons"   /   "This is why they want 16 year olds to vote in the forthcoming EU referendum: they are children of Blair's propaganda"   /   "It's not just feeding the kids socialist propaganda, the little mites are also having the full pro-EU, climate change, anti-business, multicultural diversity monty rammed down their throats. These institutions are less schools and more indoctrination centres"

"Don't forget there were school recently that were showing anti-UKIP disinformation too. These people have an agenda and we're allowing it to happen"   /   "Only in state schools. Several of the public schools in Bedford were happy to accept an offer from UKIP to speak to their students - and won over both the students and their parents"

"I was talking to a student from Poland who came here and experienced high school and college. He said he was shocked that vast majority of teachers he encountered were socialists. He said in Poland they keep their head a bit because of the communist era. He also felt that he was resented by the teachers because he didn't agree with their views. The issue for him was that rationality and learning was subordinate to the leftwing ideology that was institutionalised within British education"   /   "Every level of a persons education now has some sort of influence from the left"

"Well, now we know that teachers have been brainwashing kids with political messages supporting the Left multi-culti anti-British viewpoint, it is much less surprising that: (1) so many kids could fall victim to RoP-ists, (2) that those areas where R0P-ists operate still get so many Labour votes"

"'However, John Campion, cabinet member for children and families, defended the school, saying the council had "no problems with the principle behind it".'  Well of course he didn't. What member of the multi-named 'progressive' party would have a problem with children being indoctrinated - even into a different branch? How else are they going to maintain their hegemony?"   /   "Imagine the fuss from the council or the school governors and teaching unions if a teacher at that school was a member of the BNP. It would reach nuclear proportions"   /   "The council had no issue with the principle behind it??? No wonder we have stupid lefties allowing hate preachers in universities, labour governing councils where vulnerable white girls are being raped by asian/muslim paedophiles etc etc and nothing ever being done to stop them!!"

[all comments at: source].

Re:  UKIP: The First 100 Days (Channel 4, aired on 16 February 2015):

"The OFCOM Fox has ruled that the BBC Fox... did NOT eat the UKIP Chicken... case closed"

"It would be a comical decision if it were not such a serious dereliction of their duty to ensure a fair and level playing field for all political parties"   /   "So Ofcom admit it was propaganda against UKIP just prior to the election: 'a fictional drama, and that the depictions of UKIP policy were closely based on the party's recent announcements' Ofcom's words - 'fictional drama' and 'closely based on', so not depicting factual reality immediately before the election in their 'fictional drama'. That is simply propaganda"   /   "[C]haracter assassination, distortion and misrepresentation for political purposes"   /   "It was aired purely to frighten people that were considering voting UKIP"   /   " This programme was very clearly calculated to create undue influence in the run up to an election. That is unlawful. If it had not been biased then equivalent and equal fictions about other political parties would have been presented alongside. They were not"   /   "It was a political attack, shown in order to influence an election. Isn't that illegal?"   /   "If Ofcom was unable to see the film as propaganda, it should be abolished along with the BBC. The film promoted an apocalyptic view of the consequences of a UKIP government. It was deliberate, biased, political propaganda with the intent of prejudicing citizens against voting for UKIP"  

"The BBC, Sky News, MSM achieved their objective. With their negative biased coverage they 'brainwashed' the gullible to boo or jeer or react adversely to the name of UKIP and its representatives. UKIP policies were never discussed but the message not to support UKIP was loud and clear"   /   "It was childish and ... only enjoyed by NUS members confirming their biases ... what adults do when children insult them, they shake their heads dismissively. ... it's a silly show best forgotten about. The key point is no-one who ... is right-minded would be swung or influenced by this"  

"The travesty was in linking UKIP with actions such as forcible deportation that (other than for convicted criminals) have never been its policy. If I libel someone by postulating a fact that I know to be untrue, surely it is no defence to say that it was intended as fiction? The First Hundred Days of the Westminster Paedophile Ring?"   /   "Or 'Rotherham: the first 5,840 days'"   /   "Hmm, sending soldiers into curry houses to beat up innocent Asians 'closely resembles' UKIP policy does it?"   /   "Since when has UKIP had a policy of sending ex-coppers to hunt down illegal immigrants?"   /     

"Interesting that the viewpoint character was a Sikh - a demographic that would tend to be favourable to UKIP (well-integrated, hard-working, entrepreneurial, patriotic, Islam-aware)"   /   "Therefore 'enemies' of the progressive consensus. An attempt to show Sikhs how 'misguided' they are?"   /   "I am reliably informed by my NUT neighbour that Sikhs are commonly found in the EDL (she has apparently encountered them on her marches) and have therefore lost their oppressed minority status in the eyes of the left and now join the ranks of those to be hated for being too British"   /   "If it was fictitious and not meant to be misleading why call it UKIP why not call it 'The first hundred days of the Sikh National Party' as it was based on a Sikh candidate?"

"Worryingly, if this blatant hack job is acceptable it doesn't bode well for the control of any dubious practices during the referendum by the 'stay in' brigade. Unsurprising but shameful on their part"   /   "I don't know about CH4 showing its pro EU bias I think OFCOM has shown its pro EU bias"   /   "Both the BBC & Channel 4 receive grants from the European Regional Development Fund running into millions. It was a blatant hatchet job & pure propaganda. Saying it was a fictional program when it was clearly political in nature is a pathetic excuse from OGCOM"   /   "I doubt that many people expected anything much different. This is the way it goes, and will go during the campaign for the EU referendum"

"Did anyone really expect a different response from OFCOM?"   /   "Is it really that surprising that a public sector regulator acts in a partisan manner against a right wing party?"   /   "Ofcom chips in with their final statement: 'All complaints from the taxpayer are unfounded'. It's fine to show Nazi-style propaganda on British televisions, just as long as it fits with the highly politicized message of the regulator, the channel, and the combined safety of their own jobs. Pathetic"   /   "Over 6000 complaints and there is no basis for the complaints? They must think we are all stupid"   /   "You've answered your own question"

"Clearly a Common Purpose decision in support of a Common Purpose agenda"

[all comments at: source].

Re: Schools / Teachers

"It seems there are teachers who either out of bias or stupidity react in a very simplistic way to children's support of UKIP when it is expressed in school. Example: 'My Mum and Dad are voting UKIP in the election'. Teacher's shocked reaction: 'Oh, don't you ever go on holiday in Europe? Don't your parents ever buy food or products from Europe?' Such ill-informed idiocy from teachers is pretty hard to forgive" [comment at: source].

Re:  Reasons Why UKIP Will Underperform in the Upcoming Election:

"The mainstream media in Britain give far less time to Ukip in general and immigration matters in particular than they do to other parties and political subjects. When Ukip speakers get onto television and radio they ... almost invariably face a more hostile questioning than those from other parties. If they appear on panels with other politicians or commentators they are invariably in a minority, normally a minority of one with [a] chairman who is biased against them. If there is an audience the audience will invariably be packed with people who support the politically correct view of the world. As for the written media, [Ukip] get much less opportunity to publish their views than the other parties who oppose them" [source].

Re:  The Green Party is a Looney Tunes Alliance of Druids and Trots:

"Consider the different way that the media has treated Ukip and the Greens - the insurgent fringes of Right and Left. Since it start[ed] winning votes, Ukip has been subject to parodic documentaries and damning exposes of alleged racism; not a day goes by that we're not told it's fag ash fascism. This is because Ukip is Right-wing and, in the minds of the media, innately evil. By contrast, the Greens have been given a relatively easy ride because they are extremists of the 'godly' Left. It is true that Natalie Bennett has embarrassed herself in several interviews: but she wasn't so much 'grilled' in those confrontations as invited to poke her head into the oven ... Bennett has been satirised ... - but the overall impression is that a) she deserves a hug rather than ridicule and that b) her ineptitude sort of proves how darling and sweet the Greens really are. After all ... they want to save the world" [source].


South Thanet Shenanigans

"Could 2017 see Nigel Farage in parliament? When Guido asked him if he would stand in a re-run in Thanet he was ambiguous about it. Never say never, Nige..." [source].




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