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The Hebrew word 'Bayith' can be translated in several ways but usually means 'house' or 'foundation'. Our ministry aims to be a welcoming house that helps to provide believers with foundational material to bless and encourage you.




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Roots and History of the Word-Faith Movement and the Influences Upon Word-Faith Teachers
"'The Word Faith (WF) movement emerged within Charismatic/Pentecostal Christianity in the latter 20th century.  The movement has a whole has no formal organization or authoritarian hierarchy, though it does have a number of high-profile teachers who heavily influence Word of Faith theology'..."

Faith in Faith and Faith in God
"A common doctrine that has steadily come into parts of the Church in recent years has been the idea that faith is a 'force' and that, provided we have 'faith in our faith', and we don't doubt that what we have asked for will come to pass, it will..."

Word-Faith Teachings About Health and Healing
"It is undoubtedly true that God likes to prosper us in this life; though it is crucial to remember that this can be in ways other than material ones.  But it is important also that we understand that the Lord is far more interested in our eternal welfare than in our temporal conditions. So when those interests clash, it is our spiritual health and wealth that will take precedence..."

Word-Faith Teachings About God the Father
"This article looks at some of the teachings of Word-Faith about God the Father, and how they compare with what the Bible says..."

Word-Faith Teachings About God the Son
"This article looks at some of the teachings of Word-Faith about God the Son, and how they compare with what the Bible says..."

Are We Little Gods?
"Here, we need to have a quick look at the suggestion that Word-Faith tells us that we are 'little gods'.  What do the Word-Faith teachers say concerning this?..."

Are We As Christ?
Following from their teachings that God created Adam as a "little god", and that the Lord Jesus was "re-born" in hell, Word-Faith teachers go on to assert that the born-again believer is not just "in" Christ, but actually "is" Christ..."

'Touch Not God's Anointed': Should We Test Word-Faith Teachings?
"We need here to deal with the oft repeated cry, 'Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.'  This is taken from two Bible passages:..."

Some Quotes and Comments on Word-Faith Teachings

My Word of Faith Testimony
"I would like to share my own experiences with Positive Confession or Word-Faith or the Word of Faith Movement..."

Some Videos and YouTubes on Word-Faith

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