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God tells us about the Scriptures: "Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold.
For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it
" (Proverbs 8:10-11)

We pray that our articles are true to God's Precious Word.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you see error in anything we have written.

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The Alpha Course

Online versions of our books discussing the Alpha Course:


Alpha: New Life or New Lifestyle?

The New Age of Alpha

Alpha - the Unofficial Guide: World

Alpha - the Unofficial Guide: Church

Alpha - the Unofficial Guide: Overview

Please note that all the articles listed below discussing the Alpha Course are entirely separate from our books
, and cover aspects of Alpha only touched on briefly in the books.

Chapter and Verse on Alpha's Jesus:

Part 3: The Divinity of Alpha's Jesus  (December 2002)

"Nicky Gumbel writes, 'the most important question we can ever ask is, "Who is Jesus?"'. In the same book, he states 'This is the heart of the Christian faith: knowing Jesus Christ'. The Lord Jesus is indeed the very centre of the Christian faith, and it is vital therefore to know who He truly is..."

Part 2: The Nature of Alpha's Jesus  (December 2002)

"In a radio interview recently, we were asked what Alpha taught about the nature of the Lord Jesus. ... We were aware of a few problems, but the question prompted us to look in detail at this matter. Firstly, though, we should establish whether or not accuracy on this topic is a serious one..."

Part 1: The Character of Alpha's Jesus  (December 2002)

"According to Gallup, the Alpha Course has now been run in over 150 countries. Alpha materials have been translated into scores of languages, and a million people took the course last year alone. It is clearly something that every believer should be well-versed about..."

Open Letters to the Leaders of the Alpha Course:

Your Understanding of 'Toronto'  (12 November 2003)

"Dear Rev. Nicky Gumbel, As you know, January 2004 is exactly ten years since the 'Toronto Experience' (TE) appeared in Toronto. Despite this elapsed time, some crucial questions on the subject still remain. Because your church, Holy Trinity Brompton, (HTB), was at the forefront of promoting the TE in Britain, we have sent this letter in the hope that you will be able to assist the many people who received the TE but who do not fully grasp what they were encouraged to involve themselves in..."

Alpha's 'Holy Spirit Retreat'  (04 April 2003)

"Dear Rev. Nicky Gumbel, Certain important questions are being asked regarding aspects of Alpha's 'Holy Spirit Retreat'. Some of the main ones are given below and we wondered if it might be possible for you to help clear them up - as we cannot find the answers in any Alpha publications..."

The Powers Behind the Alpha Course:

Part 3: The Powerful Spirit  (2003/2006)
English version  |  Spanish version  |  Swedish version  |  Danish version  |  German version

"Some Alpha Course literature [for example] 'The God Who Changes Lives', and newspapers published by Holy Trinity Brompton are ... filled with testimonies of people who have been transformed during the program. This fact is constantly used to defend Alpha against the multitude of concerns that have been raised about its source..."

Part 2: The Powerful Men  (July/August 2003)

"It is perfectly understandable. Knowing that [the] Toronto [Experience] is questionable (to say the least) many people now deny that Alpha could possibly be a companion to the Toronto spirit..."

Part 1: The Powerful Message  (July/August 2002)

"Although the Alpha Course has been in existence since 1977, the modern version originated in the early nineties through Nicky Gumbel - a curate at Holy Trinity Brompton church (HTB). Gumbel is a qualified barrister, but he apparently attributes his powerful gift for communication to an extraordinary single event in 1982. The following account by Gumbel is lengthy but also very interesting:..."

Miscellaneous Alpha Material:

The New Age of Alpha

"Despite failing to reverse the decline in church attendance in Britain, the Alpha Course has swept the globe and is being used by an incredibly wide range of groups - including Methodists and Lutherans, Roman Catholics and Seventh-Day Adventists. Where other evangelistic initiatives have petered out very swiftly, Alpha has done the opposite. From its roots in the late 1970s, Alpha has grown to stunning  proportions today and over a million souls try it each year. Let us uncover its secret..."

Is This the Hottest Ticket to Heaven?  (July 2005)

This article is the full transcript of the comments we were asked to give the Mail On Sunday for their article in YOU magazine about the Alpha Course.

The Dragnet Behind Alpha, Vineyard, 'Purpose Driven', 'Toronto' etc (Supporting Documentation)  (2003 / Last updated 2016)

This page is the repository for all information regarding the chart below.

The Dragnet Behind Alpha, Vineyard, 'Purpose Driven', 'Toronto' etc (Chart)  (September 2003)
English version   |  Spanish version   |   French version  |  German version

"Bayith Ministries seeks to produce materials that are as valuable as possible. This chart is no exception, for it not only supplies the key spiritual roots of: a) Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB); b) Rick Warren; c) John Wimber; and d) the Toronto Experience (TE), but it also: a) shows at a glance the key roots of all the other names on the chart; b) demonstrates that they are all part of the same tree (and thus that Alpha and the TE emanated from the same source, despite what some people try to claim); and c) reveals what you and I are really legitimizing if we promote Alpha or 'Purpose Driven' or Vineyard or 'Toronto'..."    

Alpha on Israel!  (May 2002)

"[I]n this article we ... want to explore the question of whether or not Alpha currently teaches truthfully about the physical nation of Israel. After all, this topic is vital for a proper comprehension of the gospel (Romans 11:11-25) and for rightly dividing God's Word..."

Alpha and the New Age  (June 1999)

"While Sandy Millar insists that Alpha is merely an introduction to the Christian faith, the Course nevertheless claims to preach the gospel sufficiently enough for participants to come to salvation; several of the talks end with a prayer of commitment. But testimonies such as [the following] indicate that many participants have neither understood what the gospel is nor what it demands of them..."

Alpha - New Life or New Lifestyle?  (May 1996)

"The Alpha Initiative is the most popular evangelistic programme in use in Britain's churches at present. Alpha's publications manager advises everyone 'to do the course exactly as we've laid out for the first time - because we know it works'. At first glance this advice seems well and good, but in fact a purely pragmatic approach to spiritual things is not scriptural and can even be very dangerous..."


Toronto and Pensacola

Twelve Telling Tests of the 'TE' (Chart)

Godless Godliness?  (2005)

"One of the most crucial questions we can ask nowadays is this: What are the effects on a Christian of the true Holy Spirit? The Bible seems unequivocal..."

Your Understanding of 'Toronto'  (12 November 2003)

"Dear Rev. Nicky Gumbel, As you know, January 2004 is exactly ten years since the 'Toronto Experience' (TE) appeared in Toronto. Despite this elapsed time, some crucial questions on the subject still remain. Because your church, Holy Trinity Brompton, (HTB), was at the forefront of promoting the TE in Britain, we have sent this letter in the hope that you will be able to assist the many people who received the TE but who do not fully grasp what they were encouraged to involve themselves in..."


Bible Versions Debate

The Bible Versions Debate ~ Part 3a: Matters of Fact
  (Spring 2008)

"Joan could have wheeled out many excuses for not reading her Bible. ... She grew up in England in the 1540s, a time when Bibles were expensive, ... [and] when it had been illegal for well over a century to own an English Bible. ... She was born blind [and had] to find people who were literate enough to be able to read it to her ... she was sometimes able to get the Bible read to her for free - provided she braved a stinking gaol. ... But often she had to pay ... and she was restricted to just knitting and rope-making to earn the money. Nevertheless, ... she had memorized large portions of the New Testament by the tender age of 21. Ought we not to have the same kind of commitment to God's Word that Joan demonstrated?..."

The Bible Versions Debate ~ Intermission: Mountain of Preconceptions  (Spring 2007)

"I've just been through a remarkable experience. I was asked at the start of the year to participate in an Internet 'bulletin board' ... on the subject of the three Bible Versions Debate articles [above]. ... [This] discussion made it clear that some folks today have so many preconceptions about the topic of Bible versions that a number of such souls are literally unable to to put these things to one side and approach material on this topic with a truly open mind. ... Here are four central principles with which I hope every sincere reader can agree:..."

The Bible Versions Debate ~ Part 2b: Magnitude of Problem  (Winter 2006)

"The rubber has officially hit the road. It's time we came to the nitty-gritty where I repay the investment in time and effort the reader made with Part 2a. ... In the previous piece we learned that some English translations of the Bible are largely based on family 'B' while others are rooted in family 'A'. ... people often argue that the differences between these families can safely be ignored, particularly when it comes to the published Greek texts behind actual Bible versions available today. Here are seven common justifications folks offer for this position, along with some observations about them..."

The Bible Versions Debate ~ Part 2a: Addendum  (2015)

"The following, developed in conjunction with a colleague, is an addendum to Part 2a: Materials of Value (please see above) of this series of articles entitled 'The Bible Versions Debate'."

The Bible Versions Debate ~ Part 2a: Materials of Value  (Autumn 2006)

"Among other things, the British Coronation ceremony famously describes the Bible as 'the most valuable thing this world affords,' and I encourage the reader to keep this in mind as they explore the following. In Part 1, ... we looked at the two ways of translating Scripture into English: dynamic equivalence and word-for-word translation. But the issue of how best to translate a document obviously assumes there is no argument about what the original document said. Unfortunately people are far from agreed on the original text of the Bible, and this is why I have penned the article you are now reading..."

The Bible Versions Debate ~ Part 1: Methods of Translation  (2004)

"Christians rightly believe they should promote the acquisition of, and obedience to, the truth. They also believe that the Bible is God's truth given to man as a means to guide us in the way He would have us live. Throughout the centuries the Bible has been translated from the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages in which its various parts were originally written, into every major language on earth. The most prolific translations have been into English. The question obviously arises, which English Bible version or versions should we use? Which are the most reliable? Do they all give the truth? If not, which do - and how can we tell? Which would God have us use?..."

The New Testament ~ A Quickie History  (March 2003)

A short summary of the manuscript history of the New Testament:  1st-4th Centuries  /  Constantine  /  The Dark Ages  /  The Protestant Reformation  /  The Catholic Counter Reformation  /  The King James (Authorised) Bible  /  19th Century  /  The Present Day  /  Which Stream?  /  Does It Matter?  /  A Remarkable Parallel.

Why Should I Use the Authorised Version?  (July 2001)

With so many modern and up-to-date versions on the market today, this is an oft-asked question by many Christians.


Family, Children, The State as Parent

The Camel's Nose  (2016/2019)

"The two Social Services publications: Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers and The Code of Ethics for Social Work: Statement of Principles, say lots of nice things about social workers, the impressive theories to which they hold, and the lofty values to which they aspire:..."

Children in the State System  |  The Rotherham et al Rape Gangs  |  "But What About the Parents?!"  (30 June 2018)

A few months ago, I had a brief conversation with a social worker concerning children caught up in the State 'care' system, the Rotherham et al rape gangs, the respective roles of Social Services and parents, and various other aspects of the State's assistance (at least, as the State sees it) of families in recent decades.  Because our chat was necessarily very brief, I subsequently revisited in a little more depth some of the topics we'd touched upon, collating them into a letter to the social worker concerned, of which these three documents are just a part.

Husband and Wife: Equal and Different  (24 February 2016)

"I recently had a conversation with a precious sister in the Lord who suggested to me that a wife may do as she sees fit, with or without the agreement or blessing of her husband.  Her reasons were the following..."

Small Plants and Little Caterpillars  (16 January 2016)

"It has been fashionable for some decades now, particularly amongst those who like to think of themselves as experts in child-rearing and/or politically progressive, to argue for child-centred parenting.  They mean by this that the child's 'wishes and feelings' must be at the forefront of parenting..."

Withdraw Thy Foot...  (October 2014)

A brief introduction to the issue of the State as Parent and the purpose and role of the Social Services.

Spirit Warriors: Some Comments  (19 January 2010)

"This theme is very popular in TV programmes and films..."

Yoga for Children  (2009)

"Most parents encourage their children to participate in a good sport or healthy physical activity, and most schools require children to attend a physical education class of some kind..."

Harry Potter: "Whatsoever Things..."  (29 September 2005)

"This article is just a very general comment about the phenomenon known as Harry Potter ... My purpose here is simply to highlight a few of the main themes and practices in the books and films, and ask the question: In reading J.K. Rowling's stories about witches and wizards, are Christians thinking on 'Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, [and] whatsoever things are of good report'?..."



How Much Do Zionists Control Our World...?  3: The United States  (24 August 2017)

"Is the American Establishment pro-Israel (i.e. 'Zionist')? Many people think so. Over the decades, the US authorities have certainly taken plenty of steps that look unarguably pro-Israel. But some observers are convinced that each such step is a smokescreen (at best) and that the American Establishment can actually be shown to be anti-Zionist. So, what's the truth?..."

How Much Do Zionists Control Our World...?  2: The Western Media  (12 April 2015)

"An intriguing dispute is raging in conspiracy theorist circles. One group is sure that Zionists have taken substantial control over the United Nations and the West. Others conclude that the people with the real power have, in order to divert attention away from themselves, manipulated circumstances to make it look like Zionists are the ones with the influence. ... My focus [in this article] will be on the mainstream media in the West..."

How Much Do Zionists Control Our World...?  1: Great Britain  (12 April 2015)

"Do Zionists - by which I mean those individuals who want a Jewish State in Palestine, including Jerusalem - control western countries? Some theorists believe so. Others reckon the actual powers-that-be have created the illusion that Zionists are in charge in order to move the spotlight away from themselves. In this series, I'm aiming to get to the bottom of things. (I'll let readers judge whether Zionism is reasonable or not.) This first article looks at the stance of the UK authorities. It's an amazing story..."

The Restoration of Israel  (2005)

"What is the 'restoration' of which the scriptures speak, e.g. in Isaiah 49? If we take the unbiased method of Bible interpretation that says 'God's literal prophecies will all come true literally' (i.e. before they have any allegorical meaning), then we would expect to see a restoration of physical Israel shortly before the Lord's return..."

Alpha on Israel!  (May 2002)

"[I]n this article we ... want to explore the question of whether or not Alpha currently teaches truthfully about the physical nation of Israel. After all, this topic is vital for a proper comprehension of the gospel (Romans 11:11-25) and for rightly dividing God's Word..."


Local Agenda 21

Have Your Say on the Future of Medway  (14 February 2017)

"Many of the words and phrases used in this item by Medway Council [see here] reflect standard Agenda 21/2030 language, ideas, and goals, as instigated and promoted by ICLEI. I have emboldened and underlined some of these words and phrases, giving a reference number after each which refers to quotes below the article evidencing their origin and real meanings."

Some of the Terms Used in 'Ode to Medway Council'  (23 January 2017)

This is a 'Quickie Summary in Quotes' of Agenda 21/2030, Sustainable Development, The Return to Agrarianism, The Earth Charter, Project Europe, Redistribution, Collectivism, Change Agents, Common Purpose, Progressive Elites and Regressive Proles, The Populist Rebellion, etc.

Local Agenda 21/2030: Medway Council and Private Transport  (19 January 2017)

This is a 'Quickie Summary in Quotes' of Local Agenda 21 and ICLEI's drive to force all local councils to become 'Sustainable EcoCities'. The focus here, regarding Medway Council's Proposed CPZs, is on private transport and 'EcoMobility'.

Ode to Medway Council  (01 January 2017)

"Twas the morning of Christmas, no sound in the street / no cars off to work, no scurrying feet / to the station or coach stop; Strood North was at peace; / for one or two days their labours would cease. / But warm in their beds, with their cars in their drives, / the councillors of Medway were not satisfied. / 'We have a Plan to stick to - an Agenda have we! / And it must be in place by the year 2030...'"

Medway Council CPZs: Consideration Of, Questions Concerning, Objections To  (29 December 2016)

"According to Medway Council's Proposed Controlled Parking Zones for Strood North:..."



Favourite Hymns and Songs

The hymns and songs chosen here are all ones which focus on God the Father and on the Lord Jesus Christ, and on what He has done for us on the cross, what He does for us as we walk with Him day by day, and His eventual return in glory to take us home to be with Him. They are hymns and songs which words are rich in doctrine and biblical truth, which music soars our spirits and restores our souls, which melodies are simple and beautiful, contemplative and rousing, and which are easily learned and remembered thus enabling truly joyous corporate worship.

"I Love This Tune!"  (1994/2019)

"As the pianist started to play the first notes of the next hymn, I turned to the lady next to me and said excitedly, 'I love this tune!'  She smiled at me, and gently replied, 'When you are older, Elizabeth, you will realise that the words of the hymns are more important than the nice tunes.'  I was ten years old, and I have never forgotten that lady's wise words to me that Sunday morning in the Elim church in Clapham, South London..."

There Shall Be Showers of Blessing  (May 2019)

"Ezekiel 34:26 says that the Lord refreshes the earth with showers of rain and refreshes us with showers of blessing..."

Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted  (March 2019)

"Whilst on YouTube recently I happened across a hauntingly beautiful version of this hymn ... it is my choice of hymn for April as this month we meditate on the Lord's death and resurrection..."

We Rest On Thee, Our Shield and Our Defender  (February 2019)

"One of the favourite hymns of our fellowship sung in our Sunday meetings is this wonderful hymn ... Like many hymns, this hymn has a story - in fact, it has two stories..."

The Effects of Different Kinds of Music: Is Music Neutral?  (10 November 2015)

"What constitutes music? Is there good music and bad music? Or is it merely a matter of individual taste? Isn't music just notes and chords, etc? How can notes be 'good' or 'bad'?..."

The Effects of Different Kinds of Music: On the Health of the Body and Mind  (10 November 2015)

"Music influences and manipulates us more than we know... the human body and mind can be controlled and altered with music..."

The Effects of Different Kinds of Music: Some Examples  (10 November 2015)

"Examples of music that have proved healthful / Examples of music that have proved harmful."

The Effects of Different Kinds of Music: Some Experiments  (10 November 2015)

"Many scientific and medical studies have proved conclusively the tremendous effects of music upon the human physiology and anatomy..."

The Effects of Different Kinds of Music: Two Kinds of Music  (10 November 2015)

"There are really only two kinds of music:..."

Jesus: The Way or the Way Show-er?  (1997)

"Beware the 'Christian' song, Lord, I Lift Your Name on High:..."


Roman Catholicism

Various Articles on the Subjects of:

The Doctrines and Teachings of Rome  /  The Papacy  /  Scripture and Tradition  /  History, Persecution, the Reformation  /  The Jesuits  /  Ecumenism and Interfaith  /  Babylon: Mystery Religion  /  General Articles  /  Websites of Interest

Reformation Avant La Lettre in Late Medieval Europe   (April 1994 / 2013)

"There were many criticisms of medieval Roman Catholicism from Christians who would not bow to her authority. ... This article looks at some of Rome's detractors who were the immediate forerunners of the Reformation of the 16th century; in particular John Wycliffe (c1320-1384) and the Lollards in England, and Jan Hus (c1369-1415) and the Hussites in Bohemia..."

Quotations and Miscellaneous Information

Recommended Materials:  Books, DVDs, Videos, etc


Word-Faith Movement

Various Articles on the Subjects of:

Roots and History of Word-Faith and the Influences Upon Word-Faith Teachers  /  Faith in Faith and Faith in God  /  Word-Faith Teachings About Health and Healing  /  Word-Faith Teachings About God the Father  /  Word-Faith Teachings About God the Son  /  Are We Little Gods?  /  Are We As Christ?  /  'Touch Not Mine Anointed': Should We Test Word-Faith Teachings?  /  Some Quotes and Comments on Word-Faith Teachings  /  Some Testimonies  /  Videos and YouTubes  /  Recommended Materials and Websites


The Last Days and the Lord's Return

Terrible Acts: Is the UK OK or Could Judgment Be Imminent?  (12 February 2010)

"Whatever one's personal take on eschatology (the study of the end times), and how close we are to the return of Christ, and what will happen to the world (and to the true Church) in the intervening time, there's something no Christian who knows the Bible, and who is aware of God's utter purity, holiness, justice and righteousness, and who is watching the moral decline of the UK, can sensibly deny - and that is that the UK deserves God's judgment..."

Time To Look At Your Watch  (2007)

"Our Lord declared, 'What I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.'  Is our watch telling the right time? Or have some of us stopped watching altogether? Certain folks believe that Christians shouldn't bother watching the world's slide towards accepting the antichrist. They argue that such an activity is unhealthy because it can become obsessive. They also contend that it takes our eyes off the true Christ. Finally they claim it is pointless anyway and is therefore a waste of valuable time. These are serious charges which deserve proper consideration. Hopefully the following will be of use in this regard..."

The Front Of It! Piracy of the High Cons (Chart)  (09 October 2007)

"In the book of Revelation, the Bible prophesies an end-time person who, during the last days before the return of Christ Jesus, 'deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do ... And he causeth ALL, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that NO man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark..." (Rev 13:13-17, emphasis ours). Many folks understandably ask how a single person can achieve such a feat across the entire globe without some high-level 'conspiracy'..."

The Front Of It!  Piracy of the High Cons (Supporting Documentation)  (2006 / 2007 - material added periodically)

This page is the repository for all information regarding the chart above.

Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh!  (17 May 1998)

"Forty days after the resurrection, the Lord Jesus ascended into heaven.  What a glorious event that was!  What rejoicing there must have been amongst the heavenly hosts as God the Son, who had 'humbled Himself and become obedient unto death' took His place at the right hand of the Father, exalted and glorified, where 'he ever liveth to make intercession' for us until the time appointed for Him to return to earth..."


Talks and Sermons

Full of Grace and Truth  (2004)

On the most effective ways to give and receive correction: The NEED for correction; RECEIVING correction; and BRINGING correction.

Beware False Balances (2 of 3)  (2004)

"Good morning everyone. ... [W]ithin what might be called the realms of 'orthodox Christianity' there are a whole host of differing, but very strongly-held, views about God and His Kingdom - and they clearly can't all be right. ... The question I want to ask here is this: How do you or I know that we too have not become spiritually blind in one or more areas of our doctrine?..."

Beware False Balances (1 of 3)  (2004)
Full Length version  |  Condensed version

"Good morning. ... Who can tell me roughly how many denominations are officially thought to now exist within professing Christianity? Any estimates? 50? 100?..."


Miscellaneous Topics

Yoga - The Bare Facts  (12 August 2017)

An email discussion in seven parts: (1) Introduction; (2) Basic Yoga Theory; (3) Yoga and the Brain; (4) Warnings from Yogis; (5) Western Yoga and Kundalini; (6) A Kundalini Testimony; (7) Some Conclusions.

The UK EU Referendum: Some Questions for Remainers  (23 June 2016)

Concerning our Sovereignty.  Concerning our Justice.  Concerning our Finances.  Concerning our Guests.

A Tweet From A Young Remainer  (19 June 2016)

"Amidst all the mainstream and social media's sanctimonious virtue-signalling and grotesque Brexit-blaming for the murder of Jo Cox MP on Thursday, was this nasty little tweet by one Remainer, whom, from the content of his well-thought out 'opinion' on the matter, I suppose to be fairly young:..."

Love and Doctrine: Either or Both? True Love  (2003 / November 2015)

"Is this a strange question to ask?  What we mean is: does our modern, western idea of love line up with God's view of love as shown by His actions in the Bible?  If not, then we need to get back in line with our Heavenly Father.  We all know so well the scriptures that speak of God loving the world so much that He put aside His glory and came to earth to die for us:..."

Hypocrites!  (11 September 2015)  [Non-Bayith author]

"There are times when I feel as if we ... are fiddling while Rome burns..."

Bible Verses on the Nature of Jesus  (12 November 2014)

This is a letter written by Dusty to a Jehovah's Witness couple who had challenged him with a set of 20 questions about the Lord Jesus.

Female Genital Mutilation: The God Who Hates  (16 June 2014)

"Until recently we in the West have known or heard little about Female Genital Mutilation - what it involves and what is its perverted purpose. Now though, especially through the internet and the alternative media, we are seeing and hearing more. FGM is mass mutilation of children: female children..."

Gospel Insights  (October 2013)

Simple Scriptural Truths about the Christian Faith and the believer's walk with the Lord.

Letter To Dr. John Mackay  (12 February 2009)

A response to Dr. Mackay's article "Where Do Aborted Babies Go?"

Good To Go  (06 June 2008)

"The next time a fellow believer seems unpleasant towards you without good cause, why not seek the Lord about sending them the following Bible verses?..."

Twelve Telling Tests of Timeliness  (2005)

"When it comes to the various errors infiltrating the Christian Church, folks can naturally feel that some of the older issues are 'old hat' and that the Remnant should 'move on' from them and focus instead on the latest problems. This is entirely understandable, but I have identified twelve tests which I believe must all be failed before effort on some older issue can confidently be termed 'out of date'. I supply these tests below..."

The Passion of The Christ  (27 March 2004)

10 things you really need to know about this film! Numerous very good articles have been written about Mel Gibson's film, and so, rather than reinventing the wheel, we have here listed our 'top ten' aspects of the film, along with at least one reference to an article covering each point in more depth:..."

Healed from Past Hurts  (05 July 1998)

"The following is a composite of extracts from some very helpful books by various Christian Counsellors..."


Our Books


Recommended Websites

Preying: Protecting Children in a Christian Context

"It's no secret that there are many child molesters on the prowl today. Less well known is that these people represent a headache for Christians, because our fellowships are usually open to all and because we can be too trusting. ... This on-line book and accompanying website reveals the chilling growth in child sex attacks throughout [church] denominations. It also explains why this growth is taking place, and describes the simple, God-ordained ways in which churches can avoid this hazard and keep their children safe from even the most cunning, determined and experienced molesters and their devastating actions"


Please Pray for

...all those believers who are persecuted and martyred for their faith.
There are many, many suffering brothers and sisters who desperately need us to pray for them...

"Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them;
and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body"
(Hebrews 13:3)




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