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The Hebrew word 'Bayith' can be translated in several ways but usually means 'house' or 'foundation'. Our ministry aims to be a welcoming house that helps to provide believers with foundational material to bless and encourage you.




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Papal Infallibility

"[Papal Infallibility] has only been a dogma since 1870. Yes, it was invoked in medieval superstitious traditions centuries before that, but never as an immutable doctrine of faith. And since Pope Pius IX who pronounced it obviously wasn't infallible when it was imparted ex cathedra, it plainly cannot be an infallible pronouncement. ... there is and has ever been only one man who was and remains preserved from error, and that man is Christ Jesus. St Peter certainly never claimed infallibility when defining doctrine concerning faith or morals, so quite why any of those who claim to be his successors should believe they are preserved from the possibility of error when doing so is something of a mystery (or blasphemy). This is no trivial matter or minor doctrine. ... Papal Infallibility is contrary to Scripture and reason. it is pseudo history and ecclesial illusion" [source].

"I am only infallible if I speak infallibly but I shall never do that, so I am not infallible" [Pope John XXIII, quoted at source].



Understatement of the Week: Dr Ruth Rogers, chairman of Churches Together in Lewes and District, commenting on Ian Paisley's Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, which has just taken over the running of Jireh Chapel in Lewes: "I have the impression they are not ecumenical" [New Christian Herald, 16 May 1998].








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