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The Powers Behind Alpha, Vineyard & the ‘TE’

Link Data

This page is the repository for all information regarding the chart entitled

The Dragnet Behind Alpha, Vineyard, ‘Purpose-Driven’, ‘Toronto’ etc.

(Click to view the chart here but please note: you will need to use your “back arrow” to return to this page.)




This page currently comprises the following three sections:



1) Extra Links Omitted From Chart

2) How To Use The Table of Links

3) Table of Links Between Names



Some of the links in the table are included because someone has quoted another person favourably.  The 'acceptability' of quoting idolaters is invariably based on the solitary occasion when the apostle Paul, speaking at the Areopagus, quoted a pagan poet (Acts 17:28).  But this overlooks two crucial points:  Firstly, Paul did not quote this heathen poet (note that he was not quoting a heathen teacher) when instructing Christians but when EVANGELIZING PAGANS.  These are fundamentally different activities.  Secondly, Paul made clear that the poet in question was one of "your own" - i.e. someone who, like the rest of them, needed to "repent" (v30) and be saved.  (It is also surely relevant that Paul did not NAME the poet he was quoting.)  As far as we have been able to ascertain, none of the people in our chart have made this point alongside their quotes.  Indeed, there is usually no warning given at all.


It is bad enough to cite idolaters as sources of wisdom for Christians.  (Can people really not find any Christian sources for the points they want to make?)  It is even worse to fail to give a warning and disclaimer about that person’s idolatry.



1) Extra Links Omitted From Chart

The following are known links that had to be omitted from the chart for topological or readability reasons.  Data for each of these links is included in the table below.


Boehme, Jakob /Leade, Jane








Assagioli, R.



Assagioli, R.



Boehme, J. / Leade, J.






Hall, F.



Jung, C.



Kenyon, E.W.



Semple McPherson, A.



Teilhard deChardin, P.



There are many further instances of influence/co-operation that have only occurred after 1992 (so far as we can determine).  Please see the full table below for details.



*Any links in the following table which do not appear on the chart itself, nor in the above table, are given in black and/or italics (see below for more).  Any lack of strong connections can therefore be ignored for these entries.

* Orange, non-italic = includes at least one direct pre-1992 connection (only orange, non-itaicl links are shown on the chart).

* Orange, italic = no DIRECT pre-1992 connection, but at least one INDIRECT pre-1992 connection.

* Black, non-italic = no pre-1992 connections of any type, but at least one direct POST-1992 connection.

* Black italic = only INDIRECT, POST-1992 connections found so far.

* We do know of probable additional links, but the evidence we have collected for them is not yet conclusive enough.  Although the data for these probable links is included in the table below, we will not add the relevant arrow to the chart (or the above table) until sufficient further evidence is found.

* We have included some solid indirect connection data in the table in support of direct connections, and this subsidiary data is clearly marked ‘INDIRECT’.

* Connections that are known to have taken place after 1992 are also included (clearly marked ‘POST-1992’) to show that this ungodly alliance is still very much in place.

* We are in the process of adding data for the various connections between each name (especially extant ones) and HTB/Alpha.  See the entries ‘[Name] ==>> Alpha’ for the data we have added thus far.



2) How To Use The Table of Links

From the chart, pick a link in which you are interested.  Identify which bubble includes the start of the relevant arrow.  Read the text in the bubble and simply find that name on the far left hand side in the following, alphabetically arranged list.  You will be presented with the topmost entries of all the links that start from that name.  Simply scroll through the list of links until you find the particular one you are interested in.  There you will find all connections we currently know of between the two names.


(Please Note: The names in the table are always listed alphabetically.  Please also beware of the accent on the end of Renovaré when searching this page electronically.  Please also note that INDIRECT links can be found through looking at the data linking intermediate bubbles between two names.)



3) Table of Links Between Names

As far as we are aware, NONE of these connections came with caveats.  For example, we have yet to note a single name on the chart who repudiates any aspect of the ministry of another name when quoting that other name.  We define the difference between cooperation and association as follows: Attending a conference as an observer, where one of the speakers is apostate is one thing.  Sharing the platform with him/her and failing to expose them for what they are, is quite another!  Quoting them is one thing.  Giving their NAME, but no disclaimer about their other beliefs is another.


Notes: (a) These are just the overt or undeniable links - how many extra, hidden ones are there? (b) In many cases the primary source reference is available from the cited source. (c) Critics of this table may be able to find a handful of links they believe to be arguable, but, even if they do so, that will still leave over 95% for them to explain away. (d) All emphases are our own unless otherwise stated. (e) Where you see “linked to HTB”, please see the extra table at the end of this page for details.



We hope shortly to provide some biographies - to show just how amazingly unchristian the names in this list are.  In the meantime, you can find out about these people from websites like:  or  or  And, for certain people in the chart, (for Schuller and Copeland), (for Copeland, Hagin and Wimber), (for the Sandfords), (for Branham), and (for Schuller).  Please note, however, that we do not necessarily endorse everything on these sites or even on the pages listed here.



Assagioli, Roberto [Click here for details of this name]    

Assagioli ==>>  Alpha

INDIRECT: HTB cooperates with Willow Creek, yet the former associate director of spiritual formation at Willow Creek trained at Shalem Prayer Institute and has Tilden Edwards on the back cover of her most recent book - both of these have Assagioli’s strong influence [Data from Lighthouse Trails].

■ INDIRECT, POSSIBLY POST-1992: HTB stocks the book Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning.  This is a book which positively cites Gerald May - who promotes Assagioli’s teachings.

Assagioli ==>>  Foster, R./Renovaré

■ “[Tilden] Edwards leads the prestigious Shalem Prayer Institute [where Renovare’s William Vaswig studied]... In his book, Spiritual Friend, he [Edwards] suggests those who practice contemplative prayer ... should turn to a book entitled, Psychosynthesis, ... [by] world famous occultist, Roberto Assagioli” [Ray Yungen, A Time of Departing, {p}].

INDIRECT: Madeleine L’Engle was influenced by Assagioli, but Renovare quotes L’Engle very positively [Renovare’s Perspective magazine, April 1997 - Vol. 7, No. 2 - page 4].  Madeleine L’Engle is also quoted favourably on Page 205 of the 25th Anniversary Edition of Foster’s book Celebration of Discipline [J. Sundquist].

INDIRECT: Gerald May, who influenced Renovare’s Vaswig, wrote a book called A Pilgrimage of Healing which was full of Assagioli’s transpersonal psychology [Ray Yungen, phone conversation with Dusty, 2004].  May was “one of Rev. Vaswig’s professors” [].  It is MOST likely that May will have taught Vaswig about Assagioli.

“[A]n Esalen team visited Europe ... and discovered Roberto Assagioli’s psychosynthesis, ... This group then introduced Assagioli’s work to America. ... [At Esalen’s] second conference on “The Body and Spirituality” ... [participated] Sister Rose Mary Dougherty [a leader at the Shalem Institute where Renovare’s Vaswig studied] { }

INDIRECT: Assagioli strongly influenced Michael Murphy and others at Esalen (Murphy was a co-founder), and Esalen has strongly influenced Renovare (hence the latter’s endorsement of the Enneagram system devised by Esalen) { }

■ Gerald May is “number 2” at the Shalem Institute where Renovaré’s Vaswig studied, yet May makes extremely positive reference to Assagioli’s psychosynthesis movement [Ray Yungen, private phone conversation with Dusty].

Assagioli ==>>  Fox, G./Quakers

The Friends website contains pro-Assagioli material.  See for instance the ‘Views and Reviews’ in its magazine Inward Light, Vol XLVII, Nos. 101 and 102, Spring 1986 (as at

    Assagioli ==>>  Kelsey, M.

■ “Morton … tells us himself that one of his major influences was ‘the writings of … Roberto Assagioli’” [Morrison, op. cit., p433].

      Assagioli ==>>  Schuller, R.

INDIRECT: Gerald Jampolsky wrote “one of the groundbreaking classics in the transpersonal movement … Based on concepts from A Course in Miracles”.  Schuller has run A Course in Miracles and was endorsing Jampolsky as recently as 2004.


Bertolucci, John [Click here for details of this name]

     Bertolucci ==>> Alpha

INDIRECT: Bertolucci has cooperated with Yonggi-Cho – who has influenced HTB [{}].

INDIRECT: Bill Bright has influenced Alpha, yet “Speakers from Catholicism, mainline Protestant denominations and independent churches broke down the walls … at the Washington For Jesus Rally in Washington, D.C.  Pat Robertson, John Meares, Dr. Bill Bright, James Robinson and Jim Bakker shared the microphone with Catholic Fathers Randall and Bertalucci” [sic] [].

      Bertolucci ==>> Kuhlman, K.

Bertolucci appeared on K's TV program.  The details are: video “V480 457 4/17/75” was of “Father J. Bertolucci. Same as V1074”. Audio tape “T1734 1975” is of “Father J. Bartolucci, [sic] TV 457. 883” {}

Bertolucci ==>> Scanlan, M.

■ “[Jerry] Falwell was also one of the speakers at the 4/80 ‘Washington for Jesus’ rally. Fellow speakers were Catholic priests John Bertolucci, John Randall, and Michael Scanlon [sic]” [John Beard, ‘Jerry Falwell: General Teachings/Activities’].

Bertolucci “is the author of several books, including Prayers and Blessings for Daily Life in

Christ (with Fr. Michael Scanlan, TOR)” [].

Bertolucci ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ “I studied leaders like … Father John Bertolucci” [Wimber, Power Evangelism, p124, quoted in Dager, The Vineyard, p14].

POST-1992: “I had the pleasure off [sic] attending the Charismatic Conference in Steubenville in 1995, when Fr. John Bertolucci, [and], John Wimber … were there.” [].

■ Bertolucci is listed in the ‘Acknowledgments’ for Wimber’s book Power Healing.  


Boehme, Jakob /Leade, Jane [Click here for details of these names]

     Boehme/Leade ==>>  Alpha

INDIRECT: Gumbel quotes Newton approvingly and calls him a believer. {} but “Jacob Boehme was highly influential on subsequent thinkers, including Isaac Newton” [].

INDIRECT: Gumbel quotes Paul Tillich approvingly in Questions of Life [p21], but Tillich “borrowed ideas from” Boehme [].

    Boehme/Leade ==>>  Branham, W. / LR

■ “The supposed, ‘Father of the Latter Rain’ George R. Hawtin (deceased) had a 32-volume set of journals he wrote from 1960-1982. I have every volume and Jane Leade’s prophecies are in there and they are used by Hawtin as well as George H. Warnock, Bill Britton, Rick Joyner,  Clayt [sic] Sonmore, to proof-text the MSOG/NOLR doctrine. They, I know, have simply plagiarized Boehme and Leade’s writings.” [Researcher in U.S., personal email on file]

■ “Jane Leade’s 1619/1679 (false) prophetic article is found verbatim in Hawtin's writings ... [See] Hawtin, George R. ‘The New Attitude’ in Treasures of Truth: Here is the Mind That Hath Wisdom, Vol 9, pp. 103-106. Treasures of Truth, PO Box 99, Eagle, Idaho 83616.” [Researcher in U.S., personal email on file].

The books of the central Latter Rainer, George Hawtin, include lengthy excerpts from the writings of Boehme and Leade [Researcher in U.S., telephone conversation with DP].

■ INDIRECT: Royal Cronquist’s widow admitted in a phone call to U.S. researcher [above] that Royal knew FROM HIS COLLEGE DAYS that the NOLR was based on the doctrines and teachings of Jane Leade! (Cronquist knew the Latter Rainer George Warnock “quite well”) [Phonecall to Darlene Cronquist, May 29th 2003].

■ “I have … copies of letters from Warnock stating that he knew about Jane Leade and believed her prophetic declarations were genuinely from God for the times we are living in” [Researcher in U.S., email on file].

Boehme/Leade ==>>  Fox, G. /Quakers

■ “Fox and the Quakers espoused Boehme’s alchemistical and astrological cosmology” [Researcher in U.S., personal email on file].

■ “Jakob Boehme – German mystic and theosophist who founded modern theosophy; influenced George Fox (1575-1624)” [].

■ “Fox was one of those who were influenced by Boehme” [].

■ “Jacob Boehme’s Books were the chief books that the Quakers bought, for there is the Principle of Foundation of their Religion.” A Looking Glass for George Fox, 1667, p. 5. [quoted by].  Also, “This passage [by Fox] which records a striking personal experience is undated. It is strangely like an experience of the great German mystic, Jacob Boehme, whose works were published in England about the time Fox was beginning his missionary labors. … Muggleton, in his Looking Glass for G. Fox (second edition, 1756, page 10), says that the writings of Boehme are the “chief books” bought by the followers of Fox.” []. 

■ “Boehme was highly influential on subsequent thinkers, including … George Fox” [].

■ “For the influence of Boehme on Fox … see studies in Mystical Religion, pp494-5; cf., also, Fox’s Journal for 1648, 8th ed., vol.I, pp28-9, with Boehme’s Three Principles, cap. XX, §§ 39-42; also, life of J. B. in “Law’s edition,” vol. I, p. xiii, or the Signatura Rerum.” [].

      Boehme/Leade ==>>  Freemasons

■ “Boehme’s teachings were also influential in the development of high grade Freemasonry” [http://www/].

Boehme/Leade ==>>  Hall, F.

■ “Franklin Hall plagiarized Jane Leade’s prophecies” [Reseacher in U.S., email on file].

Boehme/Leade ==>>  Jung, C.

Jung positively cited Boehme dozens of times in his works. [Donivan Bessinger, Index of citations of Jakob Boehme in the Collected Works of Carl G. Jung,].

“[I]t was in Jung’s writings that I discovered the rare letter written from John Pordage (1607-1681) to Jane Leade (1623-1704) explaining ... how to alter her state of consciousness” [Researcher in U.S., email on file].

      Boehme/Leade ==>>  Schuller, R.

INDIRECT: Grubb was a huge fan of Boehme, yet Grubb appeared with Schuller on the latter’s ‘Hour of Power’ show in about 1991.  Schuller called Grubb “a living legend” and, in an interview of Grubb, Schuller neither expressed nor showed any problem whatsoever with what Grubb was saying [].



Branham, William /LR [Click here for details of this name]

     Branham/LR ==>>  Cain, P. /KCP

■ Paul Cain’s mentor was William Branham [Roger Oakland, op. cit., p77].

■ Cain was part of the ‘Latter Rain’ group of the mid 20th century [{}].

■ “As a young man in the 1950s, Cain toured the country with William Branham” [Hilborn, op. cit., p9].

■ “Cain once called Branham ‘The greatest prophet who EVER lived in any of my generations’” [Hank Hanegraaff, Counterfeit Revival, (Word, 1997), p134].

■ “I know that our Lord has been very gracious to us this week, ... I want to say that a young minister, Mr. Cain, I believe it’s, if I’m not mistaken, Paul Cain, is going to continue the revival on, beginning tomorrow night at the regular time, I guess, of seven-thirty. You’re all accordingly invi—cordially invited out to Brother Cain’s meeting ... I pray that it’ll continue on and on as Brother Cain and these other ministers are ministering ... I pray Thee, Father, to be with Brother Cain as he ministers on here in this platform” [W. Branham, ‘Believe Ye That I Can Do This?’,].

■ Cain became Branham’s understudy [Bill Jackson, The Quest for the Radical Middle, p182].

■ Vineyard admits that the “parallels between [the LR] and Paul Cain’s message to the Vineyard” are “striking” [Jackson, op. cit., p187].

“For quite a while I have been embarrassed to say anything about the latter rain, because you are associated and identified with something that people don’t seem to appreciate in certain evangelical circles. So I have played it cool and haven’t said much about it. But I don’t care what they think any more... I believe we are going to have the latter rain and I am looking forward to it” (Paul Cain, Toronto church on May 28, 1995) [DITC website].

■ Bickle says “there have been a lot of ANOINTED people who came to hold strange doctrines. Their constituency bought into the false assumption that a person whom GOD uses in a GENUINE prophetic or healing ministry must be 100% doctrinally correct. The most notable example in recent history is William Branham” Bickle, Growing in the Prophetic, p72 – italics in original].

■ POSSIBLY POST-1992: Bickle writes: “A prophet of the stature similar to those in the Old Testament would face incredible temptations and pressures. William Branham’s prophetic ministry … was so unique that he came to be revered by some on a level with the Old Testament prophets Elijah and Elisha … Branham himself, wanting to be a teacher [instead of staying a prophet!], ended up promoting certain heresies [as if his ministry had previously been sound!].”  Bickle then goes on to strongly indicate he sees Branham as one of God’s “prophetic people” and as a “prophet”, rather than as a FALSE prophet, and merely that “doctrinal errors … developed … at the END of his life” [Growing in the Prophetic, p118].

     Branham/LR ==>>  Copeland, K. /Hagin, K.

Hagin ministered “in the circles of … Branham”[McConnell , op. cit., p60] and was “heavily influenced by his peers, … [including] William Branham” [McConnell, op. cit., p69].

■ Branham naturally supported Hagin’s ‘prosperity’ teaching [Hilborn, op. cit., p10].

■ McConnell, op. cit., also shows the influence of OTHER Latter-Rain leaders on Hagin! {}

■ Hagin and Copeland are central to the Word-Faith movement which “coexisted with, and grew out of the Latter Rain movement ... [It also] tends to ... hold to the primary doctrines put forward by William Branham ... [M]ost leaders in this [WoF] movement uphold Branham as a man of God or prophet” [Tom and Sheila Smith, op. cit.].

“[B]oth Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin point to T.L. Osborn and William Branham as true men of God who greatly influenced their lives and ministries” [Hank Hanegraaff, CRI STATEMENT DC755-1, ‘WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE FAITH MOVEMENT (Part One)’,].

INDIRECT: “RHB [a product of Hagin’s Rhema Schools] praises Branham as a great man of God, and the Latter Rain movement as a move of the spirit” [].

■ “Kenneth Hagin claims that Branham’s prophecies and thought reading were absolutely accurate ... [A]fter Branham’s weird doctrines came out, all Pentecostals distanced themselves from him except Kenneth Hagin. Hagin claimed Branham was a true Biblical prophet” [Steve Van Nattan,].
■ “The First Assemblies of God, I believe it is, is having a--a revival, and morning meetings also, by some evangelist. And I don’t remember just what the brother’s name is now, but I heard about him. Brother Hagin? [Someone says, “Hagin.”--Ed.] Hagin? Brother Hagin is holding a revival at the (Is that the First Assembly?) First Assemblies of God. And I’ve met their pastor, a fine man. ... Hear the brother. I’ve never met him, but he’s my brother anyhow, whether I’ve met him or not” [W. Branham, ‘Jehovah-Jireh’,].>
■ “This morning I was at the Assemblies of God church for the morning meeting, where we had a lovely service. I was listening at [sic] the evangelist there. I can’t think of the man’s name. [Someone says, “Hagin.”--Ed.] Hagin, Brother Hagin. Very reliable teacher... ...Brother Hagin, this morning [was] teaching on Divine healing, which had a marvelous message. I sure appreciate it. My first time of knowing ever [sic] getting to shake hands with the brother, but a mighty fine man. [Why the efforts to appear not to know Hagin?! - DP] [W. Branham, ‘Glorified Jesus’,].

    Branham/LR ==>>  Fort Lauderdale 5

■ Latter Rain leader Ern Baxter was a member of the FL5.  Ern Baxter was “an associate with William Branham’s healing ministry” [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p62].

■ Ern Baxter was William Branham’s secretary [McConnell, 

■ “[T]he ‘Fort Lauderdale Five’ ... were joined by John Poole, another Latter Rain adherent. Together these men established a group for ecumenical renewal.” [Derek Owers, ‘The Charismatic Movement’,].

■ Member of the FL5, Derek Prince, shared a platform with Branham in ’65. [See Derek Prince, Protection From Deception booklet {}].

■ “George Warnock, who wrote the ONLY systematic teaching from the Latter Rain (The Feast of Tabernacles), was Ern Baxter’s personal secretary” [A Second Pentecost?, by Orrel Steinkamp,].    

    Branham/LR ==>>  Fuller TS

■ “I was having a service at Charles Fuller... with Charles Fuller, over in Long Beach. If any of you was there, you know how many was in there.” [W. Branham, ‘Diseases and Afflictions’,]

■ “Men such as Billy Graham, and Jack Schuller, Oral Roberts, and many of the great evangelists, and Charles Fuller, who has an outreach to the whole world, they do everything that they can to warn the coming of the Lord.” [W.Branham, ‘The Sudden, Secret Going Away of the Church’,]

■ Fuller is called a ‘brother’ in other Branham talks including ‘Faith is the Substance’, and ‘Discernment of Spirit’ (both viewable at

      Branham/LR ==>>  Pytches, D.

■ Pytches implies that Branham was part of the true church and, by placing Branham alongside people of whom Pytches is known to approve (e.g. MacNutt), he endorses Branham’s ministry [D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p163]. 

     Branham/LR ==>>  Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ Wimber has said: “I believe the Church of Jesus Christ … has been weighed and judged in this generation. And instead of learning from our predecessors from the Latter-day Rain Movement [sic] … we have allowed the enemy to come in and distract and take away the passion of God, and rob it out of our lives” [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p157].

■ “‘I … picked up literature written by or about men like … William Branham … Their writings … did convince me that they were not frauds’” [Wimber, Power Evangelism, 1992, p84, as quoted in Dager, The Vineyard, p1].

■ Vineyard’s Jack Deere has extolled the work of Branham [Hanegraaff, Counterfeit Revival, (Word Publishing, 1997), p137].

Vineyard leader Bill Jackson promotes Branham and defends the LR [Jackson, The Quest for the Radical Middle., pp28,182,183-187].

■ Vineyard admits that the parallels between the Latter Rain and Paul Cain’s message to the Vineyard are “striking” [Jackson, op. cit., p187].

■ Vineyard’s Bill Jackson, in a book endorsed by the Vineyard leadership, says William Branham was the “premier” healer of the post-war period [Jackson, op. cit., p182].  According to Jackson, Branham only embraced “errors” rather than heresies [Ibid], and only did so later in his ministry.

■ Vineyard’s Bill Jackson, in a book published by the Vineyard, claims that the “Latter rain” saw a true, and “powerful”, revival and that “The Spirit of GOD” fell on its students [Jackson, op. cit., p183].


Cain, Paul /KCP [Click here for details of this name]

    Cain/KCP ==>>  Alpha

■ “[T]he KCP, headed by Cain, ministered … at Holy Trinity, Brompton” - this occurred the very year Gumbel took over Alpha (1990) [Stephen Hunt, Anyone For Alpha?, (Darton, Longman and Todd, 2001), p25].

■ Sandy Millar signed a statement in 1990 declaring that he had “no doubt about the validity” of KCP’s ministry [Hilborn, op. cit., p13].

■ “John Wimber, affirmed in his in-house magazine Equipping the Saints that - in July 1990, in front of 1,000 church leaders at Holy Trinity Brompton - Cain stated: ‘Thus saith the Lord: Revival will be released in England in October of 1990…’” [Fearon, op. cit, p83].

■ “[T]he Kansas City Prophets came to HTB … in 1991” to a conference on prophecy [The Collection, p198].  The KCP come out very well from the reference to them in this HTB book.

■ Mike Bickle’s glowing endorsement of Alpha and of Gumbel is included in Gumbel’s book Telling Others, p15 (2001).

POST-1992: HTB stocks the book Needless Casualties of War by the KCP’s John Paul Jackson.

POST-1992: HTB stocks the Mike Bickle book Passion for Jesus.

POST-1992: Millar’s endorsement of Bickle’s book Growing in the Prophetic appears on the front cover of the first edition.

POST-1992: Millar shared a platform with the KCPs in 2003 [].

POST-1992: HTB promotes, and HTB’s newspaper has carried a number of adverts for, conferences involving Francis Frangipane and Rick Joyner, both of whom were members of the KCP.

POST-1992: Floyd McClung is the senior pastor of Metro and he has influenced Gumbel.

POST-1992: Millar was still endorsing Cain in 1998 [UKFocus, Nov 1998, pUK2].

     Cain/KCP ==>>  Kraft, C.

■ Both Cain and Kraft participated at the 1990 ‘North American Congress on the Holy Spirit & World Evangelism’ [Cloud].

    Cain/KCP ==>>  MacNutt, F.

“This past July [of 1990] we had the wonderful opportunity to meet several of the so-called “Kansas City prophets” ... We were at a conference in London directed by John Wimber, who introduced us to Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson who spent half an hour prophesying in our regard” [‘Excerpts of a Prophecy’, by Francis MacNutt, taken from the November 1990 issue (of Christian Healing’s newsletter)].

“[P]rophecies [were] given by Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson for Francis and Judith MacNutt on July 12, 1990 at Holy Trinity Brompton Anglican Church”[‘Excerpts of a Prophecy’, by Francis MacNutt, taken from the November 1990 issue (of Christian Healing’s newsletter)].

     Cain/KCP ==>>  Pytches, D.

■ Pytches wrote an entire book in defence of the KCP entitled Some Said It Thundered (Hodder and Stoughton, 1990).  See Eric Wright, Strange Fire?, for more. {}

■ POST-1992: Pytches wrote the Foreword for Bickle’s 1995 book ‘Growing in the Prophetic’.

    Cain/KCP ==>>  Sandford, J./P.

■ The Foreword to the book Needless Casualties of War (author: John Paul Jackson of the KCP) was written by John Sandford.

POST-1992: The website of the Sandford’s ministry ‘Elijah House’ stocks the book Breaking Free of Rejection by the KCP’s John Paul Jackson.

    Cain/KCP ==>>  Wagner, C. P.

POST-1992: “A release from The Wagner Institute for Practical Ministry ...  Mobilizing the Prophetic Office for the Next Century January 28 -30, 1999: Paul Cain - New Speaker! … We have just been informed that Paul Cain, who is internationally renowned and respected, will be joining us for the key gathering” [].

■ POST-1992: “Today, if you visit the World Prayer Center … established and directed by Peter Wagner, you will find the works of … the Kansas City prophets” [XOFC article on Wagner { }].

■ POST-1992: CPW was joined by Paul Cain and Rick Joyner as speakers at a conference in January 1999 [XOFC article on Wagner { }].

■ INDIRECT: Weiner has worked with CPW, yet Paul Cain spoke at Maranatha’s conference in San Antonio, Texas, in December 1989.  Also, during 1990, Weiner and his family were planning to spend time with various ministers, including Mike Bickle. [‘Maranatha Revamps Church Structure’, Charisma and Christian Life, March 1990, pp21-22, coutesy of researcher in U.S.].

    Cain/KCP ==>>  Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

At the meeting between Cain and Wimber in 1988, “Cain carries with him a warning for Wimber and the Vineyard. The essence of his message is that Wimber must give greater priority to holiness within the movement … Wimber takes this as a word from God, and decides from now on to forge a close association with KCF” [Hilborn, op. cit., p12]

■ “At a Vineyard conference held in Denver in August 1989, Wimber voiced his desire that every Vineyard pastor present should allow the KCF prophets to minister to them” [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p157.  See also Dager, The Vineyard, p16].

■ As far back as 1982 David Parker was on Bickle’s staff and has since become the pastor of a large Vineyard Church in Lancaster, California [Bickle, Growing in the Prophetic, p22].

■ Bickle says: “John Wimber asked me to pray for the gift of prophecy to be imparted to people at the 1989 Vineyard Conference in Anaheim” – and he did so [Bickle, Growing in the Prophetic, p142].

■ “John Paul Jackson is a prophetic minister who was on the pastoral staff of Metro Vineyard Fellowship for about five years and then with John Wimber and the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Anaheim for another three years” [Bickle, Growing in the Prophetic, p146].

■ POST-1992: Sam Storms joined Bickle’s staff in 1993 and attended a Vineyard conference in 1994.

POST 1992: Bob Mumford and Paul Cain were both featured speakers at a Vineyard Conference held in Minneapolis [Tricia Tillin, “THE NEW THING” Part3a,].



Carter-Stapleton, Ruth [Click here for details of this name - TO BE DONE]

      Carter-Stapleton ==>>  Alpha

INDIRECT: Ruth’s brother, Jimmy Carter comes out very well from Gumbel’s comments and quotes in Challenging Lifestyle, pp210-11.

INDIRECT: Gumbel’s pal, Bill Bright, has worked with Jimmy Carter [Burns, op.cit., p85].

     Carter-Stapleton ==>>  Schuller, R.

INDIRECT: “[A] Georgia Dome crusade featured … Jimmy Carter [Ruth’s brother] … [and] Robert Schuller” [Burns, op. cit., p95].

     Carter-Stapleton ==>>  Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

“Wimber cites in his teachings: … Ruth Carter Stapleton” [Al Dager, The Vineyard, p12].

In his book, Power healing, Wimber writes that he studied “the theologies and practices of leaders from different schools of divine healing” applying what he “learnt from these models to our situation in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship”.  In the accompanying footnote he writes: “Almost every model I studied offered some insight into divine healing,…  Amongst the leaders of these “schools” and “models” he lists are … Ruth Carter-Stapleton [Wimber, Power Healing, pp182, 292-293].

■ Wimber cites Ruth Carter-Stapleton as a true DIVINE healer [Power Healing, p293].


Copeland, Kenneth /Hagin, Kenneth [Click here for details of these names]

Copeland/Hagin ==>> Alpha

■ HTB still stocks Wimber’s book Power Healing, and this book is advertised in Alpha News, #19, p32, yet it directly promotes Copeland and Hagin by name.  This book formed an item of recommended reading on early versions of Alpha (i.e. pre-1995), since it is listed in the recommended reading in the White (1993) Alpha Manual for attendees.

INDIRECT: HTB endorsed Paul Cain [David Hilborn, A Chronicle of the Toronto Blessing and Related Events, as published by the Evangelical Alliance (UK), p136], who has shared a platform with Kenneth Hagin [Charisma Magazine, July 1989, p27, as quoted in Roger Oakland, New Wine or Old Deception? (The Word for Today, 1995), p76].

■ HTB stocks John Wimber’s book Power Healing which lends substantial credence to Hagin’s ministry – and also mentions Copeland positively (see entry ‘Wimber (/Vineyard) ==>> Copeland/Hagin’ for details).

■ The God Channel is advertised in Alpha News #26, p26.

POST-1992, INDIRECT: HTB has endorsed Randy Clark, who has cooperated with Hagin.

POST-1992, INDIRECT: HTB’s leaders have no apparent problem with RHB – who was a product of Hagin’s church.  See the letter HTB’s Sandy Millar wrote in the October 8th 1995 issue of the HTB in FOCUS newspaper.

INDIRECT, POST-1992: HTB stocks Warren books yet, “Rick [Warren] is also a member of, this a basically a online Word Faith teacher gathering. This site is loaded with false teachers: Creflo Dollar, Ken Copeland, Oral Roberts {Roberts is a mason – click here for evidence], Marilyn Hickey, Charles Capps, Rodney Howard-Browne, Fred Price, John Avanzini, Jesse Duplantis, etc” [Message posted on 09/29/2004, by fishtank,].

Copeland/Hagin ==>> Cain, P. /KCP

Paul Cain has shared a platform with Hagin [Oakland, op.cit., p77].

INDIRECT  POST-1992: “Israel’s Jubilee Celebration [] held in 1998, where … Rick Joyner and Stephen Strang shared the stage with Benny Hinn, [and] Mike Bickle” [].

INDIRECT  POST-1992: John Paul Jackson has appeared on Hinn’s TV show [].

Copeland/Hagin ==>> Fort Lauderdale 5

■ “In response to Copeland’s overtures, [FL5’s] Simpson stated that ‘I’ve always believed that those men [the faith teachers - DRC] had something the church needed to hear, and I am moved by the openness I see among many of them. Ken [Copeland - DRC], for example, has taken some daring and courageous steps to identify with us and other leaders. He has won my admiration for that’” [McConnell, op. cit., p89].

CBM links Hagin to the FL5 since Charles Simpson was a member of both [Al Dager, Vengeance is Ours, (Sword Publishers, 1990), p126].

“[T]he NCM is to me the most enigmatic of all these ‘networks’ because of the paradoxical membership mixture, which ... includes on the one hand Bob Mumford and Charles Simpson, … and on the other hand men such as Kenneth Copeland” [Charismatic Captivation, By Dr. Steven Lambert].

■ See also entry FL5 ==> Copeland/Hagin.

Copeland/Hagin ==>> Pytches, D.

INDIRECT: Pytches calls TBN ‘Christian’ and that “special [supposedly successful] prayer went up” when TBN was contacted after someone had died [Come, Holy Spirit, p238]. (TBN has worked with both Hagin and Copeland.)

Copeland/Hagin ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

In his book Power Healing Wimber cites Hagin as an apparently recommended source on healing; Wimber seemingly coming down on the side of all physical healing being in the atonement – which is Hagin’s view [John Wimber with Kevin Springer, Power Healing, (Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1986), pp166, 291].

In his book, Power healing, Wimber writes that he studied “the theologies and practices of leaders from different schools of divine healing” applying what he “learnt from these models to our situation in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship”.  In the accompanying footnote he writes: “Almost every model I studied offered some insight into divine healing,…  Amongst the leaders of these “schools” and “models” he lists are Kenneth Copeland, Morris Cerullo and Kenneth Hagin [Wimber, Power Healing, pp182, 292-293].

That Hagin was an admitted influence on Wimber is reported at:  Al Dager, John Wimber and the Vineyard, as recorded at

■ “Kenneth Copeland appeared … in New Wine, along with … John Wimber, … in a forum on unity in the charismatic movement” [McConnell, op. cit., p88].

“A series of Conferences beginning in 1986 called, The North American Congress was sponsored by the North American Renewal Service Committee. David Cloud writes he attended one in 1987 and also 1990. According to Cloud, influential leaders of the charismatic movement participated--[including] John Wimber, [and] Kenneth Copeland” [].

“Wimber cites in his teachings … Kenneth E. Hagin, ‘father’ of the word-faith movement, mentor of Kenneth Copeland, and disciple of E.W.Kenyon, whose theology was heavily influenced by science of mind teachings” [Dager, The Vineyard, p13].

■ POST-1992: Vineyard’s Bill Jackson claims that the “renewal” associated with Toronto “had already been breaking out in … men like [Hagin-product] Rodney Howard-Browne, [and] Kenneth Copeland” [Jackson, op. cit., p280].

■ POST-1992: “[Vineyard’s] Randy Clark, .... received his anointing ... at Kenneth Hagin’s ‘Rhema’ church” [Sizer, The Toronto Blessing].

■ INDIRECT, POST-1992: Wimber allowed Benny Hinn to lay hands on, and pray over, him, but Hinn believes Copeland is “the very presence of God”. {}

■ INDIRECT, POST-1992: Vineyard’s Bill Jackson and Randy Clark have no apparent problem with Rodney Howard-Browne (a product of Hagin) [Jackson, op. cit., p278].

■ INDIRECT: “John Arnott, pastor of the Toronto Vineyard, admits to having been a friend of Benny Hinn for 20 years and that he has been a leading figure in shaping his view of divine healing and anointing” [Sizer, taken from Gary McHale & Michael Haykin, The Toronto Blessing: A Renewal from God?, (Canadian Christian Publishers, 1995), p245].

INDIRECT: “In January 1994, John Wimber also confessed the impact Benny Hinn has had upon him, ‘...he was the most sweet, broken person I’ve ever talked to. I cry out now, thinking about it. He’s so full of the Holy Ghost. I just loved him.’” [Sizer, taken from Gary McHale & Michael Haykin, op. cit., p249].


Fort Lauderdale 5 [Click here for details of this name]

Fort Lauderdale 5 ==>> Alpha


POST-1992, INDIRECT: “One advertisement for a Vineyard Conference held in Minneapolis with the Arnotts from the Airport Vineyard [with whom HTB still cooperates], … [had] Bob Mumford as a featured speaker” [Tricia Tillin, “THE NEW THING” Part3a,].

POSSIBLY POST-1992: HTB stocks at least three books by Derek Prince (including Blessing and Cursing and Appointment in Jerusalem [the latter predates 1992]).

Fort Lauderdale 5 ==>> Cain, P. /KCP

“Derek Prince came to the church [KCF] in 1986” [“Vintage Metro: My Eight Years With The Kansas City Prophets” (Part Two), Don Clasen].

POST 1992: Bob Mumford and Paul Cain were both featured speakers at a Vineyard Conference held in Minneapolis [Tricia Tillin, “THE NEW THING” Part3a,].

■ INDIRECT: Weiner has worked with at least 4 members of the FL5, yet in 1990 Weiner was found preaching at Rick Joyner’s Morning Star compound.  Weiner is on Morning Star’s Board of Directors.  (Weiner has admitted that he and his organization had “taken the teachings, eaten the meat and swallowed the bones” of the FL5’s ‘discipleship’ movement.  Furthermore, Weiner spent time during a sabbatical in 1989 being ‘ministered’ to by Larry Tomczak, Albie Person and Derek Prince [‘Maranatha Revamps Church Structure’, Charisma and Christian Life, March 1990, pp21-22, courtesy of researcher in U.S.].  Also, “Weiner welcomed … Mumford and others to preach” at Maranatha’s conferences [letter from researcher in U.S. , Oct, 17th 2004].

Fort Lauderdale 5 ==>> Copeland, K. /Hagin, K.

“In January of 1984, New Wine magazine featured and endorsed Kenneth Copeland, ... The Shepherding leaders defended Copeland, claiming that his doctrine, like theirs, was misunderstood and misapplied by followers.  Bob Mumford commented, ‘One thing all of us have learned through the opposition we have experienced is that when a biblical truth is revealed to us, we cannot cease to preach it because some people misapply it. We feel an identification with Kenneth and those other brothers…’ … [‘A Voice of Victory: An Interview with Kenneth Copeland’, New Wine 16 (Jan. 1984)]” [Dan McConnell, The Promise of Health and Wealth, (Hodder and Stoughton, 1990), p87]

■ “The first national Network conference in Denver [in 1985] … included Faith leader Kenneth Copeland, and Shepherding leaders Charles Simpson and Bob Mumford … In the afterglow of the first Network conference, Kenneth Copeland appeared again in [FL5’s] New Wine, along with Charles Simpson, … in a forum on unity in the charismatic movement. In this forum, Copeland and Simpson engaged in mutual absolution of past abuses. They hailed Shepherding and Faith doctrine as valid and important parts of the multifaceted revelation given to the independent charismatic movement.” [Ibid, p88].

■ Mumford and Copeland both participated in the ‘North American Congress’ in ’87 and/or ’90 [{}]

INDIRECT: Hinn (who works with Copeland) quotes favourably from Derek Prince [G. Richard Fisher and M. Kurt Goedelman, The Confusing World of Benny Hinn, (Personal Freedom Outreach, 1996), p77].

■ See also entry Copeland/Hagin ==> FL5.

Fort Lauderdale 5 ==>> Frisbee, L.

■ “It was to Bob Mumford that Lonnie Frisbee went in 1971, when he left Chuck Smith …  At the invitation of Mumford, Lonnie entered the beginning of the shepherding movement ‘to join with other Jesus People leaders,’ for five years of ‘intensive Bible study’, where upon he returned to Calvary Chapel for a short time” [].

“In October 1971 Frisbee announced that he was leaving Calvary Chapel and California. His immediate plans are to join Bob Mumford, a popular, Florida-based charismatic teacher for a period of intensive Bible study” [R.M. Enroth, E.E. Ericson, C.B. Peters, The Story of the Jesus People: a Factual Survey, (The Paternoster Press, 1972), p93].

■ “The Frisbees accepted the invitation of Bob Mumford … to come to Ft. Lauderdale for the BEGINNING of what would become the Discipleship (or Shepherding) movement … Mumford asked him [Lonnie] to submit to his direct spiritual supervision for a one-year sabbatical from the ministry to engender healing and restoration” [Jackson, op. cit., p44].

“Lonnie Frisbee had returned to Calvary Costa Mesa after several years of being involved with Bob Mumford in Santa Clara, CA. Lonnie had suffered a very painful divorce, and had fallen prey to their shepherding doctrines.” [Nancy Blankmeyer  John Wimber’,].

■ Lonnie was a fan of Derek Prince and even gave his bother some teaching tapes by Prince [telephone conversation with Stan Frisbee].

Fort Lauderdale 5 ==>> MacNutt, F.

■ “In January (7-10), I [MacNutt] was part of the annual meeting of the Charismatic Concerns Committee (CCC). This group of about 40 has been quietly meeting since 1971 when Dennis Bennett invited a group of diverse leaders (including myself) from the newly begun charismatic renewal to help these national leaders get to know each other. Among those leaders (for those of you who remember back that far) were David duPlessis, the “Fort Lauderdale Five” (such as Derek Prince, Don Basham, Bob Mumford, and Charles Simpson). The group was small enough that we really got to know and esteem each other” [Healing News by Francis MacNutt, taken from the Mar/Apr 2002 issue,].

      ■ MacNutt was a member of the CBM alongside FL5’s Simpson [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p126].

■ MacNutt is linked to Derek Prince through them both attending a CFO camp in 1967 [Francis MacNutt, Fire From Heaven,].

“I have learned so much about deliverance, beginning with Agnes Sanford, and then Tommy Tyson, and then Derek Prince and other protestants who have written extensively about casting out demons (as in Derek’s recent book, They Shall Expel Demons.)” [‘Seeking a Balanced Deliverance Ministry in the Church’, by Francis MacNutt, taken from the Fall 1999 issue of his  newsletter].

MacNutt recommends a Don Basham book [Healing, p329].

The MacNutts recommend and praise work by both Basham and Prince [Praying for Your Unborn Child, (Hodder and Stoughton, 2002), p157].

Fort Lauderdale 5 ==>> Wierwille, V.P.

INDIRECT: Wierwille was greatly influenced by Clark, Daily and Moseley of CFO, but [Derek] Prince spoke at a CFO camp:  “CAMPS FARTHEST OUT -- This semi-metaphysical  movement is even more errant than the above, yet Mr. Grubb enjoys fellowship at their far-out camps, and even recommends the strange writings of CFO leaders such as founder Glenn Clark, Starr Daily, and Rufus Moseley” [Mr. Norman P. Grubb, Miles J. Stanford].

Fort Lauderdale 5 ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

“[I]n [FL5’s magazine] New Wine, … [appeared] John Wimber, … in a forum on unity in the charismatic movement” [McConnell, op. cit., p88].

POST 1992: Bob Mumford [was one of the] featured speakers at a Vineyard Conference held in Minneapolis [Tricia Tillin, “THE NEW THING” Part3a,].

POST-1992, WEAK: “The Renewal Journal, Number 5, on ‘Signs and Wonders’ included comment on the current blessing from overseas by Derek Prince, John Wimber, Jerry Steingard and others” [Renewal Journal # 7 (96:1): Blessing].

In his book, Power healing, Wimber writes that he studied “the theologies and practices of leaders from different schools of divine healing” applying what he “learnt from these models to our situation in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship”.  In the accompanying footnote he writes: “Almost every model I studied offered some insight into divine healing,…  Amongst the leaders of these “schools” and “models” he lists are … Derek Prince. [Wimber, Power Healing, pp182, 292-293].

■ Wimber cites Derek Prince as a true divine healer [Power Healing, p293].


Foster, Richard /Renovaré [Click here for details of this name]

     Foster/Renovaré ==>> Alpha

Foster’s book Money, Sex and Power is recommended in the first edition of Gumbel’s book Searching Issues.  Although Searching Issues only came out in 1994, the reference is to the 1985 Hodder and Stoughton edition of Foster’s book, whereas Hodder and Stoughton brought out another edition in 1987, so Gumbel almost certainly read the book prior to 1987 else he would surely have used a more up-to-date version of it.

■ Gumbel quotes from the *1978* Hodder and Stoughton edition of Foster’s book Celebration of Discipline [Nicky Gumbel, Challenging Lifestyle, (Kingsway Publications, 2000), p264].  Given that Hodder and Stoughton brought out another edition of Foster’s book in 1989 the obvious implication is that Gumbel had already read the book by that date.

■ HTB published details of Foster’s endorsement of Alpha in Alpha News, #22, p4.

Foster spoke at HTB twice in April 2000 [HTB audio catalogue].

INDIRECT: HTB was very close to David Watson, who was very close to Foster (see Morrison, op. cit., pp432 and 559).  Gumbel recommends Watson’s 1984 book Fear No Evil, in his 1994 edition of Searching Issues. But their relationship (through Wimber) goes back much further.

INDIRECT: At the end of chapter 5 of his book Searching Issues, Gumbel recommends a volume by Leanne Payne – who is closely associated with Karen Mains (on Renovare’s Board of Reference) [Al Dager, Special Report: Holy Laughter, (Media Spotlight, 1995), p14].

INDIRECT: Campolo has influenced HTB, and Renovaré’s ... speakers have included ... Tony Campolo” [Dave Hunt, The Berean Call, March 2000].

POST-1992: Foster spoke at HTB at least 5 times between 8th and 13th April 1994 [See HTB tape catalogue].

POST-1992: Three sections of the book The Collection, edited by Mark Elsdon-Dew (HTB Publications, 1996), were by Richard Foster.  The book also gives a photograph of him.  He is identified in the book as follows: “Bestselling author of Prayer: The Heart’s True Home and Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster is the founder of RENOVARÉ, a movement commited [sic] to spiritual renewal” [p12, capitals in original].

POST-1992: HTB described Foster in 1996 as a “personal friend” of HTB [Elsdon-Dew, Ed, The Collection, p15].

      Foster/Renovaré ==>>  Cain, P. /KCP.

In July 1989 Wimber introduced Bickle to Foster, whom Bickle had wanted to meet “for a long time” and the two men went out for lunch [Bickle, Growing in the Prophetic, (Kingsway, 1995), pp13-14].

    Foster/Renovaré ==>>  Sandford, J./P.

“Of the many Evangelicals who have endorsed Richard Foster’s ‘Celebration of Discipline’, in the Spiritual Disciplines (Second Edition, pp 203-210) we find ... John and Paula Sandford” [‘Renovaré & The Christian Mystic’,].

The Sandfords called Foster’s book Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home – “Magnificent!” [Editorial Review from Amazon].

    Foster/Renovaré ==>>  Wagner, C. P.

Wagner has endorsed a Foster book: “Of the many Evangelicals who have endorsed Richard Foster’s Celebration of Disciplines, [sic] in the Spiritual Disciplines  (Second Edition, pp 203-210) we find CPW” [Dager/] {} 

     Foster/Renovaré ==>>  Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

“In the Foreword to [Wimber’s book] Power Healing, Richard Foster … claims that ‘John speaks with the confidence of one who is living out of the divine Center’” [Al Dager, The Vineyard, p4].


Fox, George /Quakers [Click here for details of this name - TO BE DONE]

N.B. All the links in this section are APART from any influence by Quakers ON THE CHART (i.e. Foster, Wimber).

     Fox/Quakers ==>> Alpha

■ A Quaker is referred to in Gumbel’s book Telling Others, p47.  That this Quaker was objecting to a valid aspect of John Wesley’s ministry yet was still supposedly ‘blessed by God’ in Nicky’s eyes suggests he believes Quakers are such good Christians that they still receive from God even when they are opposing Him.

INDIRECT, POST-1992: Michael Green defends George Fox and the Quakers [Wallace Boulton, Ed., The Impact of “Toronto, (Monarch Publications, 1995), p13] and Gumbel often quotes Green and recommends Green’s books.

INDIRECT, POST-1992: Gumbel works with Schuller, yet one of Schuller’s closest aides is a Quaker { }

■ INDIRECT: Michael Green has heavily influenced HTB, yet he promotes George Fox [Wallace Boulton, Ed., The Impact of Toronto, (1995), p13].

      Fox/Quakers ==>> Fort Lauderdale 5

■ Don Basham quotes a letter from someone he calls “a doctor friend” as being God’s answer to one of Basham’s prayers.  (The letter was accompanied by two cheques.)  The problem is that the letter’s author was a Quaker – AND BASHAM MAKES THIS CLEAR, thus legitimizing Quakerism as a movement which hears from God [Deliver Us From Evil, p87].  Basham had already edited PART of the letter.  It would have been easy for him to drop the five little words “as we Quakers would say” from it.

“The Encyclopedia Britannica states that glossolalia (speaking in tongues) ‘recurs in Christian revivals of every age, e.g., among the mendicant friars of the thirteenth century, among the Jansenists and early Quakers...’” [Don Basham, Handbook On Holy Spirit Baptism, Whitaker House, 1984].

      Fox/Quakers ==>> Foster, R. /Renovaré

■ Richard Foster is a Quaker.

■ “[I]t is out of the religious traditions of the Quakers that Foster has come with the message that today’s Christians are missing out on some wonderful spiritual experiences…” [Al Dager, Media Spotlight Special Report: Renovaré: Taking Leave of One’s Senses, (1992, 2003), p1].

■ On Renovaré’s Original Steering Committee, and the Speaking Platform for the 1991 Conference in Los Angeles, was T. Eugene Coffin who is a Quaker and a Counselor at Crystal Cathedral [Dager, MS Special Report, Renovaré, p15].

■ Gayle D. Beebe, a Quaker, is a member of Renovaré’s Ministry Team [http://www.renovaré.org/invitation_ministry_team_list_1.htm].

■ “[Renovaré’s] William L. Vaswig [is] a Lutheran minister whose experience in the religious disciplines was gained through the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Washington D.C. … Another facet of Shalem’s work is what is known as ‘body prayer’ … taught by Isabella Bates … [her] credentials are stated thusly: Quaker, … Reiki practitioner…’ (Shalem Institute, Winter 1991 Catalog)” [Dager, MS Special Report, Renovaré, pp1,12.  See also Miles J. Stanford, ‘Renovaré: NAVIGATORS SANS COMPASS’,é.htm].

     Fox/Quakers ==>> Kelsey, M.

PLEASE NOTE: this list does not include the influence that Quaker Richard Foster has had on Kelsey.

■ Kelsey legitimizes Fox and the Early Quakers [Kelsey, Speaking With Tongues, p55].

      Fox/Quakers ==>> MacNutt, F.

MacNutt refers very positively to “the early Quakers” [‘Echo of Restoration’, by Francis MacNutt, taken from the December 1990 issue of his newsletter].

Fox/Quakers ==>> Pytches, D.

■ Pytches legitimizes Fox’s spiritual discernment (and, in so doing, gives credence to “the founder of the Quakers” and thus to Quakerism) [D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p88].

■ Pytches knows that Wimber was “an assistant pastor of a Quaker church” and is apparently totally unruffled by this fact [D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p14].  He also says “a small group had come into renewal at the Quaker church that John had formerly helped pastor” [Ibid, p15] which tends to lend credence to Quakerism.

      Fox/Quakers ==>> Sanford, A.

Sanford explicitly uses Quaker terminology in one of her books [Sanford, The Healing Light, p150].

Thomas Kelly was a Quaker, yet Sanford quotes Kelly favourably more than once in her book The Healing Light (e.g. see p158).

     Fox/Quakers ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ Wimber joined a Quaker congregation in 1963 [Hilborn, op. cit., p6] and “From 1970-73, John … [was] co-pastoring at the same church” [Ibid].

■ “In 1970 [Wimber] joined the staff as an assistant pastor at the Yorba Linda Friends Church (Quaker) in Yorba Linda, California” [Al Dager, The Vineyard, p1]. [See also Al Dager, Media Spotlight Special Report: Renovare: Taking Leave of One’s Senses, (1992, 2003), p1].

■ “…a long-time friend, Lawrence ‘Gunner’ Payne [a Quaker], to whom Wimber attributes his conversion” [Al Dager, The Vineyard, p2].

■ “In 1970 I joined the staff at Yorba Linda Friends [Quaker] Church” [John Wimber, Power Healing, p42].

■ A Vineyard position paper on the ‘Toronto Blessing’, concludes by “pointing to the historical precedent of George Fox, founder of the Quakers” [Eric Wright, Strange Fire, {add Pub details and date}, p80].


Freemasons [Click here for details of this name - TO BE DONE]

N.B. All the links in this section are APART from any influence by masons ON THE CHART (e.g. Schuller and Suenens).

     Freemasons ==>> Alpha

■ Billy Graham is a major influence on HTB, yet he is a Mason [click here for evidence].

INDIRECT: “The man who Graham says initially told him to become a Christian minister was the head of the Jesuits, Malachi Martin, who I know to be an Illuminati mind-control programmer” {}

INDIRECT: “Peale, Schuller, and Roberts are Illuminati” {}

■ HTB still stocks Wimber’s book Power Healing, and this book is advertised in Alpha News, #19, p32, yet it directly promotes mason Oral Roberts by name.  This book formed an item of recommended reading on early versions of Alpha (i.e. pre-1995), since it is listed in the recommended reading in the White (1993) Alpha Manual for attendees.

■ Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, a high-ranking mason (and Archbishop of Canterbury, proving that the C of E has been heavily compromised by freemasonry) is praised in Gumbel’s book The Heart of Revival (1998), p158.

INDIRECT: “The Church of England has been a stronghold of freemasonry for more than 200 years. Traditionally, joining the brotherhood and advancing within it has always been the key to preferment in the church” [Stephen Knight, The Brotherhood, (Grafton Books, 1985), p240].

INDIRECT: HTB claims that Mozart was a Christian, yet he was a freemason.

INDIRECT: HTB is happy to associate with Bill Bright, yet Bright’s Committee of Reference includes Roy Rogers – a 33rd degree Mason [Burns, op. cit., p488], Jesse Helms – a 33 degree Mason [Ibid], Norman Vincent Peale – a 33rd degree Mason [click here for evidence] [Ibid], Robert Schuller – a 33rd degree Mason [Ibid].  Bright has been a member of the national Honorary Committee of Clement Stone’s Religious Heritage of America (RHA).  Stone is a 33rd degree Mason [Ibid, p488].

The Bishop of London, who works VERY closely with HTB, can often be seen wearing a ‘double-cross’ (as in “he double-crossed me”).  This is a Masonic sign and is similar to that appearing in the insignia for the company name ‘exxon’.

POSSIBLY POST-1992: Gumbel quotes [mason] Mozart positively [A Life Worth Living, p30].

POSSIBLY POST-1992: Gumbel quotes (mason) Benjamin Franklin favourably [A Life Worth Living, p105].

■ POST-1992: ‘Canon’ Andrew White is a Knight Templar, yet he has spoken at HTB on several occasions [see HTB tape catalogue].

INDIRECT: Lord Hutton appears to be a mason, yet he is a member of HTB. (Hutton was tasked with defending the government during the Widgery inquiry into ‘Bloody Sunday’. Given that Lord Widgery too was given the job by the government, and took Hutton’s line, and that Hutton himself completely followed the government’s line when he was appointed to run the Hutton inquiry just before he retired, it seems very likely that Hutton too was a mason – since Widgery was a mason of grand rank [Stephen Knight, The Brotherhood, (Grafton Books, 1983), p156].

INDIRECT: “Rev. William Booth--  Salvation Army” was a mason, as was Henry Ford.  Both make a positive appearance in the Alpha materials.

INDIRECT: Bright has influenced Alpha, yet he wrote the book The Greatest Lesson I’ve Ever Learned which gives “fascinating personal glimpses into the lives of Christian men from Billy Graham to … Norman Vincent Peale”.

POST-1992: The August 2005 edition of HTB’s Focus newspaper carries an advert for a debate entitled ‘To be or not to be a freemason’ featuring “One minister who IS a freemason [and] One minister who is not”.  This is worrying for the following reasons: Firstly, if HTB is opposed to masonry then it would already have told its congregants to have nothing to do with it and thus there would be no need to advertise this meeting.  Secondly, why is it a DEBATE?  Since it is about Christians becoming masons, rather than non-Christians, there is no need to debate it – only a need to spell out the facts about masonry and how it is incredibly dangerous and wrong.  To have a DEBATE gives a platform to a masonic ‘minister’ to potentially beguile young believers.  The issue of masonry is totally clear-cut to anyone who believes the Bible, so there IS no debate!  It’s not like certain other subjects where young believers can sincerely reach differing opinions due to inadequate knowledge of the subject!  It seems that HTB only advertised this meeting so it could be seen to be doing SOMETHING, now that we are putting pressure on HTB in this regard, but it is doing the minimum possible!  I [DP] don’t recall seeing ANY books on masonry in the bookshop at HTB!  If they were anti-masonry surely they would stock some??

Masonry is widespread in legal circles.  Millar left the bar in 1974, but is still very good friends with senior lawyers a full TWENTY years later.  Why is this if he’s not a mason, and why would he stay in such close touch with a group of unbelievers when he’s so incredibly busy?

Curate Andrew White is a knight templar yet “In 1994, 50 members of St. Mark’s, Battersea [essentially an HTB plant since 1987] … went with curate Andrew White to ‘graft’ into the existing congregation … of the Church of the Ascension in Balham” [Focus, June 2005, p16].  Note that HTB’s John Irvine has become dean of COVENTRY – i.e. the same cathedral that Templar Andrew White is now at!!

Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, was a mason – yet HTB regularly legitimizes him [e.g. in the Sandy Millar sermon called ‘For All The Saints’, given at HTB on Nov. 2nd, 2003].

Bob Hope was a mason, but Millar quotes him favourably [‘The Extraordinary God’, a talk given at HTB on 9th Feb. 2003].

HTB stocks a book which unreservedly praises Norman Vincent Peale [Ken Blanchard, Bill Hybels and Phil Hodges, Leadership by the Book, (HarperCollins, 1999), p204.  Ken Blanchard worked with Peale, even co-authoring a book with him in 1988. (This fact is mentioned on page iii of the above book sold by HTB.)

INDIRECT: David Wilkerson has influenced HTB (his book The Cross and the Switchblade is recommended reading for ‘Session 3’ of Alpha), yet Wilkerson has cooperated with mason Oral Roberts [See Roberts’ autobiography Expect a Miracle].

INDIRECT, POSSIBLY POST-1992: Gumbel approvingly quotes “psychiatrist Paul Tournier” [Gumbel, Heart of Revival, (Kingsway, 1998), p111] yet Tournier gives an unnecessary legitimacy to mason Norman Vincent Peale in his book ‘The Adventure of Living’ [see its index].

INDIRECT, POST-1992: Luis Palau is a speaker for the (masonic) PK organisation, yet Gumbel is a fan of Palau [e.g. see CL].

INDIRECT: The archbishop of Canterbury (Dr. Fisher) at the start of the 60s was famously a mason.  In other words, the head of the CofE was a mason during the decade before the Alpha leaders joined the CofE.

Freemasons ==>> Assagioli, R.

“[I]n 1932 Roberto Assagioli came within the influence of … [co-Mason] Alice B. Bailey, and assisted her with her renowned ERANOS Conferences” [Morrison, op. cit., p433].

Freemasons ==>> Bertolucci, J.

“[W]hen the charismatic Rock Christian Network was launched in 1986, Tim LaHaye’s beaming face joined those of the charismatic mystics Oral Roberts [33rd degree mason – click here for evidence], David (Paul) Yonggi Cho [linked to HTB], and Demos Shakarian, Catholic priest John Bertolucci, and others” [Biblical Discernment Ministries,].

INDIRECT: Bertolucci has worked with LaHaye, but “Timothy LaHaye ... [founded] the Council for National Policy ... in 1981. This secret council consists of ... [mason] Jesse Helms [among others]  { }

Freemasons ==>> Boehme, J. /Leade, J.

INDIRECT: “[T]he eminent antiquarian and astrologer, Elias Ashmole, … granted Dr. John Pordage (1607-81) [the man behind Jane Leade] the clerical living at Bradfield…(ibid, pge. 45). Elias Ashmole … is renowned in occult circles as being the first officially enrolled ‘speculative’ Freemason” [].

Freemasons ==>> Branham, W. /LR

“Question: ‘Brother Branham, is there anything wrong with belonging to a secret lodge, after we have become a Christian, such as the Masons?’ Answer: ‘No Sir! You can be a Christian wherever you are. I don’t care where you are, you can still be a Christian.’” It has been alleged by many that Branham had been a Mason.  ... He bragged about the Masons helping him when he was a boy and needed medical help. He never once spoke against this cult” [Steve Van Nattan,].

■ “When I went into the Marble church up there at—at the... [33rd degree mason] Norman Vincent Peale, you’ve heard of him. You see? And I went into... A great psychology, he’s a teacher, you know. And I went into his church, I just thought that, “I wished my Tabernacle would do that again.” ... New York’s a big place, and he’s a popular man. ... And you could have heard a pin drop anywhere in that church, and everybody in prayer for at least thirty minutes before the first note was ever hit on the organ, the prelude. And just everybody in prayer. I thought, “How wonderful it is.” ... And then—and then when it was over, there was nothing went on except divine worship, all the time, and that’s what we come there for.” [W. Branham, ‘Church Order’,].

“In New York, last week, ... I went to hear Norman Vincent Peale on his psychology, about how that people should do or walk, and project themselves into psychology” [W. Branham, ‘What Shall I Do With Jesus Called Christ?’,].

Masonry is often referred to as “The Brotherhood”, and Masons meet in “Lodges”.  Without clarification, Branham said “after the second or third round of apostles, they begin to denominate the churches, break up the brotherhood, like lodges”. [W. Branham, ‘The Roman Nobleman’,].  In just one talk, Branham refers to the term the “brotherhood” sixteen times without once distinguishing between the Christian and Masonic versions. [W. Branham, ‘I Will Restore’,].

“And there was something about Abraham that he knew that there was--them men was just a little different from ordinary men. There’s somehow... You know, a mason knows a mason when he speaks to him. And different lodges know by different signs. The Christian does too. There’s just something about when you speak to a man, and you feel that gentle sweet spirit, you know he’s your brother” [Steve Van Nattan,].  they have things in common. They could talk about things. The Masonic--Masonic lodge, they have things to talk about, brothers of the Masons’ lodge; brothers of the Odd Fellows lodge” [W. Branham, ‘A Super Sign’,].

“Many high ranking world Masons in government and business and involved in wicca and satanism received him [Branham] by a mysterious hand grip. How could he have known these secret signs and grips without being a member himself?” [Steve Van Nattan,].

[Note: A mason must have reached the 32nd degree in the Scottish Rite, or the Knights Templar degree in the York Rite before becoming a ‘Noble of the Mystic Shrine’ or shriner.]  “Let’s, before we read this, let’s ask Him to meet with us now, and bless the building, and the place that we’re attending as we gather for His glory. We want to thank the—that’s the Shriners isn’t it...?... opening up their... The Shriners...?... They have been nice to me wherever I have went [sic]. They’ve opened up their doors, and I’ve been given a chance to express...?... They’ve throwed [sic] their doors open...?... I’m the only one of my family, in my father’s, or my mother’s people, or also my wife’s people have...?... [been allowed?!] into the Masons, Shriners, or...?... in their organizations. And may God bless them, is my prayer” [All ellipses in original talk, W. Branham, ‘The Second Coming’]. 

“Now, tonight is the last night until Sunday afternoon, for the auditorium services here, because I think our beloved friends, the Shriners, may be using their auditorium on Saturday night. And we certainly give a way in respects to that and very happily to do it” [W. Branahm, ‘Glorified Jesus’,].

■ “This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Experiences #2 was delivered on Sunday, 14th December 1947 at the Shriner Temple in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. [].

■ “Branham said the ZODIAC AND THE EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS were equal to the Scriptures in the revelation of God’s word. He has a pyramid shaped tombstone in Indiana.” [William M. Branham, Adoption (Jeffersonville, IN: Spoken Word Publications), pp. 31,104, quoted in].  “The pyramid is so perfect you can’t run a razor blade between them, where them stones go together, such beautiful masonry. Some of them would weigh hundreds of tons up in the air, and so perfectly set together” [W. Branham, ‘Adoption’,].

“Men such as Billy Graham [mason – click here for evidence], and Jack Schuller [mason], Oral Roberts [33rd degree mason – click here for evidence], … do everything that they can to warn the coming of the Lord” [WB, ‘The Sudden, Secret Going Away of the Church’,].   “Who is This that’s performing these miracles? Who is It that’s doing these great works? Is--is the preacher? Is it Oral Roberts? Is it Billy Graham? Is it Jack Schuller? William Branham?” [W. Branham, ‘Who Is This?’,].

“[T]hat would knock out that astronomic year or the Julian year--calendar (See?), the Masonic year, because the world’s tilted” [W. Branahm, ‘Daniel’s Seventy Weeks’].

■ Demos Shakarian and [Freemason] Oral Roberts started the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship Int. in Los Angeles, 1951.  This organization was a huge supporter of Branham, even at his worst!

Branham said “I believe it was in the "Ten Commandments,” the late Cecil DeMille, that wrote and put on the screen one of the masterpieces of the movie world. And before it was put on the scene, or let out, Cecil DeMille called Oral Roberts, and Demas [sic] Shakarian, and a bunch of the Full Gospel ministers, and took them into his own studios, and showed the

four hours of the “Ten Commandments,” and asked them their opinion of it. God rest his gallant soul.”  But Cecil B. DeMille was a mason [].

“Branham came to be the assistant pastor of a Jeffersonville Baptist church. When the church burned down Branham took over the congregation which initially met in a tent and a ‘Masonic temple’” [].

Branham said “George Jefferies, and F. F. Bosworth, and [mason] Charles Price, ... those great warriors of the faith” [Is Your Life Worthy Of The Gospel? 30th June 1963,].  Branham referred to Price again in his talk ‘Turning Northward’ delivered on Sunday, 29th January 1961 [Ibid].

Branham’s gravestone is a pyramid – a classic emblem of masonry as can be seen on the one dollar bill and in many other places.

Freemasons ==>> Cain, P. /KCP

POSSIBLY POST-1992: Bickle cites [mason] Billy Graham as a “prophetic minister” raised up by God to “reveal the deep things about the knowledge of God” [Growing in the Prophetic, pp224-5].

INDIRECT, POST-1992: Hinn has worked with John Paul Jackson, yet Hinn cites mason Billy Graham positively in his book The Blood published in 1993 [The Confusing World of Benny Hinn, p77].

Freemasons ==>> Copeland, K. /Hagin, K.

An entire webpage with evidence for this is:

Both men associate with the 33rd degree mason Oral Roberts. {}

INDIRECT: Hinn works with Copeland, yet he cites mason Billy Graham positively in his book The Blood published in 1993 [The Confusing World of Benny Hinn, p77].

“Kenneth Copeland started his ministry under Oral Roberts 33rd Degree ... Kenneth was on TV sometime around June 1997 praising Oral Roberts as they are close friends” [].

Freemasons ==>> Fort Lauderdale 5

“[T]he NCM is to me the most enigmatic of all these ‘networks’ because of the paradoxical membership mixture, which ... includes on the one hand Bob Mumford and Charles Simpson, two of the original Fab Five founders of the Discipleship heresy, along with others such as Earl Paulk ..., Larry Tomczak ..., and Bob Weiner (Maranatha Ministries) ..., and on the other hand men such as Kenneth Copeland, Ken Sumrall, and the now late Demos Shakarian, all of whom were staunch opponents of the whole Discipleship matter. Other NCM members (as of 1989) include: [freemason] Oral Roberts” [Charismatic Captivation, By Dr. Steven Lambert].

■ Basham promotes mason Billy Graham and mason Oral Roberts in his book Face Up With A Miracle, p158.

Freemasons ==>> Foster, R./Renovaré

POST-1992: Foster recommends listening to Mozart (who, according to Masonic sites, was a freemason) [Foster, Seeking the Kingdom, (Hodder and Stoughton, 1995), p46].

      Freemasons ==>> Frisbee, L.

A photograph exists of Lonnie’s meeting in Las Vegas with Billy Graham.  (Unless you are a leading politician, you don’t just stroll up and have a meeting with Billy Graham unless he approves of you!)  [The photo can be seen in David di Sabatino’s documentary.]

■ Lonnie admitted getting at least parts of his healing technique from watching (mason) Oral Roberts.

INDIRECT: [Mason] Billy Graham gave the closing sermon at Explo ‘72 shortly after he had “penned a book affirming his allegiance with ‘The Jesus Generation.’” [‘People and Faces’,].  Graham called the event “a Christian Woodstock” [Alvin L. Reid].  {}  Even if Frisbee was not present, he will have been close to a number of people who were.

INDIRECT: Frisbee remained a hippy, and a key hippy phrase was “flower power”, but “Eternal Flower Power” was also a secret password in Freemasonry [D. Meyer].  This bolsters the belief that Masons were behind the hippy movement (and behind ‘Jesus Freaks’ like Frisbee).  It is commonly held that the CIA was behind both the hippy movement and the Jesus Freaks.  Since the CIA is full of masons, this too fits.

INDIRECT: “[Billy] Graham [a mason] advocated persistently for the ‘Jesus Revolution’ in his Crusades of the early 1970s … and threw significant support behind Explo ’72, the period’s ‘Christian Woodstock.’. The age’s young radicals for Christ responded in kind” [Christ Armstrong, Christian History Corner: “Tell Billy Graham the Jesus People Love Him., Christianity Today, posted 12/13/2002].

INDIRECT: [Mason] Billy Graham spoke six different times and gave the closing sermon at Explo ’72 shortly after he had “penned a book affirming his allegiance with ‘The Jesus Generation.’” [‘People and Faces’, http//]. Graham called the event “a Christian Woodstock” [Alvin L. Reid, The Spontaneous Generation: Lessons from the Jesus Movement for Today, Journal of the ASCG – Volume 11 – Spring 2000].

      Freemasons ==>> FullerTS

■ Charles E. Fuller’s Old Fashioned Revival Hour Song Book No. 2 (The Rodeheaver, Hall-Mack Co., 1955) includes an advert for the Billy Graham Crusade Song Book.

      Freemasons ==>> Hall, F.

INDIRECT: “Hall plagiarized Jane Leade’s prophetic declarations and those of the Philadelphian Society of which Dr. John Pordage, the alchemist, … was part” [Researcher in U.S., email on file].  “Elias Ashmole, … granted Dr. John Pordage … the clerical living at Bradfield… (ibid, p45).  Elias Ashmole … [was] the first … ‘speculative’ Freemason” [ Spirit3.html].

Freemasons ==>> Jung, C.

■ Jung was associated with Alice Bailey (a co-mason) - especially through their mutual involvement in the ERANOS Conferences [Morrison, op. cit., pp162-3,439].

     Freemasons ==>> Kuhlman, K.

INDIRECT: Kuhlman “moved her services to the Shrine Auditorium (Freemasonic temple in Los Angeles)” [John S. Torrell, ‘FROM THE DESK OF JOHN S. TORELL’,]

“[Mason] Oral Roberts ... mastered the medium of television and brought together such unlikely ... personalities as ... Kathryn Kuhlman to preach the new gospel of positive thinking” [Randall M. Miller, Theology Today - Vol 33, No. 4 - January 1977 - BOOK REVIEW All Things Are Possible: The Healing and Charismatic Revivals in Modern America, By David Edwin Harrell, Jr.,].

■ “A major move in Kathryn Kuhlman’s ministry happened in 1965 when she began having monthly meetings in Southern California. … Meetings were first held in the Pasadena Civic Auditorium and then the Shrine Auditorium for ten years of ministry there” { }

INDIRECT: Kuhlman spoke at at least one ‘Full Gospel Business Men’s Convention’ despite mason Oral Roberts being the co-founder [Hinn, Good Morning, Holy Spirit, (1991), p55].

INDIRECT: “In 1972, ... Kathryn received the first honorary doctorate awarded by Oral Roberts University” {}

Freemasons ==>> MacNutt, F.

“[H]ealing prayer was almost unheard of in most Christian churches. At first it was the Pentecostals who rediscovered it. Then it was famous ‘faith healers’ like [mason] Oral Roberts” [‘Piercing the Glass Ceiling’, by Francis MacNutt, taken from the Mar/Apr 2003 issue of his newsletter].

Freemasons ==>> Schuller, R.

■ Schuller is a 33rd degree Mason [Burns, op. cit., p120].  See also].

■ Schuller’s mentor, Norman Vincent Peale, was a 33rd degree Mason [Burns, op. cit., p120].

■ “One of Norman Vincent Peale's most ‘successful’ protégés is Robert Schuller. (On Schuller’s 1000th Anniversary television show [The Hour of Power, aired on 4/2/89], Schuller's son said of Peale that he was ‘responsible for dad’s possibility thinking’)” [].

■ Proof that Robert Schuller is a 33rd degree mason comes from the following source cited by Cathy Burns: “The Theology of Robert Schuller”, Christian News (January 22, 2001, Vol. 39, No. 4), p.7.  Schuller said that “Peale was the ‘man who had the greatest influence upon his theology and ministry’” [Ibid, p113].  Schuller has had the 33rd degree Mason Burl Ives on his program [p120]. “On that ‘Hour of Power’ program, Schuller asked Ives ‘of all the great honors and awards that you have received in your long and successful career what do you hold as the highest.’ Brother [sic] Ives replied ‘WHEN THEY MADE ME A MASTER MASON’ … One Masonic brochure added about this ‘Hour of Power’ program: ‘It is one of the finest testimonials Masonry has EVER had” [p120].  Schuller’s advisory board has had at least two Masons on it – i.e. Peale and Clement Stone [p120].

■ Schuller has a statue of self-confessed mason NVP in the grounds of his church building, and Schuller is called “the NVP of the West Coast” [Burns, op. cit., p113].

■ “Schuller and Gorbachev gave an extended handshake which appeared to be Masonic in nature” [Burns, op. cit., p120].

INDIRECT: Mormonism is the product of freemasons, yet Schuller has Mormons on his staff [Burns {}].

■ “Robert Schuller [is] good friends with many 33rd Degree Freemasons such as ... John Wayne, W. Clement Stone and also Rich DeVos the founder and chairman of Amway Corporation” [].

■ “In material that is authorized by Robert Schuller I’s {} ministry, it is stated that Norman Vincent Peale was his mentor and ‘close friend’. For documentation on this see Nason, Michael and Donna Nason, Robert Schuller: The Inside Story (Waco: Word Books, 1983, p. 61). Schuller often praised Norman Vincent Peale - for instance, in his Hour of Prophecy Show of April 2, 1989, which had a clip of Peale. Less than a month after Peale died, Schuller

did a show on Jan. 16, 1994, where Schuller talked with tears about how Peale had been his mentor and his inspiration. Peale was more than that. Peale helped his ministry over the years” {}

■ “When 33rd Degree Freemason Robert Schuller wanted to express his secret membership in the Lodge he used the 33rd Degree symbol of a double headed eagle. He sent it out to many people who probably had no idea what he was declaring to his Masonic brothers worldwide” [].
Please see here  and  here  and  here.

Freemasons ==>> Semple McPherson, A.

■ William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, was a mason, and  “[Aimee’s] mother ‘Minnie’ had, in the footsteps of her foster parents, remained active with the Salvation Army, and after a short recuperation Aimee joined her in this work” { }
■ “
She was raised in the Salvation Army Church” [Jim Hilliker, personal email on file].
“Circa 1910, Aimee Semple McPherson began to minister with the Salvation Army” [].

■ Aimee was a friend of (mason) Douglas Fairbanks [David Niven, Bring on the Empty Horses, pp199-201].

■ “At a pageant entitled ‘Cavalcade of Christianity’ held in Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium in January, 1935, Sister Aimee appeared in [a] tableau” [].

INDIRECT: Charlie Chaplin was a friend of the masonic W.R. Hearst but was also a good friend of ASM [Niven, Bring on the Empty Horses, (UK edition, 1975), pp275 & 200 resp].

INDIRECT: Mormonism was founded by a mason, yet ASM’s chief personal counsel in preparation for the impending Grand Jury investigation into her so-called kidnapping was a Mormon [Lately Thomas, The Vanishing Evangelist, (Heinemann, 1960), p120].

ASM took part in a charity show at the Shrine Auditorium (Freemasonic temple in Los Angeles) [Jim Hilliker, History of KFSG].

WEAK, NOT ON CHART: “By 1928, KELW had increased power to 500 watts and famous personalities lined up to be heard, including evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson and [masonic] humorist Will Rogers” {}

WEAK, NOT ON CHART: “[Fox] Parham was a member of the Freemasons, although according to Sarah, he withdrew when he started his ‘Full Gospel’ healing ministry. 11 However, on his return journey from Jerusalem (1928) he brought a gavel and presented it to the Baxter Springs Masonic Lodge.12 The Lodge was either Baxter Lodge No. 71 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, or Baxter Chapter No. 78, Royal Arch Masons.13 ... Parham approved of women pastors, his own daughter-in-law having been a Pastor of an Aimee Semple McPherson Four Square Church who continued as a preacher with her husband” [].

      Freemasons ==>> Suenens, L.

Suenens was a Freemason [Bulletin de l’Occident Chrétien Nr.12, July, 1976, (Directeur Pierre Fautrad a Fye – 72490 Bourg Le Roi, as analysed by “The Enddays Ministry”.  See also Cathy Burns, Billy Graham and His Friends, (Sharing, 2001), p22].

For evidence that Suenens was a mason, see: “Piers Compton, The Broken Cross: The Hidden Hand in the Vatican, (Cranbrook, Western Australia: Veritas Publishing Company Pty. Ltd., 1984), p.78” and “Jim Shaw, ‘A Pontiff Mason’, (no other information available), p.3” [both cited by Burns, Billy Graham, p22].

      Freemasons ==>> Wierwille, V.

“In remembering Victor Paul Wierwille, many of us ... prefer to remember the days when the Way was young and non-controversial, when he conversed with men such as [mason] Oral Roberts” [‘Remembering Victor Paul Wierwille’, Christian Heritage Online/Copyright August 2002].

Wierwille plagiarised [mason] Oral Roberts’s The Red Thread in his book ‘Lifestyle of God’s Word’ [The Way Tree is Splintering, by John P. Juedes].

      Freemasons ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

INDIRECT: “‘[March 1977]…John [Wimber] announced on a Sunday evening that the next weekend we were going to start the new church in Yorba Linda Park, … It was raining the first day, so a Mason friend of John’s gave him the keys to the Masonic lodge for his use. I wish I had a picture of the two thrones, royal blue, ornate, and the pentegram [sic] in the royal blue carpet. … John and Bob sat on thrones. I didn’t have a clue of what a pentegram [sic] was, or what the Masonic lodge was, or what the thrones meant’” [Testimony of Nancy Flint, as quoted in Dager, The Vineyard, p3].

INDIRECT: 33rd degree Freemason Robert Schuller listed John Wimber in his top ten ministers on the planet.  Schuller endorses several masons who claim to be ministers.  For Wimber to appear in his top ten without being a mason would be very surprising [].  Note also that, as well as being very close, Schuller and Wimber even decided to buy adjacent burial plots.

INDIRECT: A friend of ours contacted the Yorba Linda Masonic Temple and asked if Wimber was a member of that Lodge.  Our friend recalls: “It was as if he [the Lodge official] was beginning to play ball, then suddenly asked ‘Who are you with?’  When I answered: ‘I’m with myself’, he gave me the cold shoulder: ‘Are you a Mason?’ ‘No.’ ‘I’m sorry, we cannot reveal anything about our MEMBERS <CLICK!>’.  He hung up!  He didn’t ADMIT anything, but if Wimber WASN’T a member, why not clear the air and say ‘He was never a member’?” [Scott Shaw, private letter on file, postmark 28th Feb 2004].

INDIRECT: The leaders of Promise Keepers are from Vineyard, yet the PK lapel pin pictures a man undergoing the 1st degree initiation into Freemasonry (i.e. the left breast is bare; there is a noose around the neck; and there is a dagger to the face).

INDIRECT:  On a radio show, an apologist for Vineyard has refused to denounce freemasonry and has refused to deny that Christians cannot be Freemasons.  Indeed he admitted to knowing several people he considered Christians who were also masons [Scott Shaw, private letter on file].

■ Wimber has been influenced by [mason] Oral Roberts [Wimber, Power Healing, pp182, 292-3].

INDIRECT: Hinn has greatly influenced Vineyard (e.g. Wimber and Arnott), yet he cited mason Billy Graham positively in his book The Blood published in 1993 [The Confusing World of Benny Hinn, p77].

INDIRECT: Hinn has influenced Wimber, yet Hinn writes “During my ministry in Canada, we were one of the sponsoring groups of a Billy Graham crusade. … [W]hen [mason] Graham began to speak, there was an unmistakable touch of the Spirit on his message. … I could tell I was in the presence of a man who has a deep personal fellowship with the Spirit” [Good Morning, Holy Spirit, (Word (UK), 1991).

INDIRECT: Hinn has been influenced by Knight Templar Andrew White and by mason Oral Roberts (who calls Hinn ‘God’s man for our time’ [The Many Faces of Benny Hinn, video: The Door].


Frisbee, Lonnie [Click here for details of this name]

     Frisbee ==>>  Alpha

■ Frisbee was on the June 1982 Vineyard tour of the UK which included HTB.  Wimber’s practice was to speak for a bit and then let Frisbee loose.  Frisbee would then take over the meeting [The Love of Power or the Power of Love, Tom Smail, Ed., (Bethany House, 1994 ), p146].

INDIRECT: Lonnie was a member of John McClure’s church (Newport Beach Vineyard), and McClure visited HTB in 1986 with Wimber.

INDIRECT: David di Sabatino says it was Blaine Cook who prayed over Gumbel in 1982, but Blaine Cooke’s ‘anointing’ came directly from Lonnie.

INDIRECT: Lonnie influenced Watson who influenced HTB.

      Frisbee ==>>  Cain, P. /K.C.P.

INDIRECT, POST-1992: Jill Austin cites Frisbee as the key to her conversion, yet she works with Bickle and Goll of KCF [].  Jill Austin and Mike Bickle are both on the staff of the ‘International House of Prayer Missions Base’ {}

INDIRECT: “I started attending a Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa home fellowship in Newport Beach. Lonnie Frisbee was attending there, as well as ... Jill Austin” [Blankmeyer].

      Frisbee ==>>  Wagner, C.P.

INDIRECT: Terry J. Herber III toured Europe with Frisbee but CPW later went to Terry for words of knowledge when they were both members of the ‘onetwenty’ fellowship within a large church in Pasadena.  (Herber then stabbed his mother twice in the back, turned her around and stabbed her a further 32 times in the front, killing her.  The knife was so long that it went all the way through her.) {}

    Frisbee ==>>  Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ “These various manifestations within what Wimber calls ‘cosmic reality’ are revealed to him through the early experiences that he had while Lonnie Frisbee was associated with him” [Goodwin, op. cit., p28]

■ “The concept of power evangelism, … originated with John Wimber, Blaine Cook, and Lonnie Frisbee in the Vineyard in 1982” [Goodwin, op. cit., p25]

■ “On Mothers’ Day 1978, [actually 1980] … Lonnie Frisbee was hesitantly invited to preach … by Pastor John Wimber. ... [At] the closing of that momentous service: ‘… [Frisbee prayed] the words, ‘Come, Holy Spirit!’ What followed was electrifying. . . the young people fell on the floor, some crying out noisily. One young man seemed to be flung forward in such a way that his mouth was jammed over the microphone. …  Pendemonium [sic] errupted. … Amazed at what was transpiring before his eyes, Wimber talked about the phenomenon with [Chuck] Smith … About this time, Wimber’s ministry became more focused on ‘signs and wonders’’” [David DiSabatino, History of the Jesus Movement, Chapter III: The Jesus People Movement (1967 - 1973),].

“Beginning some time in September of ’76, Bob Fulton, Carol Wimber, Carl Tuttle, along with others, began assembling at the home of Carl Tuttle’s sister.  The agenda was simple: praying, worshipping and seeking the Lord.  By the time I [Wimber] came several months later, the Spirit of God was already moving powerfully.  There was a great brokenness and responsiveness in the hearts of many.  This evolved into what became our church on Mother’s Day in 1977.  Soon God began dealing with me about the work of the Spirit related to healing.  I began teaching in these areas.  Over the next year and a half God began visiting in various and sundry ways.  There were words of knowledge, healing, casting out of demons, and conversions.  Later we saw an intensification of this when Lonnie Frisbee came and ministered.  Lonnie had been a Calvary Chapel pastor and evangelist, being used mightily in the Jesus People Movement.  After our Sunday morning service on Mother’s Day 1979, I was walking out the door behind Lonnie, and the Lord told me “Ask that young man to give his testimony tonight.”  I hadn’t even met him, though I knew who he was and how the Lord had used him in the past.  That night, after he gave his testimony, Lonnie asked the Holy Spirit to come and the repercussions were incredible.  The  Spirit of God literally knocked people to the floor and shook them silly” [].

Frisbee was so important to Wimber that an entire 16-page appendix solely about him forms part of an in-house history of the Vineyard [The Quest for the Radical Middle by Bill Jackson].  “He [Frisbee] played a crucial role in the rocketing advance of both Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard” [Bill Jackson, op. cit., p392].  He was “influential in the beginnings of the Vineyard  church movement from 1980 to 1983, providing the then leader John Wimber with a model of Pentecostal experimentalism … His influence … was integral to [Vineyard’s] periods of rapid transformation and church growth” [Bill Jackson, op. cit., p393].  “Kenn Gulliksen, early member of the Calvary Chapel pastoral staff and FOUNDER of the Vineyard churches, cites Frisbee as “MENTORING him in the ‘deeper things’ of the Holy Spirit” [Bill Jackson, op. cit, p394].


Fuller Seminary [Click here for details of this name]

Fuller Seminary ==>> Alpha

■ In 1984 Fuller professor Lewis Smedes published a book entitled Sex for Christians. In Gumbel’s 1994 book Searching Issues [p56] he recommends this book – albeit the 1993 edition of this book.

The book I Believe in Church Growth by Fuller’s Eddie Gibbs is positively cited in the very first edition of Gumbel’s book Questions of Life, p251, fn37.

Lewis Smedes is cited positively on pages 228 and 229 of Gumbel’s book Challenging Lifestyle.

PROBABLY POST-1992: Lewis Smede’s 1993 book sex for Christians is favourably quoted by Gumbel three times in his work Challenging Lifestyle [p262].

■ Gumbel quotes favourably a 1974 book by Fuller’s George Eldon Ladd [Gumbel, A Life Worth Living, p75, first published in 1994].  (Later editions of Ladd’s book were released, strongly suggesting that Gumbel had read the 1974 edition before 1993.)

POSSIBLY POST-1992: HTB includes an endorsement of Alpha from Eddie Gibbs (whom they describe as ‘professor of World Mission, Fuller Institute of Theology’), in Telling Others, (2001 edition), p5.

POST-1992: Fuller Theological Seminary sponsored no fewer than FOURTEEN Alpha conferences in America in 2002 [Winsconsin Report, March 21, 2002, p3].

INDIRECT: Mel White has ghostwritten for Billy Graham [a mason – click here for evidence] (whom HTB endorses) but was a Fuller Seminary professor for 14 years [Burns, Billy Graham…, p375]

INDIRECT: Jay Gary has worked for Fuller, yet he is endorsed by Billy Graham and Bill Bright – both of whom are endorsed by HTB.

INDIRECT: Bill Bright has influenced Alpha, yet “Dr. Bright pursued graduate studies at … Fuller Theological” [Bright, Revolution Now!, (Campus Crusade, 1969), Back cover].

      Fuller Seminary ==>> Cain, P./KCP

■ Regarding Fuller’s George Eldon Ladd and Ralph Winter, an ex-KCF member recalls, “I am certain that leadership read extensively books by them. Winter was talked about more” [Don Bell, personal email on file].

POST-1992: “OCM has been distributing a promotional audio cassette titled ‘Christianity in a New Key: an Introduction to The Future Church’. It includes statements by … [Fuller’s] Jay Grimstead [sic], … Kansas City Fellowship prophet Mike Bickle, … [and KCP member] Rick Joyner” [].

POSSIBLY POST-1992: Bickle quotes Fuller’s Eldon Ladd approvingly [Bickle, Growing in the Prophetic, p28].

     Fuller Seminary ==>> Foster, R. /Renovaré

■ On Renovaré’s steering committee (aside from Wagner - see above) are the following - all from Fuller (FTS): “Isaac Canales, Ass. Dir. Hispanic Ministries, FTS; David Allan Hubbard, President [of FTS]; Robert  Munger,  Prof.  Emeritus evangelism and Church Strategy, FTS; William E. Pannell, Dir. Black Ministries. FTS; Siang Yang-Tan, Direc. Dr. of Psychology Program, FTS” [See Al Dager, Media Spotlight Special Report: Renovaré]

■ “On Renovaré’s Board of Reference is: C. Peter Wagner, FTS” [é.htm]

■ “On Renovare’s Steering Committee are: Patricia Rexroat, Director, Extended Education in Southern California, FTS” [é.htm].

“[The] First sermon [in the tape series] is by Richard Foster on ‘Fasting in the 20th Century’ [and] was preached at Fuller Theological Seminary” Ca. 1984 [Records of Christianity Today].

Siang Yang Tan has been a Board member of Renovare since 1997 [], but is also “professor of psychology in Fuller's School of Psychology” [].

■ “Siang Yang Tan, director of the Doctor of Psychology program at Fuller Seminary, was one of the attendees of the national conference on Personal Spiritual Renewal in October 1991. It was hosted by Renovaré, an organization founded by Richard Foster” [].

Fuller Seminary ==>> Pytches, D.

■ Pytches recommends three books by Fuller’s George Eldon Ladd [D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p22].  See also the three references to Fuller on p15 and the three on p16 of that book.

See also entry ‘Pytches ==> Fuller’.

Fuller Seminary ==>> Wagner, C. P.

■ “Nancy Flint has done some tremendous research on Fuller Seminary. … Among those … connected with Fuller included Henrietta Meers [sic], Harold Ockenga, Armand Gastwein, Charles Fuller, Ralph Winter, David du Plessis, JohnWimber, Geo. Eldon Ladd, Arthur Glasser, Charles Kraft, Richard Foster, Jay Grimstad, Billy Graham, Bill Bright, C. Peter Wagner” [{}]

■ Wagner was for years a lecturer at Fuller.

     Fuller Seminary ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ “Wimber … began to draw conclusions based on … the input of C.Peter Wagner and others at Fuller’s School of World Missions” [Goodwin, op.cit., p28]

■ “[I]n 1982, Wimber was invited back to Fuller to teach a course … During the three years in which the course ran…” [Hilborn, op. cit., p6].

“In 1974 Wimber left the pastorate of Yorba Linda Friends Church to join the staff of the Charles E. Fuller Institute of Evangelism and Church Growth at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California” [Dager, The Vineyard, p1].

■ Wimber … says he was influenced while at Fuller Seminary: ‘Dr. Donald McGavran [of Fuller] … inspired in me a fierce pragmatism. I knew after exposure to him I would never again be satisfied with church life as I had known it’” [MacArthur, op. cit., p170].

Vineyard’s John McClure was hired as Wimber’s assistant at Fuller [Jackson, op. cit., p53; see also p54].

■ Wimber cites Fuller’s McGavran approvingly twice in one book [Power Evangelism, (Hodder and Stoughton, 1985), p185], and Eldon Ladd SIX times [Ibid, pp173-6].  Indeed an entire chapter of Wimber’s book is “based on material gleaned from the writings of George Ladd and James Kallas” [Ibid, p173].

■ “I was offered a position as the founding director of the Depsrtment of Church growth at what is now called the Charles E. Fuller Institute of Evangelism and Church growth … I met professors like … C. Peter Wagner, Charles Kraft” [John Wimber, Power Healing, pp47,48].  


Hall, Franklin [Click here for details of this name]

     Hall ==>> Branham, W. /LR

“[M]any ‘faith healers’ of the Latter Rain Movement publicly acknowledged their dependence, [on Hall’s book] Atomic Power With God Through Fasting and Prayer” [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p53].

■ “In 1948, Branham … was greatly influenced by Franklin Hall’s teachings” [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p55].

■ “Branham … was warmly received by … the man from whom Branham gleaned many of his beliefs, Franklin Hall” [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p58].

■ “Franklin Hall’s teachings also influenced the Sharon brethren greatly” [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p60] (The Sharon brethren were the “focal point of the Latter Rain Movement for several years” [Ibid].)

INDIRECT: Hall worked with Jack Walker, father of “little David” Walker, but Branham once said “When they had a little boy raised up sometime ago, and I went to see the little lad about ten or twelve years ago... His name was little David Walker, a wonderful little preacher. He didn’t tell little stories like mama had coaxed him, how Jesus a little baby. He took off his coat, and took a text, and handled it like a man.” For more on “little David”, see:

Hall ==>> Kuhlman, K.

■ “In the fall of 1946, a ‘major fasting and prayer daily revival center’ was established … [u]nder the leadership of Franklin Hall … Other ministers who helped establish the … center were Dr. [Burroughs A.] Waltrip [Snr.] (husband of Kathryn Kuhlman)” [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p49].    


Jesuits/Rome [For extensive details about this subject please see our “World” volume.  Click here for details]

N.B. All the links in this section are APART from any influence by Catholics ON THE CHART (i.e. Teilhard, Scanlan, Suenens, Bertolucci, MacNutt).

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Alpha

■ Gumbel’s very first edition of Questions of Life (1993) showed numerous influences from Rome.  Gumbel approvingly quotes the Catholics: Malcolm Muggeridge (pp251), the pope’s “confessor”, Raniero Cantalamessa (p223), Tom Forrest (p183), Clifford Longley (p92), and David Suchet (p80).  This book also eulogises the Mariolater Maximilian Kolbe (p20).  The Preface implies that every Catholic is saved.

POST-1992: From HTB’s tape library: Raniero Cantalamessa, Charles Whitehead, Patrick Dixon.

“Chuck Colson recently visited the Pope in Rome. Chuck Colson’s wife is a Catholic, and the President of Prison Fellowship, the ministry founded by Colson, is also a Catholic” [].

POST-1992: Catholic influence on HTB is clear from every issue of Alpha News now.  Indeed, there is far too much Roman influence to list it all.  See the World volume of our book Alpha: The Unofficial Guide.  Click here for details.

POSSIBLY POST-1992: Gumbel cites the Kreisau Circle positively, yet it included a  number of Jesuits [A Life Worth Living, (Kingsway), p31].  In the same book, Gumbel quotes the Catholic Bernhard Langer favourably (and at some length) [p32].  In the same book, Gumbel quotes the Catholic Shakespeare adoringly and at length [p65] – he quotes him positively again on p79.  In the same book, Gumbel quotes Catholic Sir Thomas More very favourably [p99] and Catholic Malcolm Muggeridge likewise [p21], and Catholic Ignatius of Loyola who (as Gumbel states) was the “founder of the Jesuits” [p82].  (This book first appeared in 1994.)

POSSIBLY POST-1992: In the very first edition of Gumbel’s book Telling Others he twice quotes the Catholic phrase ‘Decade of Evangelism’ with great approval [(Kingsway, 1994), pp14, 97].  This book also contains the very pro-Catholic testimony of a lady called Mary Stephenson whose mother was a “devout Catholic” and yet is unreservedly praised by Gumbel [p73].

INDIRECT: Wilkerson has influenced Alpha, yet “David Wilkerson speaks about going to see a [Catholic] woman of God named Mother Basilea Schlink. He said that the moment he entered the room he could feel the presence of the Lord” [Hinn, Good Morning, Holy Spirit, (1991), p57].

“Nicky Gumbel, pioneer of the Alpha course, said: ‘We have had a long standing admiration and love for Fr. Raniero. I first heard him speak at a conference in Brighton in *1991*. His books have had a profound effect on my life. I love the combination of stunning scholarship and beautiful spirituality. We are very grateful that Fr Raniero accepted our invitation to open the International Alpha Conference’”[].

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Assagioli, R.

Assagioli “was educated at a Catholic boarding school - his parents were both pious Catholics” [].

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Bertolucci, J.

Bertolucci is a Roman Catholic priest.

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Boehme, J. /Leade, J.

“Boehme’s doctrines were the result of believing the alchemistical heresies of a German occult doctor named Paracelsus (1493-1541).  His (Paracelsus’) full name was Theophrastus Philipus Bombastus von Hohenheim. He was a Catholic because in his early days he went on a hermitage out in the forest and set up a shrine to Mary.  … [The] manifestations from this shrine … led him to write about theological matters… His alchemical heresies got picked up by Boehme and then got re-worked by … Jane Leade” [Researcher in U.S., personal email on file.  This researcher then lists further heresies of Paracelsus (especially “Wisdom Sophia” or the “celestial Mary”) which can also be found in the Catholic Catechism].

■ “Boehme ... had to have read Paracelsus’ books and Valentin Weigel [who was Paracelist]” [Researcher in U.S., email on file].

INDIRECT: Jane Leade was a member of the Philadelphian Society, but another member was Mercurius van Helmont(1618-1699), a former Quaker and son of the famous Paracelsian follower Johannes van Helmont (1579-1644).  (Paracelsus was a Catholic.) [Researcher in U.S., email on file].

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Branham, W. /LR

■ “You need me, and I need you. God needs both of us. Let’s join our hearts and efforts together. Let’s not think because we’re Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness, Catholic, Presbyterian, Pentecostals, or what we are; let’s be Christians. Let’s discern the Body of the Lord” [W. Branham, ‘Discerning the Body of the Lord’].

■ “The succession of prophets according to Branham are: The Apostle Paul, Irenaeus, Saint Martin--  A Roman Catholic flake, Columba...” [].      

■ “I’m an old fashion [sic] Catholic” [W. Branham, ‘It Was Not So From The Beginning’,].

■ “[T]here’s not a greater society in the world than the society of Jesus Christ” [W. Branham, ‘Expectation’,]. [Note that the full name of the Jesuits is “The Society of Jesus”.]

“[T]he redeemed from the foundation of the world. That’s the society of Jesus Christ. Amen.” [W. Branham, ‘The Unchangeable Word Of God’,].

Balaam went wildly down the road until an angel from God stood in his way. But that prophet (bishop, cardinal, chairman, president and general overseer) was so blinded to Spiritual things by the thought of honor and glory and money” [W. Branham, ‘The Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes’,].

■ “There’s one combination of power, and the other one is Catholicism and communism coming together. One against Christ, the other, the Catholic church” [W. Branham, ‘Experiences #2’,].

I wouldn't mean to speak evil of ... the Catholics, because there’s Catholic people who I believe are saved. God has so... made it so simple to us that, “He that believeth on Me...” See? And there’s many of them, you... I wouldn’t believe the system of the Catholic church, but I believe in the Catholic people. I don’t believe in the system of ... the Baptists, or Presbyterian, or even the Pentecostals, sometime, but I believe in their people, because they are my brothers and sisters” [W. Branham, ‘I Will Restore’,].

I was given the privilege to be interviewed by the Pope, when I was in Rome” [W. Branahm, ‘I Will Restore’,].

■ “‘…Go.’ That’s the message. That’s the message for the ministers today. Don’t stop for for [sic] the social parties and things, … The message is urgent. People are dead in sin and trespasses. We ain’t got no time to argue theology: Are you Methodist? Baptist? Catholic? That doesn’t make any difference” [W. Branham, ‘Blind Bartimaeus’,].

■ “Now, with your hands on each other, let’s bow our heads. … Our heavenly Father, we bring to You this great line of sick people. … And now, they are laying their hands on one another. Look at them, Lord. One’s interested in the other one. One what’s to know, regardless of what church they belong to, what affiliation they have, what color they are, or what creed they… That has nothing to do with it, Lord. They are Your children. Some of them are Methodists, some belong to Baptists, some belong to Presbyterian, maybe some Catholic, I don’t know. Some are Pentecostal, but You don’t know them by that name. You know them as Yours. They’re blood bought, and they’re standing here believing the Word, and they’re coming boldly” [W. Branham, ‘Condemnation By Representation’,].

INDIRECT: Branham accepted Billy Graham, at a time when Graham was already happy to work with, and even endorse, Rome.  For example: “[A]n evangelist, like for instance our Brother Billy Graham. ... [H]e’s ... a real preacher. ... We have got to do what God has revealed to us to do. Brother Graham is doing that; God has revealed to him a world wide revival, and he’s making a good show of it too. And I appreciate him” [W. Branham, ‘Position in Christ’,].

■ Branham healed Catholics without telling them to repent of their idolatry first!  Clearly he did not think Catholicism was idolatrous.

“[Y]ou talk about clans. Why, you holler about the Catholic. Why, you’re the same thing  (See?), just exactly the same. Pot can’t call kettle black. You know that’s right. Why, it’s the same thing, exactly; because isn’t one God the Father of us all? Why would our denominations separate us?” [W. Branham, ‘Behold, A Greater Than Solomon Is Here’,].

“[T]he faith don’t lie in the fundamental church, or don’t-- lies in the Pentecostal church, or the  Holiness church. It lays in an individual. I’ve seen a Roman Catholic come to the platform and be healed miraculously with things” [W. Branham, ‘Behold, A Greater Than Solomon Is Here’,].

“I was raised of a poor parent. ... My people before me, [were] Catholic” [W. Branham, ‘Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, And Today, And Forever’,].

Rome is just another denomination or church within the Christian faith according to this statement from Branham: “Now, there has to be some standard, somewhere, that He has to judge by. Well, because so many people today would say, ... ‘This denomination is of Christ, or, this denomination.’ It--it would be a bit confusing if there wasn’t some standard. Now, if I go the--ask the Catholic people in the building here tonight, ‘Do you... What do you think God will judge the world by?’ They’d say, ‘Why, the standard of the Catholic church.’ I might ask about maybe some other denomination. Why, it would say, ‘Why, the--the standard of our church.’ They might not right--right out confess it, but our actions prove that’s what we think. But then which church would be right? See, we wouldn't know where to go. And then it isn’t by any certain group, any church, any denomination. ... Now, if a Catholic priest, ... and a Pilgrim Holiness, and a Pentecostal, can stand out here in their denominations and fuss with one another all day long, and claim how greater each is, and so forth; but let them all come beneath that Blood and kneel beneath the cross, they got their arms around one another, and they are brothers because they have--they have things in common. And that’s one thing that every born again believer has in common,” [W. Branham, ‘Sir, We Would See Jesus’,].

■ According to “Spenlake”, Larry Alberts “comes from a Catholic background”, yet is now hooked up with the Latter Rain and has ‘restored’ Bob Jones and is currently in charge of restoring active homosexual Paul Cain {}

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Cain, P. /KCP

The founder of the KCP, Mike Bickle, is an ‘ex’ Roman Catholic [Hilborn, op. cit., p9]. Although his book Growing in the Prophetic (Kingsway Publications Ltd., Eastbourne, UK, 1995) hides this fact.

■ “One bizarre prophecy [from KCP’s Bob Jones] confirmed the [Romish] concept of vicarious sacrifices provided by someone other than Jesus” [Dager., Vengeance is Ours, p139].

Rick Joyner has admitted that he has become a knight of Malta – a Catholic organization.

■ According to “Spenlake”, Larry Alberts “comes from a Catholic background”, yet is now hooked up with the Latter Rain and has ‘restored’ Bob Jones and is currently in charge of restoring active homosexual Paul Cain {}

POST 1992: Hinn is a Romanist and the KCP’s John Paul Jackson has appeared on Hinn’s TV show [].

POSSIBLY POST-1992: Bickle cites “Pope” Militiades as being part of the “early church” and a man of godly wisdom [Growing in the Prophetic, pp206-7]. Bickle also cites the Catholic Catherine of Siena as one of the “outstanding examples of spirituality” and a “Doctor of the Church and a lover of God” [Growing in the Prophetic, p208].

POSSIBLY POST-1992: Bickle cites “St. Teresa of Avila” as being someone who knew “the operation of the Holy Spirit’s presence” upon her, and that her church (Rome) is a “branch of the Christian Church” [Ibid , pp230-1].

POST-1992: Rick Joyner has famously become a Knight of Malta.  This is a CATHOLIC organization.

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Carter-Stapleton, R.

“I was genuinely delighted years ago to discover that … Ruth Carter Stapleton, was in the process of discovering Mary's spiritual maternity .... Cf. Ruth Carter Stapleton, The Gift of Inner Healing (New York: Bantam Books, 1977) 52-4” [‘Msgnr’ Arthur Calkins,].

■ Stapleton has described a case she knew where someone called upon Jesus for healing but he supposedly failed to bring it “so Mary was called upon and she was successful” [Burns, op. cit., p352].  Stapleton also “explains how one should use repetition [i.e. just like Rome does] to attain the state of concentration. She suggests repeating a phrase such as ‘I am one with God’ over and over again” [Burns, op. cit., p353].

“ECUMENICAL CHARISMATIC RENEWAL CONFERENCE, Kansas City, MO 7/20-24/77. Chairman, Kevin Ranaghan (RC layman). ... Among prominent guests: Dr. David duPlessis, Cardinal Leo Suenens, Ruth Carter Stapleton, Ralph Martin (R.C. lay leader of Word of God, Ann Arbor, MI), Maria von Trapp, Pat Robertson, Dr. J. Rodney Williams (Melodyland, Anaheim, CA) and Catherine Marshall” [].

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Copeland, K. /Hagin, K.

■ Hagin shared a platform with Father Ralph DiOrio at the FGBMFI’s ‘Year of Thanksgiving’ conference held in Anaheim, California in 1987 [D. Meyer, Video: Witchcraft and Secret Societies in the Church and State, Part One].

POST-1992: “Celebrate Jesus 2000 This super ecumenical event features several Catholic and

charismatic speakers, at St. Louis, June 22-25. The list includes: Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, Jack Hayford, John Arnott, Richard Roberts, Steve Hill, and Ted Haggard. There will be separate programs for 10 denominations (RC, Episcopal, Methodist, etc.) in the morning sessions, but all the different “streams” will meet together for the afternoon and evening sessions. Fr. Tom Forrest (RC) is featured in one evening session. Nine Catholics are on the Steering Committee, which also includes Church of Christ, American Baptist, and other liberal denomination reps” [].

INDIRECT: At the age of two, Benny Hinn was enrolled into a Catholic school and was trained by nuns, and later, by monks for fourteen years.  See also The Confusing World of Benny Hinn for more Romish links.

■ Copeland was a speaker at the New Orleans 1987 Congress of Renewal alongside Roman Catholics [de Semlyen, (1993), p27].

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Fort Lauderdale 5

Steve Clark and Ralph Martin (both Catholics and important parts of the Catholic ‘Renewal’ movement) had contacts with Bob Mumford from the early 70’s. By 1974, all 3 of these men (plus the other 4 of the FL5, plus John Poole) started a secret “Council” [Dager., Vengeance is Ours, p78].

■ “As early as 1974, Bob Mumford, … entered into a ‘covenant relationship’ with Ralph Martin and Steve Clark, founders of the Word of God Catholic charismatics in Ann Arbor, Michigan…. Their alliance was called ‘The Council’ and ‘its purpose was to strengthen the shepherding system across the denominational lines.’ By the mid-1970’s, the Council had expanded to include Catholic shepherding stalwarts, Paul DeCelles and Kevin Ranaghan” [Ibid]

‘The North American Congress’ saw Mumford cooperating with Catholics. {}

“In 1967 we participated in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit among the Catholics, at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh … that opened a whole new sphere of God's goodness as well as new insights as to Catholic spirituality” [Bob Mumford, ‘About Bob and Judith Mumford’,]

“The first conference of Lutheran/Catholics that I spoke at was held in Minneapolis/ St. Paul with more than 18,000 in attendance” [Bob Mumford, ‘About Bob and Judith Mumford’,].

“GENERAL COUNCIL MEETING, August 8-10, 1977, Ann Arbor, MI.  Members present: Don Basham, Charles Simpson, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, [Catholic] Kevin Ranaghan, [Catholic] Paul DeCelles, [Catholic] Steve Clark, [Catholic] Ralph Martin, Larry Christenson and Don Pfotenhauer” [This is just one of many ‘General Council Minutes of The “Ft. Lauderdale” Elders’ (viewable at  Its inclusion was suggested to us by a researcher in the U.S.. (Pfotenhauer was also an agreed speaker at the Wisdom 2001 conference in Minneapolis alongside Simpson, Richard Shakarian, Rita Bennett and several Catholics.)]

■ “More and more we’re fellowshipping and flowing with our Catholic brothers and sisters, and they’re flowing with us. … I was in Augusta, Georgia, for a meeting with some Catholic brethren,…” [Bob Mumford, The Prison of Resentment, (Integrity Communications, 1977), pp53,54].

“Charles Simpson claimed in 1972 that ‘The Catholic Tradition tends to produce a few spiritual giants [by which he means the mystics], whereas the evangelical tradition produces a lot of spiritual babies.’ The Pentecostal teacher, Derek Prince, in the same year, wrote: ‘One of the corroborations of my conviction that it is God’s purpose to form bodies is the entry of so many Roman Catholics into the charismatic renewal... They are way ahead of many Protestants in this regard; we Protestants are learning much from them’” [‘THE EVANGELICAL ATTRACTION TO MYSTICISM’, Alan Morrison { }].

■ Derek Prince approvingly quotes the Roman Catholic Jerusalem Bible [Faith To Live By, p62].

■ Don Basham says “One night in a high school in Buffalo, New York, I spoke to a gathering of about three hundred CHRISTIANS, mostly Roman Catholic, on the theme of the charismatic renewal … At the encouragement of the PRIEST I agreed to remain after the meeting…” [Deliver Us From Evil, p148].

Basham writes: “[T]he charismatic revival has spilled over the boundaries so carefully drawn about it by its critics and is igniting fires in all major denominations, including the Roman Catholic. Bishop Lesslie Newbigin, a former president of the World Council of Churches, was one of the first outstanding churchmen to acknowledge the significance of this movement. He places it on an equal footing with traditional Protestantism and Roman Catholicism. In his book, The Household of God, he wrote: ‘Catholicism and Orthodox Protestantism, however deeply they have differed from one another, have been at one in laying an immense stress on that in the Christian religion which is given and unalterable... Catholicism has laid its primary stress upon the given structure, Protestantism upon the given message.... It is necessary, however, to recognize that there is a third stream of Christian tradition which ... has a distinct character of its own ... its central element is the conviction that the Christian life is a matter of the experienced power and presence of the Holy Spirit today . . . that if we would answer the question, “Where is the Church?” we must ask, “Where is the Holy Spirit recognizably present with power?”... for want of a better word I propose to refer to this type of Christian faith and life as the Pentecostal’” [Don Basham, Handbook On Holy Spirit Baptism, Whitaker House, 1984].

■ Basham promotes Catholi8c charismaticism on pages 161-4 of his book Face Up With A Miracle.  According to his testimony, Basham appears to have been the direct cause of the Duqesne ‘outpouring’ in 1967.

INDIRECT: Bob Mumford recounts some of the history of his personal involvement in Shepherding in the article ‘Forty years later.’: “...we also became involved in the Charismatic Renewal because of the vision imparted to me by [observer of Rome’s Vatican II council] David du Plessis” []

POST-1992?: Mumford’s main website includes a photograph of him greeting John Paul II.

POST-1992: Several agreed fellow speakers with Mumford's close associate Charles Simpson at the WISDOM 2001 conference in Minneapolis were Catholics, viz: Steve Clark, ‘Fr.’ Bob DeGrandis, Bishop Sam Jacobs and Judith Church Tydings [Tillin,].

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Foster, R. /Renovaré

“Richard Foster, … freely confessed to being influenced by … the Spiritual Exercises of [Jesuit] Ignatius Loyola” [Morrison, op. cit., p432] - see Celebration of Discipline, p22 [Wendy Howard cites this in A Critique On The Ministry Of Richard Foster]

■ In Celebration of Discipline, p22, Foster writes “Ignatius of Loyola in his Spiritual Exercises constantly encourages his readers to visualise the Gospel stories … [H]is thin volume of meditation exercises with its stress on the imagination had tremendous impact for good upon the 16th century” [quoted in Dager, MS Special Report: Renovare, p3].

“Foster lauds as a great Christian brother the pope … During the [Winter 1991] conference, Richard Foster extolled the virtues of Roman Catholicism and Pope John Paul II” [Dager, MS Special Report: Renovare, p14].

Rome heavily influenced Foster in the guise of the Catholic Thomas Merton [Ray Yungen, A Time of Departing, (Lighthouse Trails, 2002), pp70-78]

■ “Foster sees … [the Romanists] Julian of Norwich … John of the Cross … [and] Madame Guyon [as examples to emulate]” [Yungen, op. cit., p72]

■ In Celebration of Discipline Foster favourably quotes the 12th century Catholic Benedictine monk, Peter of Celles (p15) and the 14th century Catholic mystic, Richard Rolle (p21) [Dager, MS Special Report: Renovare, p2].

On the audiotape Renovare: A Balanced Vision, (1991), Foster says “I began to study in the contemplative tradition.  I’d read The Little Flowers of St. Francis – it would absolutely blow my mind” [quoted in Dager, MS Special Report: Renovare, p8].  Foster has stated: “St Francis (Catholic mystic) said: ‘Always preach Christ and if necessary use words.’” [Interview with Amazon – see A Critique On The Ministry Of Richard Foster, by Wendy Howard.]

INDIRECT: Rome indirectly influenced Foster via David Watson [Morrison, op. cit., p559].

POST-1992: During Foster’s visit to Blackburn Baptist Church, Melbourne, Victoria in June 1995, one of the seminar leaders was Harry Prout - a Jesuit [Howard, A Critique On The Ministry Of Richard Foster]

“Foster asks rhetorically, ‘What is the goal of Contemplative Prayer?’ And he answers, ‘To this question the old writers answer with one voice: union with God. Bonaventure, a follower of [Catholic] Saint Francis, says that our final goal is “union with God,” which is a pure relationship where we see “nothing.”’” [Foster, Richard J., Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home (San Francisco:  Harper, 1992) p.159, as quoted by Richard Bennett in ‘The Mystic Plague’,].

POST-1992: Foster writes: “we began experiencing that ‘sweet sinking into Deity’ [that Catholic mystic] Madame Guyon speaks of. It, very honestly, had much the same ‘feel’ and ‘smell’ as the experiences I had been reading about in the Devotional Masters” [Renovare Perspective magazine, January 1998, as quoted by Lighthouse Trails].

Foster gives an astonishingly fulsome defence of all four parts of [Jesuit founder] Loyola’s ‘Spiritual Exercises’ [Foster, Prayer, pp62-63].

“A large part of Renovaré’s spiritual disciplines involve meditation on the writings of selected spiritual masters associated with the ‘Christian’ contemplative tradition. Most, of course, are Roman Catholic, particularly those mystics from the fourth through the fifteenth century … [including] Thomas Merton, Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila and Francis of Assisi” [Dager, MS Special Report: Renovaré, pp8,10].

■ “A speaker at Renovaré’s October 1991 conference in Kansas City was the Roman Catholic nun, Sister Thomas Bernard of the order of St. Joseph of Carondolet. Bernard is actively pursuing dialogue with Buddhism … In her message to the Conference … she extolled the doctrine of [Catholic] John of the Cross whom she called, ‘one of the great Spanish mystics of the 16th century’. According to Bernard, John of the Cross ‘built his whole spirituality on the concept of the Nada and the Todo – the Nothing and the All.’ … It is essentially Buddhist” [Dager, MS Special Report: Renovaré, p14].

■ Members of Renovare’s Original Steering Committee include Sister Thomas Bernard - Director, The Spirituality Center, Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and ‘Rev.Msgr’ Royale M. Vadakin - Director, Commission on Ecumenical & Interreligious Affairs, Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles [Dager, MS Special Report, Renovaré, p15].

■ Emilie Griffin, a Roman Catholic, is a member of Renovaré’s Ministry Team [www.renovaré].

■ Karen Mains is on Renovaré’s Board of Reference and yet her ‘spiritual director’ is a Catholic nun. Mains has also attended a “Catholic contemplative retreat center” [Beard,, as quoted by J. Sundquist, email on file].

“[Renovaré’s] Vaswig … was trained in the religious disciplines … by the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, Washington D.C. [A Critique On The Ministry Of Richard Foster, by Wendy Howard].  The Director for Spiritual Guidance at this Institute is Rose Mary Dougherty - a Roman Catholic nun [Ibid].

■ “In both of his addresses to the Renovare Conference in October, 1991, Vaswig mentioned his education at the Shalem Institute in Washington, D.C., and that his professor there is Gerald May … [who teaches] a course entitled ‘Pure Contemplative Presence’. The course description states: ‘Insights and support for our presence together will be drawn from Christian contemplative and Tibetan Buddhist rDzogs-chen (Mahamudra) traditions’ (Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, Winter 1991 Catalog).’ This particular course was taught at Bon Secours Spiritual Center … a Roman Catholic spiritual center at which the Shalem Institute holds many of its courses ” [Dager, MS Special Report, Renovaré, p12].

Foster has been influenced by the Jesuit Jean-Pierre de Caussade [James Sundquist, email on file].

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Fox, G. /Quakers

“Robert Barclay was educated at a Roman Catholic college in Paris and became an early Quaker (in 1666). Barclay made an extensive evangelistic trip to Europe with George Fox.” [Barclay Press].

The book “A Guide to True Peace, or the Excellency of Inward and Spiritual Prayer” is a “Perennial devotional classic compiled by Quakers from writings of Catholic mystics” [].

The book “Catholic Quakerism: A Vision for All Men” by Lewis Benson (1966) is “important” to “many” Quakers [{}].

■ Fox was able to secure the release of two Quakers who were imprisoned by the Roman  Inquisition in Malta.  It seems highly unlikely he could achieve this if Quakerism was truly the enemy of Rome rather than another daughter of the harlot church.

Interestingly, 17th century opponents of the Quakers accused them of being “Catholic agents” [pro-Quaker website].  “One pamphlet published in 1654 [7 years after Fox began preaching] was entitled ‘The Quakers Unmasked, and clearly detected to be but the Spawn of Romish Frogs, Jesuits and Franciscan Fryers…’” [Ibid].

 POST-1992: “Dr James Hurley is Emeritus Professor of Management Education, a psychologist, a Quaker and a Roman Catholic. He has a particular interest in workplace spirituality, ethical dilemmas and adult faith development” { }

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Freemasons

[For extensive details about Rome’s relationship with and influence over Freemasonry please see our “Overview” volume, especially the Appendices.  Click here for details of the “Overview”]

Jesuits took over freemasonry via the Illuminati.  See Appendix C of the Overview volume of our book Alpha: The Unofficial Guide.

A photograph exists of John Paul II clearly giving the 3rd degree Masonic handshake to Archbishop Charles Salacka (a Jesuit?) [D.Meyer, Video: Witchcraft and Secret Societies in the Church and State, Part One].

■ In 1984 John Paul II received the Beni-Brith freemasonic lodge of New York at the Vatican [D. Meyer, Video: Witchcraft and Secret Societies in the Church and State, Part One].

      Jesuits/Rome ==>> Frisbee, L.

INDIRECT: Ted Wise was close to Frisbee, yet seemingly has no problem with Catholicism, judging by his comments in

INDIRECT: “In his book, Answers For Today (copyright 1993), [Chuck] Smith [who was very influential on Frisbee] says the following,  ‘Paul points out that some say, “I’m of Paul,” while others say, “I’m of Apollos.” He asked, “Isn’t that carnal?” But what’s the difference between saying that or saying, “I’m a Baptist,” “I’m a Presbyterian,” “I’m a Methodist,” “I’m a Catholic”? ... We should realize that we’re all part of the Body of Christ ... We’re all one. What a glorious day when we discover that God loves the Baptists! - And the Presbyterians, and the Methodists, and the Catholics. We’re all His and we all belong to Him. We see the whole Body of Christ, and we begin to strive together rather than striving against one another. (p. 157)’” [‘Chuck Smith & Calvary Chapel’,].

      Jesuits/Rome ==>> FullerTS

Ralph Winter was an important staff member at Fuller, yet he writes: “In Poland today, I am told, thousands of young people--perhaps hundreds of thousands--are ... ‘too Catholic’ to be acceptable to Evangelicals. Is this not to be expected? Doesn’t the New Testament prepare us for this?  Greek followers of Christ resulting from Paul’s ministry were, sadly, uneasy and disdainful of the Jewishness of Jewish followers of Christ. That’s why Paul in Romans 14 had

to insist that the Jewish tradition was still perfectly legitimate. Equally, he insisted that the

Greek followers of Christ were legitimate” [].

Ralph Winter submitted a paper to the 1974 Lausanne ‘International Congress on World Evangelization’, yet this event also included Catholic speakers (e.g. Malcolm Muggeridge).

■ Jay Gary has been part of Fuller, yet he was mentored by Robert Muller (a Catholic) [Burns, Billy Graham…., p133].  (Ralph Winter is closely connected to Fuller but “In 1978 Gary went to serve Ralph D. Winter’s U.S. Center for World Mission [USCWM]” [Burns, Billy Graham…, p134].

■ “During the 1984-85 school year, Raymond Brown was a lecturer at Fuller Seminary. Brown was a liberal Roman Catholic” [].

■ “In November 1986, Fuller Seminary opened the David du Plessis Center for Christian Spirituality. Du Plessis, who died in 1987, was a key figure in breaking down the walls of separation between Pentecostals and theological modernists and Roman Catholics. He was the only Pentecostal invited to attend the Catholic Vatican II Council in the 1960s, and he claimed that God melted his resistance to the mass, prayers to Mary, and other Catholic dogmas. In fact, he was deluded and was following Pentecostal “visions and voices” more than the Scriptures. Du Plessis was the only non-Roman Catholic ever to receive the Benemerenti Award, the highest honor that a pope can bestow” [].

■ “Fuller Seminary has held ecumenical talks with the Roman Catholic Church since 1987. In 2001 the committee in charge of the talks got two congregations to join in the dialogue by sharing in a common worship service (Calvary Contender, Aug. 1, 2001)” [].

■ “One of the first Roman Catholic students to attend Fuller was Paul Ford, who went on to become a professor of theology and liturgy at St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, California. In Fuller Seminary’s alumni paper Theology, News and Notes for March 1993, Ford describes his experience at Fuller and described how pro-Catholic it was. He said Fuller professors David Hubbard and Jack Rogers visited his Catholic monastery and that Fuller professor Paul Jewett was a speaker there during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. A 2002 edition of Fuller Seminary paper Focus featured an interview with a Catholic nun about her experience as a student at Fuller. She said, “I think Fuller is a great place for a Catholic woman to study who wants to be taken seriously as a woman in ministry” [].

■ “An article written by Jesuit Father Thomas P. Rausch, Professor of Catholic Theology at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles titled The Catholic/Pentecostal 'born again' experiences documents a recent ecumenical gathering that took place in  southern California, November 8, 2004: ‘On November 8, the Committee brought together about 40 Pentecostal pastors from the Pasadena area and Catholic priests, deacons, and pastoral associates from four Pasadena and San Gabriel deaneries at the San Gabriel Mission for a chance to get acquainted. After an opening prayer service led by Dr. Anthea Butler from LMU, the two co-chairs --- Dr. Cecil M. Robeck, Jr., a professor of  Ecumenics at Fuller, and myself --- made initial presentations [Roger Oakland, Understand the Times News Update, November 23, 2004].

INDIRECT: Fuller was influenced by J. Edwin Orr, but “It was [Orr's] rule that he would only speak where there was an ecumenical representation” [The World Christian Movement, Evangelism vs. Evangelization, By Albert James Dager].

INDIRECT: Fuller was close to Henrietta Mears, yet “a Catholic priest called on her [Mears] ... They subsequently had many long, interesting talks together on spiritual matters” [Ibid].

“These five-Mears, Fuller, Ockenga, Orr and Gesswein-worked together closely to establish ecumenical campus movements” [Ibid].

INDIRECT: Fuller’s Eldon Ladd was influenced by C. H. Dodd who was heavily influenced by Rome! (Dodd was in charge of creating the extremely Catholic NEB ‘translation’ of the Bible.)

POST-1992: “FAW’s “festivals of Hope” ... are staffed by such leaders as ... Mary Ann Finch, worship director for a Franciscan Retreat Center; Father John Powell, Loyola University; [and] Dr. Bob Munger, Fuller Seminary” [Mr. Norman P. Grubb, M.J.Stanford].

POST-1992: “In January 2001 an ecumenical venture named The Foundation for a Conference on Faith and Order in North America was established at Princeton Theological Seminary. Executive board members include Catholic archbishop William Keeler, Greek Orthodox archbishop Dimitrios, and Fuller Seminary president Richard Mouw. The Foundation is committed to expanding its borders and enlisting ‘new partners in the ecumenical venture’” [].

POST-1992: “In January 2003, 50 church leaders from 30 denominations gathered at Fuller Seminary to launch a new ecumenical alliance called Christian Churches Together in the USA. ‘The new alliance will be the broadest ecumenical coalition ever formed in the history of the United States, representing Episcopalian (Anglican), Evangelical, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic and Protestant churches’ (Foundation, March-April 2003). Roman Catholic Bishop Tod Brown, who participated in the meeting, said, ‘I don’t think there has ever been anything like this attempted before in this country’” []. 

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Hall, F.

Hall’s famous book on fasting doesn’t OPENLY promote Rome, but it does honour “a missionary FROM Rome” [p24].  On more than one occasion it also suggests that Romanism is no worse than Protestantism.  For example, Hall notes that “Mohammedans” fast, and then says “This explains one of the reasons why there is more fervor and zeal in their religion, than in the Catholic or Protestant religions” [p9].  Hall also attacks denominationalism [p53] which inevitably plays into the hands of Rome - since she is behind many of the apostate denominations within Protestantism. [].

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Jung, C.

“Carl Jung, said that ‘the most significant religious event since the Reformation was the Papal pronouncement in 1950 of the dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin’” [Morrison, op. cit., p561].  (Note how Jung ignores such events as Wesley and the Great Awakening, and how he appears happy to use the phrase “Blessed Virgin”.)

A long list of books by Jungian Catholics (including DiOrio and Ranaghan) is provided at:

As a young man, Jung had an experience with a Jesuit which had a great influence on him. {Source: NABV?}

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Kelsey, M.

Kelsey has “freely confessed to being influenced by … the spiritual exercises of [the Jesuit] Ignatius Loyola” [Morrison, op. cit., p432]

■ Kelsey is perfectly happy with the Romish practice of venerating relics [Morton Kelsey, Healing and Christianity, (Harper and Row, 1973), pp185-6, as quoted in D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, pp231-2].

Kelsey is a Catholic scholar [Jackson, op. cit., p54].

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Kenyon, E.W.

INDIRECT: Kenyon was influenced by P.P. Quimby [McConnell, op. cit., p39] but “Phineas Parkhurst Quimby is generally recognized as the father of New Thought. He was ... Inspired by the work of Anton Mesmer [a Catholic]”.

INDIRECT: Trine influenced Kenyon [McConnell, op. cit., p41].  But Trine said the following: “When we make our united human calling the paramount fact in our lives, we shall find that minor differences and narrow prejudices fall away. A Jew will be able to worship in a Catholic cathedral, a Catholic in a Jewish synagogue, a Buddhist in a Christian church, a Christian in a Buddhist temple, … Indeed, worship itself will give way to the recognising of the Divine in all things…” [].

INDIRECT: Baker Eddy wrote: “Christian Scientists have no quarrel with Protestants, Catholics, or any other sect” [].

INDIRECT: R.W.Emerson influenced Kenyon [McConell, op. cit., p26] but “Emerson’s later poetry suggests that a harmonious relationship with nature and the Over-Soul may be achieved by all people who are willing to hear the Over-Soul’s message in nature through pure and reliable sources such as the Aeolian harp. As Emerson ages, he begins to view the harp as more than an instrument; it becomes a symbol of beauty, wisdom, and divine harmony in his poetry. ... The Aeolian harp, ... [was] Invented as a stringed wooden box by Jesuit Athanasius Kircher” [‘The Aeolian Harp: Beauty and Unity in the Poetry and Prose of Ralph Waldo Emerson’, Cynthia A. Cavanaugh].

INDIRECT: R.W.Emerson was extremely keen to see “Catholic Emancipation” [RWE, ‘English Traits, XVIII. Result’].  Emerson influenced Kenyon yet Emerson calls the Roman Pope “the Holy Father, at Rome”, and “his Holiness” [RWE, The Conduct of Life, (1860, rev. 1876), VI: WORSHIP].

INDIRECT: R.W.Emerson wrote: “The Liturgy, admired for its energy and pathos, is an anthology of the piety of ages and nations, a translation of the prayers and forms of the Catholic church,--these collected, too, in long periods, from the prayers and meditations of every saint and sacred writer, all over the world” [RWE, ‘SHAKSPEARE; OR, THE POET’].

INDIRECT: Charles Mallory influenced Kenyon, yet he educated his son at a Jesuit college (if Stephen Russell Mallory’s father was the same Charles Mallory whom Kenyon knew!) [].

INDIRECT: Mesmer influenced both RW Emerson – who influenced Kenyon, yet: “Jesuit ... Professor Hehl ... suggested to Mesmer that the magnetic force quite possibly was moving the etheric fluid. ... Mesmer was soon making use of magnets to effect his cures” [].

INDIRECT: Kenyon was greatly influenced by Unitarianism and New England Transcendentalism, yet the “apostle of Unitarianism,” William Ellery Channing, who was also “a leading figure in the development of New England Transcendentalism”, “admired the Catholic mysticism of Archbishop Fénelon” [,].

INDIRECT: Mesmer’s ideas were “Paracelsus-inspired” and he was “influenced by the occult work of a Jesuit priest, Maximillian Hehl, one of Maria Theresa’s court astrologers” [Morrison, Serpent, p249].

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Kraft, C.

■ ‘The North American Congress’ saw Kraft cooperating with Catholics {}

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Kuhlman, K.

Kuhlman submitted herself to ‘Pope’ Paul VI (who is also quoted favourably by Gumbel).  Kuhlman “had an audience with Pope Paul VI on October 11, 1972 and promoted him until her death. Of her visit with the Pope she said ‘When I met Pope Paul there was a oneness. He had an interpreter there, but we needed no interpreter’ … The ‘Pope told this adulterer: “You’re doing an admirable job. You not only have my blessing, you have my prayers”’” [Burns, op. cit., p456].

■ “In her later years, Kuhlman was very ecumenical, drawing denominationally diverse crowds, then urging them not to leave their churches but to return to be a healing force. Kuhlman also purposefully preached a positive message, refusing to expose doctrinal error ... She believed that preaching a positive gospel would accomplish more. Her biographer says Kuhlman is credited with helping to bridge gaps between Protestants and Catholics” [Warner, op. cit., p163].

■ “Kuhlman was a main speaker at the ecumenical ‘World Congress on the Holy Spirit’ in Jerusalem in 1974” [Kurt Koch]

“Kathryn Kuhlman ... was heavily influenced ... by the Roman Catholic church” [Tom and Sheila Smith, ‘Background to the “Holy Laughter” Movement: A Historical and Doctrinal Study’,].

INDIRECT: Kuhlman allowed one of her books (one mainly comprising testimonies of healing) to legitimize the ministry of Roman Catholic priests [K.Kuhlman, God Can Do It Again, (Pillar Books, August 1975), pp218-9].

Kuhlman’s book God Can Do It Again’ has a constant drip of little statements that help to make Roman Catholicism look okay [See pages 21, 24, 111, 118, 138, 141, 184, 191 and the entire 15-page section called ‘From Russia To Love’ in the Pillar Books edition, 1975].  Although most of these comments are very modest on their own, their COMBINED effect is significant.  Each one is positive.  Compare this with the mockery of Baptists on page 24, where Kuhlman said “If God can heal a Baptist, He can heal anybody”.

“The Jesuits have been in the chair of organizations like Catholic Youth Action, [and] Legion of Mary (by the help of Kathryn Kuhlman)...” [].

Tape 503 in Kuhlman's library of sermons at her church is by “Father Edward O'Conner -Notre Dame” {}

Jesuits/Rome ==>> MacNutt, F.

MacNutt is an ‘ex’ Roman Catholic priest.

■ A book by the (Jesuit) Linn brothers is recommended in MacNutt’s book The Prayer That Heals (Hodder Christian Books, 2001), p70.

     Jesuits/Rome ==>> Pytches, D.

■ Pytches cites “Fr. George Malmey”, without any disclaimer, as having produced material worth knowing about [D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, pp148-9].

■ Pytches seems happy to call the Catholic mystics Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross “saints” [D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p149].  On the next page Pytches appears to be quite happy with the teaching on trances given by “St. Teresa of Avila” and suggests that the “Counter-Reformation” was just an internal matter for the Roman Catholic church.

■ Pytches lists two Catholic priests as members of the true church  [D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p224].

■ Pytches is happy with the Romish practice of venerating relics (just as long as they aren’t actually worshipped - even though veneration is a form of worship) - and Pytches also strongly implies he is entirely happy with belief in the healing power of relics [D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, pp231-2].

■ Pytches lists a whole raft of Catholics (e.g. Richard of Chichester, Dominic, Francis of Assisi and ‘Pope’ Gregory 1) as ‘Church Fathers  [D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p163].

■ Pytches appears to legitimize the Romanizing Oxford Movement, calling it a “renewal movement  [D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p264].

INDIRECT: Pytches seems happy to trust David du Plessis, an observer at Rome’s Vatican II council [D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p66].

      Jesuits/Rome ==>> Sandford, J./P.

Sandford “claims that the bones coming together [in Ezek. 37] is the current ecumenical movement of the church. [He writes:] ‘That’s where we have been, as we discovered Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists, Roman Catholics and so many other Christians of every denomination all being filled with the Spirit, rattling our theologies together, joining ourselves to one another with a lot of noise!’” [cultlink].

An article by Mark Sandford on the website of J and P Sandford describes a Promise Keeper's Rally and states happily that “A Catholic speaker led us to forgive denominations for which we held ill feelings. And we repented for criticizing, rather than praying for, our spiritual and political leaders. Perhaps more than anything, that last item broke Satan’s power.”

Another article by Mark Sandford on the website of J and P Sandford says of revival “we see smaller tidal waves, each washing a little closer to the high water mark of revival. First wave: 1960, Van Nuys, California. The charismatic movement began in Dennis Bennett’s Episcopal parish. Second wave: 1966, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Notre Dame University, where the

movement caught on in the Catholic Church. Twenty-eight years would pass before God would visit His blessing upon Toronto.”

      Jesuits/Rome ==>> Sanford, A.

Sanford refers positively to Francis of Assisi [Sanford, The Healing Light, p154].  On page 56 of the same book, Rome is implicitly described as being part of the true Church.

Sanford wrote: “I prayed, and ... knew that the child had recovered. It was not necessary for me to see him, because the direct contact was being made by other hands than mine. Two Roman Catholic Sisters were at that very moment in prayer with him...” [Sanford, The Healing Light, p151].

■ “Most people think that one cannot be both a metaphysician and a sacramentalist. But I have found that one can, … For instance I once talked to a discouraged young man in an army hospital. His back was broken and apparently his spirit was broken too, … I tried to tell him of the Life that could mend his broken back. ‘You know, doctors tell you that nature makes you well,’ I said. ‘Well, what is nature? It’s God’s life in you, isn’t it?’.  … And I tried to explain to him how to renew a sort of spiritual blood transfusion in his body. ‘But I think that’s contrary to my religion,’ he objected. ‘I’m a Roman Catholic.’ ‘Then it’s not contrary to your religion at all!’ I replied. ‘It’s just exactly what your church teaches you! Don’t they teach you that Our Lord sends His Real Life into the elements of the Blessed Sacrament?’ ‘Yes,’ he murmured, … ‘Well, if that Real Presence is His Body and Blood, doesn’t it include His bones? And can’t you receive it in your backbone?’ … ‘Then I’ll pray for you to receive It in just that way. And I’ll ask my friends the Sisters to pray for you every morning at the Mass. And that Life will go from the Mass right through their prayers into your spine. You’ll see!’ So I left him very happy. And to the sacramental method I added, unknown to him, the metaphysical method. I was very sure he would receive life through the Mass, because he believed that he would. …” [Sanford, The Healing Light, pp140-141].

Sanford claims that “Some of those in convents and monasteries pray with continual fervour and with great benefit to themselves and to the world” [The Healing Light, p155].  In the same book, Sanford also claims it is wrong to have “righteous indignation against a Catholic” [p59] and that “God’s servants, [are] the clergy” [p87].  Also, Sanford is an Episcopalian – i.e. a member of a denomination hugely influenced by Rome in recent centuries.

INDIRECT: “The most recent development of these Conferences on the Emerging Church is FAW’s ‘festivals of Hope.’ These conclaves to ‘celebrate the New Christian Renaissance’ are staffed by such leaders as the above and Mary Ann Finch, worship director for a Franciscan Retreat Center; Father John Powell, Loyola University; ... Other names linked with FAW past and present [include] Agnes Sanford” { }    

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Scanlan, M.

Scanlan is a Catholic priest.

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Schuller, R.

“When Larry King asked him [Schuller] if [the ecumenical meeting in] Bethlehem gave him encouragement, he responded: ‘Oh, absolutely … [T]his is marvelous … Here was the Roman Catholic patriarch … and the Protestant minister of the town - this is a remarkable thing” [Burns, op. cit., p119].

“When the Pope went to Los Angeles, California in 1987, Schuller said: ‘It’s time for Protestants to go to the shepherd [i.e. the Roman Pope] and say “What do we have to do to come home?”’ Later Schuller ‘made a special trip to Rome to ask the Pope’s blessing on the building plans for his Crystal Cathedral’” [Burns, op. cit., p119].

“‘In 1972 Schuller “invited Catholic Bishop Fulton J. Sheen to his pulpit and joined with Catholic bishops at their Mass at the Annual Mary’s Hour at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.”’” [Burns, op. cit., p116].

■ “Dr. Schuller declared where he stood on this issue [i.e. the Papacy] when he described his feelings as he watched Pope John Paul (II) perform the sacrifice of the mass during his visit to Los Angeles in September 1987 in these words – ‘I cried through most of the mass, because there was NOTHING that he said in words or in theological content that didn’t harmonise with my own belief system’” [Cecil Andrews, Robert Schuller: Satellite Saint or High-Flying Heretic?, (Take Heed, no date), p15].

POST-1992: “In 1998 Schuller once again met with the Pope ‘hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart at the VaticanThis was his fourth visit to see Pope John Paul II” [Burns, op. cit., p119].

■ See also!

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Semple McPherson, A.

■ McPherson said this in 1939: “Did you happen to be awake last night? I just couldn’t sleep – I had to listen to, at least, an hour or so of that broadcast from Rome. I thought it was so interesting, when the new Pope was being put in office. That was this morning. It was certainly impressive. I have never been brought up a Catholic – I mean, a Roman Catholic – we’re all Catholics, aren’t we? We’re Protestant Catholics, whether we’re from Methodist or Baptist or what. But I couldn’t help being impressed with that ceremony. Especially the part where they set him aside and put oil on his hands and anointed him. They gave him the communion. I said, “Well, my, from now on when I ordain my young people, I’d love to see their elders anoint their hands with oil, that they may go out and lay hands on others. I believe that many of the early Catholic traditions are handed down from apostolic days, don’t you, before the days of Martin Luther. Take the Lord’s Supper that they may go – give it to others. We do not agree that there’s just one mediator between God and man, and that’s the Pope. We don’t agree with that at all. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Mediator of all. But we cannot help but admire, the respect that is paid to the Lord Jesus. Certainly in this day we’re out to preach Christ. But to hear that coming over, and I thought, “My…….!” They described how the people cheered, and they said the nuns even took their handkerchiefs and waved and cheered and clapped as the cardinals went by, leading the Pope. I thought, “My, won’t it be wonderful when our High Priest, Jesus Christ, comes back again.” Oh, if we do our task! I’ll tell you, even you stiff-folks might bend and wave our handkerchiefs that day, when the Lord comes back. Amen?! Glory be to God! I was so interested (in this radio program). I awakened the young lady at our house and I said, “Listen to this!” When Joanne came, it came to the part about the nuns even waving their hands and the people all cheering, I told of an experience of mine in Illinois where we were in a Foursquare church that had just been opened and the power was falling. Right next door to us was a convent. The sisters became so interested in the shouting and people praising the Lord, that they came over to see what it was all about. They had such sweet faces – in these black and white headgear. People had been falling under the power of God! Just going down under God’s power all around. Do you know, that God’s power struck them and they went down just the same way! Under the power of God! By and by, the Mother Superior came in to see what had happened to their daughters, and the power of God struck her. Why, we’re all the same! I mean, we all have a heart, we all have tears, we all have sins, we all need a Savior, we all need the blood, and every one of us can work for Jesus. Whether we go across the ocean or whether we stay at home, this is our task. Lord, make us soul-winners, every one of us.” [This Is My Task, A sermon by Aimee Semple McPherson, Given at Angelus Temple, in Los Angeles, California March 12, 1939,].

■ Milton Berle, speaking of the bedroom of an apartment owned and used by ASM, wrote “It was candles all right. Two of them on the night table by the bed, which she had already turned down. They were burning in front of a silver crucifix that stood before a triptych panel of the scene on Calvary” [Milton Berle with Frank Haskel New York, Delacorte Press, 1974,].

“[ASM was] very ecumenical ... The Dictionary of Pentecostal & Charismatic Movements states that, ‘…Her vision was interdenominational from the start, and the cornerstone of Angelus Temple was inscribed to read that the Temple was dedicated to “the cause of interdenominational and world-wide evangelism”’” [].

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Suenens, L.

Suenens was a Catholic Cardinal.

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Teilhard deChardin, P.

Teilhard was a Jesuit priest.  

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Wagner, C. P.

■ ‘The North American Congress’ saw Wagner cooperating with Catholics. {}

■ “Wagner has stated re the RCC: ‘Traditionally, the message of the Gospel in Latin America has appealed to the working class. But changes have begun to take place, and many middle and upper-class people are now opening their hearts to Jesus Christ. Some of this is happening through the Catholic charismatic movement.’” (C. Peter Wagner, ‘Look at What God's Doing!,’ an excerpt from On the Crest of the Wave, Ventura, CA: Regal Books, 1983)” []

■ “C. Peter Wagner supports the assimilation of the RCC into evangelistic [sic] groups” [Ibid]

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Wierwille, V.

Victor Paul Wierwille admitted “I studied everything I could find in the Roman Catholic church (Twenty-fifth Anniversary Souvenir Booklet, p10) [Rob Pardon, The Way International – HISTORY,].  Why would he have done this unless he was either going to expose it – which he wasn’t – or unless he agreed with his initial findings into Romanism (and thus continued them).  Unless he was planning to reveal Rome for what she really is, he should have stopped studying Rome as soon as he realized it was idolatrous – i.e. long before he studied “EVERYTHING” he could find on her – for we are told to FLEE from idolatry!

■ Wierwille was ordained in the very ecumenical ‘United Church of Christ’ whose website claims that: “Early in the 20th century, the Holy Spirit began to inspire a worldwide movement toward Christian unity. ... The ecumenical movement calls the churches to restore their oneness in Christ ...  Two world wars and religious sectarianism had made clear a need for the church to take seriously its responsibility as agents of God’s healing, and in repentance, to acknowledge in its divisions a mutual need for Christ’s redemption. ... The Second Vatican Council at Rome, called by Pope John XXIII, met between 1962 and 1965 with a primary purpose of ‘peace and unity.’”

INDIRECT: “The most recent development of these Conferences on the Emerging Church is FAW’s “festivals of Hope.” These conclaves … are staffed by such leaders as the above and Mary Ann Finch, worship director for a Franciscan Retreat Center; Father John Powell, Loyola University; … Other names linked with FAW past and present [include] Rosalind Rinker, [who influenced Wierwille].”

Jesuits/Rome ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ “Wimber’s wife Carol was raised in the Roman Catholic Church. Wimber stated that after having separated for awhile over marriage difficulties, he and Carol were remarried in the Catholic Church. Neither of the Wimbers ever renounced their Roman Catholic experiences” [Al Dager, Media Spotlight Special Report: John Wimber and the Vineyard].

■ “Major speakers included [Catholic] Father Forrest, … and John Wimber [at Leaders Congress, New Orleans, October 1986]” [Gretchen Keiser, ‘Leaders’ Congress Prepares for '87 Rally In Superdome’, Georgia Bulletin, November 20, 1986, – see and].

■ “…In 10/91, Hayford visited Sydney, Australia with John Wimber…to hold a ‘holiness conference’ (a number of Catholic priests also spoke at the conference)....” [].

■ Wimber has called for “Protestants [to] submit to the authority of the Pope” [Goodwin, op. cit., p3].

■ “Wimber [teaches] ‘In the name of Jesus, you can forgive the sins of others’ … - certainly another indication of Wimber’s attachment to Roman Catholicism” [Goodwin, op. cit., p9].

■ “Wimber states, ‘In the Catholic Church for over a 1,200 year period, people were healed as a result of touching relics of the saints. We Protestants have difficulty with that, … but we healers shouldn’t, because there’s nothing theologically out of line with that” [Goodwin, op. cit., p17].

■ “Wimber … encourages the reunification of Protestants with the church of Rome.  During a Vineyard pastors’ conference, he went so far as to ‘apologize to the Catholic church on behalf of all Protestants’ … He stated that ‘the Pope, who by the way is very responsive to the charismatic movement, and is himself a born again evangelical, is preaching the gospel as clear as anyone in the world today’” [Goodwin, op. cit., p18 - emphasis in original].

■ ‘The North American Congress’ saw Wimber cooperating with Catholics. {}

■ “Wimber has consistently maintained an ecumenical spirit toward Roman Catholicism. He has appeared on the same platform with Roman Catholic clergy in ecumenical gatherings, and what he calls ‘internationally recognized Catholic leaders’ were present at the Denver [Vineyard] conference [in August 1989]” [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p158]

■ The Linn brothers worked with Wimber - and were both Jesuits [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p155].

The following was reported of Vineyard’s John White, speaking at a Vineyard conference in 1990: “part of his talk was controlled, not by the teaching of Scripture, but by illustrations from … Jean la France (a French Jesuit) [among one or two others]” [Mark Thompson, John Wimber - Friend or Foe?, (St. Matthias Press, nd), p.19]

POST-1992: “[At] the Charismatic Conference in Steubenville in 1995, … John Wimber, … and [Catholic] Fr. Edward McDonough were there.”

“Wimber gives much credence to Roman Catholic sources for establishing the validity of miracles … includ[ing] miracles allegedly performed by Roman Catholic ‘saints’ which validate their canonisation by the Vatican. … Wimber implies that the Roman Catholic approach to miracles is more trustworthy than that of Protestants” [Dager, The Vineyard, p13].

“Wimber cites [positively]… Roman Catholic sources … [including] Gregory I (the Great) … St. Francis of Assisi … Vincent Ferrer (a Dominican preacher) … Ignatius of Loyola … Teresa of Avila” [Dager, The Vineyard, p13].

Wimber refers positively to the ‘miracles’ of Lourdes [Dager, The Vineyard, p13].

“Wimber has written for the Catholic charismatic publication, New Covenant, (June, 1988) … [an] article [titled] ‘Why I love Mary’” [Dager, The Vineyard, p13].

“Wimber has publicly apologised to the [Catholic] Archbishop of Los Angeles on behalf of all Protestants” [Dager, The Vineyard, p13].  A former associate says, ‘[Wimber,] During a Vineyard pastors conference, went so far as to “apologize” to the Catholic church on behalf of all Protestants’” [John F. MacArthur Jr., Charismatic Chaos, (Zondervan, 1992), p180].

“‘I studied leaders like … Father Ralph Diorio, Father John Bertolucci, … Ralph C. Martin, Dennis and Matthew Linn, Francis MacNutt, Father Michael Scanlan, Sister Briege McKenna, Father Edward McDonough, … [All are Catholic]’” [Wimber, Power Evangelism, (London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1995), p124, as quoted in Dager, The Vineyard, p14].

■ “In his seminar on church planting, Wimber stated, ‘The pope … is himself a born again evangelical. If you’ve read any of his texts concerning salvation, you’d know he is preaching the gospel as clear as anybody is preaching it in the world today’” [MacArthur, op. cit., p180].

■ “An Appendix in Wimber’s Power Evangelism seeks to establish that signs and wonders have appeared throughout church history. Wimber cites an eclectic catalog of individuals and movements … as evidence. Included in these are Hilarion (a fourth-century hermit), Augustine, Pope Gregory I (the Great), Francis of Assisi (founder of the Franciscan Order), … Vincent Ferrer [a Domincan], … Ignatius of Loyola, … and the Jansenists (a Catholic sect). In a booklet published by the Vineyard, Wimber adds … the supposed miracles and healings worked by an apparition of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, France!” [MacArthur, op. cit., p180].

■ Wimber was a speaker at the conference “Brighton ’91” along with the senior Catholics ‘Father’ Tom Forrest and ‘Father’ Raniero Cantalamessa. Indeed, Cardinal Basil Hume led a Roman Catholic Mass on the Thursday morning [Tricia Tillin, Mainstream Magazine, Jul/Aug 1991, pp1,7].

“In October 1991, the John Wimber conference in Sydney, Australia, featured Catholic priests Tom Forrest and Raniero Cantalamessa, as well as Catholic layman Kevin Ranaghan”  { }

In his book, Power healing, Wimber writes that he studied “the theologies and practices of leaders from different schools of divine healing” applying what he “learnt from these models to our situation in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship”.  In the accompanying footnote he writes: “Almost every model I studied offered some insight into divine healing,…  Amongst the leaders of these “schools” and “models” he lists are … Dennis and Matthew Linn Wimber, Power Healing, pp182, 292-293].

In his book Power Healing, p39, Wimber refers to Augustine and Francis of Assisi as “great reformers in church history.

■ Ralph C. Martin is referred to on p62 of Wimber’s book Power Healing.

INDIRECT: Hinn has influenced Wimber, yet Hinn has had enormous input from Rome.  See our ‘Church’ volume for some examples.  Hinn also says “When I travelled to the Vatican in Rome to meet the pope I thought I would be nervous. But it didn’t happen because I was so full of my subject. And among the Vatican leaders I sensed a hunger for things of the Spirit” [Good Morning, Holy Spirit, (1991), p117].

INDIRECT: Hinn refers to Mother Theresa with approval [The Many Faces of Benny Hinn, video: The Door].


Jung, Carl [Click here for details of this name]

Jung ==>> Alpha

■ Gumbel quotes Jung approvingly in the Alpha talks {}

■ HTB stocks a book of quotes called A Treasury of Christian Wisdom [our emphasis] which includes quotes from Jung.

INDIRECT: Jung greatly influenced Freud and Nicky Gumbel quotes Freud positively more than once in the Alpha materials {}

INDIRECT: Joyce Huggett was influenced by Jung and has influenced Alpha.  Huggett’s book Listening to God is the only item of recommended reading in Session 6 of the Alpha talks.

INDIRECT: Paul Tillich, whom Gumbel quotes approvingly, drew from Jung.  He quotes Jung as emphasizing, “The medical psychotherapist today must make clear to his more educated patients the foundations of religious experience, and set them on the road to where such experience becomes possible.” [Awakening the Healer Within – Empowering Spiritual Healing, Elizabeth K. Stratton, MS,].

INDIRECT: David Watson has influenced HTB, yet he quotes Jung approvingly [Watson, Live a New Life, (IVP, 1996), p10].

INDIRECT, POSSIBLY POST-1992: Gumbel approvingly quotes “psychiatrist Paul Tournier” [Gumbel, Heart of Revival, (Kingsway, 1998), p111] yet Jung is legitimised in Tournier’s book ‘The Adventure of Living’ [see its index].

Jung ==>> Assagioli, R.

■ “One of the earliest champions of this type of visualisation in Western psychology was Roberto Assagioli, a pupil of Carl Jung” [Morrison, op. cit., p427].

■ Both Jung and Assagioli worked on the ERANOS conferences.

Jung ==>> Foster, R. /Renovaré

■ “[I]n 1991 [Foster] held … [his] second ‘National Conference on Personal Spiritual Renewal of Christian Leaders’: … the directors [plural] praised occultist/psychiatrist Carl Jung as a great psychiatrist …” [] {May be from Morrison, Trojan Horse, p120}

■ “Richard Foster, having freely confessed to being influenced by … the psychology of the self-styled Gnostic Carl Jung…” [Morrison, op. cit., p432]

“Richard Foster … integrates psychotherapy into Renovaré’s methodologies. … Often mentioned is Carl Jung” [Dager, MS Special Report: Renovaré, p11].

In his book Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth (New York: Harper and Row, 1978), p22, Foster favourably quotes Carl Jung [Dager, MS Special Report: Renovaré, p2].

Foster writes the following: “In his autobiography C. G. JUNG describes how difficult it was for him to humble himself and once again play imagination games of a child, and the value of that experience” [Wendy Howard, Mini-Despatch Sept 1, 1999, ‘A Critique on the Ministry of Richard Foster’, as quoted by James Sundquist, email on file, Sept. 4, 2003].

Karen Mains is on Renovaré’s Board of Reference [Lynda Graybeal, Administrative Associate of Richard J. Foster, email on file, 18th Sept. 2003].  That Mains is a devotee of Jung is clearly shown by Beard [see].  Beard also notes that Mains’ ‘spiritual director’ is a “Jungian psychotherapist”.

The harshest ‘criticism’ of Jung we know of from Renovaré reads as follows: “Even though Jung may not have been an orthodox Christian, he recognized that the Devil can lead us astray through busyness and that all adults need to regain the imaginations they lost as their parents ‘civilized’ them” [Lynda Graybeal, Administrative Associate of Richard J. Foster and official co-witness to the signing of Renovaré’s incorporation papers, email on file, 18th Sept. 2003].

“[Renovaré’s] Vaswig lauds psychologist Carl Jung whom he calls a ‘great psychiatrist’.” [Dager, MS Special Report: Renovaré, p9].

      Jung ==>> Fox, G./Quakers

The Friends website contains much pro-Jung material.  See for instance the ‘Views and Reviews’ in its magazine Inward Light, Vol XLVII, Nos. 101 and 102, Spring 1986 (as at  The site even includes a link to the “Carl Gustav Jung Web Ring” on its homepage!  See also:

Jung ==>> Kelsey, M.

■ “Morton Kelsey [has] drawn heavily from Jung[Goodwin, op. cit., p30]

■ “Morton Kelsey … [is] an ardent advocate of Jungian psychology and shamanism” [Morrison, op. cit., p128]

■ “Morton Kelsey further reveals a Neo-Gnostic connection when he states that ‘it was C.G. Jung who showed me that such practices can work today, and that images … open one … beyond to the world of psychoid realities where one is able to come into contact with the realm of God Himself’” [Morrison, op. cit., p433]

Kelsey quotes Jung very positively in his book Tongue Speaking (Hodder and Stoughton, 1968, p199) [as quoted in David Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p67].

■ “Morton Kelsey … has subtly woven the Jungian gospel through virtually every one of his books, specially those aimed for the Charismatic renewal constituency” [].

■ “‘The Jungian School’ … takes dreams very seriously and finds in the intricate psychological writings of Carl Jung a theoretical basis (Kelsey, 1964, 1968)” [Morrison].

■ Kelsey’s 1972 book Encounter With God is Jungian.

■ “Morton Kelsey … has devoted an entire book to defending the ideas of Carl Jung” [J. Sundquist].

“Morton Kelsey, [was] himself mentored by Carl Jung” [James Sundquist,].

Jung ==>> Kuhlman, K.

INDIRECT: Kuhlman allowed one of her books (a book mainly comprising testimonies of healing) to quote Jung very positively (and at some length) [K. Kuhlman, God Can Do It Again, p100].

Jung ==>> Pytches, D.

      Pytches offers a favourable quote about Jung [D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p67].

INDIRECT: Pytches recommends a book by the Jung devotee Joyce Huggett [Pytches, op. cit., p287].

Jung ==>> Sandford, J./P.

■ “I found that most of their [the Sandford’s] philosophies followed the teachings of Carl Jung” [Greg DesVoignes,].

Jung ==>> Sanford, A

■ “Agnes Sanford (1897-1982) [was] Heavily influenced by the teachings of Carl Jung” [Morrison, op. cit., p440].

■ “Agnes Sanford … [has] drawn heavily from Jung [Goodwin, op. cit., p30].

■ “Carl Gustav Jung received his revelations from a spirit guide. His methods were adopted by Agnes Sanford and are spread to the Church by her teachings and those of her disciples” [Dager, The Vineyard, p11].

Sanford wrote: “For now we know that we have within us another mind than the conscious, and that this unconscious mind is not disconnected from life but is connected with the mind of the race: the collective unconscious [this is a direct glean and term coined by Carl Jung himself]. Therefore we can ‘pick up’ thoughts and impressions from another or from life, outside ourselves or from memories of the race. Now into this collective unconscious, into these race memories [also from Carl Jung who meant evolution when he used this term], Jesus Christ entered…” [].

INDIRECT: “in the late 1980s John Sanford [son of Agnes Sanford] rebuked Dave Hunt for criticizing Jung, stating he had accomplished much for society” [Greg DesVoignes,].

      Jung ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

INDIRECT: “The Vineyard’s inner healing methods are especially rooted in psychic healing practices … whose roots are in Jungian psychology” [Dager, The Vineyard, p11].


Kelsey, Morton [Click here for details of this name]

     Kelsey ==>>  Foster, R. /Renovaré

“Morton … is one of the major influences on the professing evangelical Christian, Richard Foster” [Morrison, op. cit., p434]; “Morton Kelsey, … has greatly influenced Richard Foster” [Morrison, op. cit., p432].

■ Foster sanctions a book by Kelsey [Prayer, p293].

      Kelsey ==>>  MacNutt, F.

MacNutt cites Kelsey positively and promotes Kelsey’s books in a number of places in his book Healing - e.g. on page 332 of the 2001 Hodder and Stoughton edition.

     Kelsey ==>>  Pytches, D.

■ Pytches quotes Kelsey positively [D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, pp53,232] and recommends three Kelsey books [Ibid, pp72, 128, 195].

     Kelsey ==>>  Sanford, A.

See Liz emails. {LIZ}

■ Sanford’s son, Jack, “studied at the C.J.[sic] Jung Institute in Zurich with Morton Kelsey” [Howard: A Critique On The Ministry Of Richard Foster].  “It seems that Agnes Sanford was highly influenced by her son, … John A. Sanford and her pastor, … Morton T. Kelsey” [Don Matzat].

“John Loren Sandford ... dedicated his books to her [Agnes Sanford] as his beloved mentor. Morton Kelsey learned healing of memories from her as well” { }   

“Agnes Sanford whose mentor [was] Morton Kelsey” [Jackie Alnor, ‘Multnomah Press: Covering up for False Teacher Brennan Manning’].

     Kelsey ==>>  Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ Wimber quotes Kelsey in his book Power Evangelism [See Dager, The Vineyard, p12].

■ “Morton Kelsey’s name pops up frequently in Wimber’s teachings, and Wimber has even dedicated a seminar series to him. … [Kelsey] equates the ministry of Jesus with that of a shaman – a witch doctor [in his books Healing and Christianity, (New York: Harper and Row, 1973), p51, and Dreams, A Way to Listen to God, (New York: Paulist Press, 1978), p23]” [Dager, The Vineyard, p12].

■ “Both Agnes Sanford and Morton Kelsey have drawn heavily from Jung, and John Wimber in turn draws from all three of these sources” [Goodwin, op. cit., p30].

■ “Wimber dedicates his Healing - a Biblical and Historical Perspective Seminar Series to Kelsey and MacNutt, stating “I would like to express my appreciation to Morton Kelsey and Francis MacNutt for their valuable insights and information. They have made a significant contribution in the area of healing” [Goodwin, op. cit., p32].

■ “Wagner’s work led him [Wimber] into a significant exploration of spiritual gifts. This also included study of work by the … Episcopalian charismatic Morton Kelsey” [Hilborn, op. cit., p6].

“[B]ooks that influenced [Wimber include] … Healing and Christianity by Morton Kelsey” [Randles, Weighed and Found Wanting, p75].

Kelsey fundamentally influenced Wimber [Fearon, op. cit., p66].

A historian within the Vineyard leadership admits that Wimber was “influenced … by the writings of men like … Morton Kelsey” [Jackson, op. cit., p54].

■ In his book A Dream Come True, Vineyard’s James Ryle endorses Kelsey, and calls those who disagree with Kelsey’s dangerous views about dreams as “arrogant and ignorant” [Counterfeit Revival, p91].


Kenyon, E.W. [Click here for details of this name]

     Kenyon ==>> Branham, W. /LR

■ According to McConnell, Kenyon’s writings were “widely read by … William Branham” [op. cit., p23].

■ Ern Baxter called Kenyon “‘widely influential’” on the “post-World War II Healing Revival” (of which Branham formed a central part) [Ibid, pp28,76].

■ According to McConnell and Hanegraaff: Branham was heavily influenced by Kenyon [McConnell,  op. cit., pp3-14; See also Hanegraaff, op. cit., pp30,331].

■ “Kenneth E. Hagin [was] … a disciple of E. W. Kenyon” [Dager, The Vineyard, p13].

Kenyon ==>> Copeland, K. /Hagin, K.

■ According to McConnell, Kenyon’s writings were “widely read by … Kenneth Hagin … Kenyon’s influence … was massive” [op. cit., p23].

■ Ern Baxter called Kenyon “‘widely influential’” on the “post-World War II Healing Revival” (of which Hagin formed a central part) [Ibid, pp28,76].

■ Hagin plagiarized Kenyon “repeatedly and extensively” [Reachout Trust, The ‘Faith’ Movement may be Prospering but is it Healthy? (1995), pp4-5; See also McConnell, op. cit., pp3-14; Hank Hanegraaff, Christianity in Crisis (Nelson Word Ltd., UK ed., 1995), pp30,331].

■ Kenyon’s book The Wonderful Name of Jesus is quoted incessantly in Hagin’s book The Name of Jesus, (Faith Library Publications, 1983).  Hagin says of Kenyon’s book “I encourage you to get a copy. It is a marvelous book. It is revelation knowledge. It is the Word of God” [Ibid, p9], and “I quoted freely from E. W. Kenyon’s book … I acknowledge here my deep appreciation for the revelation knowledge God gave him … [and] for his willingness and obedience to teach and live it” [Ibid, p11].

INDIRECT: “[B]oth Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin point to T. L. Osborn and William Branham as true men of God who greatly influenced their lives and ministries. Of course, Osborn himself has consistently followed E. W. Kenyon” [Hank Hanegraaff, CRI STATEMENT DC755-1, ‘WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE FAITH MOVEMENT (Part One)’]; “Osborn’s indebtedness to both Kenyon and faith healer F. F. Bosworth (another “Kenyonite”) is mentioned in T. L. Osborn, Healing the Sick, 23d ed. (Tulsa, OK: Osborn Foundation, 1959), 6, 203, 205. Cf. Richard M. Riss, “Kenyon, Essek William,” Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, ed. Stanley Burges, Gary B. McGee, and Patrick H. Alexander (Grand Rapids: Regency/Zondervan, 1988), 517; and Don Gossett and E. W. Kenyon, The Power of the Positive Confession of God's Word (Blaine, WA: Don & Joyce Gossett, 1979), 3” [{}].

      Kenyon ==>> Fort Lauderdale 5

“Ern Baxter [of the FL5] spent a considerable amount of time with Kenyon in the latter years of his life” [McConnell, op. cit., p25].

An article by Kenyon, titled ‘Fellowship with the Father’ appears in the November 1975 issue of New Wine magazine.

Kenyon ==>> Semple McPherson, A.

■ “Aimee Semple McPherson invited him [Kenyon] to speak at her Angelus Temple on several occasions” [McConnell, op. cit., p33].

■ “Kenyon … frequented the great healing campaigns of such Pentecostal leaders as F.F.Bosworth and Aimee Semple McPherson” [McConnell, op. cit., p23].

■ “Both Geir Lie and Joe McIntyre have traced Kenyon’s main circle of friends among such well known Pentecostalists as William Durham [who created the North Avenue Mission and ‘anointed’ McPherson in 1909], Aimee Semple McPherson, John G. Lake, F.F. Bosworth, and George B. Studd” [Word Of Faith Movement: Is it Metaphysical?, By Troy J. Edwards,].

     Kenyon ==>> Wierwille, V.

Wierwille plagiarized Kenyon [].

Wierwille “plagiarized large sections of Kenyon's books” [Dr. John Juedes, 1998,].

■ “Wierville developed many of his theological ideas by plagiarizing from such writers as E. W. Bullinger, George Lamsa, Kenyon and several others” [].

INDIRECT: “Wierwille depended  [on people like] Albert Cliffe, Rufus Mosely, JE Stiles, Clark, Rosalind Rinker, etc (and some of their sources like Kenyon)” [Dr. Juedes, personal email on file].

Wierwille “plagiarized portions of The Father and His Family by E.W. Kenyon” [The Way Tree is Splintering, by John P. Juedes].

      Kenyon ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ WEAK, NOT ON CHART: Scott Shaw recalls Kenyon being positively cited by a Vineyard leader at a meeting.  No other details are available at the moment.


Kraft, Charles [Click here for details of this name - TO BE DONE]

Kraft ==>> Alpha

POSSIBLY POST-1992: HTB stocks the two Kraft books Deep Wounds, Deep Healing and I Give You Authority.

Kraft ==>> FullerTS

“Charles Kraft, [is] Professor of Anthopology and Intercultural Communications at Fuller” [Bill Randles, Weighed and Found Wanting: The Toronto Experience Examined in the Light of the Bible, (SMP, 1995), pp79-80].

      Kraft ==>> Pytches, D.

AROUND 1992: Kraft visited Pytches’ church and met Pytches’ wife [Kraft, email on file].

Kraft ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

“The thing I like most about [Kraft’s book] Defeating Dark Angels is that it’s based on practical experience and know-how, and will help anyone interested in being effective in this area of ministry” – John Wimber, Author, Power Healing. [Endorsement on back cover of Kraft’s book].

■ “At Fuller I had the honour of meeting professors like … Charles Kraft” [Wimber, Power Evangelism, Revised and Expanded with Study Questions (San Francisco: Harper Collins, 1992) pp84-85, as quoted in Dager, The Vineyard, p1].

Wimber cites Kraft approvingly and at some length [Power Evangelism, p179].


Kuhlman, Kathryn [Click here for details of this name - TO BE DONE]

     Kuhlman ==>>  Alpha

POSSIBLY POST-1992: HTB stocks at least three books by Kuhlman (i.e. God Can do it Again, I Believe in Miracles, and The Greatest Power in the World).

INDIRECT, POST-1992: HTB stocks a book by Jamie Buckingham, who wrote the Foreword for Kuhlman’s book God Can do it Again.

INDIRECT: Billy Graham, who has influenced HTB, endorses Kuhlman [Billy Graham, The Holy Spirit, (William Collins and Sons, 1978, p158].

INDIRECT: David Wilkerson has influenced Alpha, yet a Plaque for the Teen Challenge Award was “presented to Kuhlman on October 4, 1964, by the Teen Challengers, of which David Wilkerson was director” {}

INDIRECT: Dennis Bennett has influenced Alpha, yet two videos exist of Bennett on Kuhlman's TV show: “V182 173 12/13/69 Gene Martin (African Story)/Father D. Bennett. (Dino) ‘B’; V183 174 12/13/69 Rev. Harold Bredesen/Father Dennis Bennett; part II. (Dino) ‘B’”.  Also "V350 172 12/13/69 Rev. Harold Bredesen/Father Dennis Bennett; part I. (Dino) ‘B’ Same as V790” {}

INDIRECT: WIlkerson: “(3) Tapes T1801 through T1868 consist of sermons by other individuals such as Dr. Jarman, Dr. Hoyt, David Wilkerson, and Benny Hinn.”  Wilkerson gave a number of talks at KK’s church:  T1856 n.d. Sermon By Dave Wilkerson 599, “Sub-Cultures”. 2.  T1857 n.d. Sermon By Dave Wilkerson 600, “Sub-Cultures”. 3 T1858 1964 Sermon By Dave Wilkerson 629, “Service”. 2 T1859 n.d. Sermon By Dave Wilkerson 699, “Parents--Keeping Your Child Out Of Trouble.” T1860 1964 Sermon By Dave Wilkerson 707, “Your Responsibility, Teenager” T1861 n.d. Sermon By Dave Wilkerson 708, “The Home”. 1. V152 23 8/24/66 Panel discussion of scientists with Rev. Wilkerson and Kathryn Kuhlman” {}

Kuhlman ==>>  Bertolucci, J.

■ “Volume 2 of the ‘I Believe in Miracles’ telecasts features Kathryn Kuhlman interviewing guests during the charismatic renewal of the 1970s ... A Roman Catholic priest, Father John Bertolucci, and Kathryn Kuhlman discuss the charismatic renewal. He shares how he profoundly experienced the Holy Spirit in 1969, and the change it made in his ministry” [Bridge Logos Retail,].

Kuhlman ==>>  Cain, P. /KCP

A leader at KCF has told us “We [at KCF] have *all* acknowledged the grace of God upon [Kuhlman] and know that the power and grace of God worked through [her]. We made good friends with Jamie Buckingham who authored Katheryn’s [sic] authorized biography.”  When

this KCF leader was asked if it would be fair enough to say that “Kathryn’s ministry was an inspiration to some of Metro’s early leaders” he agreed.

■ “It was only after Chuck Smith and a group of kids visited her that Lonnie started to move in healing gifts” [David Sloane, email on file].

■ Lonnie and Kuhlman were actually quite close friends [telephone conversation with Lonnie’s brother, Stan Frisbee].

■ POSSIBLY POST-1992: According to Bickle, one of the two “most notable” women to have “played a significant role in the DEVELOPMENT of Protestantism is Kathryn Kuhlman [Growing in the Prophetic, p209].

Kuhlman ==>>  Fort Lauderdale 5

■ Basham promotes a Kuhlman book on p160 of his book Face Up With A Miracle.  {NB for us: add this link to chart itself}

Kuhlman ==>>  Frisbee, L.

“In a series of telecasts made in late summer 1971, the Kuhlman ministry awkwardly but publicly joined hands with the saints of the [youth] movement.  Standing among Chuck Smith … Lonnie Frisbee, and Duane Pederson, ‘Mama Kathryn’ displayed an unconcealed eagerness to identify with the movement, … Her attachment to the young movement was unmistakable...” [Enroth et al, The Story of the Jesus People, pp151-152].

“Kathryn Kuhlman … embraced the Jesus People as they became front page news. Kuhlman befriended a number of converted hippies from Calvary Chapel [including Frisbee] and was convinced to do a number of her “I Believe in Miracles” television shows with them as the main guests” [‘People and Faces’,].

“I went to a number of those [Kuhlman] meetings with Lonnie when we lived in the House Of Miracles and they were nothing short of amazing moves of God’s Spirit. He told me years later he wanted God to give him her mantle (of power) when she dies” [aginsurfr,].

Two testimony tapes from 1969 are of “Young People From Haight-Ashbury” {}

Some relevant videos include: “V202 261 7/22/71 Ad Lib Statements from Group / Charles ‘Chuck’ Smith (Youth Audience) (Full Audience) V203 279 11/6/71 The Jesus People; part I. V204 280 11/6/71 The Jesus People; part II. V205 281 11/6/71 The Jesus People; part III. V206 282 11/6/71 The Jesus People; part IV.7” {}

Kuhlman ==>>  MacNutt, F.

■ Kuhlman “exerted a considerable influence over leading figures in the early, radical, ‘Catholic Charismatic’ movement, such as Fr. Di Orio and … Francis MacNutt” [].

“[H]ealing prayer was almost unheard of in most Christian churches. At first it was the Pentecostals who rediscovered it. Then it was famous ‘faith healers’ like Oral Roberts [Roberts is a mason – click here for evidence] and Kathryn Kuhlman” [‘Piercing the Glass Ceiling’, by Francis MacNutt taken from the Mar/Apr 2003 issue of his newsletter].

Kuhlman ==>>  Pytches, D.

■ Pytches endorses Kuhlman’s methodology and her “frequent and faithful use of the gifts of healing” [D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p118].  He again cites her positively on p163 of that book.

     Kuhlman ==>>  Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ “[During the] Late 1960s and early 1970s … [Vineyard’s John] Arnott attends several meetings … led by … Kathryn Kuhlman. These meetings make a profound impression on Arnott … She [Kuhlman] and Benny Hinn have been dominant exemplars in Arnott’s spiritual development. Recalling their impact on Arnott during this period, Arnott’s future pastor … will later confirm that ‘in significant ways they laid an imprint for the future direction and conduct of [Arnott’s] ministry’” [Hilborn, op. cit., pp2-3].

Vineyard leader Bill Jackson promotes Kuhlman [Jackson, op. cit., pp28].

In his book Power Healing Wimber writes of Kuhlman that, after his initial puzzlement regarding her style he has “come to appreciate and learn from her”, p40.

■ INDIRECT: Benny Hinn has stated that Kuhlman was a “TREMENDOUS” influence on him [The Many Faces of Benny Hinn, Video: The Door].    


MacNutt, Francis [Click here for details of this name - TO BE DONE]

MacNutt ==>> Alpha

■ “I’ve been to Holy Trinity Brompton several times. The first time was in 1990 … when John Wimber spoke there together with the ‘Kansas City Prophets’.” [MacNutt, email on file].

■ “[I] n the ’70s … We met Sandy Millar around that time, and about ten years ago I was a speaker at the summer family camp HTB conducts down on the south coast of England.  Several times I have visited HTB and have the highest regard for their work” [MacNutt, email on file].

“Francis and Judith MacNutt on July 12, 1990 took part in a conference at Holy Trinity Brompton” [‘Excerpts of a Prophecy’, by Francis MacNutt, taken from the November 1990 issue (of Christian Healing magazine)].

POST-1992: MacNutt spoke at HTB on 23rd and 24th July 1998 [see HTB tape catalogue].

PROBABLY POST-1992: HTB stocks the book Praying for your Unborn Child by F. and J. MacNutt.

PROBABLY POST-1992: HTB stocks the book Healing by MacNutt.

MacNutt ==>> Bertolucci, J.

■ “The ecumenical non-competitive ‘spirit of co-operation and sharing’ became evident in July 1977 when an ecumenical rally was held in Kansas City. … Along with Fathers James Bertalucci [sic] and Francis McNutt, 50,000 Christians from many different denominational backgrounds met. … David Du Plessis’ presentation, ‘All Together: Charismatic and Ecumenical,’ captured the essence of the Conference [].

POST-1992: “I had the pleasure off [sic] attending the Charismatic Conference in Steubenville in 1995, when Fr. John Bertolucci, [and], Francis MacNutt … were there.” [].

POST-1992: MacNutt and Bertolucci were both speakers at the Wisdom 2001 conference, April 26-29, 2001 [].

MacNutt ==>> Cain, P. /KCP

■ POSSIBLY POST-1992: Bickle shamelessly cites MacNutt when he reuses a quote by Teresa of Avila from a book by MacNutt [Growing in the Prophetic, p231].

MacNutt ==>> Carter-Stapleton, R.

■ “Ruth Stapleton, [is] the sister of … Jimmy Carter. The priest [MacNutt] visited with Carter and his sister while in Atlanta” [James Maciejewski, ‘Priest Healer Speaks At Hospital Meeting’, Georgia Bulletin, December 6, 1973 – see].

MacNutt ==>> Copeland, K. /Hagin, K.

■ MacNutt was a member of the CBM alongside Hagin  [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p126].

POST-1992: “[T]his new group, “Together 2002,” are mainly Pentecostal, which includes people like Rev. Jack Hayford (Foursquare Gospel Church), Ken and Gloria Copeland, and Rev. Tom Trask (head of the Assemblies of God) … Judith and I feel honored to be invited to this small inaugural meeting” [Healing News by Francis McNutt, taken from the Mar/Apr 2002 issue,].

      MacNutt ==>> Foster, R. /Renovaré

■ MacNutt is quoted approvingly by Foster [Foster, Prayer, pp226,293].

      MacNutt ==>> Kraft, C.

POST-1992: Both men will be speakers at the 2004 Conf. On Formational Counselling to be held at Ashland T.S.

      MacNutt ==>> Kuhlman, K.

Audio tape “T1084 1970” is of “Dr. Pereszleny, Father Walters, Father McNutt. 233  Also, video “V351 176 3/18/70” is of “Father Francis MacNutt. (Dino & Tony).Same as V794” {}

MacNutt ==>> Pytches, D.

Pytches arguably endorses MacNutt on p148 of D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, but he certainly endorses him on p195 where two MacNutt books are recommended (both of which were published by the rather Romish sounding Ave Maria Press).  Pytches also claims MacNutt’s ministry is being “blessed by God” [Ibid, p276], and he endorses his ministry again on page 163 of the same book.

     MacNutt ==>> Scanlan, M.

POST-1992: MacNutt and Scanlan were both speakers at the Wisdom 2001 conference, April 26-29, 2001 [].

MacNutt ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ “We knew John from times we spoke at the Vineyard in California in the ’70s. … John’s teachings on healing … [were] adapted from my books” [MacNutt, email on file].

“Wimber endorses McNutt [sic]” [Goodwin, op. cit., p15].

■ “Wimber dedicates his Healing - a Biblical and Historical Perspective Seminar Series to Kelsey and MacNutt, stating “I would like to express my appreciation to Morton Kelsey and Francis MacNutt for their valuable insights and information. They have made a significant contribution in the area of healing” [Goodwin, op. cit., p32].

■ “MacNutt’s book Healing, contributed to John Wimber’s theology and practice” [Apologetics Index,].

“We were at a conference in London [in 1990] directed by John Wimber, who introduced us to Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson” [‘Excerpts of a Prophecy’, by Francis MacNutt, taken from the November 1990 issue (of Christian Healing’s newsletter)].

Wimber called MacNutt’s book (entitled Healing) “A classic!”.

In his book, Power healing, Wimber writes that he studied “the theologies and practices of leaders from different schools of divine healing” applying what he “learnt from these models to our situation in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship”.  In the accompanying footnote he writes: “Almost every model I studied offered some insight into divine healing,…  Amongst the leaders of these “schools” and “models” he lists are … Francis MacNutt.  [Wimber, Power Healing, pp182, 292-293].

POST-1992: The Vineyard pastor Bill Jackson, in a ‘Vineyard Position Paper’ on Toronto (written in 1994): “quotes Francis MacNutt’s 1984 study Overcome By the Spirit” [Hilborn, op. cit., pp21-22].

POST-1992: “[At] the Charismatic Conference in Steubenville in 1995, [I saw] … Francis MacNutt [and] John Wimber...” [].

“Wimber cites in his teachings … Francis MacNutt, Roman Catholic charismatic priest, disciple of Agnes Sanford, proponent of inner healing methodologies” [Dager, The Vineyard, p12].

■ MacNutt is quoted favourably in Wimber’s book Power Healing, p31.


Pytches, David [Click here for details of this name - TO BE DONE]

     Pytches ==>> Alpha

In 1990, David Pytches and Sandy Millar were co-signatories on a signed statement backing the KCP [Hilborn, op. cit., p13]

POST-1992: Mary Pytches went to HTB in July 1994 (Focus camp) [Fearon, op. cit., p17]  David was also there [Ibid, p?{}]

POST-1992: “Pytches … was one of the first to visit Toronto. He and his wife Mary came back and reported to the Church of England’s Holy Trinity Brompton” [Geoffrey Levy, ‘This man has been given the Toronto Blessing. What in God’s name is going on?’, London Daily Mail, Sept. 2, 1994, as quoted by Randles, op. cit., p15.]

POST-1992: Pytches worked with Sandy Millar on guidelines for handling the TB [Hilborn, op.cit., p56].

POST-1992: That HTB is happy with Pytches is implied by HTB’s use of Pytches’ endorsement of Alpha [Telling Others, (Kingsway Publications, 2001), p14].

POST-1992: Mary Pytches spoke at HTB on 11th Nov 1993 and 11th May 1995 [See HTB tape catalogue].

POST-1992: David Pytches spoke at HTB in 1997. {Check HTB’s online tape library}

POST-1992: A book by David Pytches is advertised in Alpha News, Jul - Sep 1999, p32.

POST-1992: Several books by Pytches and/or his wife are stocked by HTB, including Living at the Edge, and Leadership for New Life.

POST-1992: Millar wrote the Foreword to Pytches 1998 book Leadership For New Life.

POST-1994: David Pytches and Sandy Millar were both speakers at the 1994 New Wine conference in the UK [Hilborn, op. cit.,  p46].

      Pytches ==>> Fuller Seminary

             POST-1992: Fuller sells at least two books by Pytches.

See also entry ‘Fuller ==>  Pytches’

      Pytches ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ Wimber admits “David Pytches has also been involved in the organisation of my teaching conferences in the United Kingdom since and has led several of our seminar workshops” [Foreword to D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p7].

■ Pytches is listed in the ‘Acknowledgements’ for Wimber’s book Power Healing.


Sandford, John and Paula [Click here for details of this name]

     Sandford ==>>  Alpha

POSSIBLY POST-1992: HTB stocks a book with a Foreword by John Sandford [{}]

     Sandford ==>>  Kraft, C.

“Kraft, in Defeating Dark Angels, recommends the [following] Sandford books:  The Transformation of the Inner Man and Healing the Wounded Spirit by John and Paula Sandford (and also A Comprehensive Guide to Deliverance and Inner Healing by John and Mark Sandford)” [].

      Sandford ==>>  MacNutt, F.

A book by the Sandfords is recommended at the end of MacNutt’s book Overcome by the Spirit (Eagle, 1991), p186.

POST-1992: “Healing Broken Marriages September 26-27, 2003 Jacksonville, FL A conference co-hosted by Mastering Life Ministries, featuring Francis & Judith MacNutt and John & Paula Sandford” [//].

POST-1992: Francis and Judith MacNutt, and John and Paula Sandford, are the only featured speakers at the "Deepening Marriage Relationships Conference", to be held "September 26-27 at the Times Union Performing Arts Center” [//].

     Sandford ==>>  Pytches, D.

             ■ Pytches recommends two J./P.Sandford books [D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, pp128,219].

■ Pytches positively quotes “J and P Sandford” [D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p257].

     Sandford ==>>  Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

“[I]n his [Wimber’s] books, tapes, and seminars... he includes ... the teachings of Francis MacNutt, Matthew and Dennis Linn, [AND] John and Paula Sandford” [Randles, Weighed and Found Wanting, p. {}].

[M]ost people know the Sandfords for their work in the inner healing movement and their counselling schools, popular among most John Wimber affiliated Vineyard churches” [‘John Sandford – The Ecumenical Prophet’, by Jackie Alnor].

“John Sandford ... began bringing his seminars to a number of Vineyard churches worldwide” [Heaven Can't Wait by William M. Alnor, 1996].

In his book, Power healing, Wimber writes that he studied “the theologies and practices of leaders from different schools of divine healing” applying what he “learnt from these models to our situation in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship”.  In the accompanying footnote he writes: “Almost every model I studied offered some insight into divine healing,…  Amongst the leaders of these “schools” and “models” he lists are … John and Paula Sandford [Wimber, Power Healing, pp182, 292-293].


Sanford, Agnes [Click here for details of this name]

Sanford ==>> Alpha

INDIRECT: At the end of chapter 5 of his book Searching Issues, Gumbel recommends a volume by Leanne Payne – who was a “a disciple of Agnes Sanford” [Al Dager, Special Report: Holy Laughter, (Media Spotlight, 1995), p14].  Searching Issues also recommends a book by Leanne Payne, but Payne was a “Disciple of the late Agnes Sanford” [‘Unholy Laughter’, Dr. Cathy Burns, Part II].

Sanford ==>> Carter-Stapleton, R.

■ “Ruth Carter Stapleton, was a disciple of Agnes Sanford” [Dager, The Vineyard, p12].

■ “…[T]he teachings of anti-Christian and occultist, Agnes Sanford [were] carried on after her death by those she influenced, such as lay therapists Ruth Carter Stapleton … , Rosalind Rinker, … Rita Bennett, and others” [].

Stapleton “learned ‘inner healing’ from Agnes Sanford” [The Prophecy Newsletter (1986, Vol. 2, No. 1), p6, as quoted in Burns, Billy Graham, p353].

“Agnes Sanford ... influenced ... Ruth Carter Stapleton” [‘David Seamands: General Teachings/Activities’].

“Ruth Carter Stapleton ... studied under Agnes Sanford” [‘Our Sovereign God’, David Curtis].

■ “Agnes Sanford has inspired many healing ministries including those of Francis MacNutt, [and] Ruth Carter Stapleton” [Barnaland review].

Sanford ==>> Fort Lauderdale 5

Derek Prince joined Sanford as one of only three speakers at the Camp Farthest Out (CFO) in Maryville, Tennessee in August of 1967 [Source: Francis MacNutt].

Sanford ==>> Foster, R. /Renovaré

■ “Richard Foster, … [has] freely confessed to being influenced by faith-healer Agnes Sanford” [Alan Morrison, The Serpent and the Cross, (K&M Books, 1994), p432]; “Richard Foster … freely acknowledges that his inspiration for practicing such techniques [of visualization] was the ‘faith healer’, Agnes Sanford” [Ibid, p456].

■ See Foster’s Celebration of Discipline, p25 [cited by Wendy Howard, A Critique On The Ministry Of Richard Foster,].

Foster calls Sanford a “wonderfully wise woman of prayer” [Richard Foster, Prayer, (Hodder and Stoughton, 2002), p267].  (Although our copy is from 2002, the book originally appeared in 1992.)

■ “[Renovaré’s] Vasivig [sic] recalled that his first experience of ‘meditative prayer’ using visualization was taught to him personally by Episcopalian mystic Agnes Sanford” [é]

■ “Vaswig … first learned meditation from Agnes Sanford, a pantheist and adherent to eastern mystical concepts” [Al Dager, Media Spotlight Special Report: Renovaré: Taking Leave of One’s Senses, (1992, 2003), p8].

■ “…[T]he teachings of … Agnes Sanford … [were] carried on after her death by those she influenced, such as … [Renovaré’s] William Vaswig” [].

■ Renovaré’s William Vaswig refers approvingly to Agnes Sanford in his book I Prayed, He Answered (Augsburg, 1977), pp51-52 and 55-56 [See Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon, The Seduction of Christianity (Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon, 1985), p156].

In 1994, Bill Vaswig said, “Agnes Sanford taught me how to pray, and I taught Richard [Foster]” [Vaswig said this in conversation with Ray Yungen].

■ Foster recommends two Sanford books [Prayer, p297] and quotes her VERY approvingly [Ibid, p282].

INDIRECT: Foster cites Glenn Clark approvingly [Prayer, p282], yet Sanford influenced Clark.

Sanford ==>> Kelsey, M.

Kelsey says “I am ... deeply grateful to Agnes Sanford” [Kelsey, Speaking with Tongues, (The Trinity Press, 1964), pviii].

Sanford ==>> MacNutt, F.

■ “Dr. MacNutt … led the healing movement in the sacramental churches in the 1970’s and 1980’s. His teacher was Ms. Agnes Sanford” [].

■ “Agnes Sanford has inspired many healing ministries including those of Francis MacNutt, [and] Ruth Carter Stapleton” [Barnaland review].

“I attended a Camp … in August of 1967. … How well I remember the three speakers at that life-changing camp! Tommy Tyson, Agnes Sanford and Derek Prince all became friends and my mentors in the healing ministry … [I]t was not until Agnes Sanford, … prayed for a release of the Holy Spirit’s power that I was baptized in it” [Francis MacNutt, Fire From Heaven,].

A book by Sanford is recommended in MacNutt’s book The Prayer That Heals, (Hodder Christian Books, 2001), p12.

Sanford’s influence on MacNutt was clearly very substantial because “In 1974, Francis [MacNutt] wrote Healing, which has become a classic and sold nearly a million copies in the United States alone. Agnes Sanford described Healing as ‘the most scholarly and comprehensive book on Christian healing that I have ever read’” [{}].

“When Agnes Sandford [sic] prayed over Francis in the mid-sixties she said that he would be  instrumental in bringing back the healing ministry to the church. Since then, he has authored six books on the subject of healing” [‘Preparation for Ministry’, by Judith MacNutt, taken from the April 1995 issue of MacNutt’s newsletter].

      Sanford ==>> Pytches, D.

Pytches quotes Sanford at some length, and without any apparent concern, on pages 66 and 70 of his book Come, Holy Spirit, (Hodder and Stoughton, 1985 (8th Impression, 1991)).

Sanford ==>> Sandford, J./P.

■ “John and Paula Sandford, pantheists, and disciples of Agnes Sanford” [Al Dager, MS Special Report, The Vineyard, p12].

■ “Agnes Sanford who was … a mentor to John Sandford” [Greg DesVoignes,].

■ “…the teachings of anti-Christian and occultist, Agnes Sanford … [were] carried on after her death by those she influenced, such as lay therapists … John and Paula Sandford” [].

Sanford ==>> Scanlan, M.

“Michael Scanlan, … [is a] disciple of Agnes Sanford” [Dager, The Vineyard, p13].

      Sanford ==>> Wierwille, V.P.

INDIRECT: Sanford influenced Rosalind Rinker (who influenced Wierwille) [‘David Seamands: General Teachings/Activities’].

INDIRECT: Glenn Clark influenced Wierwille, but Clark also “published Agnes’s first book, The Healing Light” [Abusing Memory: The Healing Theology of Agnes Sanford, by Dr. Jane Gumprecht].

INDIRECT: Glenn Clark influenced Wierwille, yet: “Late in 1945 Dr. Glenn Clark called a conference to be held near Minneapolis. He invited those who had been practising spiritual healing to meet with him with the hope that we might be able to pool our findings and share our experiences in healing through prayer. Each person who attended had done some outstanding work in the field of spiritual therapy.  ... We had heard of the “wonderful triumvirate'”, as Dr. Clark called them -- Louise Eggleston, of Norfolk, Virginia, who had organized more prayer groups than any other woman in the country; Ruth Robison, whose husband was pastor of a Methodist Church; and Agnes Sanford, wife of an Episcopalian rector, and author of The Healing Light. One after another these three remarkable women on that first afternoon told their stories of personal healing and of the healing of others through prayer” [‘1. Materia Medica to Spiritual Therapy’,].

INDIRECT: All the evidence is that Sanford worked with Starr Daily - who influenced Wierwille.

INDIRECT: Rufus Moseley influenced Wierwille, but Sanford worked with Moseley: “Agnes Sanford, Evelyn Underhill, and the late Rufus Moseley, [were] practitioners within the semi-metaphysical movement called CAMPS FARTHEST OUT” [].  It is also clear from one of Sanford’s books that she knew Moseley [Sanford, The Healing Light, (Arthur James, 1974), p74].

INDIRECT: For more evidence of Sanford’s association with Moseley, see

Sanford ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ “Both Agnes Sanford and Morton Kelsey have drawn heavily from Jung, and John Wimber in turn draws from all three” [John Goodwin, Wimber the Gnostic, (SMP, 1997), p30].

■ “Wimber cites in his teachings Agnes Sanford, pantheist and ‘mother’ of inner healing in the churches … The methodologies outlined in [Wimber’s training manual on healing] are based on the inner healing model of Agnes Sanford … Vineyard teams are encouraged to use the mind-science inner healing techniques of Agnes Sanford, which include visualization, meditation, and other psychic healing methods” [Al Dager, Media Spotlight Special Report: The Vineyard: History, Teachings & Practices, 1996, pp7,10,12].

■ “John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard movement, enthusiastically promoted her [Sanford’s books] until his recent death” [].

INDIRECT: “Wimber cites in his teachings … Dennis and Rita Bennett, disciples of Agnes Sanford” [Al Dager, The Vineyard, p12].


Scanlan, Michael [Click here for details of this name]

Scanlan ==>>  Alpha

INDIRECT: Scanlan participated with Michael Harper and Peter Hocken at the ‘North American Congress’ rallies.  Harper and Hocken have both influenced HTB.

INDIRECT, POST-1992: Scanlan also cooperated with: Arnott, Forrest, and Kilpatrick at the ‘Celebrate Jesus 2000’ event.  These people have all influenced HTB.

      Scanlan ==>>  Bertolucci, J.

POST-1992: Bertolucci and Scanlan were both speakers at the Wisdom 2001 conference, April 26-29, 2001 [].

    Scanlan ==>>  Foster, R. /Renovaré

■ Included on Renovaré’s Original Board of Reference is ‘Fr’ Michael Scanlan [Dager, MS Special Report, Renovaré, p15].

    Scanlan ==>>  MacNutt, F.

POST-1992: “[Bob] Weiner was a Speaker at the ecumenical Celebrate Jesus 2000 ... held in St. Louis, Missouri, June 22-25, 2000. Other ecumenical speakers included: Rev. Jack Hayford, Babsie Bleasdell/Rev. Steve Hill, Pat Robertson, Fr. Tom Forrest, Fr. Bob DeGrandis, Rev. Ted Haggard, Fr. Michael Scanlan, Rev. John Kilpatrick, Cindy Jacobs, Francis MacNutt, Rev. John & Carol Arnott, Rev. Vinson Synan and many more” { }

POST-1992: MacNutt sells a video featuring Scanlan and calls it “a comprehensive talk on deliverance.  An excellent resource for those wanting to know more on the subject” [Deliverance resources,].

    Scanlan ==>>  Pytches, D.

             ■ Pytches quotes Scanlan approvingly  [D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p217].

     Scanlan ==>>  Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ “Wimber cites in his teachings … Michael Scanlan” [Dager, The Vineyard, p13].

In his book, Power healing, Wimber writes that he studied “the theologies and practices of leaders from different schools of divine healing” applying what he “learnt from these models to our situation in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship”.  In the accompanying footnote he writes: “Almost every model I studied offered some insight into divine healing,…  Amongst the leaders of these “schools” and “models” he lists are … Michael Scanlan.  [Wimber, Power Healing, pp182, 292-293].



Schuller, Robert [Click here for details of this name - TO BE DONE]

Schuller ==>>  Alpha

■ Gumbel has worked with Schuller and has held an Alpha conference at Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral [{}]

INDIRECT, POST-1992: HTB stocks Warren books, yet “Rick Warren admits that Robert Schuller, a man that does not believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven had a great influence upon him ... Rick Warren holds conferences to this day with Robert Schuller. During their January 2004 conference at the Crystal Cathedral one of their guest speakers was Paul Crouch” [Message posted on 09/29/2004, by fishtank,].    

POST-1992: INDIRECT: “This past January, Robert Schuller held his 2005 Leadership Institute conference, a four-day event. … we find it intriguing to see the line up of speakers at this year’s Schuller event. They include Jack Hayford, …, Bill Hybels … and Bruce Wilkinson [all of whom have influenced Gumbel]” [LTPC].

INDIRECT, POSSIBLY POST-1992: Crystal Cathedral’s Juan Carlos Ortiz is cited positively in Gumbel’s book Telling Others, p218 of the 2nd edition.

INDIRECT, POST-1992: Bruce Wilkinson has influenced HTB, yet “In October of 2003, Bruce Wilkinson spoke at Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral and said, ‘I want to talk about dreams. Of all places in the world to talk about dreams this is the place ... because I think Dr. Schuller is the patriarch, in the work about living your dream’” [LTPC].

■ INDIRECT: Schuller has worked with Cho, who has influenced HTB (see below).

■ INDIRECT: HTB promotes Wilkinsons’ book, yet Wilkinson works with Schuller.

■ INDIRECT: Paul Yonggi Cho is regularly cited positvely on Alpha, yet Schuller wrote the commendatory foreword to Cho’s 1979 book ‘The Fourth Dimension’ [Morrison {}].

      Schuller ==>>  Bertolucci, J.

■ “Schuller … spoke at the ‘Washington for Jesus’ rally on April 28, 1980, with … John Bertolucci” [Cloud,].

    Schuller ==>> Branham, W.

             ■ Branham cites Schuller positively in his talks [].

    Schuller ==>> Foster, R. /Renovaré

■ Schuller is referred to positively in Foster’s book Money, Sex and Power, (Hodder and Stoughton, 2000), p258.

INDIRECT: Richard Foster calls Eugene Coffin, (a leader at Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral Fellowship), “my pastor” and dedicates one of his books to him [Richard Foster, Prayer, pv].  Coffin also spoke at Renovaré’s 1991 Los Angeles Conference, and is on Renovaré’s steering committee [Dager, Renovaré, p15].

      Schuller ==>> Frisbee, L.

INDIRECT: Lonnie was very good friends with Juan Carlos Ortiz of Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral [telephone conversation with Stan Frisbee].

■ POST-1992: Lonnie chose to be buried in the grounds of Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral.

      Schuller ==>>  Scanlan, M.

■ “Schuller … spoke at the ‘Washington for Jesus’ rally on April 28, 1980, with priest … Michael Scanlon [sic]” [Cloud,].

      Schuller ==>> Wagner, C. P.

■ “In his book Leading Your Church to Growth, Wagner features everyone from the Southern Baptist Convention to Robert Schuller,….” [Randles, Weighed and Found Wanting, p75].

■ “Wagner credits Robert Schuller’s concept of ‘possibility thinking’ with introducing him to a whole new dimension of Christian experience. ‘Schuller has helped many people begin to believe God for great things,’ he writes” [MacArthur, op. cit., p180].

■ “Wagner wrote the preface to one of Robert Schuller’s books saying, ‘I am personally indebted to Robert Schuller for much of what I know and teach’” [].

POST-1992: “‘Jerusalem Celebration 2000’ ... Church Growth International sponsors the celebration of Jesus’ birth in Jerusalem. Speakers include David Yonggi Cho, Jack Hayford, Robert Schuller, C. Peter Wagner, Tom Pelton and many others” [].  This also indirectly links ASM to Schuller and Wagner.

     Schuller ==>>  Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ Wimber has said that “Robert Schuller is one of the greatest evangelical proclaimers of the gospel of this generation” [Healing Seminar Series, Tapes I, II, III (unedited, 1981), as quoted by Goodwin, op. cit., p17].

■ Schuller’s daughter was a member of Wimber’s Anaheim congregation.

■ Wimber and Schuller appeared on TBN together, telling everyone how they had arranged to share the same burial plot [Scott Shaw, telephone call, April 10th 2004]. 


Semple McPherson, Aimee [Click here for details of this name]

Semple McPherson ==>> Branham, W. /LR

INDIRECT: One of the earliest Latter-Rainers was Herrick Holt - a leader in Aimee Semple McPherson's ‘Foursquare Gospel’ denomination: “In the fall of 1947, ... George Hawtin and Percy G. Hunt, joined with Herrick Holt, a pastor of the North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Church of the Foursquare Gospel, in an independent work. That work - Sharon Orphanage and Schools which Holt had originally started in a large residence in North Battleford - had come to occupy about one thousand acres of farmland” [Richard Riss, 'The Latter Rain Movement of 1948 and the Mid-twentieth Century Evangelical Awakening' (Vancouver, B.C.: Thesis), p.79, as quoted by]  [Proof that the North Battleford church is indeed from the McPherson stable is confirmed in Foursquare’s official website:].

Branham is recorded as saying: “That’s what the Angelus Temple needs today. I did not know Mrs. McPherson; I was a little boy then. But I heard of your meetings, how that they camped in the park, and the aisles was filled full, and that great signs and wonders took place. Back to the beginning, Angelus Temple. Go back to your first place and your first love. Get pack [sic] to a place where the power of the Holy Ghost can take over in this meeting, signs and wonders can be done, and great wonders, and thousands of souls being filled with the Holy Ghost. Back to the beginning. That’s what we need.” [W. Branham, ‘It Was Not So From The Beginning’,].

■ Branham is recorded as saying: “[T]his [Angelus] temple stands today as a memorial [to] a little mother, who felt that down in her heart that Jesus Christ still lived and reigned, Mrs. McPherson. She sleeps up in Forest Lawn today, her body, but her gallant soul is at rest with God: and partings leave behind her, footprints on the sands of time” [WB, ‘Azusa Jubilee’,].

■ Branham is recorded as saying: “I can think, Lord, as the little boy, of reading of Aimee Semple McPherson. And the criticism that we’s [sic]... would find in the papers sometime, that they said that she claimed to heal people [i.e. herself]. How we found out how falsely that was. And we read of, and have heard of the great ones, of Dr. Price [greatly influenced by Semple McPherson], and of the F. F. Bosworth, and great saints who lived before this day. They all looked and prophesied of the day coming when the Church would receive its manifestation of the Presence of its Saviour among them in greater ways that it was receiving it then” [WB, ‘What Is The Works Of God?’,].

Semple McPherson ==>> Cain, P /KCP

POSSIBLY POST-1992: According to Bickle, one of the two “most notable” women to have “played a significant role in the DEVELOPMENT of Protestantism is Aimee Semple McPherson [Growing in the Prophetic, p209].

Semple McPherson ==>> Copeland, K. /Hagin, K.

■ “Hagin [positively]   cites … Aimee Semple McPherson” [Dan McConnell, The Promise of Health and Wealth, (Hodder and Stoughton, 1990), p69].

INDIRECT: Hagin cites a Foursquare missionary favourably [Hagin, How to Turn Your Faith Loose, (Kenneth Hagin Ministries, 1968), p4].

Semple McPherson ==>> Fort Lauderdale 5

INDIRECT: “‘Foundation Magazine’ for November/December 1986 cites Dr. Hill as listed to speak at the 1987 Inner-City Pastors Conference in Washington, D.C. March 16-19, 1987. Other featured speakers were charismatics Jack Hayford, Larry Lea and Bob Mumford” { }

Semple McPherson ==>> Foster, R./Renovaré

INDIRECT: Renovaré’s board of reference and speakers have included Jack Hayford [Dave Hunt, The Berean Call, March 2000].

Semple McPherson ==>> Kuhlman, K.

■ “(Kathryn Kuhlman as a young woman) meticulously studied (Aimee Semple McPherson) ‘taking in every movement, every song, every dramatic presentation, every altar call’ from the vantage of the Angelus Temple balcony” [Wayne E. Warner, Kathryn Kuhlman (Ann Arbor, MI: Servant Books, 1993), p205, quoted by Sandy Simpson and by].

Kuhlman led some meetings at McPherson’s Angelus Temple [Kuhlman, God Can Do It Again, (Pillar Books, August 1975), pp195-6].

INDIRECT: “Another anointed evangelist in the 1920s was Dr. Charles S. Price, who was powerfully met by God in Aimee Semple McPherson’s meetings in San Jose in 1920. Price then held his first evangelistic meeting in Ashland, Oregon in 1922. ... Woven into the ministry of Charles Price was Kathryn Kuhlman, who received her call to preach in one of Prices’ meetings in Albany, Oregon in 1923” [Charles P. Schmitt, ‘Floods Upon The Dry Ground’, Chapter 11,].

      Semple McPherson ==>> Wagner, C.P.

INDIRECT:  CPW is the editor of a book containing at least one chapter by Jack Hayford from Aimee’s church [CPW, Ed., Territorial Spirits, (Sovereign World, 1991)].

Semple McPherson ==>> Wierwille, V.

INDIRECT: Wierwille was very heavily influenced by John Edwin Stiles Snr who had, in turn, been influenced by Aimee Semple McPherson and her Foursquare church.

INDIRECT: Wierwille “says his quest was finally fulfilled when he spoke in tongues in Tulsa, Okla., under the ministry of the Rev. John Edwin Stiles Sr. … who … explored the Foursquare denomination” [Wierwille Borrows by John P. Juedes,].

    Semple McPherson ==>> Wimber, J./(Vineyard)

POSSIBLY POST-1992: Vineyard leader Bill Jackson promotes ASM [The Quest for the Radical Middle, pp27,85].

INDIRECT: Chuck Smith, who founded the church from which Vineyard came and who was very influential on Wimber, “was originally from the Foursquare Gospel denomination”, went to a Foursquare Bible school, and was a Foursquare pastor for SEVENTEEN YEARS [Jackson, op. cit., pp85,32].

INDIRECT: “Hayford spoke at the 1989 Billy Graham/Lausanne II conference (with John Wimber, David Yonggi Cho, and Dick Eastman)” { }

INDIRECT: “Chuck Smith ... had been raised in the Foursquare Church .... ‘I ... remember her [ASM] coming to the Foursquare Church in Ventura when I was a small boy. That is the church my parents first attended, later we moved to Santa Ana where we also attended the Foursquare church. A couple of times we went to the Christmas Oratorio’s at Angelus Temple when I was a child, but seeing her from the 1st balcony was as close as I ever got…’ However, while Chuck Smith himself never formally met Aimee, his wife was closely tied to Aimee’s ministry. Chuck Smith Jr. writes, ‘My mother sat under Aimee's ministry, even played in the band, and later on (after Aimee’s controversial death) worked in the central offices there at Angelus Temple” [].

INDIRECT: Benny Hinn’s theme park is due to feature videos of Aimee Semple McPherson in action.


Suenens, Léon Joseph [Click here for details of this name]

     Suenens ==>>  Alpha

INDIRECT: “In a show of ecumenical unity, he [Suenens] stood before the 50,000 gathered for Kansas City ’77 with ... Anglican Archbishop Bill Burnett [whom Gumbel quotes favourably on Alpha]” [Cloud {}].

INDIRECT: HTB has been influenced by Michael Harper, yet Harper’s “early involvement with the Roman Catholic Church and Cardinal Suenens was fundamental” [‘ROBBIE LOW INTERVIEWS MICHAEL HARPER’, //].

    Suenens ==>>  Carter-Stapleton, R.

“ECUMENICAL CHARISMATIC RENEWAL CONFERENCE, Kansas City, MO 7/20-24/77. … Among prominent guests [were]: … Cardinal Leo Suenens, [and] Ruth Carter Stapleton” [].  

Suenens ==>>  Fort Lauderdale 5

Suenens was a close associate of the ‘Fort Lauderdale Five’ (FL5): “During a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1977, the Council [comprising the FL5 and a handful of other people] began to enter into relationship with León Joseph Cardinal Suenens. At their June 1 meeting … Clark and Martin informed the Council that Cardinal Suenens wanted to enter into a covenantal relationship with … [the Council]. The Council decided that they should relate to the Cardinal in some ‘significant manner,’ and that they should work with him and his people as ‘one module.’ The Council drafted a statement to be read to the Cardinal at their June 2 meeting: … ‘1. We, as a Council, are committing ourselves to work together with the Cardinal … 2. In each project, headship, authority and method of functions will be mutually determined by the Cardinal and the Council in the light of the requirements of each situation.’  [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, pp79-80].

    Suenens ==>>  MacNutt, F.

■ MacNutt says: “Cardinal Suenens told me the pope’s encouragement was the unofficial go-ahead for the charismatic movement in the Catholic Church.” [James Maciejewski, ‘Priest Healer Speaks At Hospital Meeting’, Georgia Bulletin, December 6, 1973 – see].

“[I]n 1973 I was among a dozen leaders invited to a private audience with Pope Paul VI where he gave the unofficial go–ahead for charismatic renewal.  (This, of course, was largely accomplished through the initiative of Cardinal Suenens, who was like a shepherd and protector of charismatic renewal among Catholics.)” [‘Back to Our Roots’, by Francis MacNutt, taken from the Mar/Apr 2002 issue of his newsletter].

      Suenens ==>>  Pytches, D.

■ Pytches cites Cardinal Suenens, without any disclaimer, as having produced material worth knowing about [D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, pp148-9].  

     Suenens ==>>  Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

INDIRECT: “Some of the hyper-charismatic teachers at the Indianapolis conference were Larry Lea, John Wimber, C. Peter Wagner, Bob Weiner, Charles Green, Mike Bickle, and Paul Cain. Also speaking was Tom Forrest, Catholic “evangelist” in charge of “Evangelization 2000,” an ecumenical world evangelization project administered directly out of the Vatican. Forrest reports directly to Cardinal Suenens, who reports to the pope” [Beard, ‘InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), A Fellowship of Neo-Evangelicals’,].
INDIRECT: “A series of Conferences beginning in 1986 called, The North American Congress was sponsored by the North American Renewal Service Committee. David Cloud writes he attended one in 1987 and also 1990. According to Cloud, ‘Forty denominations and more than 200 Christian organizations were represented. Of the roughly 65,000 in attendance at these two conferences, more than 50% were Roman Catholic. Roughly 150 of the most influential leaders of the charismatic movement participated--John Wimber, Jane Hansen, Vinson Synan [who worked closely with Suenens in organising ecumenical rallies around the world - Cloud], James Robison [CNP], Bob Mumford, Kenneth Copeland, Carl Richardson, David Mainse, Michael Harper, Michael Scanlan, Marilyn Hickey, Peter Hocken, Charles and Frances Hunter, Anne Gimenez, Oral Roberts’ son, Richard, James Brown, Reinhard Bonnke,
Demos Shakarian, and at least one hundred more.’” [].

INDIRECT: “[Wimber’s wife, Carol] credits Ralph C. Martin for helping her see the light on charismatic gifts. Ralph C. Martin is a Roman Catholic member of the Cursillo movement (a Roman Catholic advocacy group) … Martin co-founded the Word of God community whose purpose was to save the world and make it predominantly Roman Catholic. As a member of a secret council in concert with the ‘Fort Lauderdale Five’ of shepherding infamy, Martin worked in association with Cardinal Suenens” [Dager, The Vineyard, p12].

INDIRECT: “Ralph Martin influenced Wimber, yet Martin worked closely with Cardinal Leon Joseph Suenens[].


Teilhard deChardin, Pierre [Click here for details of this name - TO BE DONE]

     Teilhard deChardin ==>>  Alpha

INDIRECT: Campolo cites Teilhard positively, and Campolo is an admitted influence on Gumbel {}

INDIRECT, POSSIBLY POST-1992: Gumbel approvingly quotes “psychiatrist Paul Tournier” [Gumbel, Heart of Revival, (Kingsway, 1998), p111, yet Tournier praises Teilhard to the skies in his book ‘The Adventure of Living’ [see its index].

     Teilhard deChardin ==>>  Foster, R. /Renovaré

■ Teilhard is quoted approvingly by Foster [Richard Foster, Prayer, (Hodder and Stoughton, 2000), p179.]  Note that the book first came out in 1992.

A great deal of space is given over to promoting the writings of Teilhard de Chardin in the book  Spiritual Classics: Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups on the Twelve Spiritual Disciplines edited by Richard Foster and Emilie Griffin (both of Renovare).

POST-1992: Foster quotes Teilhard approvingly in his Perspectives magazine, Vol 6, No. 3 (July 1996).

POST-1992: Teilhard is quoted positively in Foster’s book Streams of Living Water, (Harper Collins, 1999), p260.

     Teilhard deChardin ==>>  Jung, C.

■ “On the small table beside the chair where Jung was sitting, was a book called The Human Phenomenon by Teilhard de Chardin ... ‘It is a great book,’ he said” [].

      Teilhard deChardin ==>>  Kelsey, M.

■ Kelsey’s work Companions on the Inner Way: The Art of Spiritual Guidance praises Teilhard. [].

INDIRECT: Robert May has been influenced by Teilhard, and May has influenced Morton Kelsey who called his book Cosmic Consciousness Revisited a “masterful piece of study and research” [].

      Teilhard deChardin ==>>  Sandford, J./P.

INDIRECT: Robert May has been influenced by Teilhard, and May has influenced John Sandford who called his book Cosmic Consciousness Revisited a “classic in the field” [].

     Teilhard deChardin ==>>  Sanford, A.

■ Sanford quotes Teilhard glowingly in her book Healing Power of the Bible. {}  


Wagner, C. P. [Click here for details of this name]

Wagner ==>> Alpha

Gumbel refers approvingly to “Church growth expert, Dr. Peter Wagner” [Nicky Gumbel, The Heart of Revival, (Kingsway Publications, 1997, p94) and quotes Wagner’s 1986 book Scripture and Church Growth [Ibid, p209] and Wagner’s other 1986 book Spiritual Power and Church Growth [Ibid, p207].  Although Gumbel’s references are in a book which only appeared in 1997 it iss unfeasible that Gumbel and Wagner should have been so close to each other in 1986 (via Wimber), yet Gumbel not to have known of Wagner’s 1986 books until nine years later.

POST-1992: That HTB is happy with Wagner is implied by HTB’s use of Wagner’s endorsement of Alpha [{}]

POST-1992: HTB was happy to include an endorsement by Wagner in their first International edition of Alpha News.

POST-1992: a book published in 1994 by Rob Warner cites Wagner in its bibliography, and Millar wrote the Foreword to the book [Prepared for Revival, (Hodder and Stoughton)].

INDIRECT: Billy Graham, an influence on HTB, also endorses CPW [Graham, The Holy Spirit, p177].

Wagner ==>> Cain, P. /KCP

POST-1992: Paul Cain is an honorary member of the APOSTOLIC COUNCIL OF PROPHETIC ELDERS created by Wagner.

POST-1992: “In the January 1999 conference held in the World Prayer Centre where Peter Wagner, the moderator of the conference, spoke … Amongst those present at the meeting were: Paul Cain, … [and KCP’s] Mike Bickle…” [T.Tillin,]

Wagner ==>> Foster, R. /Renovaré

“Several well-known and influential leaders within Christianity are, or have been, involved with Renovaré, including … Jack Hayford, … Anthony Campolo … J.I.Packer … C. Peter Wagner … ” [Dager, MS Special Report, Renovaré, p1].

■ “Renovaré’s board of reference and speakers have included ... C. Peter Wagner” [Dave Hunt, The Berean Call, March 2000].

Wagner ==>> Kraft, C.

“Charles Kraft, [is] a fellow missiologist with C. Peter Wagner at Fuller Seminary” [].

In Pasadena California on February 12, 1990, meeting again in 1991 and 1992. Four individuals, Charles Kraft, Cindy Jacobs, Gary Clark and Peter Wagner, planned an ad hoc body…” [].

POST-1992: Kraft is on the faculty of the Wagner Leadership Institute with CPW [].

POST-1992: Kraft is a featured author of CPW’s Wagner Publications company (and both men are contributing editors to the book Ministering Freedom from Demonic Oppression).

      Wagner ==>> MacNutt, F.

A Peter Wagner book is recommended at the end of MacNutt’s book Overcome by the Spirit (Eagle, 1991), p186.

      Wagner ==>> Pytches, D.

Wagner is cited as a Christian authority in D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p79.  Wagner is also mentioned positively on p14 and twice on p238, of the same book.           

Wagner ==>> Sandford, J./P.

■ According to John Sandford, Wagner has been a major influence on him and his wife ever since they met CPW in 1989 [John Loren Sandford, Healing the Nations, (Monarch, 2000), pp205-6.  See also pp22 and 101].

POST-1992: “A recent meeting of ‘APOSTOLIC COUNCIL OF PROPHETIC ELDERS’ as they style themselves, ‘a select group of prophets who feel the need to build personal relationships with peer-level prophets’ listed as members: … John and Paula Sandford, … [and] Peter and Doris Wagner…” [Tillin,].

POST-1992: “MEETING OF THE APOSTOLIC COUNCIL OF PROPHETIC ELDERS Convened by: C. Peter Wagner.  Those in attendance: … John Sandford, Paula Sandford, .. Doris Wagner, C. Peter Wagner, … Held on: November 28, 2000” [].  (These people are all still members of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders in 2003.)

POST-1992: “In the January 1999 conference held in the World Prayer Centre where Peter Wagner, the moderator of the conference, spoke … Amongst those present at the meeting were: John and Paula Sandford…” [Tillin,]

Wagner ==>> Wimber, J. (/Vineyard)

■ “In 1975 … John [Wimber] enrolled on a church growth course … taught by Prof. Peter Wagner, who would become a close friend. Wagner’s 1973 study, Look Out! The Pentecostals are Coming! Has a major influence on Wimber … Wagner’s work led him [Wimber] into a significant exploration of spiritual gifts” [Electronic version of: David Hilborn, A Chronicle of the Toronto Blessing and Related Events, as published by the Evangelical Alliance (UK), 2001, p6].

■ “Wimber … began to draw conclusions based on … the input of C.Peter Wagner…” [Goodwin, op. cit., p28]

■ “Perhaps the biggest influence in Wimber’s philosophy is Dr. C. Peter Wagner” [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p154]

“[B]ooks that influenced [Wimber] … [included] Look Out! The Pentecostals are Coming by C. Peter Wagner” [Randles, Weighed and Found Wanting, p75].

“Wimber’s wider scale influence on the body of Christ began in the mid 70s when … he came into contact with C. Peter Wagner, a fellow professor at Fuller and known as one of the leaders of the ‘church growth’ movement” [Randles, Weighed and Found Wanting, pp74-75].

An article by Wagner appeared in the magazine of Vineyard Ministries International, September/October 1985 [D.Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p288].

In his book Confronting the Powers, Wagner calls Wimber “my mentor.” [‘Apostasy’,].

Wagner fundamentally influenced Wimber [Mike Fearon, A Breath of Fresh Air, (Eagle, IPS Ltd, 1994), p66].

“At Fuller I had the honor of meeting professors like … C. Peter Wagner,…” [Wimber, Power Evangelism, Revised and Expanded with Study Questions (San Francisco: Harper Collins, 1992) pp84-85, as quoted in Dager, The Vineyard, p1].

“In 1982, shortly after taking over the Vineyard, Wimber returned to Fuller Theological Seminary to co-teach with C. Peter Wagner a course entitled MC:510, ‘The Miraculous and Church Growth’.” [Dager, The Vineyard, p4].

Wimber quotes C. Peter Wagner positively in his book Power Evangelism [Dager, The Vineyard, p12].

■ Wagner is listed in the ‘Acknowledgements’ for Wimber’s book Power Healing.


Wierwille, Victor [Click here for details of this name]

     Wierwille ==>>  Fort Lauderdale 5

INDIRECT: Rufus Moseley worked with Wierwille, yet Moseley also influenced Don Basham [Basham, Face Up With A Miracle, (Voice Christian Publications, 1967), pp61-62, 157-8].

     Wierwille ==>>  Frisbee, L.

■ “It … was Victor Wierwille who went to the House of Acts in 1968 and gave Ted Wise, … and Lonnie and Connie Frisbee … their understanding of the Holy Spirit. Wierwille worked miracles, cast out demons--which he did while teaching them about the Holy Spirit, as well as teaching them how to speak tongues, all in one night. … Lonnie and Connie Frisbee and the Wises began taking Wierwille’s PFAL classes…” [‘Wheat and Tares: Discipling a.k.a. Shepherding Movement Connections’,]

■ “Wierwille visited The Living Room and The House of Acts several times in 1967 and 1968. Soon several of the young people began visiting the headquarters of The Way in New Knoxville.” [Bob Pardon, ‘The Way International - HISTORY’,]


Wimber, John (/Vineyard) [Click here for details of this name]

     Wimber (/Vineyard) ==>> Alpha

■ Wimber and his team visited HTB in 1982.  Gumbel has said “A couple of years later [1982] someone called John Wimber, who is an American pastor, came …  We owe an enormous amount to the Americans … because it was through John Wimber and his team that many of the wonderful things that we’ve seen happening in this church in the last 14 years, humanly speaking, it came through them, and at one time, you know, there were some of us who would only be prayed for if the person had an American accent…” [Alpha Video, Talk 13, Edition 1].

■ HTB’s Millar writes: “Our experience here started in about 1982 I suppose, when we first came into contact with John Wimber and the Vineyard church ... I went over every year for about four years to California to the Vineyard Conference ... I was totally captivated ... I got really excited ... [When] I came back here ... I was quite difficult to live with for the first three or four months because I had tasted freedom ... I’m deeply grateful to him [Wimber]. I know that ‘John Wimber’ is like a name to conjure with ... [A]ll I know is that we owe him a tremendous debt, he’s a great friend, and we are extremely grateful to him ... If we [HTB] have sought to give away anything, and we have, it’s because we learnt it from them [Vineyard].” [Sandy Millar, audiotape “Worship on Alpha”, (HTB Publications, 1997), side 1].

■ Wimber visited HTB again in 1983 [John Irvine, Alpha News, Mar – Jun 2001, p17]

■ Wimber visited HTB again in Sept/Oct 1984 [Fearon, op. cit., p166]

■ Wimber visited HTB again in November 1986 along with Vineyard’s John McClure.

■ Wimber’s book Power Healing is sold in HTB’s bookshop.

■ Brent Rue of Vineyard spoke at HTB in October 1990.

Two of the three books on healing recommended in the White (1993) Alpha Manual for attendees were by Wimber.

When Gumbel was looking for his ‘curacy’ he followed the advice he was given by Vineyard’s McClure [Focus #161, p21].

POST-1992: Vineyard’s John Mumford visited HTB in July 1993.

POST-1992: Wimber spoke at HTB on 18th Sept 1994 and at least 5 times between 24th and 28th July 1995 [See HTB tape catalogue].

POST-1992: Wimber is cited positively in Gumbel’s book The Heart of Revival, p151; in Gumbel’s book Challenging Lifestyle, p27; and in Telling Others, p143.

POST-1992: Wimber went to HTB in 1995 and 1996 [see HTB’s tape library].

POST-1992: Vineyard’s John Arnott visited HTB in October 1994 and again the following year [HTB’s Focus newspaper, March 14 2004, p4].  John Arnott (then still with Vineyard) spoke at HTB in 1995 [Wright, Strange Fire?, p137].

POST-1992: From at least 1996, if not earlier, the teaching tape sets used by HTB ‘home groups’ included six talks by Wimber [Alpha News, July 1996, p25].

POST-1992: Almost a third of all the sections comprising the HTB book The Collection (HTB Publications, 1996) are by Vineyard leaders.  John Wimber is joint top (along with Sandy Millar) in terms of the number of sections produced.

POST-1992: The work of Vineyard’s Wayne Grudem is loudly praised by Gumbel in his book Challenging Lifestyle, p265.  He also calls a book by Grudem “masterful” [Telling Others, p46].

POST-1992: HTB still stocks Wimber’s discredited books Power Evangelism and Power Healing.  (All checks of HTB’s bookshop were made in late 2003.)  And both books are advertised in Alpha News, #19, p32.

POST-1992: Todd Hunter, previously the head of Vineyard, became a leader of Alpha USA in May 2004.

POST-1992: In the winter of 1993, Sandy led an HTB team on a ministry trip to Poland to help on a John Wimber healing conference” [Focus, June 2005, p27].

     Wimber (/Vineyard) ==>> Cain, P. /KCP

In 1988 “John Wimber meets … Paul Cain” [Hilborn, op. cit., p9]. “Wimber’s own account of this meeting with Cain is printed in the Vineyard publication Equipping the Saints, Fall, 1989. Also see Pytches, Some Said it Thundered, pp.135-36 [etc]” [Hilborn, op. cit., p12].

■ Wimber’s intervention in the dispute between Gruen and KCF led Mike Bickle to “place KCF more directly under the auspices of the Vineyard network, and to re-name itself Metro Vineyard” [Hilborn, op. cit., p13].

■ “Kansas City Fellowship became Metro Christian Vineyard of Kansas City” [Al Dager, The Vineyard, p16].

■ “John Paul Jackson [a Kansas City Prophet], went to work with John Wimber at the Anaheim Vineyard” [Al Dager, The Vineyard, p16].

■ POSSIBLY POST-1992: Bickle treats Vineyard’s Wayne Grudem as a serious influence in the former’s book ‘Growing in the Prophetic’.  See pages 108, . { }  On page 13 he calls Grudem “my friend” and says he “has written one of the best books on prophecy that I’ve ever come across”.

Wimber (/Vineyard) ==>> Foster, R. /Renovaré

■ John Wimber [was] on Renovaré’s Board of Reference []

■ “Several well-known and influential leaders within Christianity are, or have been, involved with Renovaré, including … John Wimber …” [Dager, MS Special Report, Renovaré, p1].

Wimber (/Vineyard) ==>> FullerTS

■ “John [Wimber] … was asked to lead the Charles E. Fuller Institute of Evangelism and Church Growth. He also later became an adjunct instructor at Fuller Theological Seminary where his classes set attendance records” []

■ “Wimber’s wider scale influence on the body of Christ began in the mid 70s when he left the Quaker church to become the founder and lecturer for the Fuller Church Growth Institute” [Randles, Weighed and Found Wanting, p74].

Wimber (/Vineyard) ==>> Kraft, C.

■ Kraft writes: “This failure [wallowing in unconfessed sin] undermines their spiritual defences, providing what John Wimber has pictured in a lecture as ‘a runway with lights showing the way for demons to enter.’” [Charles Kraft, Defeating Dark Angels, (Sovereign World Ltd, 1993), p72].

■ Kraft writes: “My point is, I assume that most of the demons Jesus and his followers encountered in believers were, like most of those we encounter today, at the lower end of a scale of 1-10.  We may picture such a scale like this (with thanks to John Wimber and Blaine Cook for suggesting the idea): …” [Kraft, Defeating Dark Angels, p132].

■ “Another man whom Wimber has influenced is Charles Kraft, … His book, Christianity with Power, is a virtual testimonial to the influence of Wimber …” [Randles, Weighed and Found Wanting, pp79-80].

Wimber (/Vineyard) ==>> Pytches, D.

■ “Watson has been in touch with Wimber since 1981, and has helped him make a major impact on … St. Andrew’s Chorleywood, whose Vicar, [is] David Pytches [Bear in mind that Watson died in 1984]” [Hilborn, op. cit., p7]

■ “When, that autumn [1985], Wimber returned [to Britain] for a hat-trick of conferences … his ministry style began to be copied by British charismatics … particularly at St. Andrews, Chorleywood, under the vibrant leadership of David Pytches” [Fearon, op. cit, p64]

■ Wimber calls David Pytches “my dear friend and co-labourer” [Foreword to D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p7].  Wimber goes on: “I visited St Andrew’s [Pytches’ church] originally on Pentecost Sunday 1981 and on my subsequent visits [plural!] have been encouraged to see how the church has continued to develop” [Ibid].

■ Pytches writes: “Any reader who knows of the pioneer work of John Wimber … will recognize within these pages how great is our debt to him and to those who have worked with him in producing material on this subject [i.e. the Holy Spirit]” [D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p8].  In the same book, Pytches recalls: “With ample help from material produced by our American friend John Wimbler [sic] we cobbled together some studies which have been used as a basis of our training” [Ibid, p10].  In the same book, see also Wimber/Vineyard endorsements on pp14-16, 99, 101-2.

■ Pytches recommends Wimber’s book Power Evangelism [D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p16].

■ Pytches happily offers a very long testimony from Vineyard’s Gary Wiens [D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p95].  Another ‘inspiring’ Vineyard testimony is given on p252.

■ Pytches states that the “five main values which undergird our ministry of healing” were “discovered from the [Anaheim] Vineyard” [D. Pytches, Come, Holy Spirit, p155].

■ “When the [Vineyard] team arrived [in 1981], they went first … to St. Andrews Anglican in Chorleywood pastored by David Pytches. God turned St. Andrews topsy-turvy … The next year … the Vineyard team went back to Chorleywood” [Jackson, op. cit., p255].

POST-1992: “No-one has espoused the Toronto effect more enthusiastically than the Rt. Rev. David Pytches. Pytches … was one of the first to visit Toronto” [Geoffrey Levy, ‘This man has been given the Toronto Blessing. What in God’s name is going on?’, London Daily Mail, Sept. 2, 1994, as quoted by Randles, op. cit., p15].

Wimber (/Vineyard) ==>> Wagner, C. P.

■ “Wagner’s … admiration for Wimber’s power evangelism philosophy resulted in his applying to it the term ‘third wave’” [Dager, Vengeance is Ours, p154]

■ “[I]n 1982, Wimber was invited back to Fuller to teach a course … Peter Wagner became one of its most enthusiastic supporters … Wagner developed the theory that it, and Wimber’s church, were modeling a ‘Third Wave’ of modern renewal” [Hilborn, op. cit., p6]

■ “In his book Leading Your Church to Growth, Wagner features everyone from … from John Wimber to John MacArthur.  This is very important for our understanding of Wimber, for he was greatly influenced by Wagner and vice versa” [Randles, Weighed and Found Wanting, p75].




The following extra table gives details of HTB’s association with those names that only appear in the above connection data (i.e. that are also interlinked with the names on the chart but who do not actually appear on the chart).  This extra table is new and awaiting most of its data.



Arnott, John [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Arnott ==>> Alpha

■ POST-1992: HTB described Arnott in 1996 as a “personal friend” of HTB [Elsdon-Dew, Ed., The Collection, p15].  (He was a contributor to this book.)

Bright, Bill [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

     Bright ==>> Alpha

          ■ [Documentation is on its way]


Campolo, Tony [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Campolo ==>> Alpha

■ POST-1992: Tony Campolo and HTB’s Sandy Millar shared a platform as speakers at “Whatever It Takes”, Missions Fest 2003, (31 Jan – 2nd Feb), Vancouver, Canada [].

■ Campolo is quoted approvingly and at length in Gumbel’s book Searching Issues (Kingsway, 1994 (with amendments)), pp85-86.

■ Millar legitimizes Campolo [All I Want Is You, (2005), pp107-8].


Coates, Gerald [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Coates ==>> Alpha

             ■ [Documentation is on its way]


Dobson, James [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Dobson ==>> Alpha

             ■ Gumbel quotes Dobson favourably in Challenging Lifestyle, p233.


Ford, Leighton [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Ford ==>> Alpha

             ■ [Documentation is on its way]


Forster, Roger [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Forster ==>> Alpha

POST-1992: Forster shared a platform with Millar at Wembley in 1995 [MARTIN WROE, ‘Anti-Christ meets match at Wembley’, The Guardian; Mar 12, 1995; p. 005].


Freidzon, Claudio [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Freidzon ==>> Alpha

             ■ [Documentation is on its way]


Green, Michael [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

Green ==>> Alpha

■ Michael Green is more than once quoted favourably by Gumbel in Searching Issues, (1994), pp39,72.  Likewise in Challenging Lifestyle, (2000), ppp259,267,268.


Harper, Michael [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Harper ==>> Alpha

Michael Harper co-founded the ICC (International Charismatic Consultation) whose first meeting was in Brighton in 1991 with Raniero Cantalamessa, but “Nicky Gumbel, pioneer of the Alpha course, said: ‘We have had a long standing admiration and love for Fr. Raniero. I first heard him speak at a conference in Brighton in 1991’”.  Harper was present at the event [].

Harper says “I preached at HTB many years ago and knew John Collins [Millar's predecessor] well - and am still in touch with him” [Email on file].


Hayford, Jack [Click here for details of this name]

      Hayford ==>> Alpha

             ■ HTB stocks at least three Hayford books (e.g. Worship His Majesty).


Hinn, Benny [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Hinn ==>> Alpha

INDIRECT: “CBN launched a global evangelism project (WorldReach) in 1995 with a week of tent “revival” services on the CBN campus. Oral Roberts [Roberts is a mason – click here for evidence], James Robison, Robert Schuller, Benny Hinn and Robertson took turns preaching” - yet HTB worked with Schuller AFTER this event.

INDIRECT: Hinn was enough of an influence on Wimber as to lead Wimber to ask Hinn to pray for him, yet Wimber has been a huge influence on HTB.

INDIRECT: John Paul Jackson has been a serious influence on HTB, yet he has also appeared on Hinn’s TV show.

INDIRECT: John Arnott has been a major influence on HTB, yet Hinn was one of Arnott’s premier mentors.


Hybels, Bill [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Hybels ==>> Alpha

■ HTB stocks many books by Bill Hybels including Becoming a Contagious Christian, The God You’re Looking For, Who You Are When No-one’s Watching, Making Life Work, and Too Busy not to Pray.

■ Bill Hybels is honoured on page 91 of Gumbe’ls book Telling Others (Kingsway, 2001).

■ Hybels spoke at HTB in early 2005 [Focus #158].


Jones, Bryn [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Jones ==>> Alpha

             ■ [Documentation is on its way]


Kilpatrick, John [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Kilpatrick ==>> Alpha

             ■ Kilpatrick works with HTB.

■ In his book The Heart of Revival, Gumbel refers glowingly to Kilpatrick’s Pensacola “revival” (p51), quotes Kilpatrick favourably (p212) and again, and at length, (pp170-172) using three quotes from him in quick succession.

             Kilpatrick’s book When the Heavens are Brass is stocked by HTB.

             INDIRECT: HTB stocks a book by Michael L. Brown of Brownsville AoG.


Packer, J.I. [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Packer ==>> Alpha

             ■ [Documentation is on its way]


Palau, Luis [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Palau ==>> Alpha

             Palau is quoted positively in Gumbel’s book Challenging Lifestyle, p119.


Stott, John [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Stott ==>> Alpha

             ■ Stott is quoted twice by Gumbel in Challenging Lifestyle, p268.


Wallis, Arthur [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Wallis ==>> Alpha

■ Wallis is cited happily by Gumbel in his books The Heart of Revival, p106 (see also p208, 210, 212), and in Challenging Lifestyle, p256.


Watson, David [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Watson ==>> Alpha

             ■ Watson is quoted very favourably by Gumbel [Searching Issues, p27].

             ■ Watson is cited unquestioningly in Gumbel’s book 30 Days, p125.

■ Watson’s book I Believe in the Church is the only item of recommended reading on Session 10 of Alpha.

■ Watson’s book Fear No Evil is one of the three books ‘For Further Reading’ at the end of chapter 1 of Gumbel’s book Searching Issues.


Yonggi-Cho, Paul (David) [Click here for details of this name – TO BE DONE]

      Yonggi-Cho ==>> Alpha

■ Gumbel is clearly a fan of Cho.  See Gumbel’s The Heart of Revival, pp181-2, and Challenging Lifestyle, p157

POST-1992: HTB described Cho in 1996 as a “personal friend” of HTB [Elsdon-Dew, Ed., The Collection, p15].  A section of the HTB book The Collection is given over to quoting (unquestioningly) parts of a talk Cho gave at HTB.  In the ‘Biographies’ section of the book, Cho is described thus: “Leader of the world’s largest church in Seoul, Korea, Pastor Cho is a leading authority on prayer and has written several books on the subject” [Ibid, p11].

POST-1992: Cho shared a platform with Millar at Wembley in 1995 [MARTIN WROE, ‘Anti-Christ meets match at Wembley’, The Guardian; Mar 12, 1995; p. 005].






Here is an example of what happens when several of them get together:


“North American Congress on the Holy Spirit & World Evangelization. This editor attended two of the meetings with press credentials: New Orleans (1987) and Indianapolis (1990). (The reports on these meetings are contained in our [Cloud’s] book Charismatic Confusion in Indianapolis.) Fellowshipping with the Hunters at these same meetings were many of the well-known Charismatic, Pentecostal, and Evangelical leaders: Jack Hayford, James Robinson, Oral Roberts [Roberts is a mason – click here for evidence], Vinson Synan, Karl Strader, Rienhard [sic] Bonnke, Bob Mumford, Larry Lea, Bob Weiner, Carl Richardson, Jamie Buckingham, Floyd McClung, Peter Wagner, Bill and Gloria Gaither, John Wimber, Joy Dawson, Charles Kraft, Loren Cunningham, E.V. Hill, Paul Cain, etc. More than 200 organizations and 40 denominations were represented. These included Youth With A Mission, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Christian Broadcasting Network, Charisma magazine, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, Women’s AGLOW Fellowship, and World Vision. Billy Graham [a mason – click here for evidence] sent a video greeting to the New Orleans gathering. He said, ‘I thank God for the vital role that your movement is having in bringing about a spiritual awakening in this country.’ Roughly 50% of the attendees were Roman Catholic, and a Roman Catholic mass was conducted each morning at both meetings. Catholic priest Tom Forrest, one of the pope’s right-hand men in charge of the Catholic Evangelization 2000 program, brought the closing messages at both meetings.” [David Cloud] {}


Further relevant information:


“Speakers at the ecumenical Celebrate Jesus 2000 held in St. Louis, Missouri, June 22-25, 2000 included: Rev. Jack Hayford, Babsie Bleasdell/Rev. Steve Hill, Rev. Pat Robertson, Fr. Tom Forrest, Fr. Bob DeGrandis, Rev. Ted Haggard, Fr. Michael Scanlan, Rev. John Kilpatrick, Cindy Jacobs, Francis MacNutt, Rev. John & Carol Arnott,  Rev. Vinson Synan and many more” [].


“Other large gatherings included the ‘Jesus ’81 Rallies’ and Billy Graham’s International conference, ‘Amsterdam ’83,’ attended by Pat Robertson, Robert Schuller, Dr. Paul Cho, and Bill Bright, among others” [].


“Rick Warren [spoke in] July 2005 at the Baptist World Alliance with Tony Campolo and Jimmy Carter” [LTPC].




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