Issue 1
August 1997
Is your film-making "revolutionary"?
Can we apply the theories of Third Cinema to First World countries? Paul Willemen helps FW's readers to look at filmmaking from a different angle
Portobello film & video festival
Following on from last year's success, the second Portobello Film and Video Festival runs from 9-17 August. Catherine Monk delves into its origins, achievements and Stuff from the Streets, with the organisers Ghanim Shubber and Jonathan Barnett
From the circus to the office
The days of the London Film Underground 1966-70. As a new Underground emerges out of the last twenty years of stagnation and compromise, radical filmmakers must learn the lessons of the sixties. By Duncan Reekie (The Exploding Cinema)
Does editing on video save money?
In our first workshop we will explain how the negative is cut from an EDL generated by non-linear editing system such as AVID, Lightworks or Premiere
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