Issue 3
February 1998
Festival of Inverts
Kathleen Bryson makes the case for minority representation
A to Z: the trials and tribulations in the making of
Filmmaker Michael Geoghegan shares with us a diary of the production of his thirty minute short. By Michael Geoghegan
From Rheingold to Renegade Arts
A profile of Renegade Arts - An international exchange of films and ideas. By Robert Robertson
A little bit of then
Born in 1939 in New York City, Dwoskin has been a film director and producer since 1959. In London, he was one of the early organisers of the LFMC. By Stephen Dwoskin
Bridging the Digital Divide
Experimental computer filmmaking has a rich history stretching back over 30 years. Pete Gomes celebrates some of the early pioneers and their importance to contemporary digital film culture. By Pete Gomes
Breaking the Sound Barrier
Sound on film has always been regarded as the poor relation of picture. FW and Nigel Glynn-Davies of GDO Studios try to throw some light on the technique of sound production
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