Court The Sun/Mainly - Ruth Bramley

Court the Sun was written by Ruth whilst she was in Cromer on the North Norfolk coast. Cromer is a delightful Victorian seaside resort and is also host to a great annual folk festival much of which takes place in the theatre at the end of the pier. The tune was written in the Sun Court Holiday Flats and Ruth was somewhat pink, having spent some time the previous day in beautiful Spring sunshine. Initially Sam played this on the laud, but later changed to the trusty Yamaha which we think gives quite a Spanish feel. The alternating clap and claves percussion is fun. Ferris particularly likes these tunes as it gives her an excuse to play her gemshorn (her favourite toy) which always puts a smile on her face.

The second tune, Mainly, was written in Sam and Ferris’s recording studio, which at that time was in the village of Manea in the heart of the Cambridgeshire Fens. Apparently Manea is one of the very few places in Europe where the true curvature of the Earth can be seen. Yes, it really is that flat! We think that the two tunes are very descriptive - the first one all bright and sunny and the second just a bit darker.

Ferris - gemshorn, hand claps
Ruth - hurdy gurdy
Sam - claves, hand claps, guitar
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