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Court The Sun
Court the Sun album cover
Our latest CD, which was released in June 2007. Click on the picture of the album or the Court The Sun title above to go to the special Court the Sun page, where you will find lots of information about the tracks.
The CD costs £12 (€18) including post and packing.
  1. Court The Sun/Mainly - R Bramley
  2. We Be Soldiers Three - trad.
  3. Julian Chased The Duck Away/Elevenses - F Jay
  4. Searching For Lambs - trad.
  5. Peanut Calata - S Burke
  6. Lizard/Gecko - R Bramley
  7. Woman Don’t You Weep - S Burke
  8. Sally’s Music Boat - F Jay
  9. Punch Up In Ashby De La Zouche - trad.
  10. Einini - trad.
  11. The Black Fox - G Pratt
  12. Sonny’s Mazurka - trad.
  13. Nora Crean’s Set - F Jay
  14. The House Carpenter - trad.
  15. Einini Reprise - trad.
Kiss for a Fig
Kiss for a Fig album cover
This CD, recorded in 2004 features a wide range of material including three-part harmony, medieval, Celtic and self-penned songs and tunes, with Lute and Harp now added to the instrumentation.
  1. The Two Ravens - trad. Scottish
  2. An Dros - trad. Breton
  3. Cunla - trad. Irish
  4. Blackwaterside - trad.
  5. The Broom Song - trad. English
  6. Stretched On Your Grave - words trad., tune K Rusby
  7. Valse Breton - trad. Breton
  8. Lady Gaye - S Burke
  9. The Coolin - trad. Irish
  10. Willie’s Lady - trad.
  11. Pavanne - trad.
  12. John Martin - R Bramley
  13. Black Almain/Quen a Omogen da Virgen - trad.
  14. Kalenda Maya - R de Vaqueiras
  15. Fig For a Kiss - trad.
Atlas album cover
This album was the first album recorded by the trio, and focusses on the Celtic instrumental pieces, with the added bonus of a song… in Swedish!
  1. Thelma’s Foot - R Bramley
  2. Piebald - F Jay
  3. Mayor’s Waltz - trad. Swedish
  4. Belle Bergère - trad. French
  5. Hanter Dro - trad. Breton
  6. Phoebe’s Retreat - F Jay
  7. Oppa Udd Aa - trad. Swedish
  8. Last Chance Bourrée - M Pichon
  9. Pavanne - S Burke
Straight From The Heart
Straight From The Heart album cover
This CD features just Sam and Ferris and is a collection of mostly traditional, Celtic and Irish tunes and songs.
  1. Kinvara Bay (S Burke)
  2. Sonny’s Mazurka (trad. Irish)
  3. Star of the County Down (trad. Irish)
  4. Maids of Mitchelstown (trad.)
  5. The Piper Who Played Before Moses (trad.)
  6. Inisheer (trad.)
  7. The Cliffs of Dooneen (trad.)
  8. Change in the Weather (S Burke)