The House Carpenter - traditional

House Carpenter
We played this song in the studio one day and it just ‘worked’. Sam emailed a recording of it to Ruth and was astounded to find that it lasted almost 17 minutes! We have managed to prune it down a bit, but it’s still a bit of an epic. Nuada meets Pink Floyd perhaps? Maybe one day we’ll unleash the full 17 minute version on an unsuspecting world.

Sam - bouzouki, vocals
Ruth - hurdy gurdy, vocals
Ferris - sopranino recorder

Well met, well met, my one true love.
Well met, well met, cried he.
I’ve just returned from the salt, salt sea.
All for the love of thee.

Come in, come in, my one true love,
Come in and rest by me.
It’s been nine months of a long, long year,
Since the last time I saw thee.

I can’t come in, I can’t sit down,
I’ve only a moment’s time.
They say you are married to a house carpenter,
And your heart can never be mine.

I could have married a King’s daughter, dear,
She would have married me,
But I have forsaken her crown and her gold,
All for the love of thee.

Will you forsake your house carpenter,
And come along with me.
I’ll take you where the grass grows green.
By the bank of the deep blue sea.

Then she’s picked up her darlin’ little babe,
And kisses, gave him three.
Saying "Stay right here, my darlin’ little one,
Keep your father good company."

They had not been at sea two weeks,
I’m sure it was not three,
When this fair maid began to weep and to mourn,
And she cried most bitterly.

Oh are you cryin’ for my silver and gold?
Are you cryin’ for my store?
Or are you cryin’ for your house carpenter,
You never will see him no more.

No I'm not cryin’ for your silver or gold
Nor cryin’ for your store
I am cryin’ for my darlin’ little babe
I never will see him no more

They had not been at sea three weeks,
I’m sure it was not four,
When their gallant ship hit a rock and sank
Never to be seen no more
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