Julian Chased the Duck Away/Elevenses - Ferris Jay

Ferris’s Leicestershire smallpipes developed a quack. The clack valve (or ‘quack valve’ as it became known in the band), was doing some very strange things. Fortunately, Julian Goodacre, the man who made the pipes, was able to fix it and Ferris wrote this tune as a thank you to him. Sam’s guitar-playing on this track may have been influenced by the playing of Jonny Dyer.

The second tune, also written by Ferris, is for the pipes themselves, to thank them for staying quack-free ever since Julian fixed them. It is called Elevenses because the pipes are the 222nd set made and also because Ferris likes the number 11. There’s a logic there somewhere... Maybe she wrote the tune between breakfast and lunchtime!

Ferris - Leicestershire smallpipes in D
Sam - bodhrán, guitar
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